Trees 101


Hey guys welcome back to United Loners.
Today I’ve had a request to make a video about trees so let’s do it! So this is a maple tree, a miniature
maple tree and it is brown purple red and pink so yeah. This is a rose tree. There
can be rose bushes and rose tree but this is a rose tree. This is red and pink and
white. You can smell it if you can smell through computers or iPads or
phones or what not. So this is a Paperbark tree. It’s like Paperbark because you can rip it off I guess and then you can get this and then you can write on it… i hope “THE UNITED LONERS” yeah it’s a miracle you can write on it .This
is why it’s called the paperbark tree because its bark is like paper. This tree is called a magnolia tree because it has magnolia flowers
this is a magnolia flower it’s got a leaf inside it. This is a magnolia flower
and it has no leaf inside it. This magnolia is also an evergreen magnolia
tree because it’s evergreen. Get it? It’s an evergreen magnolia tree because its evergreen! Now we are going to enter
the last tree’s natural habitat It’s going to be very dangerous. This is the last tree. So now that we have taught the tree how to be a tree.. This is a tree as you can see its got wide branches and very good
balance. This is the tree in its natural habitat. With no Pokemon. No Team Bulbasaur or Charizard. No EX or GX or Tag Team Now the tree will show
it’s many demonstrating moves. As you can see this tree is very wise. It knows all the martial arts of Tree Art. It’s got branches that can
stretch out and cure you like Groot and its gots very good balance as you can see. Thank you for this lesson on Trees

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4 thoughts on “Trees 101”

  1. tynaa752 says:

    Awesome video! Love your content! Had a good laugh too 🙌🏻👌🏻👍🏻 keep it up

  2. Prem Lata Sharma says:

    Wonderful great content

    Thanks for my recomended video

  3. Prem Lata Sharma says:

    Oliver gr8 job as a tree

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