Tom Leveen Live! Book Club: Nadia Bolz Weber, SEALfit, Rob Bell, Big Magic

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That’s fine hello and welcome to the show Interesting technical problems, but you know And you probably this is not a good I Don’t know I’ll have to see I’ll just have to see um, I’m not using my external mic tonight. So right now there we go. Hey look at that. I’m life I’ll probably need to move it All right, well well that thought don’t go anywhere there’s only like 81 of you so I can’t Not this whole fucking thing over it. Oh Don’t worry the night is young. There’s still time to knock all my shit over. Oh Yes, you have time for that so Here we go Things are off to a bit of a start tonight because my almost two year old is Screaming like a banshee That’s a real thing right a banshee and Steve’s here. Hello, Steve and Joyce here. And this like magic the baby is quiet. I assume because you are in there right joy That’s the only time that the baby will be quiet is when mommy is actually there. So I Do my best you guys I do But once she starts going I I struggle First stragglers get here I’ll be honest Like it’s one of those things where we’ve tried on more than one occasion for me to stay at home With with young children and it just does not go well, um young children’s predilections for you know screaming and loudness do not Gel very well with my particular struggles. So I Don’t know if that necessarily makes me feel like a failure. It certainly isn’t encouraging But that’s where we are and fortunately I mean now she’s quiet. Here’s the other thing that Happens and there’s no reason to tell you this but I will anyway and then we’ll go on to our books My son thank goodness and this is a very good thing my son bounces back from bad moods and being upset and stuff like that like Super fast like his longest stretch is maybe 30 minutes and even that is pretty rare That’s like maybe I mean these days it’s like once a quarter and even then it’s probably longer than that when he was younger Yeah, it happened more frequently, but it was still very fast rebound, right? What he Hasn’t quite figured out but I think is starting to key into is that dad doesn’t rebound like I don’t rebound quickly From bad things from from bad moods or from being triggered or whatever the hell you want to call it. I Just don’t and that puts us at odds on occasion because he’ll be upset about something So then I get upset and then he bounces back and is ready to go and I’m like uh-uh the days over Yeah, I realize it’s 9:00 a.m. On a Saturday. We’re done. This is it you know, and I’m not Happy about that. I’m working on it. At least. I think I’m working on it. I don’t know but Anyway a little insight into my life hello and welcome to the show. That’s not what we’re talking about tonight. We’re talking about books Who’s he going? Everybody’s here? Hey Steve’s here and Joy’s here and Dana Lynn made it on time. Yeah Hey Dana, Lynn and Richards here. Who else? Is that Capri I? Thought I stuck a praise name here somewhere Cuthbert. There. He is Capreit we have not seen you in forever, my friend. I’m so glad you’re here. That’s awesome, dude. And so tonight what I was just So first of all a couple of caveats about tonight’s show Number one. I did not set this bookshelf up. This is What my one of my bookshelves looks like and we’re in my office right now My home office and this is this is what it looks like. I will say that last week. I cleaned it I dusted it and I organized it a little bit I did take some things off of these shelves for tonight’s show like I had an empty water glass And like some papers and like my wallet maybe or something like there were some extra crap on the shelves that I moved But otherwise this is it. I didn’t set this up in a particular way These are just books that I have on my on this particular bookshelf in my office so mmm Just know that now I don’t know how well you can see some of them obviously some of the spines are bigger than others if during the course of the show if there’s a Particular title or something that catches your eye and you want to ask a question about it Bye homie. I feel like I’m I need to scoot you a little bit more by all means Add it to the chat and I will I’ll do my best to answer it But there’s a lot so one of the questions I assumed I might get about this particular bookshelf is have I read all of these books and the answer is no I have not I Have read I was I was looking at earlier. I think I’ve read I can probably actually see them I’ve got my little screen up here. I can just watch the screen instead I’ve probably read about half of them Most of them I’ve at least opened and skimmed or kind of look there isn’t like that But I’ve read Italy like cover to cover I’ve read at least half I think I’m pretty sure but I don’t really have a other than doing, you know book talk check Thank you tonight the other thing is I could do this show a Variation on this exact show for probably months cuz we’re not gonna get through all these books and that’s okay That wasn’t the point of tonight. It was kind of this is kinda like the yearbook thing I’m gonna grab a book and we’ll see what happens I haven’t picked out which one to start with maybe the thing what maybe what I’ll do is I’ll should close my eyes and just Pick one at random and see what happens There’s Mary. Hello, Mary Oh really? Just Steve. That’s the first time you’ve read skeleton group. I personally thinks go. Yeah, I Think skeleton crew is the superior nah collection to night shift But some of my favorite stories are also night shift So it’s one of those I can’t really choose but I’m glad you it. I hope you liked it. Did you like it? Because there’s some really good stuff. I’ve got audio tapes audiobooks From skeleton crew and night shift that go way back I can’t quite get to him right now Then I still didn’t stay listen to you over and over again my feet one of my all-time favorites I finally got a copy of the mist read by Frank Miller who is the Stephen King voice in my opinion that took me decades to locate Finally found that but one of my other favorites is one for the road Which I believe is in Nightshift, I think that’s night shift and then Jerusalem’s lot which are both part of the Salem’s Lot group the trilogy of Salem’s Lot stories Loved them so much. They’re really they’re really great. They’ve aged fairly, well an interesting one that I’m actually listening to right now is the long walk, which is where my all-time like probably top five or ten favorite novels ever And I’ve read it multiple times joy’s read it. I’ve listened to it multiple times. I’m kind of listening to it again on Some library website overdrive and It’s funny because like I still have the book and it’s aged well The matically and the characters and the plot and everything. It hasn’t aged. Well in the sense of like what was considered like the height of physical achievement at the time of its Writing is like no big deal. Like you could put David Goggins in the long walk and he’d just be like what? I’m gonna walk all you into the ground It’s it’s just funny. I do think the story was originally designed Or the Yeah, the stuff that the plot is designed in such a way that they’re not admitting athletes to the long walk so you can kind Of accept it on that level, but I don’t it was kind of funny What are you guys talking about? Uh Stephen could be 5232 to you bitch gun crews I – oh good Oh Compare what you think of Pet Sematary? I’ve not read Pet Sematary in a long time. I remember liking it And not caring for the old movie too much but there’s a new version coming out. I’m wondering how that’s gonna go Yeah, very long time so here we go we’re gonna start with let’s just pick one at random Oh mercy rolls up here. If you have a read mercy roll. They should probably do that Let’s see, if you have two fears up there this couple looks is it if anybody wants to pick one Amy’s here Vivian Nelson Mel. Finally showed up. Hello, Vivian Nelson Mel. It’s good to see you. I hope you’ll stick around Thank you for coming tonight. That’s really awesome Yay, I just makes me happy so somebody sees what if you can even read the spines on here that you want to Do no, okay, seriously it chooses now to want to update we’ve talked about this haven’t we? why are you asking me now of all fucking times and I’m clicking remind me tomorrow dipshit Danny’s here. Hello. Danny good to see you Okay. Anyway, where were we? We don’t let’s just go here. Well, go say weeks difficile pit so this is those of you who’ve been tuning in for a while know that I’m on this whole I Want to call it a Fitness kick because that’s not quite right But this is one of the books that kind of got it started I’m working my way through this right now in preparation for my 20 X event, which takes place in August right before my birthday which is Not intentional. It’s just how it worked out But yeah, so the guy who wrote this is a retired Navy SEAL CrossFit guy yoga you know all does all this kind of stuff and this is the one I’m working through currently to prep for my 12-hour a crucible event what I did today, for example What I do today It wasn’t that big of a deal which is good. I did three rounds of the following 150 meter run ten air squats and ten front squats with a barbell at 45 pounds Which is not a lot then I did an overhead squat five sets of five at 45 pounds and then we did ten nine eight seven six five four three two one reps each of overhead squat Ten step ups on a 15-inch box and sit up So you do 10 overhead squats 10 step ups each leg ten sit-ups Nine overhead squats nice and so on and so forth until you get down to one That wasn’t that hard But it probably wasn’t that hard because I’ve been working on this for a while. So kind of built up Highly recommend the book if You really want a big change because this has been this process that I’m this journey I’m on has been a very big change, but I can feel the difference. I can see the difference, which is really nice This is a less family-friendly show. I take off my shirt and show off, but that’s not why I’m doing it I Don’t recommend it for beginners. If you are if you are thinking about some kind of fitness activity thing I don’t recommend this book. This will probably put you in a hospital It’s not the kind of thing you jump into although he would say mark Devine and be like go for it Let’s go get some raw, you know, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You want to start with a couch to 5k? Kind of plan which you can google and you start with walking. Let’s just walk first. That’s where I started I just start with walking many many years ago, and now I’m doing this. So anyway, that’s eight weeks to seal fit Good book really enjoying it Oh Needful things I never did read mean phul thing. I’m not taking my shirt off. Joy. You have to come to Jeannie Koch’s Comic Con panel for that I did not read needful things Richard. Would you recommend it? I haven’t read any of the new stuff I know needful things is not new, but I haven’t really read anything Since probably wizard and glass. So we’re talking 25 years ago now Maybe I’m not a Stephen King fan. Maybe I’m an old Stephen King fan. I’m not sure What’s another good one? Um, oh, that’s a good. Yeah Fuck it. I think I may have talked about this before I love this book. My favorite books of all time Rob Bell Love Wins a book about heaven hell and the fate of every person who ever lived So Rob Bell is a former mega church pastor. He’d planted a church in Michigan and then it became this big mega church saying and then he left and wrote a bunch of books and became a speaker and I will normally go to see everything that he does when it comes to town We’re not gonna make the next one, which is in just a couple days. Actually. I think it makes Art Center If you have the time and money though, he’s well worth going to listen to Love Wins is a so he he’s coming, you know from a very What we would think of as Christian perspective But he is one of this goes back aways a little bit of modern church history for those of you who don’t follow such things Many many years ago there was this sort of movement that started called the emergent Church I don’t know if it still called that or not. It’s kind of moved on and grown progressive I think is the new word for it But it was kind of roughly speaking. I don’t mean to speak for anybody Roughly speaking. It was a group of self professed Christians who are looking around at sort of American Christianity as we see on them on the media and you guys know what I mean by that, I’m sure and said You know what? That’s not who we are and we don’t think that’s what the Bible is We don’t think that’s what Jesus is we need to do something different and so took very seriously. And again, this is My sort of putting it into context Started looking at it more from I don’t say scientific But contextually saying things like Jesus was Jewish and you could hear like parts of the country go Whoo, you know, I think no seriously you fucking was like that just that’s 101 Bible knowledge. Jesus was Jewish. Oh my god Anyway, he was kind of one of the forerunners of that and Joe and I have read many other authors have probably got up here Like NT right is good. Although he is not emergent Church. I would not call NT write emergent Church brian mclaren right here great books These are good authors for you to report for people of any kind of faith or no faith at all. I think because they have wonderful voice and they don’t the One of the best things that the emergent church had going for it The progressive Christianity has going for it at the moment is they don’t thumpy with Bibles? They just don’t do it They’re like, hey man, this is here’s what we thought and here’s what we’ve learned and there it is. Love ya and that’s it, which Frankly is very much how I believe in joy, you can correct me on this was very much how joy was raised how our sisters were raised and how I have witnessed both of her parents her dad was a Baptist pastor for 40 years I think and Never was like well, you know What you need to do is you need to accept Jesus as your personal like he just didn’t play that game man He was like, hey, I’m Bob. Let’s have bacon. Perfect. Let’s got breakfast. Cool. How’s it going? How you feel it? And that was it, which is probably the right idea in my personal opinion anyway this one’s a very good book talking about heaven and hell and Actually just excellent read it’s very fast read But you’ll want to take your time with it because if it’s if there are new concepts and then you kind of want to stop And slow down and go. Oh never thought of that frankly recommend it more for people of faith and it would for atheists or agnostics because I mean, I’d recognize, you know recommend it for both but Yeah, just really nice pleasant Invigorating Challenging in a good way book to read about all these things that we all end up thinking about at some point or notice for me as well read a Good book about it. You know I’m saying anyone Let’s see vampire Danny are you asking me if I’ve read Vampire Academy or if you’re asking somebody else? Oh Let’s see, what else what else um Outside his newest book. Oh, is it really The Outsiders? Good Capri Okay, that’s good to know if the cover was was intriguing so okay. I might look into that one then Time money thing. Yeah Richard, I don’t know. I have a whole other topic about time and money I’m not gonna get into it today, but yes just understand. I hear you sir Yes, okay joy, yes Ont right not emergent and yet very progressive in his views compared two American Western Christianity, like I don’t think a lot of what let’s call it media Christianity. Can we call it that the Christianity that is portrayed as American in American media Today and for the last many decades he doesn’t fit that group he is not that Anyway, also a good reader and good writer They’re just a good reader. I’m so tired Sarah also was up a lot last night and joy was sick fortunately joy slept which was nice, but I did not sleep So I’m a little clamped right now You need to be saved uh-oh Oh, I’m sorry Mary he did he gave a sermon about people who do that yes, Rob Bell has a whole series of probably find most found on YouTube now called Numa and OMA and he has one called bullhorn guy where he talked about that very thing and we’ve all seen them at ASU right the guy’s the bullhorn is telling us were all going to hell and it’s like is this working like has ever a Sane person come up to and said fuck You’re right. I never thought about that help me like has that ever happened? and If it did, what would they do? Would they know what to do with it? Like You know, it’s just like the Westboro folks like what are they planning on doing? What if you went up to them in like it? Can I please join your church? Like do you think they let you in because I kind of doubt it, you know what I’m saying? Anyway, I don’t want to go off-topic Or maybe I did. Oh Wow, do you got a Southern Baptist and Was not that way fascinating. So I’ve been to some Southern Baptist churches as well in my youth and boy Were we all going to hell? We’re all doomed I think I’ve talked about this one before but I’m gonna recommend it again You know what? This will be great Cuz then after the show I can go back and put on affiliate Amazon links for all these books and ever thought about that big magic if you are a writer in particular Or any other kind of sort of creative person you need Steve you need to read this I want to know what Steve thinks of this book in particular but the rest of you who are writers and other creatives Excellent. Excellent book. I have read this twice now. I think I’ve listened to it a couple times. I took a lot of notes Here, let me so gonna find the one I may have already said this to you guys earlier Oh Yeah, I just I’ve got so many things circled and stuff Let’s see There’s one in particular that I really want to sit tell you guys Creativity is a gift of the Creator not just a gift to the audience. Also true Here we go, I think I’ve read this to you guys before several months ago, but it’s one of my favorite passages I wish that Harper Lee had kept writing. I wish that right after Mockingbird and her Pulitzer plot pulled surprised She had turned out five cheap and easy books in a row a light romance a police procedural a children’s story a cookbook some kind of pulpy action-adventure story anything you might think I’m kidding, but I’m not Imagine what she might have created even accidentally with such an approach I love that and I think about that all the time So being a writer of course Elizabeth Cooper who happens to be good friends with Rob Bell. It turns out is sort of addressing writers because she has a writer but it can be applied to Really to anybody but particularly to those of us who are in creative fields or have creative pastimes or creative thoughts or whatever Can I recommend this book enough? It’s not preachy at all. This is not a religious book It’s just a hey you make stuff. You should keep going and making stuff. Here you go, and it’s just an encouragement Really really inspiring book very inspiring but cannot recommend that one enough Pretty nuts. Oh This one Steve. Yeah, I’ll bring it. I’ll totally bring it joy – let me forget this, but I’ll need it back So that’s my notes in it. So I don’t just lend out books all willy-nilly Still Ted Wow, wait, wait. Oh I missed. Oh That was Daniel in I’m sorry date alone that was thing. I was I was getting you and Mary confused. I’m sorry That’s good. I’m glad to hear that That is good What’s next there’s those guys brat pack America. That was fun. Oh, no, I’ve already talked about that one. Let’s go somewhere else Okay, let’s go back to our health and wellness kind of thing this is fun living with a seal if you have ever encountered a guy online a lot of YouTube stuff and Good Morning America type shows named David Goggins, that would be this guy right here He’s also a retired Navy SEAL and Jesse its lair who? What what did he do? He founded a bunch of stuff and his wife is the founder of Spanx. I think the clothing line Invited this guy to live with him for was it a month? Yeah and said, hey teach me what you know and Goggins just kick the shit and so then he wrote a book about it and originally The identity of the seal was he didn’t want he didn’t want to be identified at all in the story in the book and so he kept it on the down low for a very long time and then finally leaked out and now David Goggin says if you probably could also Google David Goggins Toughest man on earth or toughest man in the world or something like that Fascinating story. He’s got some really good YouTube videos people interviewing and the stuff that he went through to Become a seal and and to become who yesterday and the things he’s capable of passing very funny book educational not a self-help or fitness book this one You can just read for the hell of it and read about Jesse’s transformation And the stuff that Goggins kind of taught him as they they spent this month together Fascinating book, very entertaining really enjoyed it Ah, what’s next do you oh, I haven’t finished that once I don’t I feel like I shouldn’t That would be fun Do you okay so here’s yeah let’s um, So as you knew I’ve been going through a lot of business books a lot up here Trying to figure out what this company is all about what this channel is all about Then go into classes and reading books and so like that so I keep picking up books. Like do cool shit by Mickey I think I’m gonna say Mickey egg Wall Agrawal This one good Good I think the thing about this one. It’s a very good I would say Introduction to all the things that I’ve been talking about and working on for the last year and a half two years By the time I got to this one, it’s kind of like yeah, I knew that knew that knew that that’s kind of new I knew that neither like it was it’s a very good introductory book to kind of changing your life, and it’s very palatable It’s an easy read. It’s a fun read and It’s not like one of these Step-by-step kind of things. I’ve got some books that are more like that. Like here’s what you need to do Do this do this do this and then your life will be full of yoga and Zen or whatever This is not like that, which I appreciate It’s just more of a it is technically a self-help book but I think if you’re new to that if you have been flirting with I really want to make some changes in my life this Might be a good book to kind of start with Yeah, like I took a couple notes in here But like I said not a whole lot because for me I’ve read so many of the other books in this Arena in this area that it there wasn’t a whole lot of new stuff still a good book Just not you know for me it wasn’t a thing Let’s see big room a bed. Yeah. It was this is more specific. Let’s see Takes ten years to become an overnight success like, you know, not that she’s claiming. That’s the first time anybody said it but Yeah, it’s good. It just didn’t it was it was too late in my journey for it to be particularly helpful I guess so I do recommend. It just came too late in my in my journey so to speak so I am Yeah Is it a pain to think of yourself as a brand Richard wants to know yeah It is a pain to think about it Richard Because eh, I don’t think I’m particularly good at it be It’s it’s no matter how many? Classes I take no matter how many fucking webinars I sign up for and all the shit It still feels like a shot in the dark I feel like the people who are teaching it discovered something that other people will pay for and so they’re successful But that doesn’t mean they necessarily know they’re talking about you know what I mean? So when I do more on purpose stuff like right now You know, normally I have my hat. I’m not wearing my hat tonight. It’s just hot. I think summer’s here because it’s you know, March Like I’m thinking the beard, you know, this is kind of my thing. Now. This is sort of my my tamil vein thing If and when I get around to shooting my mr. Tom video channel for YouTube, I’ll shave it because that’s like distinguishing that Character or persona if you will to this one because I won’t be swearing I’m the mr. Tom show But that’s not but this isn’t brand this is just I like my beard, yeah, but it’s not brand My first agent my very very first agent actually Said I I don’t know if she used the word brand yet or not It might have been too early for them for that to be a buzz word But she specifically said I’ll never forget. She said you are the anti you you write for the anti girl girl reader and I was like Yeah, I do and by that point and we’re talking primarily like partied and zero at that point But she was right like that tends to be particularly with my my female characters that’s yeah, I don’t go most of my Girl readers aren’t like girly girl icky readers, you know the traditional if you want to use that word, whatever They’re there chicks, you know what I mean? And I mean that in a very, you know, I hope by now you all understand I mean that I mean that in a positive way Some of them are broads, you know nothing, but love man I Hope I can say that But I always like that. I I didn’t mind that Brand, I don’t know how to play into it. I don’t know how to market it I don’t know how to make a living with it I don’t know if I’m answering your question Richard but is it a pain in the ass? Yes, because what I should do is Turn out a bunch of stuff, which I’ve done But it hasn’t sold Because I haven’t gotten it out there correctly. I don’t know or maybe it sucks. And that’s the problem. Maybe it sucks Maybe it doesn’t how many great. You know, some published books are there out there there that don’t suck I Don’t know. I don’t read them either right, so it’s It’s tough the short answer Richard is yes, it is a pain. It is a big big pain Yeah What are you talking about Mary are you talking to me or your husband I can’t talk Honestly to Adrian oh yes read oh Yeah, okay, I’m sorry I didn’t read the whole string I gotcha I’m caught up Mary thank you. I think I’m caught up Yeah, it’s brutal it’s brutal I Mean I’m you know, I sent out I did I did to my Instagram I did my Facebook like I took my break took a break from all my social media I told you guys I was gonna do that and then today I went back and I posted in strand posted Facebook post or Twitter at multiple times and It’s not like the show is fucking taking off and that’s you know That’s that’s a I think that’s a branding issue I think that’s a branding issue cuz I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about I make shit up as I go and I mean That’s why I’m so grateful that you guys keep coming because I don’t know. What the hell you’re doing here I’m glad you’re here. And I’m glad we have the community that we have But in terms of making it any bigger or making it take off and any other way I don’t know how to do that because I don’t know what the hell to Say or do that’s gonna make people say oh I want to spend time with that guy. You know, I’m really not sure So yes, once again, the answer the question record is it’s a pain. It’s it’s a huge pain Also, so I’m doing um Invisalign, and I’m almost done. I’m so close, but I had to get new Little these little like anchor things they put on your teeth and I got new ones today for the last course And they’re just carrying the hell out of my mouth So forgive me what’s another good one I already talked about that so many times I’ve heard I’m curious. Does anybody read this one? The artists way this was recommended me several times I think I actually had it once years ago Never read it So like sold it and then like a year later one of my author friends was like have you read this you have to read? This oh my god, like okay, so I picked it up again at Bookmans And I started to read it and then I just completely stopped because it wanted me to do things follow along but I’m curious if anybody has read this and if so, If it was as good as I was told if it was as beneficial So I’ve got a lot of pokers in the fire right now So I’m not sure if that’s something that I have time to kind of dive into you know what I mean? Sounds a little I should have gotten rid of years ago. I can’t bring myself to do it The mystic arts of the ninja Sorry no offense to Steven Hayes because I don’t want to be sneak into my house and kill me I’m laughing at myself I’m not laughing at the mystic arts of the ninja cuz I learned some cool shit in this book as a matter of fact, I mean Cuz you can’t I mean the thing is you can’t learn ninja shit from a book I’m pretty sure I learned a couple of things but nothing, you know huge So so I’m not laughing at ninjutsu or or Steven Hayes or anybody who practices ninjutsu but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it because I Mean, I mean I highlighted stuff, you know Let’s see What did I have us something good here that I learned or picked up and this is from like high school Pinning the attacker in place through the sheer power of his concentrated intention in the form of a spirited shocked I’m not gonna get into that discussion tonight I keep thinking that I might need it too. I use it for research. Basically. Oh I learned how to do this. I did learn how to Do this backflip thing up onto a roof? I was able to do that when I was younger I probably physically could still do this but If I failed I would die. I’m too old to be doing that kind of shit I saw a couple people pulling that off at the Spartan Race actually to get over one of the obstacles and I was like Oh sweet, and I was just smart enough to go No Don’t try it because it’s effective and it works but dude if your fingers slip you’re in a world of hurt But he was a very very bad way. So I only did it a few times when I was younger back at my old house But who knows you never know when the day may come this is the problem with being a writer Is it so hard to get rid of books? Cuz I’m always afraid that there’s that one book that I’m gonna need and very frequently I do Like oh, I just need that one book to look up this one thing really quick. Oh, there it is Sometimes but the books that you’re familiar with aren’t actually faster than the internet And you don’t go down rabbit holes as as much with books. That’s the other advantage that Google can’t say Let’s see, I’m gonna t very ready. No. Thank you. Wait more of that, please Oh Okay, so, all right. Well, yeah Amy, you’re gonna have to walk me through that. So, I mean I’ve seen social media calendars I just haven’t obviously Stuck to one I’m supposed to post a calendar of who I’m gonna be interviewing and we’re gonna do it with the topical B I still have at least two or three people that I meant to bring on the show that I that I haven’t yet Which is a bummer I’ll have to chat about that. So mystic arts of the ninja quite the book. I’ve got a lot of Zen books I haven’t really read all of them. I flipped through them Zen is one of these things that I am so attracted to and I’ve been attracted to it for a couple of decades now, and I just haven’t Made that. I haven’t given the the discipline required to actually do it you know, it’s a very difficult thing for me to do which is funny because I grew up on Self guided meditation tapes that I really enjoy and I still listen to from time to time but the the whole sitting and being quiet and letting the thoughts You know happen and then drift away and all that kind of stuff like it works I’ve done it before and when it when I’m doing it, it’s good I just cannot seem to get the discipline down to continue doing it which really sucks because I I believe it is a very Important thing and I believe the science Supports that like science very much supports this mindfulness and zen-like thing and I just damnit can’t sit down and do it I don’t know exactly why I have a couple guesses. You guys probably already know Blue mind up here was good. I haven’t finished it though this blue Mine is an entire book about How human beings need to be around water and the science behind why we need to be around water particularly oceans But really any kind of water and I’ve tried to listen to the audio book several times, but I listened to oh I’m going to bed because it’s a very peaceful book. So I’m like, okay good and I go to sleep One of these days I do want to read that though. It’s I’m very fascinated by the science in that because it makes sense I don’t remember what all that discussion was because I keep falling asleep but Yeah, so they talk a lot about the science of why we are you know so much of us are so much why water matters to us so much as human beings so fascinating book, and I’d like to learn more about What else we have up here? Oh my gosh Detective Oh Danny I’m sorry. That’s my fault. Yeah I have no idea it probably did Danny. I’ll have to get you. Did you send me an email about that? if you didn’t Probably just send me an email and not Facebook cuz I don’t I’m trying to avoid Facebook. So send me an email about that I’ll I’ll try to remember though look up with that and talk with Pat about that. I assume it went through Because we should probably start broadcasting that shouldn’t we so Danny and I are teaching a class in April as the seventh I think right? April 7th at poison-pen if you’re in the Phoenix metro area on April 7th Danny who did I will be teaching a class on writing about and for teens maybe that’s much for but definitely about That’s a 12:30 at the poison pen in Scottsdale. So you’re local or even if you’re not just fly in Danny is It’ll be a really fun class it’ll be a really fun class, but we should probably start posting that right gay John 30 about teens. Yeah. There we go What else let’s see Oh Yes, do I have her other one? Okay, so let’s well go back to our church books here for a second in that church books that’s not fair to say this is Absolutely. Well worth reading no matter what your faith background is nadya bolts Webber is the shit So she is a Lutheran is she Elsie or Missouri? I think she’s probably most likely ELCA Lutheran I’m not mistaken Let me just double check make sure I’m right. Okay, so here’s the first line of the book by this Lutheran pastor with the tattoos No sleeves And recovering alcoholic and drug addict first line of the book fall 2005 shit. I thought to myself I’m going to be late to New Testament class That says it all I have met her joy and I both met her. She actually gave Toby is technically what was his first communion She has just recently left her church, which is called half-assed House for all sinners and saints In Denver, I know it’s in Colorado. I don’t remember what’s Denver tour not but I think I think it’s Denver just if you’re somebody who Like maybe you were formerly religious and then you just couldn’t do it anymore because of what? Religion and the people in your religion. We’re doing to you and you just had to get the hell out which I’ve preached it. Well, I’m there with you a lot of us are there with you? Nadia boss whoever is a Refreshing breath of air that I cannot recommend highly enough she is she just She’s so authentic. She is so true to life and she just doesn’t mince her words she is so she’s humble in the sense of like She’ll just go through like I don’t fucking know. I don’t know but I’m gonna muddle through it. Here we go You coming, you know great attitude and just and she’s very upfront with her struggles, which is just like oh my God. Thank you Thank you for having a someone in leadership who can say? Oh, yeah, I struggle with that, you know Astrix Nani bolts whoever regardless of where you are in the spectrum of religion. Excellent. Excellent book fast read funny She’s very entertaining and she’s got several other books. That was my favorite so far Yeah, yeah, very good. Very very good stuff Maybe what are you guys talking about? We say, okay. Thank you Danny. She is ELCA. Okay good You’re wearing vampire boots you’re gonna wear vampire boots to our class Danny, of course you are I will wear my vampire boots to you think I don’t have vampire boots cuz I totally do Of course, I do. I’ve got vampire book. Oh, I hope you can see them down here Yeah, these aren’t I just recently this was hard to do. I just recently got rid of a lot of plays scripts that I used to have I Got rid of the ones that I either that I only like that fight captain for like ones that I wasn’t in or they did Have a really particular strong Emotional connection to and I finally got rid of a bunch that I’m just never going to do because I just don’t do theater anymore I did however keep a few that I just might do someday like the Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury. I would love to do that someday Oh The girl best Christmas pageant ever. I might do that someday And then just have my other favorite shows that I was in I never did Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in her debt as a full show but my friend Matt and I did a scene from Rosencrantz Guildenstern that we Probably could still do today if you gave us ten minutes and a quick look at the script We would anytime we found a tennis court when we were out just dicking around and we found a tennis court Matt And I would jump on a tennis court and do the questions game back and forth because because we’re theater nerds. That’s what we do and I got rid of a bunch of stuff and it was I’m lying. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be I thought it was gonna be tougher, but I’m really trying to do this not minimalist. I’m not quite there yet, but definitely Reduction like let’s reduce. This is just so much shit. There’s so much shit It’s just time to get rid of it It’s just time to get rid of as much of it as possible when there’s a lot of shit that I I just can’t get rid of You know Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books Toby likes looking through I’m someone to keep them, you know And I will probably have those until the day I die cuz I just can’t get rid of it’s my shit It’s my stuff, you know, but there’s other things like why do you have this? Why do you have this let it go, you know, so yeah get the bunch of those like, what’s a good one? Oh Okay, here’s one Tell me that you love me Joe the covers not even on it anymore Tell me that you love me do any moon Amy. Are you still here? You remember this one? I didn’t have very many lines Just some got some highlights there. I played a guy named John Goren whose leg had been cut off in the story and so John Groseclose is probably not watching but this guy John Groseclose constructed this Intricate Richard, were you there for that? I don’t remember if you were around for this one or not you might have been this intricate strap mechanism harness that strapped my leg up behind my back and then I had like a pair of jeans on over it to keep my foot flat up against my ass and then two Robes that were stitched together to further conceal it For this character, which I thought was pretty cool two interesting things happen, though What’s One kid this is Campbell back for you in the 90s There was one kid in one of my classes like weren’t you there doing the play like yeah They had to cut your leg off and I yeah there Nelly’s cut it off man He was like, oh no way. Yeah, not bad. This is fake like you dumbass. What the fuck? Thank you Fuckin ridiculous. The other thing I remember is that was the play Amy if again, if you’re here you should remain oh you didn’t make up. Okay awesome That was the show where we learned that you can’t take the house lights down during the matinee Because the candle back the matinee is where we make most of our money because if you go to the matinee You get to skip six and seventh hour you have to bring your ticket back the next day or whatever to verify that you had Been there and you don’t get counted as absent So we sold a shit ton of tickets for people who didn’t want to go to sixth and seventh hour. Well the techies unknowing that this was going to happen took the house lights all the way to black before the show like you would do at any Play and the fucking auditorium went Batshit, like fucking I I can only remember a couple of times in my life that I’ve been as scared as I was at that Moment and I’m backstage on crutches with my fucking foot shoved up at my ass go on. Somebody get me down Get me I remember that very specifically I think I was talking to either Joel or John girls clothes Get me down get me out of this thing right now Get me down get me down and they wouldn’t do it and I’m like god damn it They’re gonna storm the stage tear the auditorium down I’m gonna be back here like trying to fend them off with one leg and a pair of crutches We never took the house lights down past half after that Welcome to Camelback I bet you it doesn’t happen anymore cuz they got their shit together. But yeah coming back in the early 90s That’s that’s the kind of crowds we had to deal with and I’ll tell you something That’s what made us a good theater company because we had to deal with that shit and so many other things we Did closer Catholic school girls I’ve done twice cuz I really loved that show Man for all seasons God I could spend all night just on man for all seasons This is interesting Children’s Hour If you’re not familiar with the show, I was on sound crew and I was the grocery boy I had three lines I was very upset but then there are only two guys in the entire show It sounds like all right At least I got the other guy part and of course I wouldn’t award for it because everyone was a smartass So I was like Best Actor and I’m supporting role or something for a grocery boy But then also sound crew oh Geez, yeah, so this I mean this right here this goes back to fucking that This would be 9 88 89 this is 1989. This is the first half of 1989 Yep, follow me Wow, but I kept it For multiple reasons but one things that was interesting about this is the play And The end but not like was it a novel first. I think it was a novel. No, no, no. No, I take that back No The other one Junie moon is a novel Children’s Hour was always a play by Lillian Hellman It takes place at a private school private girls school in like the 50s or 60s I think and one of the girls there accuses two of the teachers of being being gay being a couple and That’s at that time. Of course, that’s more than enough to get your ass fired And any number of terrible things are going to happen to you But the director mrs. Tulley insists like no, it’s not a play about that. It’s a play about a lie. She kept hammering that in Hammering us hammering at us with that theme. This is about a lie because it was and But just thinking back to it this was you know 1989 for a high school to mount a production like this I mean, that’s not nothing. I mean hell there are still places. You can’t mount it probably today But she did it and I can only I should really ask her someday I’ve never talked to her in depth about what kind of pushback she got from administration Or if any parents were mad or anything like that, but like that’s the that the teacher we had She’s like fuck it. We’re doing this show. Let’s go that was a bold fucking choice, you know, and I think Just being god. I was 15 I think at the time being Witness to that kind of Fuck you kind of attitude when it came to the arts really influenced me clearly And and influenced many of the choices that I made later as an actor and a director as a test artistic director That was bold shit You know And she could have probably gotten in a shit ton of trouble for it and maybe she did and we just never knew about it I don’t know. I don’t have to ask her next time I see her actually what I’d really like to do when I his days have Tully and Goldie on the show Just cuz that would be fun That would be awesome Sophomore year. Yeah, it was bad as Tiller’s incredibly strong. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah She was she really? Oh, they both were they both were and They passed it on to us which was which was pretty awesome. Very very awesome Okay For my writers if you haven’t yet Or you can just pass on somebody else 78 reasons why your book might never be published in 14 reasons why it just might I have read this book at least three times The first time before I was published the other two times after and everything he says in this book is true It’s a few years old now. I should probably reread it Nope, it’s I was gonna say maybe it needs to be updated, but I don’t think so Nope. Just looking at the headlines in here. Yep Yep, yep, it’s all still true. Yep So for if you or somebody, you know is serious about their fiction and wants to go the whole You know agent traditional publisher route They have to read this book at least once I recommend several times because Pat Walsh here. Absolutely knows what he’s talking about and Yeah, that’s that is it as a matter of fact when it comes to? Student writers apprentice writers who are serious about about the industry if I could only give them one book it would be that book That’s how strongly I feel about that one. Absolutely. Absolutely And I’m gonna lose my voice oh, this is fun put you down here This is a gift from my mom Arizona Townsend tales by Lowell Parker and you gotta love how Lowell Me. Whoops. There it is. There’s old Lowell. Hey Lowell. How’s it going? He kind of looks like a Lowell doesn’t he? Oh Yeah This book is so I don’t know if it was like self-published or something. But like there’s literally no ISBN It says copyright 1975 by Phoenix newspapers Inc Don’t know who that is and it’s just it’s a great little book about all these various ghost towns and stuff and these stories about Arizona that you’re just never going to hear anywhere else Yeah, and so one of the things I want to do someday is I want to go visit all these places like do a whole Road trip around the state and hit all these places We have a couple of other books about the topic But we have so many fascinating historical like not landmarks But historical areas here in the state that are just there completely Abandoned and washed out and falling apart in whatever but we have these ghost towns like everywhere And there’s these incredible stories about them. So yeah, I I would love to do this like as an audio book But I how the hell would I find the rights, you know what I’m saying? So but a fun book and it’s one of those Every once in a while, my mother’s quirkiness pays off and that would be one of the times I think that it paid off It’s been a fun book to kind of poke through and learn about these very Obscure little historical facts about Arizona, so and that might come in handy someday. You never know Yeah, for sure, oh yes, I’ve got my I’m not gonna pull it out I’ve got my emergency War surgery book I Have no fucking clue where I got that book but I keep it in case I’ve been Asami apocalypse and I need to perform emergency war surgery on somebody I I am attractive and have many fine qualities No, I do keep it around for reference because you never know when I may be writing a book and I need to find out You know how to remove a spleen or a shrapnel or whatever so I keep it for that reason I swear to God, that’s why I keep it. It’s true. You don’t believe me for a second Do you that’s alright you don’t have to Do profit first, that’s a good one again, and I’m going to be doing probably a series of short videos on this very soon on the business of writing So I think that’s and them and the things we ought to do before we really plunge into writing as a career One of them is is again. I’ve said this before is acknowledging that Writing is a business and we need to treat it as such we need to treat ourselves as small business owners or entrepreneurs And so I’ve got some great books like profit first Accounting for the number phobic. That’s a good one sumit. One of my favorite ones is in here I think it’s called the freelancers guide to money freelancers guy didn’t Cashflow something like that. I need to get a copy of a really good book. That’s the book that taught me about doing a Whenever you get a check 30% goes goes to a separate account for taxes 10% goes to a separate account for Emergencies and then you live on the other 60% and that budgeting system has saved our asses more times than I can count It’s a really really good system for those of us who have irregular paychecks But I don’t have a copy of that one. So that’s that. I should really really get one of those That’s right Hey Sam’s here Today’s Wednesday, that’s right, Sam. Today’s Wednesday where you been? I’ve just been drawing it out I’ve been stalling and stalling waiting for you to get here man What percent goes back to the business well Do you mean I need more I need a clarification on what do you mail every what you mean by that Mary? so the way I am structured and this is something I’ll be talking about in these videos is I’m structure doesn’t LLC and basically everything that is not a Regular paycheck goes to the company, right? And then so the company for example is paying my cell phone bill Some of my mileage rent space for this room. The LLC is paying for this room right now Things like that and then I also use it like today like tonight was just one of those fucking nights and so we went I Picked up food on the way home I try not to do that because it’s fucking expensive, but it was one of those nights So I did and the LLC paid for that so if you mean What percent goes bet like gets invested into business? Stuff like marketing that I don’t have an answer for cuz I don’t know yet. I Said I don’t have an answer for that and I really probably should but 60% of everything that comes in goes into like the checking account if that answers your question and the checking account pays for things like internet and cell phones and you know stuff like that taxes, whatever else and then the 30% I use not to pay my taxes Which I have not had to pay many for a while now because I’m not making any fucking money But would go to pay any taxes that are due and to pay also my Tax prep people have to do quarterly taxes since I’m an LLC pain in the ass, but you know it’s worth It’s like a hundred bucks. Every quarter to have somebody else do it great have at it So god forbid I get audited or something like that I’ve got all their stuff in my corner, which is really good. So, I don’t know if that answers your question, but No advertise, okay Yeah, so married to that core to your fellow Clarification there. I don’t have a set budget for that Or a set percentage I do. However Like, okay I’m getting ready to launch some courses online. Okay, and I have a set amount of how much I’m going I’m willing to lose basically on like Facebook Ads The web hosting, you know, etc, etc All those associated expenses, but that’s like something I figure out based on my checking account I don’t take it out of the other two accounts, like that’s not an emergency and that’s not taxes. So that money doesn’t get touched So I’ll look at my checking account and I budget it out for however many months and say okay how much can I afford to How much how much I can’t afford how much am I willing to give up? How much am I willing to lose? In advertising and marketing and stuff like that and assuming nothing Is returned maybe that’s the wrong attitude to have I don’t know but that’s sort of max I don’t have a lot of money in that account And there are monthly recurring bills that I have to pay, you know, regardless So I got to keep an eye on that and then I’ve got a whole Whiteboard thing going on that’s full of you know, these are the this is my Accounts receivable, I guess type thing Which is really just my whiteboard saying oh so and so it was made this much money at the end of March So yeah again, I’m probably I’m sort of answering your question, but not really. I don’t know case-by-case basis Yeah Anyway, I was Sam. Yes, so Sam today, we’re talking we’re doing a book We’re doing book club pick a book any book and we talked about some really fun books. I’m sorry you missed it You’d have to go back and watch the beginning Signing done for another account so I get the extra click Okay, whatsoever Sam it’s almost 9 o’clock dude come on So, let me see. Let me pick one or two other good ones here Let’s see World War Z of course fantastic, but if you if you’re a zombie or horror fan You have to read World War Z one of the smartest horror novels out there. Also, the audiobook is fantastic It’s abridged unfortunately, but the audiobook includes like Alan Alda Mark Hamill, ooh Gary Sinise maybe I think possibly Gary Sinise just awful this whole cast of people It’s fantastic great great audiobook Let’s see what else How not to die so you can probably read that one from wherever here This is a great health book basically talking about all the different fruits and vegetables. You should be eating and why? this also has an app that I actually use pretty regularly on my phone that tracks all of your different like cruciferous vegetables leafy greens other vegetables spices water b12 exercise Sunlight, you know all these various things And I’ve been very inspired by this book and there’s a new one that just came out called eat to beat that I like I’m getting ready to implement some of that and it’s all about how How food can act as medicine now? They’re not Pitching it. This is important because these are medical doctors and scientists and researchers and stuff They’re not pitching it as well If you have you know, you’re Alex Trebek and you have pancreatic cancer just eat spinach like they’re not saying that Thankfully, but they are saying hey here are some things that we are pretty sure if you eat these things and these amounts you can Either avoid diseases x y&z or if you have these diseases there’s a chance. There’s a good possibility You’re going to either reduce the severity of it or maybe even heal it you know there and they don’t but they’re not it’s not huckster II, you know, it doesn’t sound snake oil like Because it’s also common sense stuff like eat your fucking vegetables people Jesus, right? Hey, I know it’s that simple don’t you fucking McDonald’s? Okay, maybe once in a while, but not everyday or whatever Yeah, I like that a lot how not to die. It’s Michael Greger MD. He’s got a great website Most of his stuff is free on the website. By the way. I think it’s What’s it called nutrition Shit it’s not how about if you find if you look up how not to die you can find it Yeah, I really like that one. That’s been a big help as I go through this fucking whatever 20x thing that I’m doing Yeah I’ll see you later, Danny. Thanks for coming It x is best drunk that makes perfect sense Sam. I’m trying to think. I like I have not had like legit fast food Like okay, okay. Oh no No I think about I had Sonic a couple of weekends ago because it was it was not only purchased for us But brought to the house for us and if that’s the case like okay, I can’t say no to that. So I hate that And then but and then there was also some they brought ice cream Which was nice and I ate it but like a fucking sonic sundae Compared to like Ben & Jerry’s or something looks like actual ice creams. Like wow that is night and day. Holy crap I’m sorry to be snooty but man like even Toby didn’t finish the ice cream Good drinks, I don’t have those much anymore either but like apart from that Yeah, I know. I haven’t had Taco Bell in at least 10 years and I have not had like a water burger burger king McDonagh I still I remember I remember what a burger though and water burger was so good Yeah, I haven’t had anything like that in just forever. I Also haven’t been to Chipotle forever ever since the whole fucking stomach thing happened twice Like it’s probably the safest place in the planet to eat right now, and I just can’t bring myself to do it I used to love Chipotle and then I just after all that happened like I can’t do it man like what if what if today’s the day, you know, I Can’t do it. Anyway, eat your veggies everybody Do one more do one more good and let’s see that’s fun for ya whatever Yeah, we’ll do this it’s such a big book it may as well go for it jump in If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferriss you should by now Tim Ferriss is most famous probably for the 4-hour workweek Which I’ve read covered it. Actually I have two different copies of it and I’ve read them cover to cover several times each This is another one of his books huge ass book called tools of titans. My my brother-in-law Brent who is Very subtle says oh, yeah. It’s a good bathroom book. So take it in one sense that wills But he has a point. This one is just it’s literally a Huge book full of very very very short chapters of very very successful people for example Scott Adams I recognize Glenn Beck whether you like him or not doesn’t matter Tara branch burn a brown Margaret show Kevin Costner Whitney Cummings People, you know Seth Godin Jamie Foxx people like this and there are these very tiny little Like sometimes just one like here’s here’s one. It’s low carb at here’s one and then the next page That’s it. That’s a chapter and it talks about like entrepreneurship physical health emotional health like all just various that subtitle there’s tactics routines and habits of billionaires icons and world-class Performers and it’s just fun So again, if you’re feeling down if you’re feeling I really need to start making some changes You could probably pick this up at the library. It’s the cover price was thirty bucks at changing hands well worth it I think if you don’t have thirty bucks, which I don’t currently I understand how that goes Picking up at the library and flip through it find some people That you either recognize or admire or like and see what they have to say about these things because gonna be just be very inspiring Because in order to keep doing the shit that I do get up at 4:30 in the morning what I’m able to do that or do you know whatever I did today for my seal fit now this kind of shit you have to keep reading is the thing you Have to keep reading and watching and listening to people who are doing it or have done it to stay motivated. It’s fucking hard And I’m trying what I mean ultimately what I want to do is become a person who motivates others because I’m Typically, I’m self-motivated and it’s it’s tough. It’s really hard So I’m working on it and books like that can be enormous ly helpful and kind of keep the flame Lit, which is which is great. So anyway, whew Totally shot my voice. Anyhow Let’s see how people mess up there Let’s see four over epic. No, okay You don’t show okay, so Sam does not trust Tim Ferriss I don’t blame you here’s the thing There is something because I’m also I’ve also read for our body and we’re trying some of the things in there Sam And I’m not gonna argue with you like But but here’s the thing The the tools of Titan’s isn’t written by Tim Ferriss It’s he is more like the editor and he gathered all these things from all these other people So for that reason, I think it’s worth checking out I’m still a fan of 4-hour workweek I haven’t done all the things he says to do in it But I’ve used some of the principles and I think they’ve been helpful. It’s hard to say. I’m not making a million dollars yet So, you know And there are some other things like with that particular book that I’m just not prepared to do Like my thing the difference between me and someone like Tim Ferriss and some of these other guys is that they are setting out to make as much money as easily as possible without Breaking the law or anything like that like legitimately making money but on an automated way and all this kind of which sounds great and there are ways to do it and I’m smart enough that I could probably figure out how to do it and follow their instructions and do it all that That’s probably yeah, it could be done. Sure But that’s what I want to do. What I want to do is fucking write books That’s what I want to do So I read all of these books $100 entrepreneur do cool shit ten commandments of money six pixels of separation profit for I would I read all of these books and Try to glean from them things that are going to help me get to a place Get back to a place I should say where I can write books for a living That’s what I want. That’s the ultimate goal There’s some other things I want to do that some of the things I’d like to achieve or attain or whatever. That’s great I can tell you this it is less and less and less and less about things That’s for damn. Sure I do like some of the philosophy Ferriss introduced not and he was not the originator of it by the way some of the things that Ferriss introduced and 4-hour workweek in terms of You know, why do you want to be rich people? Oh, I want to be rich. Well, why do you want to be? Rich, what are you gonna do with it? Like just sit on a beach all day? I mean if that’s your thing go for it like no, I don’t want to sit on a beach all day I’m gonna go back to Germany. I look at my pilot’s license. I want to go here I’m gonna go there. I want to take this road trip. I want like there’s stuff that I want to do with my family That’s gonna be way cooler than like I bought a bigger house Like fuck. Yeah, I don’t care I want a 54 Chevy and then like my other regular day-to-day car That hopefully will be my Jeep someday if I ever get it back its back in the shop, by the way, there’s another fucking foreground speaking of the 4-hour workweek Anyway, so do you like some of that point being Sam my shields go up – even though I’ve bought many of his books Yes, I will just say yes Of all the books on business what and the biggest aha moment a good question Richard I probably have to go through them. I feel like I Feel like there was probably some stuff in six pixels of separation. This is Mitch Joel President of twist image I feel like maybe there was something in here, but this was back in the day. It’s probably already outdated That’s the problem on line books like Oh learn how to make a million dollars online. Well that was yesterday now it’s changed, you know What was one of the biggest that is a great question Richard Let’s see It I Don’t know Richard nothing is leaping to mind other than simple stuff. I just mentioned about more Why do you want to do it? That would that was been probably the biggest thing recently? So that it’s less about let’s make a lot of money and more. Why do you want to make money? And do you have to make a lot of money to actually? be Personally wealthy what that means? so one of the things to go back to what Sam was saying about Tim Ferriss, for example One of the things that I like about what Ferris does is he breaks down? He’s like, okay. What’s something that you really want to do or you really want to have okay I want a and it’s not a Lamborghini, but it’s some other type of fancy car, but let’s just say Lamborghini I want to Lamborghini. Well, I’m too poor. I can’t afford it and what he goes like, okay. Hold on a second Have you actually done the research? Here’s how much it might cost to buy. Let’s say a 2017 or 2016 or whatever older model Lamborghini? Is that okay with you? Do you mind you know a slightly used car? Okay, this is what’s gonna cost that is gonna cost you, you know two hundred dollars a month or five hundred whatever It’s gonna cost you per month. Well, that’s this much in sales of Product X or whatever This is an attainable goal. Once you break it down. I appreciated that That it wasn’t or at least the way he presents it Sam, I don’t know if he would agree with this he doesn’t present it as the you know non-stop rush for money for the purpose of having money the approach he appears to be putting out there is You know, why do you want it? What are you gonna do with it? Here’s how much it might actually cost It might not be as much as you thought like so for example for my pilot’s license whether the main reason I wanted my pilot’s license is because I think it will help me be less afraid of flying I Feel like that makes a lot of sense, right? And so I’ve done my research and somewhere on my computer I have a whole spreadsheet that breaks down Okay, here’s how much tuition is. This is how much it’s gonna cost to rent the plane This is how much the fuel is gonna cost? Yada, yada yada yada and that breaks down to X amount of dollars per month or whatever This is how much the LLC would need to bring in? Each month just to cover this thing that I want or this thing that I want to do It’s like oh well when you break it down like that, that’s really not Unattainable if that’s your priority So anyway Richard to go back to your question I don’t have a better answer right now at the top of my head if I think of when I’ll let you know next week but I would say yeah, the first thing comes to mind is really being more Cognizant and purposeful about you know, why do you want all this money? What are you gonna do with it? Yeah, so I’m gonna stick with that I’m sorry, I don’t have a better answer than that No, no, no. No, I want to say I’m sorry I’m hoping to at some point in the distant future because it is pretty fucking expensive It’s more expensive than I originally thought but I think that would be a really fun thing There’s a lot of stuff I want to do. There’s a lot of classes I want to take a lot of events that I want to go to a lot of places. I want to visit And I want to do them all with my wife Sometimes with my kids it depends on how old they’re And You don’t have to be like super you don’t think you be fucking Mark Cuban to do some of this stuff And so a lot of a lot of times what I will do And the joint I will do together on some of our date nights even is kind of plot out Like what’s the priority you know like is I I want to do pilots license Okay, but I also wanted to spend three months in Germany with the whole family and do a road trip throughout Europe. Okay? Well, which one’s more important? Joy’s like we’re gonna go to the to the Nordic countries by such and such a date that’s a priority to make that and what’s great about joy is like so make that happen And then she walks away like okay and she leaves up to me to figure out how that’s going to work I don’t know yet, but I guarantee it will happen one way or another So anyway, yeah, that’s what’s going on there Anyway, uh, I should probably Oh John-michael great thank its wealth of nature. I like that. Sounds good Sam. I would probably read that Yeah, and it is such a Western thing, isn’t it it is such a fucking Western thing and Like and they’ve already done the research like they’ve done that there’s that whole thing about I haven’t done it myself So I don’t know but there was that study about the the threshold of happiness Financially is that like two hundred thousand dollars a year or something like that and like anything after that? You’re no more happy. You’re not happier. After that point. I think it was two hundred thousand dollars, which is not a lot It’s more than we’re all making probably But it’s not a lot of money. That’s not a million dollars. Right? Like that’s that’s doable. It’s attainable Yeah fascinating stuff I’m really fascinated by that stuff because I don’t need to get into why it doesn’t matter right now and it’s late and I should go to bed say she’d get up at 4:30 and Meditate and breathe and my next goal is to try the wim HOF method if you guys haven’t heard of wim HOF Wim HOF you should look that up He is the Iceman and he does freezing freezing ice baths and this weird breathing techniques not weird but this breathing technique and we’re all gonna live forever if we just do the wim HOF method so I’m gonna give that a try next I Probably won’t but I’m gonna give it a shot. I want to at least try so Anyway, is it only 70 are you sure? It’s really only 70. I thought it was more than that. Well, I’m but okay, so we’re pretty close Maybe I’m between the two of us. Maybe we can Anyway, I’m gonna go to bed. It’s late. We’re like 15 minutes overdue Yeah, so if you’re in town Vii 12:30 changing here. Excuse me, poison pen Danielle. We teach it fast. That’ll be really cool. I don’t know I think I’ve got anything else coming up That I can think of nope Nope, nothing else that I can think of. So hope to see some of you there That would be great spread the word I think every all of you who are watching right now are already subscribed presumably for some reason you’re not please do that I hope this was fun If anybody has any ideas on who the fuck I am or who the fuck I’m supposed to be And how to you know sell books again, maybe Please let me know that would be super cool. I really appreciate it because I am fucking flailing over here and then last but not least speaking of marketing because that’s a great note to go out on I’m still posting chapters of my Remaining and contemporary why a novel called naked it is exclusively on patreon right now So if that’s something that interests you you need to go to And get all this cool stuff behind the scenes stuff Exclusive stuff so I don’t know if anybody’s reading the book, but it’s fun to put it up there And then I got so many decisions to make the next couple of weeks so many goddamn decisions I and it’s too late to even Get into them But let’s just say this time next week a Lot may have changed maybe not a lot. That’s probably but overblowing to say a lot some things may have changed Maybe it’s not that big a deal. I don’t know Sometimes you got to stop making plans and just do it and I’ve been saying that shit for fucking I don’t know how many years now and I feel like I’ve never done it I feel like I have not taken my own advice to just shut the fuck up. Quit making plans Stop writing sharing the whiteboard and just go do the thing. You said you wanted to do which in my case is write books That’s what I want to do I’ve got a cool. I don’t know if you want to call it urban fantasy It’s like more of a superhero is like a dark superhero book That I’ve been working on for a long time now, I’m finally starting to bring it all together and make it one complete novel I don’t know why I’m gonna do it that yet. Hopefully I’ll sell it, but we’ll see I’m gonna have to ask some of you guys to read it first cuz I don’t think it’s working Anyway, now I’m blathering it’s time to go to bed. Thank you guys so much for coming I love all of you for being here I just love you anyway, but thank you for being here is what I meant to say and As far as I know we’ll see you next week. Okay, so Yeah, I hope some of this helps I Hope you read a good book. I hope you can read a good book And if you’ve read one of my good books Please go leave a review on Amazon because that still matters believe it or not. It still does so Until we see each other next time may you be happy may you well, may you be safe and may you be peaceful? Entities and may I hopefully plays a small role in part of that? Okay. Thank you guys. Take care. Be safe out there

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