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Hi guys. I’m Beth. Thank you for joining! Today we’re going to talk about my favorite books of 2017. Hi guys. Thanks again for
joining. 2017 is almost to a close and so it’s time to take stock of the year,
including the year’s best books. Now I’m kind of lying a little bit when I say
“the year’s best.” What I’m going to look at is going to be just my top 10
favorite books that I read in 2017. These aren’t even books that were necessarily
published in 2017. They’re just books I happen to read, although several of them
are new. I have my handy dandy list here with my terrible, terrible handwriting so
I will be referring to it as we go through the video. This is presented
in no particular order, but I will save my favorite book of the year for last. So, in no particular order, here’s the first of my top 10 favorite books of 2017. Number one: The Troop by Nick Cutter. Whoo! This book this is a horror book and I
really love horror/suspense; the creepier the better, which is very strange and
dark and twisted. But that’s how I roll. The Troop follows a group of Boy Scouts
who are going out for a weekend camping trip. Meanwhile, this strange virus has
come out that makes people hungry. Very, very hungry. Kind of like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. And they eat everything, and it just takes them over like a parasite,
and then it gets a little bit Lord of the Flies-ish because they turn on each
other. It’s just so good, so stark, pretty graphic. So if you have a weak stomach,
maybe stay away. But if you are dark and twisted like myself, go for it.
One of my next favorites is Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. Oh this look is so good.
It follows generations and generations of family members through the years as
they move from a slave ship to a colony… or maybe it’s actually vice versa… to the
US, to just different parts in history and life. We only see
glimpses of each of those lives, but those glimpses are so touching and
moving and I just I want to live more in them. Not live there personally, but I
want to look more in them, in the books. It’s such a good book. One of my very
very favorites of the year. So glad I read it. All right, next is The Animators
by Kayla Rae Whitaker. This book was really good, too! I’m going to say that about all the books because these are my favorites of the year. The Animators
follows a couple of friends who are animators (duh) and they’re kind of turbulent young-adulthoods. They’re not perfect. They’re very, very flawed. They drink too
much. They drug too much. They work too much. And they just, the devotion and
friendship that they have for each other is moving. It’s also, I mentioned last
week, part of the Tournament of Books and I won’t be surprised to see that one go
far. Another favorite is This is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel because
the story just touched me so much. It follows a family dealing with their
youngest son’s identity as a girl. And so, they are an open loving family. The kid
has the best of all circumstances. But still, it’s really difficult. Really
difficult! And so it’s a really good book. One of my favorites of the year. Hunger by Roxane Gay. This is a nonfiction book in which Roxane Gay, famed author, talks
about her own struggles with food with body acceptance with body shaming.
She just peels herself open (not literally), lets us see inside to her very
core, and of course I’m not … I’m not using that to say that I feel like I know her
intimately. I don’t. We’re strangers. But she exposes such a raw and vulnerable
part of herself to us in those pages that I just I’m so thankful for it. And
I’m thankful for her giving us that story of herself.
So, another favorite is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor
Jenkins Reid. Those three-named authors, I always have a hard time with. This is a
really fascinating book. Think of the biggest starlet of the world, like a Joan
Crawford. Very polished, very beautiful very glamorous, but very private because
of the media. Pretty much … pretty much everything you knew about celebrities at
that time was what was made for the media. It was more about, “Look at them in their glamorous pearls and diamonds.” In this book, we see the secret life of
Evelyn Hugo and her true love. Even though she has seven husbands, she talks
about her very unexpected and very moving true love of her life. It’s just a
fascinating read. Ooh, and it’s fiction. It’s fiction! Evelyn Hugo … there was no
Evelyn Hugo. She’s a fictional character. But it’s, um, oh it had me turning the
pages almost like you would on some tabloid, if you were thus inclined. Another favorite is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I’ve talked about how I’m
surprised that this one didn’t make more best of lists. It didn’t make the
Tournament of Books long list. It is young adult. I’m usually not much into
that genre. Nothing against that genre or the people who read it it’s just not
usually the one I gravitate towards. But I heard so much about this book that I
read it, and it broke my freaking heart within the first few pages. Oh man, it’s
such a good book! And so, it was one of my favorites of the year. It had a look at
the Black Lives Matter movement from several different perspectives, so there
was not necessarily a big hero of the story other than the main character, who
was not really a hero. She was just a girl who was trying to make sense of what was going on around her. It was just … It was a good book. I feel so trite saying
stuff like :it was a good book” but there you go. Another favorite of the year was Little Fires Everywhere. It dealt with a lot of things. So, white privilege,
economic privilege, cultural appropriation, single moms, and even just
moms and their relationships with their children. But aside from that, it was just
a really good story. And it has also shown up on many best of lists. Not that
that impacts that being on MY list in one way or the other. Another favorite was Final Girls by Riley Sager. Of course with my deep, dark heart, I have
to include at least one thriller that goes … it goes pretty thrilly. Thrilly?? Is
that a word? It’s thrilly. So, Final Girls.
It’s suspenseful. It’s really, it has a twist at the end, has twists throughout
the book, it has unreliable characters, and unreliable narrator, just, um, it’s
a good book. It was really compelling. And then, my favorite! Here’s my favorite. My favorite read of 2017: Eat Only When You’re Hungry by Lindsay Hunter. Oh, I loved it so much! I did a whole other video on how much I loved
this book. Now, it’s gotten kind of a mixed bag of reviews from just the
general public. I haven’t read a whole lot of reviews from the reviewing elite
yet on that one, but the general public seemed a little bit iffy on it because
the characters in the book are so aggressively unlikable. They’re so broken.
But I think that’s what really appeals to me. We see this character study of
a man who’s just on a downward spiral, and he’s at the part of that downward
spiral where it’s almost like a tornado. He’s just twisting and turning so much
on his way down and the velocity of it is so hard and fast that he can’t seem
to back out of it. And it’s just stark and moving and dark and just, oh, even now, thinking about it, I just, it stays with me. It really stays with me. So, that’s my
favorite of 2017. All right. Let me know your favorite reads of
2017. I really appreciate all of the recommendations you guys have given me on the comments section of these videos! I’ve gotten some really good book
reading experiences out of it. Thank you so much for watching, and I will check
you out next. Check you out? I will see you next time. Thanks. Bye. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Books of 2017!”

  1. Belinda Tucker says:

    I have not read Final Girls yet, but I think I will pick it up. It sounds really good!!!

  2. Kay Fleck says:

    Sounds like you really enjoyed these books from your reading year! My goal was to read more classics this year and a few of those favorites were Rebecca , The Picture of Dorian Gray, and East of Eden. Also at the top of my list were The Kitchen House, The Couple Next Door and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. All such great reads!! Here’s to more happy reading in 2018!

  3. Alex Kerner says:

    I think my favourite novel was Paul Auster's 4 3 2 1 and then there were several short story collections that were great and I'd put Carmen Maria Machado's Her Body and Other Parties at the top.

  4. Lia - Hyde and Seek says:

    Some great books here.

    The Hate U Give and Homegoing were also favourites for me. I read Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay this year – loved it. I have Hunger ready to go too.

  5. tue hanh han says:

    Thank you for the video . I took notes for my next books

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