Tips For Students Who Open Books The Night Before Exams!!


Hello people who doesn’t involve much in
classes and wait until the night before an exam to study
Exams, achieving academic goals – those are some daunting words!!!
Let us all take a deep breath before we start. Night before the exam
Tip no: 1 Pace At what pace you study? Slow or fast?
If you are a slow reader, here’s the bad news, you need more bags of time, so sacrifice
your favorite shows and social networking sites before anyone else.
No:2 Place to Study Same time same place,
Remember the last half an hour before going into the examination hall when people around
make an awful lot of noise and we still concentrate to study. It is true that, at the end of the
day our interest and concentration matters more. But, lot of yelling/laughing/talking,
we can hear it all and they easily distracts our mind. So, quite location without any distractions
is important. And read somewhere you enjoy, it doesn’t have to be neat though.
Some people learn more at the beginning of the day, while others concentrate best in
the night. Find when you are most productive and schedule according to that. Also, plan
what to read at what time ahead. Trust me, it saves lots of time. For example, here’s
the screenshot. No: 3 Music
Music while studying is distracting. But, during night studies when you have to deviate
your concentration from ghosts or in cases like you hate loneliness or to refresh your
mind, then, that’s a choice. No: 4 Breaks
You can take breaks between studies. As soon as you notice you are losing concentration,
take a short break. But, know when to take breaks, defiantly not after reading the first
line. If comfortable, set timers (but most of the
times it just increases your anxiety levels). So, drink loads of water and go to the bathroom.
If you think that is one weird tip. Let me tell you that it is a natural timer unless
you have some medical condition or your medical condition worsens the situation, either way.
So, what to do and what not to do to clear the cobwebs from your mind
Quick Naps You can sneak one only if you are so sure
of getting up when alarm rings. Otherwise, drop the idea and meditate or watch a comedy
clip here again clipping not the entire show. Funny tweets or posts are good too, but if
you have this condition to consistently ditch the books, please don’t go online or play
games. You need a physical and mental break. So don’t
eat meals or small treats at your desk and also don’t overload with carbohydrates,
it might make you sluggish. Leaning on the table or reading in the sleeping
position for a long time will strain your eyes. If you are tired, get up and walk around
while reading your notes. Also make sure there is ample light in the room.
One more thing, for God’s sake don’t think about anything that you think is bothering
you. Clear your mind. Stop acting like a person who is terrorist targeted. Keep all unimportant
issues at bay and stick to studies. It’s just for a day or a week and end of so many
don’ts. No: 5 Memory- The Hardest Part
Years back somebody told me that to study effectively and to retain that information
follow the SQ3R method. Anyhow let’s translate that into bit of
English. When it is very hard to remember, visualize what you study, sing them like a song or joke
about them or update as your status. To have a good grasp on what you learnt teach what
you’ve learned to someone else But one honest confession kind of advice, don’t wait for the finals; you don’t have
to study daily. But, open books even for a class test.
Write reviews or good notes after you learn something as most of us forget 80% of what
has been learned in only two weeks. And here’s the picture what I did for my
mid exams and trust me that saved a lot of time before finals.
And here forget the rants of your Grand ma about writing words in short. They are actually
very helpful here. Let me tell you a story. Carbohydrates have
two children simple and complex. Simple is the junky one initially too sweet and easy
to get along, but, with time we just lose our ability to focus and concentrate. And
yes, at the end of the day simple is that toxic friend should be avoided. On the other
hand, complex is the nerdy and good one, initially so tough to get along but with time you will
feel good and energized in that sustained friendship. After some days, next door a muscular
protein moved in. Reason for those muscles is amino acids. Well, coming back to story
complex fell in love with protein and they got married. Currently, together they are
helping students who consume healthy diet to perform well on exams by keeping them alert
and sharp for hours. Thinking what happened to simple? Well, after
hearing the news of their marriage, simple was high on sugars, then sugar burn-out and
now lost all energy in the bloodstream. Now, you know what to eat for sustained energy
during exams, right? And one last advise in this section, most of the times, what you have to learn is always
falls into two categories. concepts are bit easy to deal with. Once you learn them they stick with you for some time.
But, if your memory sucks, then rewrite and restate aloud what you are studying. And to
make it easy for information to be retained, don’t just glance over notes while you are
reading – write the questions you have read at the back of the textbook or on notes and
after reading every 5 questions, recollect or quiz yourself what you have read.
Coming to mug up words, they can easily fall out of your brain, so to recall that information
as many times as possible. Use post it notes and you can stick them on fridge or on walls
next to wash basin where you brush or dressing table or dining table etc.
Overslept before exam and less study hours!! What to do in that kind of situation? Don’t
worry, just go through headings, subheadings, conclusion, block or italic words or go to
the examination hall couple of hours before and start asking your friends or fellow students
to tell you few points for important questions. To irritate them less, follow the rule, one
person-one question. And then, rinse and repeat. Last tip: Right positive attitude
You can set multiple photos of people who insulted you as wall papers for some kind
of motivation. But, if it depresses you and you end up hating that person, please don’t
do it. Also, avoid absolute thinking and comparing yourself with others. You are unique.
Well, that’s the end if you like this video lining. Holidays yeah
Disclaimer: clearly don’t expect better grades, might useful just to pass exams. But
no guaranties there either.

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