Top 10 Cursed Books You Shouldn’t Read Alone


Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the Internet! I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today
we’re talking all about the Top 10 Cursed Books You Shouldn’t Read. I love a good book. This year I am trying to read a book a month,
which I know doesn’t sound like a lot, but with work and hobbies and stuff…it’s a
fair goal for me. Right now I am reading Cloud Atlas, recommended
by Danny. What is your favorite book? Let me know in the comments section down below. Okay, This book seems to be a favorite amongst murderers
10 – The Catcher in the Rye – which you shouldn’t read…. Unless you want to go mad. Seemingly. Oddly, the Catcher and the Rye seemed to inspire
two very high-profile shootings – the murder of John Lennon and the attempted murder of
Ronald Regan. John Lennon was shot dead on the 8th December
1980 by Mark David Chapman. The lone gunman from Texas was found to be
obsessed with JD Salinger’s novel and was found calmly reading it on a curb nearby his
attack on Lennon prior to his arrest. It seems he wrote his statement inside the
novel. It seems he felt he would become Holden Caulfield,
the protagonist of the novel. Five months later, On March the 30th, 1981,
John Hinkley carried out an assassination attempt on the 40th president of the United
States, Ronald Regan. It seems that Hinkley’s motivation was a
weird attempt to win over actress Jodie Foster, whom he had an obsession with. When Hinkley was caught, he was found with
a copy of The Catcher in the Rye. 9 – The Orphan’s Story –
This story was written by a Malaga monk between 1608 and 1615 and is about an Orphan from
Granada who traveled to the Spanish Empire to seek his fortune. For some reason, the transcript never made
it print and everyone that seemed to be associated with putting the book together over history
died. The manuscript was lost for centuries, some
say hidden away. Then, a string of publishing attempts failed
and people started dying. The book, however, is to finally be published. Belinda Palacios, a Peruvian editor, said
she was regularly warned of the project because of the string of untimely deaths associated
with the book. She said, “It’s taken a while because
the people who have worked on it have died – one from a strange disease, one in a car
accident and another of something else.” I think that is one book I would steer clear
of! This book may kill you, but not because of
devils or demons…. But because….cancer? Wait, a book that can give you cancer? Mmhmm… we have Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit
451 at number 8 When Bradbury’s 1953 book about a dystopian
future came out, the marketing team had a wise idea. The book is about a group of so-called firemen
who burn down the homes and belongings of people who read illegals, nonstate approved
books. Wouldn’t it be cool for the limited-edition
books to be fireproof? It sure would! The only issue was that people didn’t know
what was what in the 1950s and the bound this classic novel in Asbestos…you know, the
substance that gives you lung cancer. So…while the book itself is scary, the reality
of the book is scarier! 7. The Voynich Manuscript –
Who knows what is happening, what is contained within the text of the Voynich Manuscript. The text is regularly alluded to as the world’s
most mysterious book. Written in the early 15th century, what the
240-page cryptic text actually says is still a mystery and has baffled humans for 600 years! It appears to be written in an unknown language
and contains strange illustrations and diagrams. The book has been passed down from emperors
and important members of society, eventually falling into the hands of a Polish book dealer. A 2006 book by Nicholas Pelling claims that
the text is cursed. Others think it was secretly dropped on earth
by Aliens! There are hopes that Canadian computer scientists
may have invented the machine that will be able to decode the enigmatic text… who knows
what we will discover! Almost as intriguing as what the text said
is who…or what wrote it. 6 The Codex Gigas –
The Codex Gigas is a hefty old chap, weighing 165lbs, so….. more than me. The text heralds from the 12th Century and
is referred to as The Devils Bible. Why…well according to the legend – the
monk who wrote the text had broken his vows and was due to be walled to death. What happens when someone is walled to death? Well…. It’s a bit like being buried alive, but
bricked into a wall…. Like in a really small space until they run
out of the air and die… in the wall. Not ideal. Anyway, the night before his death, he wanted
to create a book of all human knowledge but he realized he couldn’t finish it, so he
asked Lucifer to finish it for him in exchange for his already damned soul. This is why there is a picture of the devil
in the manuscript… but not just any picture – a 19-inch tall picture! A text, written by the devil? Surely no good can come from reading it. 5. The Book of Soyga
The Book of Soyga is an early 16th Century Treatise on Demonology Written in Latin. There are only two copies of the book in the
world, and one was possessed by Elizabethan Scholar, John Dee, who spent his life trying
to interpret the text, which was filled with spells and rituals. He had a pretty good grasp of what was happening,
save for the final 36 pages, which he simply couldn’t decipher. He and his trusted friend, Edward Kelly summoned
the spirit of Uriel to tell them the meaning of the last pages. The legend says that Uriel possessed Kelly
and spoke through him. He claimed that the book came into existence
when Adam entered Paradise and that it could only be properly interpreted by Archangel
Michael himself. He also said that whoever deciphers the meaning
of the 36 pages will be destined to die two and a half years later. 4 Prophecies of Nostradamus
Did Nostradamus Curse us, or were his texts a warning? The 16th Century French Physician wrote a
collection of 942 poetic prophecies, many of which have come true! A lot of people think these quatrains were,
like his grave, cursed. If he had the power to curse his grave, why
wouldn’t his poetry be cursed! Nostradamus famously prophesized the Great
Fire of London, the death of King Henry the Second, The French Revolution, Vaccination,
the rise of Hitler, the atomic bombs, 9/11 and more…we just don’t know what they
are yet. Reading these texts may not curse you, but
then again, knowledge of a terrible event without the ability to change the outcome
must be a great curse. 3. The Great Omar
The Francis Sangorski special edition of The Great Omar is for sure cursed. Not only was the original one of the most
blinging books around…it seemed to be on the receiving end of some seriously bad juju. Emblazoned with gold leaf, gemstones, and
peacock feathers, the original copy of the Great Omar sank inboard the Titanic and is
lost somewhere in the North Atlantic ocean. Sangorski then died just six weeks later as
he drowned by accident in the English Channel. A second copy was made by Stanley Bray .recreating
the original. That copy was destroyed in the London Blitz. Then a third copy was painstakingly recreated
by Bray, who died 5 years later. When asked about the books tragic history,
Bray said: I am not in the least bit superstitious – even though they do say that the peacock
is a symbol of disaster. I’ll say! The only surviving copy now lays in British
Library. Visit it if you dare! This isn’t a book, but it is a poem…which
really is just a short lyrical book…. Now, I am not sure you are ready for this,
but people who read this poem are said to be doomed to die… number 2 we have Tomino’s
Hell. I know all men must die and all of that, but
Tomino’s Hell is said to speed the process waaaay up! The poem is a 1919 Japanese work of literature
that is cursed cursed cursed! It is supposed to cause death and tragedy
if you read it aloud. The poem tells the story of a young boys damnation,
his sickness as he vomits blood and travels to the blackest of hells. Lovely jubbly. It isn’t just Japanese readers who need
to be a bit worried – the poem has been translated into English. Reading the poem is fine, feel free….even
though its kind of gross. What you don’t want to do, though, is read
it out loud….. unless, you know…… yeah, just don’t. 1 – The Grand Grimoire –
The Grand Grimoire is often referred to as the Gospel of Satan or the Red Dragon text
and it is a book of spells believed to possess insane powers – but beyond that is said
to be one of the most intense and potent occult books in existence. Written in the 16th Century, the incantation
book tells the reader how to summon the dead, and also how to summon powerful demons. Deeper sections of the book allegedly tell
the reader how to do a deal with the devil. The book was said to be written by a man who
was possessed by Satan. The original text is so dangerous it is held
in storage by the Vatican Secret Archives. The book is so mysterious and famous that
it is frequently referenced in pop culture. So there we have it, that was the Top 10 Cursed
Books You Should Never Read! Can you think of any more? Do you like these cursed lists? Shall we do movies or TV shows next? Let me know! Also, do let me know what you are reading
and what your favorite book is. Before I get out of here, I just want to read
some comments from a recent video. I created the Top 10 Scary Abandoned Hospitals
and this is what you had to say. Swiftie Runner .89 said: Idk why these asylum’s
look so scary yet very artistically beautiful.? – I totally agree…. I love decaying beauty….and haunting beauty! I love abandoned places too! Even if they’re scary! Penny Potter Said: REBECCA! Can you do 10 Chuck E. Cheese Urban Legends??……. blimey! Do you think there are Chuck E Cheese legends? Angel Queen said: Sits in comments eating
pizza Not brave enough yet, I need more time don’t mind me?….. Oh yeah….. up for sharing that Pizza, are
you? I love me a veggie supreme! A lot of you also seemed to be fans of my
shiny velvet top…so… thanks! I wanted to end the video with a little scary
anecdote one of you wrote in…. this is from Astrid Karlsson:
This happened during the summer break of third or second grade, so I was very young. Here we go; I was at my friend Emily’s house,
and together we took our bikes to school. This was, as I said, on the summer break,
so nobody else was there. We locked our bikes and played in the schoolyard
for fifteen minutes or so, and we had a lot of fun. Just by the school, there was a forest. I and Emily went into the forest, as we often
did on the school days,. We just walked around for a little while,
talked, and it was nice. Then, we came across something. We walked closer and then we saw what it was. It was a fricking human bone. We walked away rather quickly, but then I
said: ”Jesper (Another friend) said that he had seen a knife in the ground here…”
and glared at her. She looked at me with panic in her eyes and
said; ”Did you have to say that NOW??” and we ran to our bikes as fast as HELL. We unlocked our bikes and just Usain Bolt
the hell outta there. After some time, we met a family on our way
back. Emily said: ”I have never been so relieved
to see an adult before.” To this day, years later, so don’t know
what happened. But I know one thing; I, Albin and Elsa, two
of closest friends at the time, found a CHAINSAW in the forest. I don’t know why or what happened in that
forest, but something weird did. Something really weird.? That is super, super creepy. How did you know it was a human bone? Maybe you should have called the police! END

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