Trapped in Paris (alone)


a Lot of strange things are happening in the world right now. I’m seeing things I never thought I would see really things have happened much much faster than any of us would have ever predicted it’s not simply an outbreak that we’re seeing but a fundamental change in the trajectory of many of our lives and how we live and interact for the foreseeable future And I’m stuck alone. And what I believe is the most beautiful city in the world This is that story Okay, so here’s the situation I’ve been in this country for 21 days now, so three weeks and it’s looking like We’re gonna go into a flan lockdown. That’s what all the rumors have been All day today, everybody’s been texting me social media is out of control But basically in one minute the president is going to give an announcement on what happens now So this is crazy And I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel right now DCD don’t also say Uncle Mo. You didn’t know me Kazuo mwah No deeply small so Kai for technology. So I just watched the entire announcement I’m watching now the political I suppose commentary that’s happening afterwards and even they can’t even agree on what? What’s what the rules are now what’s going on? So I think there’s a lot still to be determined and figured out there seems to be a lot of exceptions so I Don’t even know what’s going on. We’re living a moment in history right now, and I don’t even understand what’s going on It’s 11:02 right now, so in less than an hour everybody’s gonna have to be inside unless you have permission So a lot of people outside right now scrambling getting last-minute things done. There’s this weird vibe, so I guess we’ll see what happens Okay, so here’s a little update on what’s going on I’ve been Here in my if this isn’t even my apartment. This is an air B&B basically doing my very best to respect What the government is requesting? and so Today’s a big day for a variety of reasons I need to give a little context because this is an air B&B and not a long-term solution I Was looking for an apartment because I only just arrived here in the last few weeks and fortunately I found something before everything started to Get very very complicated However in the last week, it’s become more and more difficult Coordinating with the people that live in the apartment that I’m going to move into The situation is basically that they are headed to Germany where they have another apartment And where they were going to be spending the next six months, of course with borders closing and everything going on right now It suddenly got way more complicated They weren’t even sure if they were gonna be able to make it into the country. A lot of flights have been canceled It’s been it’s been bonkers. They have a flight booked for Friday and Today we are going to meet up at a secret location in the city. They’re gonna give me the keys and I’m going to Wait until they successfully make it to their apartment in Berlin in a couple days from now and at that point I can then move To my new apartment before we came up with this plan. We have the idea of Waiting for them to basically arrive and then mail their keys from Germany to here That’s crazy since we’re already in the same city right now but it seemed like that might have been the only possibility when confinement began because We weren’t sure how strict the government was going to be right now as things stand They’re okay with a few specific exceptions Like if you’re going out to exercise you have to fill out a document that works is kind of like your Hall Pass Almost so you’ll be able to go out. I mean, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m gonna go on a run That’s why I’m dressed this way. It’s unbelievable to me how quickly things have evolved over the last Days and weeks for a while. I felt like the situation was changing every few hours, honestly Oh my god. I just hand copied over What I need to carry with me. This is going to be my Hall Pass The reason I’m doing this is because there’s an actual document that is available online But you need to print it off and I don’t have a printer. It’s essentially stating that I’m going to be doing exercise That’s one of the accepted exceptions not gonna lie. I feel funny even just going outside right now it was only once I stepped outside that I realized that I was going to be witnessing in Paris that few people will ever get A chance to see this is absurd Like what the hell look at this Obviously everybody wants things to go back to normal as fast as humanly possible, but I will say I’m enjoying the quiet There are no tourists here and many Parisians fled the city when people began realizing that a quarantine was actually going to happen It’s difficult to describe things. It doesn’t feel apocalyptic or anything. Like let’s just be real here. This is an iamb legend or castaway I mean there are still people out on the streets It’s just like 15 to 20 percent of what it usually is and there are even less cars driving If anything it feels like going online and practically no one else is on the server Hey if we’re in a simulation, maybe that’s exactly what’s going on all the stores and shops are closed For those of you concerned about me being outside all these shots were captured with my phone while on runs around the city I’m doing my best to be responsible here avoiding all people and not touching anything As of right now the government still allows exercise outside has one of the only reasons to go out and I consider it an absolute pillar of my mental health It really is something that has kept me from falling into depression in the past That being said I’m getting increasingly stopped by the police and something tells me that this may soon no longer be possible Which worries me a little bit even if I understand why they’re doing it never again Will I take my physical freedoms for granted? It clearly doesn’t take that much for that privilege to disappear It is absolutely bizarre to witness the quiet and calm at such iconic spots I’m gonna check out the top of Hone up to see how things look like up there Wow There’s like nobody’s yours There are moments when I feel like this is a strange dream where I’m starring in a poorly planned film That’s a cross between contagion stranger than fiction and two alone in Paris. Okay? This doesn’t actually have anything to do with stranger than fiction and I just threw that in there because I saw when I was 10 And loved it, but I can’t act for shit. So whoever is running the casting of this goddamn dream should get fired immediately It’s strange to think that we’re all in this together for once An old woman in my building said this was worse than the war and I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree There’s a hell of a lot of solidarity going around right now We’re on the same team and we all have a common enemy at a p.m. Every night Everyone goes out to their balconies and their windows to clap to the health workers and it’s a beautiful thing I feel lucky to be a part of so I hate to be the eternal optimist here But there are good things happening right now as for the keys. Well Wow God The people that were living in my future apartment successfully made it to Germany which means there weren’t any problems and it also means that I can pack and Move there and stop moving around which I think would be good, especially considering everything going on right now It’s stressful being outside right now because I do not want to be dealing with the police. They Stopped me three times yesterday when I went on my run So I have all my stuff right here, and I’m literally just waiting for the uber to arrive And I just want to get there while making my way to my new apartment in the uber with all of my stuff I was struck by how quickly the world and our lives can change I think there are times when we start to think we’re invincible because we think we’re somehow separate from the rest of nature So I guess we were overdue for a little reality check Maybe it’s time to slow down and course-correct. These are going to be very difficult for a while That’s pretty much certain, but I believe we can work together and make it through these confusing times This is a test on humanity. We test on our patients on our adaptability and our kindness and understanding to others For my part to everyone asking me if I’d be going home to the US the answer is no France is my new home and I’m here to stay. This is where I belong right now It’s going to take a lot more than this to make me leave in French cheats Even if all of our lives have been flipped upside down for a while.

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100 thoughts on “Trapped in Paris (alone)”

  1. Nathaniel Drew says:

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  2. Dian Bos says:

    History is writing itself right for our eyes and it feels so weird! I’m from the netherlands, no full lockdown but some measurements. It’s so quiet outside. I don’t know how this plays out and how we and the economic will come out of this.

  3. NostalgicNathan says:

    I was supposed to go to Paris in April after my birthday but because of this travel ban, it’s not possible but seeing you there makes me feel like I’m there with you. Thank you for sharing your experience with quarantine, you enjoying the peace and quiet outside to exercise is a beautiful thing, stay safe out there. ✨

  4. Théo Mestre says:

    Your videos are such a treat, never stop!!

  5. Nina Keira says:

    Thanks for spreading positivity ✌🏼

  6. Can you NOT says:

    My Airbnb cancelled me due to covid 🙁 good luck and stay safe!

  7. KinsaneK says:

    Andrea Laszlo De Simone a Parigi? Bravo, hai capito che ti devi far perdonare

  8. Zachary Smith says:

    I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now, and I must say, you killed it with this one! Great job!

  9. Andrea Olivo says:

    This was a very nice piece, great work!

  10. colourful anna says:

    Through all that´s happening your content is always so beautiful

  11. pvsk10 says:

    We should all take a moment, and be grateful that we have the internet. Without the internet is when we will truly be alone.

  12. GAMETIME says:

    Beautiful video!! I miss France!

  13. Richelth Galindo says:

    Apartment tour please

  14. Sven Vee says:

    insane to see all those spots so empty man

  15. ScitiX says:

    I love this video! Paris is one of my favourite cities and seeing it like that really is bizarre but also beautiful. Also I totally agree on your thoughts concerning the situation. It really is a test on humanity so that we can reconnect with nature and kindness.

  16. Bartholomew says:

    This is crazy. Currently I'm in a similar situation as a British person who lives in Paris (Montmartre). Stuck alone in my apartment, I imagine, just like you. Really interesting seeing your take on this, as it is unfathomable how the world around you can change so much so quickly. Good luck to you and everyone else out there! We'll make it through this 🙂

  17. Hayley Scales says:

    This whole video was like a short film I loved every second of it. Yes the whole world feels like a big movie at the moment and it’s one of the strangest feelings ever and I will never be able to fully describe it.

  18. Un Utilisateur Google says:

    As a Parisian in quarantine in Paris, I am glad that you "made me go outside" thanks to your video ! 🙂

  19. Ivanna Perez says:

    I’m currently in Day 7 of lockdown. This made my day better thanks you.🤍

  20. Тасним Куддусова says:

    certainly unbelievable and gripping phenomenon! cannot believe this is happening today. thanks for depicting this, Nathaniel. many people here could never see anything even a bit similar.

  21. Abhilasha Savar says:

    I am happy to see you safe , just be safe and do what you want to do because many people don't have enough courage or opportunity to do what they really want to do. I am from India our situation is same, I hope it ends soon🙂

  22. cinnamon girl 🌙🖤🔮 says:

    Wonderful video, Nathaniel.
    Stay safe. ❤

  23. Christopher George says:


  24. Tii W says:

    0:25 Song?

  25. Gringo Nation says:

    Very well-crafted video, Nate! It really resonated with me as I too JUST MOVED to Tbilisi last week and find myself moving from AirBnb to AirBnb and also telling the story as I go along! Inspiring stuff. 🙂 Good on ya!

  26. Teresa Tran says:

    Hey take care over there. We need you to stay healthy

  27. Cymon says:

    Best wishes from Italy to everybody reading this! We will get through this.

  28. super not guilty says:

    I like the vibe of this video. It's very soothing to watch in all the chaos that's been going on .

  29. Mia Bradić says:

    Thank you for the optimistic attitude! It's so nice and refreshing during these times

  30. Misael Leyva says:

    great video 👌🏽 badass mascara shirt 🤘🏽

  31. GingerSheep says:

    first day of our 4 week lockdown here in new zealand. surreal.

  32. fernweh feminae says:

    Thanks for letting us peak into your world and for all the hope and optimism. I'm glad you were able to stay in France during this time. Stay safe 🙂

  33. Gourmand in Paris says:

    Paris I miss you! Thanks for the great footage, your runs took you over half the city! Magical and unreal to see Paris so empty. I'm tucked away on the wrong side of the 18th but overlooking Paris and watching the sun set each day is what's grounding me.

  34. Naero Piano says:

    Can you do a video on Lucid Dreaming?

  35. Albert says:

    I absolutely loved your video, i got chills

  36. Benjamin Jean says:

    Hey Nathaniel, I hope you are safe in Paris. I was not quite sure it was you but it was last Thursday !! I am living in Pigalle and run a lot to Sacré Coeur (I love to do the stairs ;-)). I should have stop you to just say I love your content. Keep pushing 🙂

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    Am glad that you are out of Italy dude, it’s scary there

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    Your positivity made me feel better about this crazy situation and the crazy times we’re living. Thank you, this video was beautiful

  43. V M says:

    This is obviously a serious issue but let’s try to find the humor and irony of the timing of life. It seems like you’re doing that Nathaniel. Take care!

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    Honey we need more of ur videos, stay safe..

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    Wow this was beautiful

  46. curlyhairgab says:

    Wow Nate this was beautiful

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    such a hopeful video! we can do this

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    Where are you, Nathan? In the 18th?
    Btw, if you’re not fluent, can’t wait for you to become fluent en francais

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    Drew I love you man. Stay safe out there!!! Don’t worry our friend will show up.

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    I get how you feel. I have been "trapped" in a foreign country for over two weeks now and it can definitely get ugly sometimes. Fortunately it happens to be a country that I've come to love and in which I feel at home. Anyways, I love your videos. Take care of yourself. Ce la faremo!

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    Oh wow poor you 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️ Seriously ?! You don’t know what being alone is like clearly

  56. Ariannie says:

    Here in Poland, I also can't go outside aside from work, shopping (food, hygiene products, medicines) and a doctor. I'm worried about the elderly. I'm doing great. I didn't know that half my life I trained sitting at home. Introverts have easier haha xD Stay safe everyone!!!

  57. kanishk kamal says:

    I believe the mental clarity you have in such a hard time also I have enormous respect for it .
    Hatss offf
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  58. Ivonne Lopez says:

    777k subscribers

  59. Rosa Torres says:

    Putting aside the reason for this video (Glad your safe). The video footage in the video is FANTASTIC. Be Safe, God Bless.

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    I absolutely love your videos. You are so inspiring and I am glad that I am able to watch the content that you make 🙏🏻

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    Have faith and be safe everyone! Sending prayers and love from AZ. We will get through this <3

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    I don't mind keeping you company 😁

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    fuck, this is good

  64. Saneflix says:

    Being in india I feel really good that we are already in a lockdown. Good measures from the Government. Hope we can all fight this together 💪♥️🙏

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  66. Saneflix says:

    Not gonna lie was blown away when you said it was captured on your phone. Quality 💯

  67. Clara Leclercq says:


  68. Fer BS says:

    Soy enfermero , vivo en Madrid la comunidad más afectada de España y del Mundo, por haber hecho las cosas muy tarde , por favor si os sirve de algo nuestra experiencia, NO SALGAIS DE CASA!! correr no es una prioridad, salid lo imprescindible, hacer la compra y poco mas …. por favor!!! Tomad las medidas de seguridad, no estar a menos de 1,5 metros entre una persona y otra, usas macarillas, lavaos las manos con agua y jabon, no os toqueís la cara, y sobretodo QUEDAOS EN CASA !!!!! STAY IN HOME!!

  69. Amir Pm says:

    He seems so happy like he was waiting for this moment in his intire life😂

  70. Caterana Tonnē Fleur says:

    See the bright side: You could have been in northern Italy, in which case you wouldn't be able to go out and run.
    My parents are in Florence and they have been in lockdown for more than 3 weeks. Since it is just starting in Tuscany they are still allowed out to buy groceries, in some cities in the north you have to rely on people to bring it to you or they even have food rationing.
    I'm in London right now, worried sick, and it all seems so surreal, the government here just issued the 'rule' that you must stay home but nobody is actually observing it. There have been two weeks of shiny sun and spring and people have been going to markets and parks as if nothing in the rest of the world is happening and this is driving me insane. I've been self-isolating for two weeks and I feel like the crazy person in the village that screams and tries to warn people and nobody listens.
    At least in Paris, you have rules that will allow the curve to flatten.
    I hope they won't remove your chance to go out and run but I mostly hope people will stay indoors and follow the rules.

    Keep safe

  71. Cat Cassou says:

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    I can relate. I'm a Canadian stuck in Switzerland. Luckily I am with my grandmother, but I have no idea when I will get home. Such strange times…

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    Born in Paris and never Seen the City Like this before. Love your shots youve taken of the Apocalypse styled Paris! Hope youre doing fine

    Btw, very beautful viddo

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    And if you're french, would you watch the channel ?

    ( I'll really appreciate your comments)
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    I’m currently in Siena and it’s unreal, the streets that were once filled with people and tourist are empty and the silence sometimes it’s deafening.

  84. Kea Lynn says:

    Wait you were born October 1997????! Damn I'm 6 months older and STILL you've done so much more with your life already 😂😂 this vlog was so cool to watch, you have a way of making everything look and feel more magical

  85. Madi J says:

    Visit Montpellier after all or anytime, it deserves attention, only 3hrs by train, I'm here if you need any help or have questions of any type. Sending positive vibes x

  86. euforiaz says:

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    If u end up getting your running taken from you just do pushups

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