Trump Campaign Bought Truckloads Of Donald Jr.’s Book To Make It A Bestseller


Well folks, last Tuesday, November 5th Donald
Trump jr his new book triggered, came out and as expected, it immediately Rose to number
one on the New York times bestseller list prompting Donnie Junior’s father, the president
of the United States to tweet out the following. He said, wow. I was just told my son’s book triggered his
number one on the New York times bestseller list. Congratulations Don, and sure enough, yeah,
you turn in the bestseller list. There it is, clear as day triggered number
one and there’s some weird little dagger looking asterisks type thing next to it. Wonder what that means. Oh, according to the New York times that that
indicates that there was actually a lot of bulk purchases of this book, which means most
of the sales apparently were artificially inflated and here’s the thing. It would have taken some kind of remarkable
super-intelligent visionary to have predicted that this would have happened. All right. There’s basically a zero chance that this
book is not unfortunately going to become a best seller. You have lots of Maga hat where’s out there,
who are going to scrounge up enough money to go buy a copy of this, even if it means
having to forego dinner that night because they just want to support the Trump family. And if all else fails, Donald Trump jr will
do what all other rich people do when they write a book. They’ll buy tons and tons and tons of copies
of it for themselves and then shipped them off to a warehouse. Never to be seen again. But Hey, it actually does show that you sold
more copies of your book. So kudos to you. Well folks, that was from July 23rd July 23rd
when it was announced that this book would be coming out and it wasn’t that hard to predict,
to be honest. This is what conservatives do and that’s what
I talked about in that clip. That’s how conservatives operate. They get these organizations, you know the,
the, the trust funds, the foundations, whatever it is, they buy bulk purchases of these books
to artificially inflate them to number one. Then they give these books out at events and
things like that for free. Now here’s the thing with Don jr, his book
was mostly purchased by his dad’s 2020 presidential campaign. They sent out an email not that long ago,
and Judd legum, uh, who founded ThinkProgress, uh, was the one who caught this. And in this campaign email, which was signed
by Donald Trump jr himself, he talked about how horrible and stupid liberals are and all
that and blah, blah, blah. And Oh, by the way, we can give you a, a signed
copy of my forthcoming book. So in order to have those books, the campaign
had to bulk purchase them so that they had them to give out. And that’s exactly what they did. And that’s why Donald Trump Jr’s book became
the number one bestseller in the United States. Now, I have no doubt that even if they hadn’t
done this, this book probably would have been a best seller. I mean, as much as we don’t like the trumps
and the majority of people in this country don’t like the trumps, it doesn’t take a lot
to get on the best seller list. In fact, it only takes about a quarter million
dollars of book sales in order to do that. And for somebody like Trump, you know, selling
these books at 25 bucks a piece, yeah, you’re going to find 10,000 Maga folks out there,
even a hundred thousand maga folks out there willing to purchase this book. And yeah, that’s gonna put you on the best
seller list. But Trump’s out there praising his son for
making it onto that list when in reality, he is the one who bought most of those books.

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100 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Bought Truckloads Of Donald Jr.’s Book To Make It A Bestseller”

  1. Orange Trees says:

    Bulk purchase price is 10c per book 😂😂😂😂

  2. Cindi says:

    The base figured out they make great door stoppers

  3. C Dub says:

    Haha Democrats really hate success

  4. Alan Mooney says:

    Welp, this crime family of course has no shame. The worst part, is the M.A.G.A. morons that believe it…

  5. Linda Terry says:

    Of course this happens. Look how they buy votes also by the truckload.
    No one else must’ve released a book this week. I know for sure that daddy won’t read it unless it’s a coloring book and has very simple large print sentences.
    How clever of someone like this to call his book triggered since shooting animals for no good reason except bloodlust is his very favorite thing to do in the world. He has so many disgusting photos of him standing next to endangered species. Very sick.

  6. james h says:

    I'm glad your a thinker & not a stinker! Lol
    We like your style dude 🙌

  7. Colleen S says:

    Copies of these things will be popping up in bargain bins all over the place
    Good for:
    Door stopper

    All kidding aside the fact that they can even write a book is kinda amazing
    And is it surprising that rather than write a book on how to make this a better country they write garbage
    I have heard more about the Ukraine and impeachment this week than the school shootings, and things that really matter.
    Thanks for all the great videos and keeping people informed

  8. Just Me says:

    Because they weren’t selling!

  9. Kill You With Fire says:

    Pretty sure it was tax payer money

  10. moreno franco says:

    Shit! They have no shame. No self-esteem. No Pride.

  11. Justice Johnson says:


  12. sir Swaun prideone says:

    Im not surprised… Trump bid on that ugly painting of himself just to impress people. The entire family are frauds and do not deserve the richness they conceived through scams.

  13. Stan M says:

    The art of a con man.

  14. Robert Vanderzalm says:

    Trump Sr. probably just used them to burn in his fireplace, to heat his home!

  15. Evolutionary Advantage says:

    Can’t even sell a book without cheating

  16. Eric Burton says:

    Is this true Donny?! I know I know, “fake news” right! Hey 63 million of you trump supporters, did any of you all buy his book? Don’t lie or we’re gonna have to add them to the many lies of trump

  17. Sandra Arnal says:

    Only way they could make it #1 on the best seller list🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😁😁

  18. Ron Vorpe says:

    Books would make excellent emergency toilet paper.

  19. Olmo Barragán says:

    Don Junior is prepping up his presidential bids much like his father before him: he buys a pen to write, he is self-promoting.
    Much like the Bushes and the second had a longer presidency and was worse than the first. Is history repeating?

  20. thomas 71 says:

    Conservative radio host give their books away all day!

  21. Toni Jones says:

    Not surprise haven't learned a dam thing u always get made hand caught in the cookie jar so to speak

  22. Wandering gypsy 3 says:

    So now trump is using campaign funds to line ‘Don’s’ book. He just keeps lining up crimes.

  23. OceanBlue Heart says:

    There you have it America.
    Seems our taxpayer money has gone to waste again.
    Abused & MisUsed.

  24. Chelley Chell says:

    Why do they have to lie about everything? Just once, can they tell the truth about something, anything.

  25. Pauline Gonzales says:

    Daddy bought the books for Christmas presents for all of his jail bird friend lmfao

  26. Waya525 says:

    Maybe it will show up at the 99 cents only store and Dollar Tree, like OJ Simpson's did.

  27. Juana Torres says:

    I wouldn't pay 2 cents to buy anything from that horrible family. Who with any intelligence wants to read that shitty book??? I sure don't!!!

  28. Doug Kawakami says:

    Of course, when the WH orders thousands of the books for what purpose …… it would seem that the subject matter would be of interest and guaranteed to be full of junior's perspectives on his role *45's presidency. This surge in the orders from the WH has got to be a bible to all those who have come to worship the "son of god". Of course this is to only way that the book would sell, otherwise, what a waste of paper.

  29. Russell Brown says:

    Sounds like yet another way the Trump Crime Family converts campaign dollars to personal dollars. They should be fined substantially for once again skirting our laws.

  30. Patrick Gamble says:

    Most people who work towards becoming a successful writer spend years honing their craft, spending countless hours writing, overcoming writer's block and having to face over and over again rejection after rejection. So it seems grossly unfair that Junior pulls up his sleeve, spends a weekend writing this garbage and has a best seller. Of course if Daddy didn't give this crap away with every donation over $50, it would never have made the best seller list and if he wasn't Trump's spawn he would face the harsh reality that he is a talentless hack and a moron. I wonder if he used tax payer's money to make it a best seller?

  31. turea dumonceau says:

    Hahaha, big surprise, I know that that whiny lil bitch, Donnie Jr., couldn't write anything I would ever read, but, father and son are the saddest, most pathetic creatures,,,bar none. When really stunned and stupid people think they have outwitted everyone around them, it's just super pathetic, and this goes for all the die hard trump supporters out there, you are totally morally and IQ points wise, bankrupt!

  32. Syndeeinmi says:

    This world turning upside down.. Who does this stuff? Honestly.. Unbelievable.. Slave to notoriety.. Buy your self worth? Ridic

  33. Hazel McCloy says:

    I can honestly believe that.

  34. Syndeeinmi says:

    Someone here gets over 400 likes for saying "trump hates us". Wow.. No substance.. But over 400 likes.. On this channel? Hmm

  35. dan hemmerling says:

    The NY Times best seller list is so bogus. They never have any books that I read. They are always books that you use to either use for toilet paper or fire starters.

  36. Syndeeinmi says:

    Tsk Tsk trump will say anything? Over 700 likes.. Is this all real..this my favorite channel.. Guess I never realized how many oddities

  37. Patrick Gallimore says:

    The Trumps are grifters, but the dumb kind, who, always get caught…Also, in a country, where, so many mass shootings have taken place, "Triggered" is not a good and/or appropriate title for a book.

  38. ba sook says:

    How people have money to buy Jr. book while people have to pay extra taxes?????

  39. Saṃsāra's Light says:

    Obv they had to do this, his base can't read.

  40. ba sook says:

    Is Donald Jr. proud of selling his book, knowing that his own campaign bought for him???

  41. Rebecca Rhodes says:

    You mean we bought truckloads because Trump probably used our tax dollars to buy his crap book.

  42. JVS 3 says:

    That may be a criminally misuse of campaign funds. To shuffle campaign funds into one’s own family. This should be investigated by federal election campaign regulators.
    The campaign had money for this but not to pay all the cities that trump’s had rallies and still owes millions to them

  43. yerout 716 says:

    It will be so awesome when we are done with these stupid idiots!!!

  44. Pearl Mitch. says:

    Surely that is an abuse of campaign funds??

  45. Natily D says:

    Trump's have no shame when it comes to making money or promoting themselves ….I'm sure they gave out free signed copies but they are selling signed copies for more …

  46. that's my truth says:

    Would have made a great bon 🔥 fire actually still is

  47. Name Withheld says:

    Daddy Trump bought all of Donny Jr. Thin mints so he could get the top merit badge 🍪

  48. Olu akinwale says:

    Comes as a surprise to anyone? This is a doggy and corrupt family.

  49. honkawiman says:

    Half those idiots can't even read.

  50. honkawiman says:

    Another scam by the Trumps. GOOD JOB TRUMPTARDS. LAUGHABLE AND IDIOTIC..🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  51. Rui Silva says:

    If you cant beat it rigg it…

  52. Erik Bakstad says:

    Haha, off course they did!
    They are crocks afterall!

    Pathetic 🤣🤣🤣

  53. Elaine Brooksbank says:

    What!?!?? A Trump lied. A Trump cheated. A Trump tried to deceive us. A Trump exposed as a charlatan. My, my you do surprise me.

    For years people have been searching for Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster – all of which would be much easier to find than a Trump with honesty and integrity. Lying & cheating is in the Trump DNA ever since grandpappy Trump dodged the draft in Bavaria to open his brothel in the Klondike Gold Rush. Another Trump too lazy to do any actual work but happy to sit back and earn money through the exploitation of others.

    What a repugnant family. And yet another campaign finance violation. I don’t suppose those who were duped into donating to Trump’s re-election campaign thought their offering was going to boost Junior’s book sales. How would that in any way be considered of benefit to anyone’s campaign – just more evidence of how low they’re prepared to sink to con people. What was it Junior said – he wished his last name was Biden so he could make millions off his father’s presidency.

    Oh the irony! Who does he think he’s fooling – we don’t all live under a MAGA hat. Trump and his brood of parasites are fleecing the taxpayer at every opportunity so he can make millions off his father’s presidency.

  54. bruce bell says:

    And soon afterwords trash dumps nation wide recieved truck loads of trump's books.

  55. Sandy Dobbie says:

    In other countries it’s called laundering illegal money !!!!

  56. caltex1969 says:

    Just what I thought…… I posted on a previous news story where his own supporters were booing him and his girlfriend at UCLA that his books would be bought up by Trump himself.

  57. Strangeman MTD says:

    MAGA Military Avoiding Ginger Assclown. People should get blue hats with the above written on it to combat trumpty dumpties made in China hats.

  58. James MG says:

    Does anything the Trump Crime Family or any of their cohorts ever do anything that is above board, honest, or not manipulative? We have a con, a fraud, a compulsive liar in the fucking oval office, are we at all surprised that his spawn is walking in his exact same footsteps?

  59. cosmic voyager says:

    So that's where all the donner money went. To fake a tRump Jr. best seller. The corruption never ends with the republicans. BURN THE FUCKING BOOKS! 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Ralf von der Kolk says:

    Really, this is YOUR president???

  61. John Evison says:

    Let’s face it. This book is NOT going to be a balanced opinion of the world today. The MAGA crowd are going to lap it up, regardless of its content, theme or even if it’s any good.
    And I also guarantee that Don junior hasn’t even read what his ghost writer managed to crayon together.

  62. Taylor Queensbury says:

    The system is rigged

  63. Vanessa Johnson says:

    Res a Dent trump claims he's not Taking a paycheck for being President…soooo dose that mean the American people paid for the bulky buy…????

  64. ~Vashti7~ says:

    Hey Farron 🤗

  65. Beverly Vinson says:

    Trumps are so fake!! . Fake humans, fake intellect, criminals and losers and failures!! .
    All will lose in 2020!

  66. African Music Tv says:

    Use campaign funds to buy truck loads of your son's book as a means of transferring campaign funds into your private family bank account. Who you fooling? #americangreed

  67. Paul Elford says:

    Would the pu chase of the books by the campaign constitute an illegal campaign expense as some of the proceeds go to the President's son

  68. nevets68 says:

    I'm sure this "book" will end up in the dollar stores within the year.

  69. tornado b says:

    True story. Most maga people can't read. And the ones that can read would rather use the money for something else. It's a known truth that reading is not a maga thing. Trump himself hasn't read a single book in his life. Even the book he claims he wrote himself. But we know he didn't write it.
    Same thing here. Junior can't write a book for kindergarten.
    Conclusion: who in his right mind would waste his time to read this bat shit's book?????

  70. Unkindtaternuts says:

    Lmao the book is crap 💩 it’s selling his dad as a hero .

  71. luvmaika says:

    No wonder the trump casino went broke with business logic like that.

  72. Malik Von Saint says:


  73. Lenice Clemons says:

    Sad family

  74. Paul Warwick says:

    How could that dummy right a book.He must have had many liars help him.

  75. ishmael alimi says:

    …and this is how Trump lost a billion dollars…! You can not make this up…!

  76. mind ya says:

    Good to see tax dollars going to a good cause…..

  77. poopdeckpappy.. says:

    Racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters can use the pages of the book for toilet paper. To wipe the cum juice off there lips put there by president shit for brains

  78. Dave D says:

    A typical trump .another phoney accomplishment made possible by lying cheating or stealing .i guess being a trump any accomplishment is better than none since they havent any real self made accomplishments. They even turn failures into accomplishments. Sad

  79. Dave D says:

    I thought Republicans were against transgender people ? Why is donnie one ?shes way to ugly to be a woman.

  80. Dave D says:

    Donnie jr and the gargoyle .sounds like a good book title.

  81. Thomas Fletcher says:

    This guy sounds a little biased . He's missing his calling , he should write fiction paperbacks . Like "Godzilla Returns" .

  82. Evelyn Rodriguez says:

    He better sell mad books to bail is daddy papi Trump out of jail.

  83. Akheem Akhi-Gbade says:

    I'd buy it to wipe my ass……if the paper was soft enough!😂😂😂

  84. private personal concierge says:

    Now we have 2 of the biggest Orange shIt Stains on America!

  85. Beth S says:

    It wasn't the Trump campaign. After funding the publication of the book, Don's mommy bought a million copies. Aww.

  86. deedrabbit says:

    Surely Trump is using his presidency to promote his sons business interests. Isn't he?

  87. Abelis says:

    You're a prophet and you know it Farron!!! 👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Mr Bush Lied says:

    No one is going to read, much less buy, Cunt Junior's book.

  89. Mondin von Diex says:

    Now that is one book I‘ll never touch.
    In central American rural regions, books pages are used in the outhouses as toilet paper.
    Now there is an idea 💡 what to do with Trump books!

  90. Mariposabell says:

    There are just about 5 reviews of the book on Goodreads and most of them are smoking the book. 😂

  91. Mariposabell says:

    And now Amazon is offering me the audiobook for free! 😄

  92. Richard Conner says:


  93. History Lover says:

    I didn't think the MAGA Hats read above the comic book level. Don Jr certainly didn't write this book. He had a ghost writer do it. Writing a book is too much like work for this entitled ASSHOLE

  94. jake glenn says:

    Please do more detailed research and report who the buyers were of the bulk purchase are and list their names. Also see if the same bulk buyers were involved in the other Fox news hosts books!! thanks

  95. leila rezazad says:

    good for a fire. cheat like his father

  96. ELHUESOKLICK says:

    Is Nissan cvt tranmission getting fixed ppl got a notice

  97. Sandra Gouthro says:

    The trumps are serial artificial inflaters. Don the Con the Second and his sleazy sister artificially inflated rents on their apartment buildings in the 1990's in New York. Iniquitous Ivanka is implicated in a scheme that involved artificially inflating costs to the trump presidential inaugural committee to her family's financial benefit. She artificially inflated the numbers of units sold in their properties to attract more money and outside investment. Spanky and his sordid spawn owned a company that artificially inflated costs for services which provided them a flow of tax-free money. The Orange Nazi artificially inflated the attendance numbers at his inauguration. He has artificially inflated his net worth to lenders and investors his entire corrupt life. But…he artificially deflated his weight and the number of hamburders he eats everyday.

  98. the village idiot says:


  99. pqvimana2 says:


  100. knusern666 says:

    Scientology trick

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