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hey guys so I spent countless hours reading books I want to share with you the seven most valuable lessons from reading a hundred and thirty-four books they’ve made a huge impact on my life and I know they can impact your life too so watch the video to the very end the first lesson I’ve learned is to boost your happy chemicals I thought it was crazy that I could read 134 books develop a positive mindset and still feel like crap I’ve come to realize that brain chemistry plays a huge role in your well-being a point that’s often left out in books that promote thinking positively think positive all you like but if your hormones are out of balance then you’ll still feel like garbage so the three fundamental ways I’ve found to keep your brain chemistry in check how to get your 8 hours sleep exercise regularly and eat healthy that may sound boring but do not underestimate their power many people don’t do these three things well yet they’ll fork out tons of money on the latest smart drugs weight loss solutions and information products the second lesson I’ve learned is to forget self-help just be kind this was a phrase that struck a chord with me in a little-known book written by Darren Brown an English Mentalist and illusionist the majority of lessons we can learn from self-help books come down to one thing be kind it will make everyone around you happier including yourself you’ll make more friends be less anxious be more grateful for what you have and you’ll be physically healthier the list goes on how can we be kind simple just smile help someone with their homework take out the trash without being asked and compliment people the third lesson is value your time time is your most valuable asset you can get back money but you can never get back your time yet most people dish out their time like it’s nothing especially teenagers and 20-year olds it’s insane you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings so you spend time talking to them even when you don’t want it you procrastinate every day instead of sorting your life out you work for a low wage even though your time is worth more countless people on their deathbed regret not giving time to their family they regret caring what other people thought of them they regret working a job they hated so start valuing your time and leading a life the way you want to before you wake up at the end of your life and say where did it all go the fourth lesson is the 80/20 principle a classic this is a commonly cited principle and countless business and self-development books it says that 80 percent of results come from 20% of the causes so it’s likely that 80 percent of your happiness comes from 20% of the things you do you may spend a bit of center of your time with 20% of your friends you can apply it to all areas of your life to get the most bang for your buck for example when I create videos on this channel I aim to make the 20% of videos that give me 80% of the results and when it comes to my health I focus on getting eight hours sleep eating healthy and exercising because those are the 20% of activities that contribute to 80% of my health and well-being apply this to everywhere in your life and you’ll progress much faster lesson 5 learn how to win friends and influence people how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie is the most famous book that I consider required reading how much does your life revolve around other people your family friends and coworkers are all people by learning how to interact with them you open yourself up to huge opportunities like a stronger relationship with your partner and making friends that don’t suck people will hire you listen to you and love you everyone can learn to be social I’ve reviewed this book in my channel so I leave a link in the description below the sixth lesson I’ve learned is to create don’t consume we live in a consumer culture I consumed 134 books and got nowhere until I started creating things that’s when I began learning and opportunities came my way this channel is a prime example of my efforts I improved my writing communication video editing and animation skills I’ve made friends attracted freelancing opportunities so I can work from anywhere and strengthened my understanding of the lessons from books by teaching people like you none of this would have happened if I didn’t start creating so take action the final lesson is mind over matter everything can be taken from a man but one thing the last of the human freedoms to choose ones attitude in any given set of circumstances to choose one’s own way that’s what Viktor Frankl famously a survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp you know when you drop your phone and you go to pick it up and freak out that it might have a cracked screen and then you find out that it was cracked and you become angry and frustrated well that happened to me recently but I chose to respond differently I accepted what had happened being angry wasn’t going to fix my phone right so I moved on with life and got it fixed the following week no dramas so there are events in this world that are outside of your control a partner falling out of love with you natural disasters or accidentally dropping a phone you can’t change what’s happened but you can choose how to react to it thank you for staying to the end guys so I’ve been working behind the scenes to create an online book club for us I see you guys commenting on my video saying thank you and great video which is great but watching my videos and reading books like what it won’t get us anywhere right that’s why I’ve created the one percent book club my right plan is for us to connect online and read a book every two weeks the books will fall into five categories health wealth love happiness and free choice we will hold each other accountable through a private Facebook group to take action on the books we read it will be a place to make like-minded friends motivate each other and exchange knowledge it will cost $10 a month and the reason I charge is not just to fill my pockets with your cash but it actually tells me you’re serious about making big change in your life if you have any suggestions for the online book club please let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear from you with that said have a good day guys and we’ll review the seven lessons we covered in this video boost your happy chemicals forget self-help be kind value your time the 8020 principle learn how to win friends and influence people create don’t consume and mind-over-matter [Music]

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