Trump Hates Kids, Sanders vs Warren & Articles of Impeachment


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100 thoughts on “Trump Hates Kids, Sanders vs Warren & Articles of Impeachment”

  1. Gotta Go says:

    Wow, hit job by Jimmy. Didn’t see that coming.

  2. Steve D says:

    Maybe Warren’s statement was 1/1024% true? 😉

  3. Gamekeeper says:

    Bernie: the president we need, not the president we deserve.

  4. D F says:

    Didn't watch the debate because Yang wasn't in it.

  5. Old Woman says:

    Anyone who knows or follows Bernie knows he never said that, and for Liz to say that was lower than low. She’s now made it so that I can never vote for her

  6. ivyshaolin says:

    i trust bernie

  7. STAT 01 says:

    Bernie is the best candidate. Dont be blind

  8. Veronica Varela says:

    Warren is an embarrassment to progressives women. Bernie 2020 ❤️❤️❤️

  9. humanfilth666ify says:

    I hate children

  10. Matthew Strobelt says:


  11. CapnAce79 says:

    Why should he. Let someone blame you for some ambiguous charge and ask you to defend yourself.
    You so called "comedians" would have better ratings if you would keep your political views to yourself and stick to comedy.

  12. CapnAce79 says:

    That's exaclty what he is doing, flushing the Washington toilet! Trump is by far the most successful president we have had in many years. The country is finally back on the track of conservatism and "In God We Trust".

  13. J L says:

    Warren is just like Hillary. Keep your friends close until they your competition than “take them out with any means necessary”. Disgusting corporate democrat liars.

  14. TheTaskmaster says:

    Warren let me down this week
    Mind you I'm Canadian but I thought she could both win and be as good as Bernie for the US and therefore the planet. Not any more.

  15. J L says:

    Thats why Sanders is so lovable he does not waste his time with people of power that are liars, corporate hacks or propagandists. To them facts and honesty don’t matter.

  16. Juggernog Addict says:

    BIG Trump supporter. Nice.

  17. Alatarielle says:

    I remember when after his son was born, Jimmy really got out there and advocated for children not being denied healthcare depending on how much money their parents make. Now he make fun of the only candidate who wants to make that a reality. What happened, Jimmy?

  18. todd prifogle says:

    I would love to have one of those pens.

  19. Kita H says:

    Enough, corporate press promoting drama rather than covering substantive issues that affect Americans!! I tune into shows like this for the fluff and a laugh. Not "Real" news networks! That's why idiots who say outrageous things get ALL the free airtime?!

  20. Rollin Benedict says:

    we love bernie

  21. Buford says:

    Tom Steyer is a wise man. He immediately recognized the horrible optics. And went in directly to diffuse the situation. Warren was stupid to pull that on stage afterward. She should have said her peace in public after Bernie's initial comment about the situation. Dirty little move by a weaker and less than confident person. And I like Liz. But I'll vote for Bernie.

  22. todd prifogle says:

    I can't decide if I like Kimmel suit . lol I can't remember the last time I wore a suit . That suit looks like a very business suit . I don't know anything about suits . Someone tell me.

  23. J Norway says:

    Now Trump is calling kids "brats"? That is really low! He should call all of his OWN children that at podium. In front of his cult followers. They would cheer him on because they're that stupid.

  24. Nala Pavo says:

    How old are you Warren? 8?
    Just because you don't agree with your political parties, you still shake hands-just a common courtesy and many more.

  25. Jose Ramirez says:

    How is steyer on and not yang wtf DNC

  26. todd prifogle says:

    "Lieing Lunatic" S.H.S.

  27. Nala Pavo says:

    I don't believe Bernie said such a thing- I have no doubt it's a dirty game your team played under your desperate push for your vote.
    On the other hand, someone may bring that to your attention. Clearly you aren't even mature to be a leader. What is that? Learn to handle your mic first or you can not be trusted.

  28. Nightstone says:

    Sarah Huckersands' book title can tell us she's full of it; the word "Faith" doesn't mean lying for Donald Trump to the American people on a daily basis, helped to cover up that immigrant children were being separated by their parents and thrown in a detention camp, denying knowledge of Trump’s hush-money payoffs while in office, and the list goes on.

  29. Nala Pavo says:

    Is it me or else? Does not this remind you of that ungrateful and evil Hillary after Bernie worked tirelessly to promote and campaigned for her, what she has said of him?

  30. Arman United says:

    I am sick and tired of Trump.

  31. Mikedag35 says:

    This comment section is democratic not one republican.sad hours also the dems started the kkk and sent 1million dollars to the Hillary Clinton foundation just a little fact

  32. Nala Pavo says:

    Bernie 's team, its time to speak up by revealing all these fake candidates who have used you and your policies to get to the popularity level, otherwise many if them are strangers to many of us until they Borrowed and Stealed your belief and policies.

  33. Nick Ahhh says:

    Trump hates kids. Who’s responsible for people being able to get abortions again?

  34. aaa says:


  35. Ann Venne MacKenzie says:

    Bernie's got my vote!

  36. crimsonblade25 says:

    I hunk the most interesting thing is how much people seem to be misunderstanding what supposedly happened in their conversation years ago. Everyone seems to think what was being said by Bernie was that a woman can’t win the presidency but notice how what was alleged was that a woman couldn’t win in 2020 which might actually be true. The plenty of people on the right that think a woman could never be president because they’re too emotional (lol). This is especially prevalent among the older crowd that grew up during the 50s which was a really misogynistic time in America. It’s gonna take quite a bit of time for America to get onboard with the idea of a woman president (it’ll probably be when the older generation dies off). If I had to guess that’s the actual content for how or why that statement might have been said. Plus we know trump and fox and the right will attack any woman primary candidate since that’s what they did in 2016. While Bernie has the hardship of the “socialist” tag Warren has both the “socialist” and the “woman” tag to deal with and I say this as a Bernie supporter.

    In regards to why Warren reacted the way she did it might be because of the Politico article about what was supposedly given to Bernie volunteers. Stuff like that will plant a seed of doubt in the mind and she could have been shaken by that. Notice how until that article was made none of this “feud” was a thing. If you heard from a pretty reliable source that one of your friends was talking shite about you that will plant a seed of doubt in the mind. That sort of thing has been known to tear up friendships

    Anyways that’s my two cents on the matter.

  37. dan sub says:

    Bernie for President. Warren is drawing the woman card = fake outrage. She is a fake with a fake plan for everything.

  38. Hardy Harr says:

    Why did she sign with so many pens??

  39. MrMatthiasSchneider says:

    Sanders online fanbase is a creepy cult, as they're proving again right here. Haha.

  40. Ronald Peña says:

    I like Bernie but his supporters are crazy… he’s the Donald Trump of the left. He attracts extremist, giving them what they think is empowerment.

  41. p phill says:

    dont ever have a friend like warren. I feel so bad for bernie on a personal level

  42. karen doyle says:

    Elizabeth Warren is going to sink democrat chances to reclaim the whitehouse if she keeps this up.

  43. karen doyle says:

    the media – especially show hosts like Kimmel, trash Sanders because he's going after their money with a wealth tax – they are protecting themselves.

  44. Warren Hertfelder says:

    When I drunk text my friends, I always type in perfect sentences.

  45. jessyuzu says:

    Be better than this Jimmy. Do not be part of the corporate media.CNN is the equivalent of foxnews at this point

  46. Alba Dridahl says:


  47. robert66michel says:

    the guy smirkingly saying hi Bernie is one of Warrens Billionair owners stopping his pet progressive attack dog and letting Bernie know who's hand has the leash ,

  48. TheReverseEffect says:

    Yikes guys, I love Bernie too, but Kimmels joke was pretty harmless.

  49. EyFmS says:

    CNN doing the same dirt they did in 2016 when Bernie was thrown under the bus in favor of Hillary Clinton. See how that worked for America, keep it up and be prepared for 4 more years of orange madness.

  50. Roger Lara says:

    Jimmy is little puppet

  51. Mark Adderley says:

    “Sinks, toilets and showers.” That’s what it’s all about. I repeat: 4:30

  52. Supernautiloid says:


  53. H says:

    Bernie Sanders is the only man who can lead USA to greatness again. Unfortunately that's not what the billionaires want

  54. Dee Cohen says:

    Welp I guess it definitely wont be a Sanders/Warren ticket… So who is it gonna be Bernie???

  55. Lindl Hubbard says:

    Did no one watch the Presidents before DT was elected? Think about John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Signing pens aren’t worth much cause China makes so many forgeries…. I wouldn’t buy on eBay!

  56. CamoLive says:

    Jesus, warren has NO balls

  57. Sandy Koles says:

    Yea they can’t dismiss it because the senate doesn’t have enough vote off with his racist highest black employment bankrupt fake university ass.

  58. Ogrish Mike says:

    Aaaand that's what I get for clicking this.

  59. FriendlyRambler says:

    Hyde looks like he's related to Pompeo,

  60. Pierre Bibeau says:

    Trump’ stupidity has a new level. Sickening.

  61. Pierre Bibeau says:

    How can Warren be president with such a situation of low importance. She should have talked to him in private instead of doing it win public. How could she be able to deal with high problems if she ask in a childish way. Dems should concentrated at beating Reps for crying out loud. Smell the coffee. The Constitution is at stake.

  62. Orbital says:

    Kimmel you idiot, they will keep the pens and possibly display them somewhere + online

  63. Lynn Jacobs says:

    Kind of too-mean-to-be-funny doing the Bernie-is-sick-and-tired thing, playing into the false narrative that he's too old to be president — just as Warren lied about or misrepresented Bernie saying he thought a woman couldn't be president. Bernie has more energy than most people half his age, and he has a long history of supporting the idea of a woman for president, not to mention actually supporting a woman for president in the last election. Warren's recent baseless attacks on Bernie are obviously a desperate, calculated attempt to knock him down and steal his voters. What respect I had for Elizabeth Warren is gone, and now I couldn't even vote for her if she did win the nomination.

  64. Goru Minosyan says:

    Warren is a liar, she has always lied in her life.

  65. Richard Rockie says:

    Look, their everywhere, The DCC, Democratic Clown Club. Where are the clowns, there ott to be clowns, Bring in the clowns, don’t bother there here !

  66. Tony Todd says:

    He's calling his own children brat's. Lol

  67. Rtg Oxlv says:

    If you put a woman to compite with trump the presidency, trump will win, america is not ready for a woman to be president.

  68. Lucas Oromi says:

    It is a relief to all progressive women (like myself) to learn that Bernie is still the one and ONLY so we are no longer divided between ideals and identity.

  69. kroq93er says:

    Warren is hillary 2.0

  70. Edmond Dantes says:

    Can we focus on getting rid of the Orange-hued Elephant in the WH?
    His inspirational toilet water pressure talks at his "trump is so great" rallies have hit a low watermark, again.
    Time to, dare i say, flush out the WH Twitterpooper, and his Enabling Minions, from under whatever smelly rock they're hiding under.

  71. Anar84 76 says:

    I'm a trump supporter.but I hate seen the media and DNC do bernie dirty again,he should had been the nominee in 2016,and should on 2020.

  72. John Smith says:

    remember when presidents werent impeached and they actually talked to the press in a reasonable manner. They didnt cheat on their wives and taxes and rarely called other politicians names….ahhh, those were the days.

  73. Angelofmusic Wonder says:

    I never would’ve voted for Elizabeth but I sure wouldn’t now. She for sure tried to bait him into an argument. That’s why I don’t really care for women sometimes in politics. Just do the job and stop using your stupid “woe is me I’m a woman syndrome act.”

    Women wanna play the game but use petty methods. Why didn’t she announce this long time ago? She just did the same thing the other chick did to Biden. Blindside him to get him out of character and Sanders said the right thing.//

  74. Bernhard Richter says:

    Wtf is this Bernie bashing about?

  75. Christine DeVeaux says:

    Warren has lost all my respect. Shame on her. And that CNN moderator should lose her job for doing a shitty job at what she’s paid for.

  76. General JellyRoll says:

    I see so much LOVE for Bernie here. It makes me smile slash cry. Bernie 2020.

    That fake Bernie ad has another agenda besides just trying to make us laugh.

  77. Lynn Adamson says:

    Bernie didn't say it, he is too kind and if he did, who cares; not important. Warren is really starting to bug me and I am a woman.

  78. Lynn Adamson says:

    Warren is a bxxxx!

  79. Jasmine Hurtado says:

    I'm a Democrat and I think CNN is STUPID

  80. Sergei Pilyugin says:

    Mitch McConnell – Senate Pejority Leader.

  81. Bolden Hare says:

    The blow up between Sanders and Warren smells like Hillary Clinton. I hope Warren rises above this sort of divisive politics and gets ahold of her staff who plated this. We will see what happens in the primary season. My bet is Sanders will win.

  82. Inas Elghazali says:

    So disappointed in Elizabeth Warren, that was a cheap blow

  83. Boyd Gilbreath says:

    The only one not a corporatist is Bernie.Warren is lying.

  84. benedetto palermo says:

    I am not democrats or republicans those are stupid i support trump all these other candidates are literal idiots especially Bernie

  85. B055_M4N Noob says:

    I really hope sanders wins because he us the only genuine politician in this shitty political run country

  86. m newman says:

    Jimmy Kimmel wants everyone to health care after what happened with his son, then mocks the only person pushing for medicare 4 all, nice

  87. Dave Frank says:

    Kimmel hates kids. He only likes for his ratings.

  88. TheYacu says:

    Man wouldn't it be sad if Bernie and Warren actually had a conversation about sexism making it hard for women to win these days or something along those lines and both misunderstood or misremembered it and now they have a friendship drama at their hands and ruined it for the progressives…

  89. benedetto palermo says:

    So just so all you idiots know Donald Trump will win 2020 because he is the best candidate Donald Trump Jr Will win in 2024 and be re elected

  90. TOP EXPLORE says:


  91. benedetto palermo says:

    None of you have real jobs

  92. Juan F B says:

    Bernie’s my hero but that line of “ I’m exhausted and ill” was hilarious

  93. Michael Schwartz says:

    Sarah's book should be called "Eating For Three (or More)"

  94. Alex Landherr says:

    At 4:45; well, his presidency is going down the drain…

  95. Daniel Callahan says:

    LMAO I LOVE watching liberals tear each other apart. FOUR MORE YEARS OF TRUMP! TRUMP 2020!

  96. Jeanne C says:

    Bernie 2020

  97. Steve Sand says:

    BERNIE 2020….. he ALWAYS takes the high road

  98. Samar Sharma says:

    Sick n tired of evry comment starting from sick n tired.!

  99. Rakan J says:

    Warren really disappointed me

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