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Let’s see the best books about the future
of medicine! This is Bertalan Mesko and you’re watching
the channel of The Medical Futurist. I love reading books. I mean the real ones,
the old ones. Not just electronic books. And I’ve been reading amazing books that focus
on the future of medicine, what changes we can expect to see in healthcare in a few years’
time from different angles and perspectives so I thought that I would share my favorite
ones with you. First here is “Our Final Invention” from James
Barrat which is, I think, the best book ever written about artificial intelligence and
what we can expect to see in this area in the future; what we should be afraid of; what
kind of threats and potential advantages we can look forward to.
The second book I have in mind is “Let Patients Help!” from E-Patient Dave deBronkart which
is the best book about e-patients and I think every physician in the world and every medical
student should read that book once. Then let’s see Ray Kurzweil, the world-known
futurist who is now working at Google. He wrote the book “The Singularity Is Near” many
years ago which is about the whole theory of the technological explosion. And then he
has a new book called “How to Create a Mind” in which he talks about, quite in details,
how in theory we could create a mind from sketches. Then maybe one day we can download
ourselves in a digital format leaving this biological product behind.
Then let’s see Daniel Berleant who wrote “The Human Race to the Future”. In this book he
talks about genomics and how sensors could change the way we live our everyday lives,
besides other areas as well, not just medicine and health, but he also talks about economics
and society as a whole. Then Joel Dudley and Konrad Karczewski wrote
“Exploring Personal Genomics” which is I think the best book ever written about the world
of genomics and personalized medicine. How DNA and genetic information could be used
to transform the way we practice medicine. Now let me share with you Craig Venter’s new
book, “Life at the Speed of Light” in which he talks about the theory of being able to
send, transmit life through a digital channel, through a digital format.
Then here is Eric Topol’s famous book, “The Creative Destruction of Medicine” in which
he predicted the future of mobile health, how we will prescribe more mobile applications
than actual medications or drugs to patients; and how patients should take care of themselves
and be the driving force of the change that we can see in medicine.
And of course I cannot let you miss my own book, “The Guide to the Future of Medicine”,
in which I collected the 22 main trends and technologies that I think will shape the future
of medicine. And I also give out a guide about what we can do now to get to this very positive
vision of the future. I hope that you will share your favorite books
with me on the Facebook page of The Medical Futurist! Thank you!

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