Top 20 Rappers With the Most Expensive Booking Fees (2017)


– [Narrator] If you haven’t noticed, the rap business has changed. You probably know this because
you and all your friends likely haven’t paid for an
artist’s music in a minute. Due to torrenting,
streaming, and music sharing, basically the internet, records just don’t sell like they use to. So with record purchases more or less going the way of Blockbuster rentals, those who make their living through music have had to find another
way to make money. The answer: touring. Here are the top 20 rappers with the most expensive
booking fees in 2017. His name may be related to
the famous film company, but Kodak Black is not just
taking pictures with money. He is getting 20 thousand to 30 thousand every time he hits the stage. This Florida rapper of
Haitian roots will continue to get rich as long as he can put his legal troubles to rest. Atlanta rapper 21 Savage
maybe one of the newer names on this list, but he is already raking in at least 33 thousand dollars per show. With popular tracks like No
Heart, X, and XXL Freshman, 21 Savage is just getting
started with his cash collection. It is absolutely no surprise
that Georgia rapper Lil Yachty is making 40 thousand dollars each show. Yachty has appeared in a Spray
commercial with Lebron James. He was cleverly picked to
be the face of the Nautica and Urban Outfitter collection. and Yachty’s and Targets, It Takes Two video, with Carly Rae Jepsen. With over 1.1 million Twitter followers and over one million YouTube subscribers, Lil Uzi Vert isn’t having any trouble getting his 45 thousand
dollar performance price. With successful influences on his career, such as ASAP Rocky, Marilyn Manson, Pharrell Williams, Kanye
West, and Lil Wayne, that show fee should surely
be going up very soon. Rick Ross’s charisma, big boss status, and long legacy in the music industry has solidified his pay
rate of an astounding 50 thousand dollars per show. Big Sean’s latest hit record, I Decided, along with his previous
albums, Finally Famous, Hall of Fame, and Dark Sky Paradise, have added onto this
young Detroit rapper’s stellar 75 thousand
dollar earnings per show. Despite negative press
from his feud with Drake and breaking up with
mega star Nicki Minaj, there is still no shortage of
fans and money for Meek Mill. He doesn’t have to perform for less than 80 thousand dollars. Even though it’s been somewhat of a relaxed few years for Rocky in terms of his musical output, he still gets 80 thousand
dollars per show. Group that together with
guest appearances from ASAP Mob and it’s easy
to see why he demands 80 thousand dollars per show. Atlanta has many rappers
that have made this list, including Young Thug
with 100 thousand dollars per performance, it’s a good thing that he’s serious bank per show because he has six children
by four different women. Anyone who’s ever been to one
of Travis Scott’s live shows has to feel like this is a bargain for how hard dude goes
at every performance. Travis rocks out on stage to the tune of 110 thousand dollars every performance. Signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, J. Cole is the purely gifted MC who doesn’t need guest appearances to make platinum selling albums or to earn 120 thousand dollars on stage. Another titan of the Atlanta rap scene has arrived on this list. Future may chart history
by scoring two different number one albums two weeks in a row. When he dropped Future and Hendrix, couple that with Future’s determination to have at least one mega hit per year and it’s easy to see why Future makes over 130 thousand dollars per show. Migos keep cranking out
the hits and the dollars with their asking price of at least 150 thousand dollars per show. With songs like Bad and Boujee, T-Shirt, and damn near the entire Culture album, there is still no stopping Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff from moving up the ranks of the music world. King Kendrick released Damn in 2017 and continues to be considered the greatest hip hop
artist of his generation, earning a monstrous 150 thousand plus every time he performs, yeah, 150 thousand is a lot of money, but it fills low for one of
the premier names in hip hop and it will only go up as
Kendrick’s star continues to rise. Chance the Rapper has graduated to being Chance the Grammy winning Rapper, making an incredible 220 thousand dollars for his strong stage presence and that’s without a pesky 360 deal taking some of his precious show money. The queen of current hip hop, Nicki Minaj gets paid 250 thousand dollars each time she leaves her queendom to perform for her loyal supporters. Lil Wayne has been getting
300 thousand dollars per show since the Tha Carter III launched him into international stardom. While haters incorrectly declared that Wayne fell off with his lack of music due to legal issues with Birdman, he is still a top 10 rapper of all time. While Drake hasn’t played
any major festivals where rappers can make the most money, besides his own OVO since
going from the boy to the man, Jersey still commands a
hefty price for his services averaging anywhere between 400 thousand to 800 thousand per show. Kanye’s hit fill discography
including The College Dropout, Graduation, and My Beautiful
Dark Twisted Fantasy has led him getting a super huge range of 500 thousand to one
million for each performance. Jay-Z is easily the top
contender on this list of large loot earners. In order for Jay-Z to
leave his business empire to roll out his huge
collage of hits on stage, be ready to have at least one
million dollars to book him.

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  35. Giffy Money says:

    They have no choice but to hike up their fee for a show because with the 360 deal which has been the standard since physical records stopped really selling, the record labels now get broke off of every financial gain attached to a artists name to supplement the money they used to make when record sales were lucrative. This includes, but is not limited to: movies, commercials, streams, shows, merchandise, clothing lines, writing, shows, etc. Basically anything with a artist's lyrics/music, face, name, etc on it, or involved in it, the label gets a cut. That's how 360 deals work. With that said, a artist has to basically be expensive af with performance fees among other things to make money for themselves or they would literally just be performing and doing music solely for the label to get paid which totally defeats the purpose of having a record deal in the first place. Music in itself isnt the money maker it used to be, like in the "golden era". Dudes ain't getting million dollar or multi million dollar solo/ group deals no more, and that's why artists these days are dipping into so many different lanes.

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