Tips for Visiting the Library of Congress

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The Library of Congress was created as a
library for Congress but nowadays it is open to everyone
and thankfully so as the Thomas Jefferson Building is the most beautiful
building in Washington DC use this video to help plan your visit to the Library
of Congress because it is a federal building the library is closed on
Sundays and most federal holidays though if you’re in town around President’s Day
or Columbus Day most years the library has its open house where anyone can
access the main reading room normally this room is only open to those with
library cards you can read more about how to get library cards on our blog
posts linked in the description below the library is located on Capitol Hill
across the street from the Capitol building and the Supreme Court it’s
easily accessible by metro hop-on hop-off bus and taxi with so many great
places to explore on Capitol Hill you can make a half day of seeing everything
there is even a tunnel between the Capitol Visitor Center to the Library of
Congress so you don’t have to go through security again though you will have to
go through security if you go from the library to the Capitol or better yet
take our Capitol Hill & Library of Congress guided walking tour where the
guide will take you into the Library of Congress
but if our schedule doesn’t work for you there are docent led tours of the
Library of Congress throughout the day you can easily spend hours inside the
Thomas Jefferson Building but if you’re short on time make sure you see some of
the highlights including the main hall [Music] an overlook into the main reading room
if you’re not visiting on an open house day and the Thomas Jefferson collection
where you can explore the books Jefferson had in his personal library
before selling them to the Library of Congress for more information on the
Library of Congress or surrounding federal buildings check out our blog
post and other videos you can subscribe to our channel here and visit our
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