Top 20 Rappers With the Most Expensive Booking Fees (2018)


– [Narrator] Music fans often complain, and rightfully so, that going to see their favorite musicians
can cost an arm and a leg, and a paycheck to afford
the price of admission. The music industry is not
banking on vinyl albums, tape cassettes and compact discs flying off the record
shelves like they used to. This places an excessive focus
on concerts and world tours having to bring in the bulk
of the bread and butter to feed the rappers
creating the catchy tracks, and whichever record labels have put up the massive amount of
money to make them famous. Current concert promoters
should brace themselves before reading this list of
highest rapper booking fees before they fantasize
about funding the next stop on a superstar’s live show route. So at number 21, we have
Lil Yachty at $40,000. With studio albums like
Teenage Emotions and Lil Boat 2 and a Sprite commercial with
basketball legend LeBron James, Lil Yachty’s show money
is proof that he probably doesn’t regret dropping out
of Alabama State University to push for a music career. At number 20, we have
Young Thug at $50,000. This outlandish one-man fashion statement has transformed hit songs like
Stoner, Check, Best Friend, and Pick Up the Phone into a healthy fee. At number 19, we have 6ix9ine at $60,000. Even with only one mixtape, Day69, the rainbow-haired Brooklyn
controversy-starter has turned his trolling into
a large concert lump sum. At number 18, we have Lil Pump at $60,000. Straight out of Miami
comes that Gucci Gang, face-tatted teen rapper who
dressed up like a water bottle on Saturday Night Live with Kanye West for their Platinum song I Love It. At number 17, we have Lil
Uzi Vert at $60,000 also. Satanic imagery and
Marilyn Manson inspiration has put this outrageous rapper into serious show money territory, even touring with the
hit-master The Weeknd. At number 16, we have Russ at $75,000. After starting off relatively unknown, dropping weekly songs
for over a year straight, that he wrote, performed, produced, and even mixed and mastered, Russ is making serious indie rap money. At number 15, we have
Childish Gambino at $75,000. This musical alter-ego of actor
and comedian Donald Glover caught the world’s
attention with his 2018 song and video This is America. So now we enter into the territory of between $120,000 to $200,000 per show. So at number 14, we
have Chance The Rapper. $100,000 to $125,000 is his booking fee. This self-motivated Chicago
rapper and philanthropist has no problem reimbursing himself for all the money he
donates to worthy causes. At number 13, we have Future at $120,000. This well-known trap-meets-mumble rap star from Atlanta has plenty
of monetary incentives to perform on a regular basis. At number 12, we have Logic at $150,000. Who says nice guys finish last? This peace, love, and positivity endorser makes a pretty penny fighting
the good fight on stage. At number 11, we have
Cardi B at $150,000 and up. Arguably the new queen of rap, Cardi B shows no fear of her past, and is laughing all
the way into the future with some lucrative hits. At number 10, we have
Post Malone at $200,000. Songs like Congratulations
that went eight times Platinum, Rockstar that went seven times Platinum, and White Iverson that
went five times Platinum is what keeps this rapper
posting profitable transactions. At number nine, we have
Travis Scott at $200,000. Having a baby with the richest
Kardashian clan member, Kylie Jenner, and hit albums in a row is what keeps Travis rich and famous. At number eight, we have
Migos at $200,000 and up. These three Atlanta rappers are well on their way to being legends, and hitting the road with Drake for the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour means more six-figure show
money is well on its way. Now we hit between $250,000 for a show, all the way to $1 million. At number seven, we have
J. Cole at $250,000. This North Carolina
representative has turned conscious rap and political content into a profitable way to earn a living, and not having to rely
on guest appearances to sell a ton of albums. At number six, we have
Nicki Minaj at $250,000. After all of these years of being the long-standing queen of rap,
Nicki Minaj can still demand up to a quarter million
dollars just to rock the mic. At number five, we have Lil
Wayne at $300,000 and up. From The Hot Boys with
Juvenile, B.G., and Turk, to his five album installments
of The Carter series, Lil Wayne is still up there
in the higher tax bracket when it comes to doing shows. At number four, we have
Kendrick Lamar at $350,000. Winning the Pulitzer
Prize for his Damn album is a great way to ensure
that his concert money doesn’t slow up any time soon. At number three, we have
Kanye West at $500,000. Rapping, producing,
sneaker design, fashion, and extremely divisive
political statements all add up to half a million dollars for a concert flyer with Ye’s name on it. At number two, we have Drake at $700,000. Toronto’s most successful rapper ever can pretty much buy a house
every time he performs in front of a live audience
at a prestigious arena that professional sports
teams typically play games in. And finally, at number one, we have Eminem at $750,000 to $1 million. Are we even shocked that Eminem is making the most money per concert on this list? His collection of hits is huge, My Name Is, The Real
Slim Shady, The Way I Am, Stan, Without Me, Cleanin’ Out My Closet, and let’s not forget Lose Yourself from the Hollywood hit movie
based on his real life, 8 Mile. $1 million is a great reason to get out of his comfortable Michigan mansion and rap circles around most of
these newer rappers of today. This has been a HipHopMadness original. Make sure you stay tuned
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  1. darius ennis says:

    This cannot be even halfway accurate especially if Jay Z and Beyoncé aren’t on this list and I don’t think Russ makes more than meek mill a show or Ross.. Chris brown Wiz Khalifa Rae sremm Rihanna

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  6. Jonathan Lopez says:

    I wouldn’t even pay $10 for the rainbow pedofile gremlin

  7. 808 Msafiri says:

    Cardi B aint the queen of of rap

  8. Colton Johnson III says:

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  9. Truthful4ever says: THIS IS BAD AS HELL!

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  12. KiLLROYE says:

    This is inaccurate uzi definitely makes more than 60k a show

  13. IDK says:

    Some things on this list is a lie because tidal just said how they have to pay Nicki Minaj $1 million per show and she went on her queen radio and said she make 1 million per show and not dissing Wayne but nicki has been hotter than Wayne for years now and of course she would get more than him for a show but they have her below him on this list it’s not just nicki either it was also respirated cardi gets $250k per show and not $150k so I don’t know where he get his info from but some is wrong drake, Nicki, Kanye, and Eminem have all been proven to get $1 million per show and I do know Wayne use to get around $800k per show but that was around 2010 when he was in his prime

  14. CAZ says:

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    wheres the proof – i feel this aint accurate at all!

  17. Martin Edwini-Bonsu says:

    Indie rap money?! Russ has a record label behind him.🙄🙄 Don’t think he can get all the cash by himself.

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    Chief says Russ still takes the L

  32. Hilary Trump says:

    I make 70k in a year, yeah time to start a rap career and make it a night

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    Did this man just call cardi be the new queen of rap…… so delusional

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  43. Andrew Cabaj says:

    The commentary is trash my guy

    Also, what are your sources. Or are you just making up numbers?

  44. SPACEKID TV says:

    This is so false lmao Future makes more than Migos, Travis, and Nicki.

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  54. JPSwerve182 says:

    the fact that russ is getting $75K makes me want to put money in lil yatchy and young thug's pockets

  55. Marro Morrison says:

    CARDI B IS In the the convo for NEW QUEEN OF RAP???!!!! 😂😂😂😂. Rap is completely fucked, SHE IS NOT IN THE CONVO BRO.

  56. QualityMuffin FAN4ever says:

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  57. Amari Selah says:

    Hov gets 1M per show and his wife gets more than him!! The people have been touring 3 years straight!! Lemonade, 4:44, Everything Is Love.…RIDICULOUS!!!

  58. tigana says:

    This is so inaccurate💀

  59. Surojit Pal says:

    Eminem still the Rap God….

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  74. foreigntrapper says:

    my dumbass reallythought i was gon book cardi for my sweet 16 . lmaoo yeet .

  75. Meroo Z says:

    Love the vibes of this video

  76. OfficialMusicD2 says:

    69 acc charge 100k i know

  77. Dennis Gitari says:

    Hw do you call cardi a rap queen…shiiiiiiiit…🚮🚮

  78. JerzJuice says:

    Lil pump definitely makes more than 60k lol

  79. Mozes Berrospi says:

    We need to bring back R0CK in 2020

  80. vincent held says:

    Why did Future get over 350k to perform at new years eve?

  81. Grace GB says:

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  82. kxngg Jo says:

    Nicki gets a million or more a show

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  84. niyani simone says:

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  89. Dälï says:

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    I’m not a businessman, I’m a BUSINESS, maaan!


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    Eminem deserves the 1st spot for sure

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    Fake numbers , Travis gets about 500k up wards per show

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    Skip The Shit And Come On 5:27

  95. Le_Tiebreaker __ says:

    "Winning the Pullitzer prize for his DAAAMn album…" my man is the GOAT sahh

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    Em definitely deserves his show $$$

  97. B renegadde says:

    Rappers get paid good off Spotify and Apple music as well

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    Nicki minaj charge 350k for a feature. Get that right, google ur shit.


    I was almost disappointed that Eminem wasn't on ya list. Tech9 said Eminem did his verse on Speedom for free, when he worth AT LEAST 500k for a feature

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