Hi guys, my name is Trinh. And today I’m
here to film my Top 20 Books to Read in 2020. There are a lot of books that I
really want to read, and of course, there are some books that I actually need to
read. Now I will say that the books that I am going to mention in the video, they
are all in this bookshelf right here. So I got this new bookshelf from Target. I
built this myself. I’m just going to pull out the books that I’m going to talk
about in this video. And of course, I want to show you my new bookshelf because I
really like it. The first book that I want to talk about is Not Your Sidekick
by CB Lee. I got this book a long time ago, and I hope I’m in focus. Oh my god
that’s like the worst thing ever. But I really want to read this book because I
believe the main character is Asian. I think she is half-Chinese, half-Vietnamese. I think. I could be wrong, but I know that the author is Asian. And she
is also bisexual because it says so in the back. I think this book is about
superheroes and villains and all that fun stuff. Like I said, I really don’t
remember the synopsis because I got this a really long time ago. I really
want to read this book because I really want to read a lot of books with Asian
characters, Asian authors. I’m gonna keep this and hopefully I will read this in
2020. The next book that I’m gonna talk about is Legend by Marie Lu. This was so
popular years ago, basically when dystopia was like everyone’s favorite
genre. This book follows two characters named June and something. Oh my god, is it Day? I forgot … yeah, June and Day. And things happen. I don’t
even remember what happened. I think this is my biggest flaw is that I just buy
books because it was popular. And then I don’t even remember the synopsis. I need
to stop doing that, and I have been really good when it comes to my book
buying habit. However, I do need to read the books that have been on my TBR for
years. So hopefully, I can read this book in 2020. And then of course, I can finish
the trilogy this year, too. So I’m gonna read this book, okay? I will.
The next book that I want to talk about is Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor.
Wow I forgot the author’s name, wow. So this book follows our main character
named Lazlo, and he has this huge fascination for this city called Weep. It’s like a lost city. No one knows about it. And then one day, he gets like
an invitation to go to the city and find out what’s going on. This book is a very
popular book, in my opinion. A lot of people that I know really love this book,
so I really want to give it a try. I know that this book is very slow, but it has
like characters that love reading and love books. So I’m sure I’ll like enjoy
this book hopefully I don’t know. But yeah, I want to read this book in 2020.
The next book that I really want to read is Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. I cannot believe I have not read this book. Hopefully I can read it in
like this month or next month, I don’t know. The main character in this book is
Zélie. And I believe that in this world, magic has been eradicated because of the
king. I think that her mother was killed, and it’s at a point where the main
character felt really hopeless. But she has to you know stop the king. She has to
bring magic back. She works with other people to make that happen. That’s all I
know about this book, and like I said, I really really want to read it in 2020.
The next book that I want to talk about is The Gilded King by Josie Jaffrey. I got
this copy like a couple of years ago from the author and I never got around
to reading it because I’m horrible so of course I really want to make an effort
to read this book in 2020 obviously I keep saying that well basically in this
world I believe there’s like different cities it’s named after a color
obviously so blue red and then the main character is Julia the guy’s name is
Lucas and it’s about their journey I’m sorry for giving you a shitty synopsis
but like I said I just have a hard time understanding what this book is about so
hopefully I can you know read this book and give you like a proper review
hopefully in 2020 Chris this next book is a very popular y8 book it is too
cruel Prince by Holly black everyone loves this book I think I feel like
there’s like a small percentage of people who don’t like this book but I
still want to give it a try because I have never read anything from Holly
black however before I read this book I really want to read the darkest part of
the forest I will mention that book later in this video the main character
in this book is Jude I believe that when she was 7 years old
fairies murder her parents so she and her sister
were whisked away and they go to fairyland is that what’s called or just
very very high corn fairy sorry and then ten years later she really wants to stay
in that Kingdom I don’t know this land the fairies don’t
like humans she is a human and of course Prince Cardin is still of interest but I
guess in the beginning he doesn’t like her so yeah hopefully I can read this in
2020 why did I hesitate oh my god the next one I want to talk about is Lionel
by Sophia Elaine Hansen I have this book for two years I really want to read it
I’m so bad at this so the main character in this book is Raja and I know that
this deals with music in the back is this a case of mistaken identity leads
to her kidnapping by an underground resistance writing to preserve the human
spirit so yeah that is a sentence from the synopsis and she meets the guy
Roarke what I say it like that oh my god such a mess but yeah this book deals
with music I’m really curious on the how Sofia is gonna write this novel and of
course like the trilogy overall because I do have the second or third book I
need to stop doing that okay I need to stop buying a series and not touch it
for years I’m trying to be better the next book is The Handmaid’s Tale by a
marker and a Derwent I actually read this book already I read this in the
beginning of January this book follows a main character named Alfred and in this
society everything has gone to shit basically women do not have rights and
all day cannot read that cannot write they don’t have freedom so a main
character is a handmaid and basically her job is to give birth I will talk
more about my thoughts and feelings on gays in my January wrap-up but yeah very
happy to say that I actually read this book because it’s been on my TBR for a
really long time even though I got this copy just last year the next book is run
engaged by Marissa Meyer so in December and sandy gave this to me for Christmas
so thank you so much sandy I cannot wait to read is in 2020 in this trilogy or
like in the first book renegades is like the good people and their job is to help
people basically Nova hates the Renegades because when
she was very young her family was killed they did not help her if she wants to
revenge on the Renegades and then she meets our character or like our love
interest Adrian that’s his name right Adrian yeah it’s been a really long time
since I have read anything from Marissa Mayer so I really want to read this book
because sandy loves it other people love it as well I know that the last book of
the trilogy came out at the end of 2019 so hopefully I can read this book read
the second book and then read the final book it’s not really my goal to finish
this trilogy this year but it would be like a nice thing to do the next book is
wicked heart by Lisa Raymond I’m sorry for not remembering the author’s name
has been you know a long time so I read bad Romeo and broken Juliet I think I
read those two books like four years ago and I believe this is like the third
book of the trilogy even though this book follows different characters with
those two other books it follows Ethan and Cassie but in this book it follows a
guy named Liam and a girl named Alyssa so Alyssa is the sister of Ethan Liam
and his fiancee are starring in a Broadway show and Alyssa is I believe
like the stage manager oh that’s a big deal okay so she is the stage manager at
the Broadway show and I believe to go again
close together really want to read this book the next book is SHINee broken
pieces by sona cara patre and danielle plane this is the second book of a
duology the first book is called tiny pretty thinks it’s like right here
basically the first book follows three girls tune Betty and Gigi this takes
place at a ballerina school in New York so this is the second book and after the
first book and then I took a break because I was so mad because Gigi is a
great character and get everyone is out to get her because everyone is evil in
some way basically at the end of the first book Gigi a black ballet dancer
was done really dirty so of course after that ending I took a break and then two
or three years later here we are I really want to read this book because
it’s been on my TBR for many years the next book is later dreams by Libba Bray
so this is the sec both of a series the first book is
called the diviners by a break I read that book in 2019 and I really enjoyed
it the first book follows like so many characters and basically a majority of
them have supernatural abilities now that that book is over I’m not even sure
about this book because I don’t really know who’s the antagonist because the
antagonist in the first book is gone so I don’t know if he’s coming back I don’t
know that if we’re gonna get new villains but I do know we are getting
some new main characters so I just wanna know about this book and I really want
to read it even though it’s hella thick and I know that the fourth book is
coming out in the beginning of 2020 I just don’t remember the date but for now
I’m going to focus on reading this book and hopefully I can get this over with
in 2020 the next book is Eliza and her monsters by Francesca Sofia yeah I got
the other same right this book follows our main character named Eliza she is a
very well know webcomic designer I think yeah the creator of a huawei popular web
comic called monstrous C no one knows about it because she wants to keep it
anonymous but then a boy named Wallace who is a huge fan fiction writer of the
webcomic monstrous C he is transferred into Eliza’s school and then I guess
they me in the Napalm love I believe Eliza the main character has anxiety and
I think that’s why people love this book so much is that the representation is
very very good so I cannot wait to read this book because you know it’s been on
my TBR for many years the next book that I want to talk about is the darkest part
of the forest by Holly black so this is actually the book that I’d really want
to read before I read the crow print and I believe that the characters from this
book will appear in the cruel prince this book follows our two main
characters named hazel and Ben they are siblings they hear this tale about this
boy who sleeps in the glass coffin but then one day he wakes up so that’s all I
know about the synopsis and it sounds very interesting so I really want to
read this book before I read the cruel Prince that is the goal
the next book is queens of geek by Chen Wow
oh my god I always trying to find the author’s name and I look at these three
things and I’m like oh it’s right here all I know about this book is that it’s
hella gay now I Riu the synopsis because I just read it
and I’m kind of confused Charlie likes to stand out she’s a blogger and actress
promoting her first movie at Subic on and this is her chance to show fans
she’s over her public break up with co-star erase Ryan then when internet
famous cool girl actress Alyssa Huntington arise it seems Charlie’s
longtime crush on her isn’t as one-sided as she thought so that’s about Charlie
and Alyssa and then we have another one Taylor likes to blend in her brain is
wired differently making her fear change and there’s one thing in her life she
thinks will never change her friendship with her best guy friend Jamie no matter
how much she may secretly wanted to but when she hears about a fan contest for
her favorite fandom she stretch dude we think her rules on playing it safe so
that’s about Taylor so it says three friends to love stories one convention
okay there we go they’re just friends I’m so traumatic so
yeah I really want to read this book and I know that the companion novel I don’t
have any wouldn’t mean but it’s called the rightsiders I know sandy loves that
book so I really want to read this book and then give that book a try the next
book is with the fire on high by elisabeth sa Beto the dust jacket is
actually in here because I’m reading this book right now this is what it
looks like and this is what it looks like underneath isn’t this pretty I love
it so much oh my god so this follows Imani Santiago and she is a teen mom
basically when she was a freshman in high school she got pregnant and as she
gave birth to her daughter so now that she’s a senior in high school she is
thinking about what she has to do Imani wants to be a chef because she loves
cooking so much it’s basically about that from my gathering because I’m only
on page 54 right now and so far I really like the main character Imani and I
loved her daughter Emma oh my god I love the fact that we have a child in this
book because I love children very much that’s all I say for now because like I
said I’m reading this book and hopefully I can finish this in January so you will
see this in my January wrap-up the next book is again but better about christine
ricci oh so if you don’t know christine ricci oh is a book to burn she is known
as pulling bananas books the main character’s name is Shane and I believe
she is studying abroad for a semester I guess I could thing that I have
multiple times is that there is cheating in this book I believe the love interest
pilot is that his name I believe he has a girlfriend when Shane wants to be with
him I know he wouldn’t know but yeah after just cheating in this book so I
was like I don’t want to read about dad hopefully it’s still better than my
expectation the next book is a list of catches by Robin Roe commits away in the
beginning of this book Adam he is like a teacher assistant to this psychology
teacher and basically he runs into Julian who was his foster brother
someone he hasn’t seen in five years and I believe is about that your friendship
and what happened in the past and Emma books right here Emma love this novel
very much so I’m very curious on this because I don’t hear a lot of people
talking about this book so I really want to read it and give it a chance and if I
love it and that’s just great the next book is becoming by Michelle
Obama this is a very well-known book because Michelle Obama is a very
well-known person this is also another book that I think I will love because
I’ve heard amazing things about this book and of course it’s a memoir and I
love memoirs I have been trying to read a lot of memoirs recently so I’m very
excited to read this book because I’m paying to Rica’s in February I really
want to listen to the audiobook because it is narrated by Michelle Obama I’ve
heard that there’s so many amazing stories I do want to know like her
childhood I want to learn about her career before she became the first lady
and then of course how she met Barack Obama there’s a lot of things that I
really want to learn in this book and I cannot wait to read this in 2020 because
like I said I’m paying to read this book in February the last book in this video
is little fart everywhere by Celeste Inc I got this book as a Christmas gift from
my friend Sierra so the main character is Elena Richardson a single mother
named Mia Warren she arrives to the neighborhood with her daughter named
pearl and things happen between you know the two family because I believe Mia
Lucy okay let me read this last part when all
family friends of the Richardson’s attempt to adopt a chinese-american baby
my custody battle erupts that dramatically never
to town and puts Mia and Elena on opposing sides at the end of the
synopsis it says that Elena really wants to find out what happened to Mia and
like you know she wants to find out about her past I’ve heard from like my
teacher and my friends this book is much better from everything I never told you
so very excited with this book and that is it for today’s video it’s been really
fun to just stand here and talk about the books that I really want to read in
the new year I’d really want to read all 20 of these books in 2020 like it’s not
a really hard goal because I do read a lot in the year but yet I cannot stick
to my goal and my TBR you know so hopefully I can read all 20 books in
2020 there will be a really great accomplishment so that’s gonna be my
goal for the year okay one of my goals so that is it for today’s video I hope
you guys enjoy it thank you so much for watching please like and subscribe for
more videos and I will see you guys later
good bye

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5 thoughts on “TOP 20 BOOKS I WANT TO READ IN 2020”

  1. Linda De Pasquale says:

    That sweater is beautiful!! Your whole look is great!! I enjoyed the Legend series and I’m pretty bad with trilogies/series


    I’ve been waiting to read Renegades for such a long time, it seems like everyone on booktube loved it, hopefully in 2020 we’ll both get to read it! And also!!!!! Eliza & Her monster has to be one of the best YA I’ve ever read and this is coming from someone that isn’t the biggest fan of the genre, I hope you’re gonna love it <3

  3. Tarrell Bellinger says:

    Hi Trinh! Hope you are doing well. The Gilded King sounds really good. Such a shame no one in the Booktube community has ever talked about it. It deserves better. Excited to hear what you think. I have a couple of random questions for you. Who's your favorite comic relief character in a YA fantasy novel or series? And which popular YA contemporary romance books would you want to recommend to fans of the Reese Witherspoon classic Legally Blonde?

  4. Jemima Rose says:

    strange the dreamer matches you sweater ahh 😍

  5. wendy bijellberg says:

    legend is the first dystopian series i've ever read and i remember LOVING it, it's not flawless or anything but it's really enjoyable so i hope you have a really good time reading it ! 💕

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