Time Is Your Best Friend When You’re Healing From Heartbreak

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Hi D Grant here with you. I got a
question. What do you feel about or how do you feel about the idea of time being
your best friend something you’ve ever thought out before? I really
struggled with that thought when I was talking with my good buddy Travis Eason
about two years ago doing a tattoo on my arm. I was going through a really
rough time processing of the end of my 12-year marriage. I felt like there
was all this… I felt like time was like slipping away.
I felt like I was wasting it in a sense because my dream was to have a
family, to be a husband, and to to have a partner and to be living in a
relationship with somebody else. I had lost that and I knew it was gonna
take a long time to get to a place where I could have that again. So I kept
telling myself, man it’s not like I don’t need any
time, but it’s slipping away and I was so stressed about it and it became
this this thing. It became a burden to me. But my friend Travis told me this really
beautiful thing. It’s something that I’ve written about in my book, Be Solid:
How To Go Through Hell And Come Out Whole. And what he said to me was, “Time is your best friend.” Taking that idea took me a little
bit of time, honestly, but I’ve discovered that it’s true. That we naturally get
into a hurry. We get into this rush with going through process and whether that’s
a process of you healing yourself after going through heartbreak or going
through a broken relationship. Or whether or not it’s a process of you building
your business or you learning something new in mastering a craft, time is your
best friend. Time is the thing to really partner with and really devote yourself
to and become really good friends with. Because time gives you the skills and
the necessary ingredients and the necessary tools to be able to go through
whatever process you’re going through. When you get to the other side,
really be in the best place to do something awesome with where you are
versus trying to rush the process and skip steps and ignore things that are
actually important. Whatever you’re going through right now, if you’re trying to
rush the process if you’re trying to speed up the steps you’re taking to get
to the destination you’re trying to get to, just stop just stop and let yourself
become friends with not only time, be friends with patience. Patience is a
wonderful friend and it will serve you very well. It will give you the dexterity
and the strength and the Solidarity inside of yourself to be the best
version of you. To do your best work. To operate out of your ultimate strength
versus the stress and the frustration of trying to feel like you have to have it
all together all right now. It’s not humanly possible and it’s not healthy. My
encouragement to you my friend is embrace the process. Let strength be or
let time be your best friend. And you love yourself enough to devote the
energy and maybe the days and the months and the years if necessary to going
through the process that you’re going to go through to get to where it is you
want to go. I’m in the wholeness journey I’m a whole lot more whole of a person
than I was two years ago but I’m still in this journey it’s not a destination
and time is my best friend I hope it’s your best friend too I’ll talk to you

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