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Hey guys welcome back to the channel.
I’ve got a new video for you guys today. Echo wants to be in the video. Oh no oh
no claws! You know you could’ve just asked me to put you down you didn’t have to claw me. You are utterly distracting. Hey guys welcome back to the channel my
name is Megan Tennant in case you didn’t already know and today we are talking my
top 9 sex and romance pet peeves so I’m gonna go ahead and just assume that
everyone on earth now expects insta-love and love triangles to be in these types
of lists so I’m gonna go ahead and just cut those out because I’m sneaky that
way this list also doesn’t include the most horrible offenders the worst
terrible cliches and tropes because those deserve a little bit more than
just sassy remarks so those are getting a video all to themselves and that video
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you’re notified as soon as that video goes up. But today we’re just talking my
more pet peeve side of sex and romance tropes and I’m going to do this list a
little bit differently I’m gonna do it in reverse so I’m gonna start at 9 and
we’re gonna count down to 1 which will be the worst romance and sex scene pet
peeve that I have for books. So pet peeve number 9 super weird words for penis and
vagina. Look if you’re committing to an on page sex scene you can commit to
using real words or at least words that are close to being real words because if
I read engorged flesh I am out. Do you know what engorged flesh makes me think
of? Leeches. And I mean I’m not here to kink shame or anything but the average
person doesn’t find leeches sexy. And if I read meat scepter I’m gonna
just laugh hysterically and I’m no longer gonna take any part of that scene
seriously. Pet peeve number eight when birth control isn’t addressed at
all especially in YA literature and especially in post-apocalyptic. Do you
know what you really don’t want to have when you’re surrounded by cannibals?
A very loud crying baby. After all babies taste best and cannibals eating
your baby is not a very good form of birth control I do not recommend it. Now
if you want a video telling you how to write birth control in the apocalypse
I might have happened to make one of those you can check it out I’ll link in
the description down below also the card up here it’s a pretty great video also
if you think that the apocalypse is coming you could always watch that video
so you know for yourself what kind of birth control to use so you don’t end up
running from zombies while trying to juggle a baby. And keep your eye out for
a fantasy edition of birth control in fiction going live very soon. Pet peeve
number 7, flawless characters especially in dangerous
worlds. Give them a scar or something but don’t describe them as the most
beautiful or handsome person the main character has ever seen because I will
scream. Let them be average height give them some normal-sized muscles give them
some asymmetry. Same with personality let the main character recognize a flaw or two in the
love interest because that’s the thing about love when you love someone the
flaws stop mattering as much but to show that in a character you have to actually
introduce the flaws first and if you’re thinking well what if my character kind
of is into them from first glance? What if maybe they love them just a little
bit from that first meeting? That’s called insta-love and if you
include that in your book readers will all scream. Pet peeve number 6 mated
bonded magically tied for some seemingly arbitrary reason that normally relates
to destiny. Especially when the other person is a baby. Seriously who thought
thick Jacob Esme thing was a good idea? Multiple people had to green-light that
idea for it to get into that book, how did that happen?
Okay look I get that a ton of people actually really love this trope and
that’s probably because there’s really strong feelings tied with the whole “oh
we were meant to be together and no matter what happens we’ll end up
together” kind of thing but then there’s the issue of where we do draw the line
and dump that person and then there’s the question of who’s controlling this
weird magic mated bonding thing in your world? And why are there no friendship
magics like this in your world? When I read this it comes off as lazy and I
assume that it’s a way for the author to excuse either ridiculously early
infatuation or even obsession and that’s kind of just another form of instalove.
Pet peeve number five bleeding virginity. It baffles my mind that this is still a
thing written even by women who likely themselves did not bleed when they lost
their virginity but people see it on TV so even if they didn’t experience it
themselves they think oh well I’m just gonna write my character bleeding
everywhere because that’s what everyone does. No. Look most women, like the vast
majority of women have loosened hymens by the time they reach
adulthood and if there’s proper foreplay (and if you’re writing your characters
first-ever sex scene and there’s no foreplay I will throw a book at your
head) then there should be at max a few drops of blood. Pet
peeve number four when characters are retro actively rewritten to justify a
partner change in a series. The Shatter Me series is very guilty of this in book
1 Adam is the swooniest swoon that our main character ever
swooned over and then suddenly BAM book two and three come along and suddenly
his character is horrible. why? So we don’t judge Juliette for dumping him and
going to Warner. I’m perfectly cool with partner changes mid series but you can’t
just go and rewrite a character’s character
so that we stop liking them so that we don’t judge the main character for
switching. Give them valid reasons to switch partners. There are tons of valid
reasons. It really isn’t that hard. Pet peeve number three incompatible
characters forced into a relationship because either the author or the
publisher feels that the book cannot survive without a romance. If your
publisher or contract says you need a romance and you feel like you have no
other choice just rewrite the characters you imagined to make them compatible
because the reader will be able to tell that you’re just shoving these
characters together for no good reason and if we’re spending the whole book
yelling “why does she love him?” we’re probably not going to enjoy that book
and we will probably throw it against a wall. Pet peeve number two random and
unnecessary drama especially when it doesn’t tie into the book’s theme at all.
Just weave the drama into the conflict please. It’s not that hard. I believe in
you. You can do it. In Aletheia 736 and Jason have a falling out but
guess what it relates to? The plot. The falling out has to do with the fact that
736 has hurt kidnapped and even possibly killed people that Jason could have
potentially known and even grown up with and they’re forced to actually think
about that and acknowledge it and that comes with a whole pack of emotions that
ties directly into not only their character arcs but the plot overall. If
the falling out has to do with a character hanging out with a character
of the opposite sex that is shallow and I will scream. Not literally I’m not that
committed but I would hypothetically scream and I will throw your book
against the wall because that’s a lot easier than screaming and I’m perfectly
okay with doing that. And last but not least my largest sex and romance pet
peeve that just bugs me number one when the author teases sex
for literally the entire series and then the series ends literally seconds before
the sex ensues. You might think no author would be that cruel what kind of
author would do that to their readers? Authors do that. That’s a
thing. You know what book did that? Daughter of Smoke & Bone and no I don’t
count this sex scene from when she was in the other body flashbacks don’t count.
That’s… No! Give me the p*rn or I will throw the book. You don’t have to give me
the porn in the first book or even the second book but if you end the series
right before the porn I will be upset. I would even take a fade the black sex scene,
I’m that understanding. But no I will never forgive the author of the daughter
and Smoke & Bone series for doing that. Never. Alright so that was my top 9 sex
and romance pet peeves in fiction let me know in a comment down below which of
these you shared with me and which of these made you angry at me because maybe
they are things that you absolutely love like the mated and bonded pair
thing that so many people seem to love and I personally just really really hate
and let me know some of your pet peeves. I would love to hear them. If you haven’t
already bought Aletheia, why not? It’s available in hardcover, paperback, and
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33 thoughts on “Top 9 Romance Pet Peeves in Books | Trope Talk”

  1. Hannah Jane says:

    Aw man I haaattteee the mated/bonded thing now – I can understand when there's world building and lore that supports this but when it's something that is meant to be "rare" and then it's happening to everyone?? Ugh. But yeah, agreeed with these so much!! I am so looking forward to your fantasy contraception video! πŸ˜€

  2. Henry the Writer says:

    Been waiting to see where that tweet was going… 1:58 AHAHAHA I DIED! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Samantha Glover says:

    Agree 100% all of these just drive me nuts. Especially the forced couple. Either drop the romance or rework the characters. It shows when you try to make things work and they don't.

  4. Kat Sperling Books says:

    So like… Are we going to talk about the sexy leech?

  5. Summer Kiska says:

    Yes to all of these! The only time I can really get behind the mated/bonded trope is when one or both of the characters hate or dislike each other at the start, but are forced to be around each other because of the mate/bond/other plot. Shudders at insta love

  6. Kat Sperling Books says:

    I don't read much romance/erotica, so I didn't develop any specific pet peeves in this area, but I agree with everything you said, especially weird euphemisms for genitals (do these writers know that a euphemism is supposed to sound nicer than the original term??) and the "made for each other". I haven't read Twilight, but… A teenager/grown man discovering that his soul mate is the baby of his childhood friend? That sounds an awful lot like pedophilia. How is this being romanticized?

  7. Margaret Adelle says:

    I was going to make a list like this, but now I don't see the point. I have like every pet peeve you do. Save for, like, one.

  8. Steven Partridge says:

    This is hilarious πŸ˜‚

    Also accurate.

  9. Chante van Dyk says:

    2:05 Megan did you get that from PewDiePie?

  10. Arnella Hobler says:

    Oooh, looking forward to a video on birth control in fantasy! I will be giving my characters a bit of action at some point. No way in hell would I leave my readers disappointed!

  11. Create with *Timi* says:

    Good points. Loved the video. Have a blessed day, Megan!

  12. Christopher Drost says:

    I like that you cut the obvious stuff, it leaves room for less obvious but just as bad things that happen in fiction. I especially appreciated the birth control in YA fiction. I can't recall any book that incorporated this and now that you mention it, that is really bad. It's not something I thought about before, but I definitely will in the future.

  13. CareyHAuthor says:

    Agreed. The mated/bonded thing is creepy AF. I didn't get it in the Twilight books.

  14. tropetrinitytrilogy says:

    The retroactive change is so annoying, along with mating. They both come across to me as the author wanting their romance to be the greatest romance of all time, everyone's new otp, and they end up trying too hard by ruining all other ships and making it magical destiny.

  15. Casey Gibson says:

    Mated/bonded always bugs me. It's a replacement for building a real connection.

    My favorite to laugh at is the weird euphemisms for genitals. I learned this lesson from Buffy: if you can't say it, you probably shouldn't be having it. The same has got to go for writing it.

  16. Cynthia Payne says:

    "Give me the porn or I will throw the book!" Lol! I'm glad someone else said it first πŸ˜‰

    The bonded/paired thing doesn't bug me if it's done well. I've seen it not done so well. My biggest peeve is when you have two completely legit characters who change personalities once they get together. That's a sign that there was no real chemistry because in order to be together, they HAVE to change their fundamental character.

  17. cassandra Stryffe says:

    I agree with most of these. πŸ™‚ However I love the fated/bonded thing WHEN ITS DONE WELL. Which is NOT the case 99% of the books that use this trope. For gods sake, let the characters dislike something about their "mate" let them fight, let them try to avoid each other. Show them still working out issues 10 years into the relationship. For gods sake have a little realism with this trope. I know if I was suddenly insta-lusting after someone, I'd be SUPER reluctant to spend any time with them until I found out more about them!

  18. A.J. Torres says:

    lmao OMG I love that sexy leech XD
    Also this video is amazing, thank you, we have the same taste in romance and sex scenes lol πŸ˜€

  19. Heidi T says:

    Your cat is gorgeous! As for the video, the bonded/mated mystically trope annoys the living dickens out of me! "I know a great way to do a love story! Take away all free choice so no matter how different or age separated the characters are they have to be together! Yay!" It's just wrong to me. I agree with the rest of your pet peeves as well but that one just turns my stomach.

  20. Catherine Doveland says:


  21. DitsyCityKitty says:

    So you wouldn't want to read: His engorged schlong started flailing around the room and suddenly shot across the bed towards her. Seeing the massive man-missile on a direct collision course made her gasp and tremble with uncontrollable lust. But, instead of plunging directly into her willing depths, his massive member began whacking her in the face over and over til she couldn't take anymore and cried out "JUST TAKE ME NOW, DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!"? Awwww… *deletes that scene from my most recent draft masterpiece* ;3

    In all seriousness, all great points. Love this vid! Thanks for the upload. *hugs*

  22. ghost says:

    so, for the last one. in your opinionΒ is it ok for me to insinuate that the two characters had sex?

  23. Briana Morgan says:


  24. Joel Adamson says:

    Good list. These things drive me nuts, ESPECIALLY the bleeding virginity loss.

  25. Rowan Liddell says:

    That sexy leech is a mood

  26. Mandi Lynn says:

    I saw the title of this video and was like "Oh yes, this I need to watch"

  27. Lost Train of Thoughts says:

    Oh my God! I'm glad I'm not the only one who acknowledges the Shatter Me switch. I stopped reading the series because of that. Like fuck Warren, that book is nothing but fan service now. I'm still mad about it.

    Also really agree about the unnecessary tension. When I first started watching Brooklyn 99 and when Jake admitted to like Amy at the end of the first season, I worried the rest of the series was just going to have them go back and forth for stupid reasons. Thankfully it didn't.

  28. Brett Bosley says:

    "Meat Sceptre" needs to be a metal band.

  29. LaraPlayzNerdyy says:

    "If you end the book before the porn, I will throw the book!" hahaha! girl, same. everything you talked about kills me. I HATE extra drama, love triangles, lack of communication, etc. I can't deal

  30. Linda Penttinen says:

    But what if the love interest in the most beautiful/handsome person the other has seen if the other half has been surrounded by ugly people? What if the lovers were reincarnated and their souls found each other at very young age should it be the case?

  31. Linda Penttinen says:

    Are these in my book(s):
    9) I have not written that many sex scenes but I tend to write those anatomic parts by their real names
    8) babies in this world are not as noisy as human babies. Birth control is the thing as the honor of clans is everything
    7) Like I said before, what if the character was raised by really ugly peoples and the one she/he meets is actually beautiful/handsome by that stantard?
    6) Destiny controlled by Guardians is a tricky thing. Again, most of the characters are being reincarnared and their souls will find each other no matter what.
    5) some bleed easily and some do not and in most tragic cases sex is dangerous for some females.
    4) when a characters mate, they mate for live. When one dies, other dies soon after. Only Guardians can broke the mating if it is requested.
    3) Some characters are possessive assholes who control others and even hurt them.
    2) Some characters are not that good with words. That the matter of society's state can put even the calmer one's into madness.
    1) I would write sex scenes when they are important.

  32. zigaudrey says:

    My least favourite pet peeves is Puzzle Romance.
    It's when two characters has similar trait that make them compatible like the lack of partner or a social problem. Thus bypass the development of their relationship. Even two gamers cannot be friends instantly.
    Dan Brown's Deception Point, even if it isn't romance, has this because a book can't be finish without a romantic couple. He doesn't know how romance works…

  33. BluePuppyStudios says:

    I saw your fat cat and now I see your bad luck cat. How many cats do you have? I love cats! If you haven't already make a video about all your cats.

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