Top 5 Reasons to Study in Canada

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First thing I would say, the facilities, the
big library that we have, the labs and the first-hand knowledge that we get from the professors.
They’re doing the research themselves here. Coming here I was really surprised at how
open to people, people are to me and I was really happy to see that. I love Canada. You’re not feeling like you’re
away from home because you see many people from different countries living together here. I do feel like it’s a lot safer here. It’s
safe. You feel that people trust each other and it’s good. Canadian universities do offer a very good
quality of education and at affordable tuition fees. So that’s really great. The US and the UK don’t really provide as
many scholarships as Canada. How much it costs to live here and stuff like that, that definitely affected why I chose to study in Canada. Everyone, they are so welcoming. They have
been so helpful. Even if you make mistakes they forgive you and give you a chance, an
opportunity to grow. That’s the best part for me, making mistakes and still growing. Very open. Great. Fantabulous. It was awesome.

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