Top 10 Books for Teenage Entrepreneurs


So there are many great books out there for
any entrepreneur to read in general, but I chose 10 specific books for young or teenage
entrepreneurs to read. And I chose 10 different subjects and topics
for you to read and study before you become an entrepreneur or if you’re already on the
journey of becoming an entrepreneur. So, with that being said, the 10 topics will
be very simple. Clarity, economy, enemy, your inspiration,
strategy, playing hurt, long-term thinking, discipline, system and being duplicatable,
and innovation. So with that being said, let’s get right into
it. #10: The book is by Peter Drucker. Its title is Innovation and Entrepreneurship. And Peter Drucker in general he has a lot
of great books for you to read. If you study Peter Drucker, you will learn
a ton about hiring, firing, marketing, strategy, advertising. I don’t agree with everything he believes
in, but he has a lot of great things that will make you think and get creative about
what is the formula to being innovative or creative, all this other stuff that different
people have used in the past. He covers that in the book, Innovation and
Entrepreneurship. #9: Is a book on system, and duplicatable. Let me tell you why I think it’s very important
for a teenage or young entrepreneur to read a book on this and that book is Made in America. It’s the story of Sam Walton. The reason why I love Sam Walton the most
when I talk to a young or teenage entrepreneur, the reason why I think it’s the best book
for you to read or study, the best person to study, here’s a guy named Sam Walton. There was nothing special about him. In 1962 it was the year of the super discount
stores. That’s when K-Mart was founded. Wal-Mart was founded. Target. All of these guys all got started in 1962. And Sam Walton used to own one of these Franklin
stores and then he started Wal-Mart. In the first five years K-Mart opens up 250
stores and Wal-Mart only opened nine stores. Fast forward to today. K-Mart’s out of business. Wal-Mart’s got 2.2 million employees worldwide. He has four kids. Each of them are worth a minimum of $40 billion,
today. If he was alive today he would be worth $160,
two and a half times Bill Gates. So you want to study Sam Walton because there’s
nothing special about the guy. He’s not somebody where you may study someone
and that guy’s an absolute genius. Sam Walton was a simple guy who was a hard
worker and he always looked for ways to make his business better. So Made in America for me would be number
nine on the list. I almost thought about putting it in the top
five but it’s number nine on the list, with systems and duplicatable. #8: Discipline. For discipline, I chose Lean Startup. Lean Startup teaches you when you’re younger
and you’re just looking at business, thinking I can’t believe if I could only get some money
for my mom, my dad, some investor, some venture capital angel that gives me a quarter million
dollars, I can start my own business. And you haven’t yet tasted the idea of making
your money. If you truly are an entrepreneur watching
this, and you’re 13, I guarantee you’ve made some kind of money. You’ve sold cookies, shirts, something you’ve
sold. If your blood, if you’re one of these folks
that’s an absolute entrepreneur since you were a kid, you probably already sold something. If you’re someone that’s going to be an accidental
entrepreneur from watching something like this, and you become inspired by it, you got
to learn some of those concepts of making the money and how to stay lean so that you
can turn this $200 into $400. And money’s all about doubling your money. So how can I make this $400 into $800? $800 into $1600 $1600, $3200, $6400, $12,000,
$25,000, $50,000, $100,000, 200, 400 million dollars. That’s a Lean Startup, it teaches you how
to stay very disciplined. #7: Long-term thinking is a think that a lot
of young and teenage entrepreneurs, especially today, you need. I’ll tell you why today. Many, many years ago, when there was no social
media or YouTube, or Instagram or Snapchat, people weren’t as much in a hurry or impatient
as they are today. So for long-term thinking, I chose Snowball
by Warren Buffett because even though Warren Buffett today is worth 60, 70 billion dollars,
at 52, he was only worth $50 million. Now you may say, “$50 million is a lot of
money.” Not compared to $60 billion. So he went from 52 years old at $50 million
to now having $60 billion. It requires a lot of long-term thinking. I think one of the best places I went, I went
to Venice, Italy. One church I went to that was 330 years old. And when you were reading the story of it,
it took 80 years to build. And the man who designed this thing to build,
he knew he was 50 years old, what he wrote up, he’s never going to see the final product. And most likely, his kids are never going
to see the final product. The only people that were going to see the
final product was his grandkids. When you study Warren Buffett, you will learn
about long-term thinking where it may be helping you in some of the decisions you make, about
hurrying, hurrying, hurrying, hurrying, hurrying. You become aggressively patient. You’re still aggressive. But you’re patient for your business to be
built. It’s a very important concept to pick up as
a young, teenage entrepreneur. #6, playing hurt, I chose Obstacle is the
Way which is a great book by Ryan Holiday. In this book, he explains to you the concept
of stoicism. And stoicism is a philosophy that was born
from cynicism. A lot of times we call people cynics. The word, “cynic” comes from cynicism. Cynicism used to be a philosophy of people
who would sit around and they would say, “Nothing good’s going to happen. If your wife’s going to leave you, odds are
she’s going to leave you. If you get sick, odds are, you’re going to
die. Everything was cynical. So they had this philosophy cynicism and one
of the members of cynicism was a guy named Seneca. He said, “I just can’t listen to this crap
anymore” and he started stoicism. And the first major leader in the world that
picked up stoicism and took it to a whole different level was Marcus Aurelius who wrote
the book Meditations. He took stoicism to a whole different level. And he ran Rome, he was the emperor for seven
years. He was loved, adored, everybody loved this
guy, Marcus Aurelius. And Ryan Holiday takes that concept of stoicism
and explains it in today’s world of business. And he explains to you that challenges are
going to happen but the obstacle is the way. I think a lot of times young, or teenage entrepreneurs,
the moment you face one challenge or one issue that comes up people get too distracted. Oh, you know it’s not for me, I can’t do it. Which in reality, obstacles are never going
to stop. The moment you identify that, and you know
that’s a part of life, you will look at obstacles in a complete different way. So Ryan Holiday’s book The Obstacle is the
Way is number 6. #5, strategy. For a 14-year-old, you’ll look at everything
and you’ll look at it from a different lens than a 38-year-old looks at, or even a 68-year-old
or even a 24-year-old. You’re looking at it from a complete different
lens. Because your generation is changing so quickly,
with everything, Snap changes everything, Instagram changed everything, Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, everything’s changed. You have a lot more access to content today. I didn’t grow up watching games on a iPad,
and my kids do. I didn’t grow up with any of this stuff. I went to school and we had to go to a library
to do research on something with newspapers. Today you Google. I didn’t go to high school with Google being
around ever for me. We didn’t experience Google myself. We had AOL chat that came out late in my senior
year of high school So when I went to the Army, I still listened to Walkman. When I got out of the Army, it was the first
time I listened to CDs. And then most of you don’t even know what
a CD looks like. Or a Walkman looks like, right? That’s what we experienced. So for strategy, Blue Ocean Strategy is going
to help your mind think about ways of doing business better that maybe a millennial or
a gen x may not even think about. You’re going to see things from a complete
different lens. So if you can get the strategy down on how
it’s done, you’ll have an edge on everybody else. So Blue Ocean Strategy, a phenomenal book
for you to read. I put that as number five. #4: Inspiration is Elon Musk, the book is
called Elon Musk. It’s written by an author who chased him down
and said, you’re either going to let me come and interview you, or if you don’t, I’m going
to write you based on what other people say about you vs. I can come and interview you
and I can tell you what other people told me about you and then you can verify it and
give me your story of the version and I’ll tell both stories. And Elon agreed. So the author went and interviewed and wrote
the book. It’s a phenomenal book, good, bad ugly. And you see how this kid was grown, how he
was raised and how he viewed things and what books he read growing up and why he was so
turned on my certain things and who was his uncle, his father, his parents and what kind
of an impact that made in the way he was raised. It’s just a very good book to read as a source
of inspiration. #3, enemy. You need to know your enemy very, very early
on. And the book I’m going to recommend on enemy
is called Outwitting the Devil. Outwitting the Devil was a book written by
Napoleon Hill. I want to say 1929, 1930 that he didn’t publish
at that time, and years later the book was published by a lady named Sharon Lechter. I think it’s Sharon Lechter that the book
was published by. And the first time I read this book, I’m going
to tell you a funny story. I read this book literally at the bar of PF
Changs, on my iPad. The book had just come out, a couple of weeks
prior to that. I sat there, and I read the book in one sitting
because I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t get up. I called and I said, “I’ve got to finish this
book.” And I finished the book. One by one by one I was going through it and
said, everybody needs to read this book, especially the younger generation. So Outwitting the Devil will be your number
one enemy. You’ve got to read that. That will be the number three book. #2: Economy and I was kind of conflicted on
what book to recommend on economy. I think the best book that I can recommend
to you on economy is not necessarily like here, go read capitalism, socialism, communism
and realize what it is to hire this person, fire this person, why you got to let go of
this person, why you want to associate with this. Why do some people become wealthy and some
don’t. Who do some countries produce more successful
people than others. Why do certain philosophies work and don’t
work. So the book I recommend here for you to read
for economy is by Ayn Rand. It’s called Atlas Shrugged. Atlas Shrugged. Now there’s two ways you can do it. You can actually read the book. It’s a big book. It will change the way you view everything
in life. It’s a big book if you read it. And if you don’t want to read it, you can
listen to it. There’s an audio version of it as well. But regardless, it will change the way you
view every single thing. You’re going to think about John Galt in a
different way, you’re going to look at the economy in a different way. You’re going to look at the people you work
with, the friends, family, parents, teachers – you’re going to look at everything in a
completely different lens when you read this book, Atlas Shrugged. She wrote two books, Fountainhead and Atlas
Shrugged. I recommend Atlas Shrugged over Fountainhead. And #1 is clarity. And I was debating on which book to read,
put this for clarity, and the reason why I think clarity I put #1 is because when you’re
in school, and you don’t really know what you want out of life, and everybody is telling
you how you need to live. You need to go to college, get a degree because
if you get this. . . you’ll be successful. You need to go out there and do this, and
you’re still gullible enough or naive enough, where somebody else can persuade you otherwise. So what I’m going to recommend you is a complete
180 of what everybody else is going to recommend, and I’m doing that intentionally. I’m telling you this in advance, in case you
choose to share this video with your parents, which is even a better idea. I’m intentionally wanting to give you the
complete opposite argument, because I know you’re not hearing it. For you to get clarity. See, if you’re raised in a family where everybody
is teaching you capitalism all the time, I want you to study socialism and communism
to know the opposite. If you’re in a family that’s raised communism
and socialism all the time, and everybody’s a Democrat, I need you to study the complete
opposite side because I want complete opposite arguments for me to see both sides. I like that. I want to see the complete opposite. If I’m born in a family where parents say
rich people are bad people, I want to know why they’re saying it, so I want to know why
rich people say poor people are lazy and why are poor people saying rich people are greedy. I want both arguments. If I only take one argument, I’m naive. So I’m giving you the second argument of school,
and the number one book I’m recommending to you is a book called Drop Out and Get Schooled. I literally just published it last week. On January 25th the book got published. And we’ve gotten thousands of emails about
this book. It’s created a lot of heat and controversy
around the world, not just in America. It’s a simple book to read. It’s not a long book. There’s a 130-some pages. And it answers the following questions for
you. #1 is why do we go to college in the first
place? No one even asks that question. Why do you go to college? #2: Who should go to college and who shouldn’t? #3: Can I succeed and do great things without
college? #4: Why does tuition and textbooks cost as
much as they do? #5: How colleges have simply become a big,
tax-free business. #6: Are the subjects taught in college sufficient
for life or do we need an upgrade? This book is specifically dedicated to all
the teenage entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs who are somewhat conflicted and confused. What do I do? I’m 14-years-old. I’m in 10th grade. I’m in 9th grade. Do I go to college? I’m a senior. Do I go to college or not? This will answer the questions. I want to tell you one thing here as well. The moment you read this book, mark my words. You’re going to share with your friends, your
family, your teachers. I challenge you to give it to people who would
disagree with this, to give you their argument. That’s what I would challenge you to do. Read it first. Then go to every single one of your teachers
and say, “Have you read this book yet? It’s causing a ton of havoc. I need you to read it, and give me your feedback
because I’m truly thinking about dropping out of college, not going to college after
high school. Should I, or should I not? And let them give you their argument. Let your parents give you their argument on
the book here. So this will give you clarity and that’s why
I put Drop Out and Get Schooled first place. Now some may say, “Pat, you chose your own
book as first place?” I did. And the reason why I did is because everything
in life – where were we this past weekend? We were in Ft. Worth. We had 3,000 of our agents come in and had
Magic Johnson as one of our keynote speakers he came out and we interviewed him. Then we got on a private jet. I took 18 of our friends to Vegas. We went and had a good time there in Vegas. We watched Tiesto. And then we came back the following day. We stayed at the Palms Executive – what do
you call it? The old Playboy Penthouse. It’s a beautiful place. You go in the pool and come out, it’s like
a drop. You look down. Elevators in the Penthouse. It’s just a beautiful place. And somebody asked me the question and they
said, “Pat, if you had to say the number one thing for success, what would it be?” I said, “Clarity.” Clarity. All this other stuff is fine. That person can be very innovative, but not
be clear about their lives. A person can be very systematic and duplicatable,
but they don’t know don’t know what they want out of their lives. A person can have a lot of discipline, but
they’re still not clear. A person can be long-term thinking, but they’re
still not clear what life they want to build. A person can be. . . but are still not clear about what they
want to do with their lives. And at your age, the sooner you can get clarity,
the sooner you have an edge on everybody else. So, these are the ten books. This is the challenge I want to give you here
on this video. The moment you finish any one of the books,
you order and you finish any one of the books. And any time you read a book, post a review
on Amazon. No matter which one of them it is. Just make that a habit because you can always
go back and see which books you read and what you thought about them. It’s a way of you tracking your mind the moment
you post a review on Amazon. Amazon allows you to read all of your reviews. The moment you finish the book and post a
review, send me a Snap. My Snap should be right here. It’s betdavid19. Send me a Snap and let me know what you got
out of the book. And then we’ll take it from there. By the way, if you have any other books that
we should add to this list, comment on the bottom. Paul, with that being said, throw me the pillow
real quick. Throw me the pillow real quick. All right, right handed. Our goal is to get to a million subs by the
end of the year. If you haven’t subscribed to this channel
yet, click on the button here to subscribe. And the alert button is right next to it. You’ll be one of the first to get alerts every
time a new video comes up. We are the number one channel on YouTube for
how-two entrepreneur videos. No one’s doing what we’re doing. I’d put ourselves up against anybody else
and I can tell you one thing here. You can go to college. If I could take 100 kids and 100 of them go
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to put. They can go get the four-year degrees. These guys can watch 100% of the Valuetainment
videos and comment on them. They will out earn these 100 kids that go
to college. You don’t believe me? Take up the challenge. Go watch all the videos and see what happens
to your mind and how you talk, how you think, how you walk. With that being said, thanks for watching
everybody. Take care, bye bye.

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