Tips for avoiding scams when booking place to stay for vacation

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booking a vacation can be stressful and cost quite a bit of money but it’ll cost you a lot more stress and you’ll lose your money if you get scammed while booking consumer investigator Hank Winchester has some helpful tips on how to avoid those scams when booking a place to stay they’re popular websites especially this time of year VRBO Airbnb people looking for a quick vacation rental but scammers know you’re looking to get away right now and they’re trying to take advantage of you and your family this is a brand new warning from the Federal Trade Commission about those rental scammers who are not only trying to take your booking but also your money when you show up for that long-awaited vacation you find out you have no place to stay and your money is gone here’s some tips to avoid falling for a rental scam first be on the lookout for any ads that offer super cheap rates for a premium vacation destination if the rent seems way below the market value that is a big sign of a scam of course I want to save money if I don’t recognize that sign maybe I read up on it and maybe talk to everybody hey use this never wire money or pay with a prepaid card or send a gift card for a vacation rental don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision regarding the property in question ever you’re going down the line and make sure that there’s a telephone number or a way of actually reaching a human being to talk to get a copy of the contract before you send any deposit money and make sure the address actually exists and that goes for a vacation rental and hotels – if there’s not a picture of the hotel over versus ground pictures or or drawings of like and what the hotels supposed to look like okay that might be a red flag here’s another tip instead of just relying on photos that are posted online ask the owner or the manager of that property if they’ll do a quick FaceTime chat with you get a good live look inside the property before you sign on the dotted line I’m Hank Winchester help me Hank alright Hank if you feel like you’ve been scammed the Better Business Bureau encourages you to send them an email with all the information you can provide

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