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– Thanks for all coming, we’re gonna record the
podcast now. (laughing) – I’m gonna try really hard not share too many personal details, because usually it’s just
me and Hannah or Lucy and you have no idea how much we cut out, because we’re like, “Guys,
by the way, gossip.” (deep bass music) Hello, and welcome to Banging Book Club, the board nilly podcast
where we record a podcast, well done, where we
review a book about sex and gender, and banging. I’m Leena Norms. – I’m Hannah Witton. – And I’m Lucy Moon. (audience applauding and cheering) – I used to have this friend
from Yorkshire at uni, who taught me to quad
swear, so she was like, when you’re stressed,
like, fuck won’t do it, you have to go Fuck, bile, cum shit! Or shit, bucker, cum,
fuck!, it feels so good! – This is the stuff that we would cut out. – Mainly most of Leena’s personality. – So you guys. You know that we say that I have trouble contributing in the podcast, because I’m always really carried away. I feel like I managed about three words. – I’m sorry Lucy. – No, no, I’ll do the first noise review. Mhm, mhm, mmm. – I also haven’t talked you
guys about the book yet, – No, we literally haven’t talked – So I’m just like oh god, please speak. – I can probably, because
I went on tour with Hannah for the book tour. I can probably retell your losing your virginity
story, multiple times, word for word. (screeching) – That’s my sound when I realise
that Hannah wrote a book. And this is what my sounds
would be for reading the book. Oh, aw, aw. Aw. No way! (audience laughing) – That’s a lot of sounds. Do I need to do a sound review? – [Leena And Lucy] Yeah – Okay (grunting) That’s me birthing a book. Your sound review, after three. One, two, three. (audience cheering) I don’t think there’s any way
that you can make sex boring, in my opinion. – I don’t know, I don’t know. – Lucy do you want to tell us something? – I’m good. My mom never gave me the sex-ed chat, but she did make me watch
One Born Every Minute, so it depends,
– I love it. – It was very, very
good as a contraceptive. – My best friend growing
up has a 10 year old, – Is this another tangent? – She had one when we were 15. And she sat me down, she was like I’m pregnant, I was like, how are you pregnant, I
have not kissed anybody. (laughing) And I still remember that
being my first question, like but how? – Teach me. (audience laughing) – I got given this book by my mum called The Dirt on Sex. – Oh you’ve shown us pictures of it. – And it has a traffic light on the front, so it’s like, green, orange and red, and then on the inside – It’s about how much of a slut you are. – Yes. God says “yes.” God says “No.” God says, “Maybe.” but try not to. – So that’s basically oral. People will often tell me
about their sex-ed experiences, so I’ve heard some horrific ones. There was one where the
teacher got an apple, and then was like, this is your virginity. And then took a bite out of the apple, and then was like, this is what happens when
you have sex with somebody. And then passed it around the class, got everyone to take a bite out of it, and then had this
leftover core of an apple, and then threw it and was like, is this what you would
give to your husband? So I just thought I’d share that as a context and comparison, to Doing It, by Hannah Witton. – Okay Leena, so how did you
find listening to the audio? – Oh my god, it was so relaxing, I don’t even know, I don’t know maybe. – Really? Are you an ASMR person? – Maybe I have some weird
attachment to Hannah, but like, I, whoa, I don’t
know, I was really zen. – Did you masturbate to it? – No. – Just checking. I lived with no sex before
marriage Christians at Uni. So I was having sex for the whole house. – On behalf of. – On behalf of. Yeah, I was like, don’t
worry guys, I got this. – Okay, so the next thing I wanted to talk about Hannah, was, it wasn’t just you who
wrote this book, was it? But not in a Zoella way! (audience booing) No, no, no, do you know what, I believe Zoella wrote
it, that’s not the point, you know what I mean. As in like, if I was the sun, I actually do believe she wrote that book, and anyone could come at me for that. Don’t even get me, – Leena, you’re digging, stop it. – I’ve already written on this podcast, about how Zoella
definitely wrote her book. Anyway, I watched Hannah write this book, and we got Dms. So many Dms. So anyway, it wasn’t just you though was it Hannah? – No, I had guest contributors,
I think about 15 of them. Some of them are here. (cheering) Thank you guys. – Actually, my friend Sana,
who’s in the audience, saw a man outside earlier, in
a full body pebius costume. – Penius? – Did I say pebius weird? Still a bit Christian guys. – The concept of aesthetic attraction, was discussed by, I’ve completely forgot her name. – Amelia. – Yeah, and I was like,
that is exactly how I feel about women, I now have
a word for it, because, – That’s how I feel about your Instagram. – Oh my God. – I’ve got some feedback
about these chairs, I scraped. (laughing) What the fuck is happening? It’s okay to accept compliments and need them from other people, and I was like yeah! – I love compliments. Who likes compliments? (cheering) Who would like a compliment? (cheering) Okay, you, stand up. Hello. What’s your name? Katie, I love your outfit,
and when I met you earlier, you were very cheery, and
your eyeliner is on fleek. – [Katie] Thank you – You look like your hair is really soft, but I’d only touch it
with your permission, because I also read the consent chapter. – Who else wants a compliment? Go on Lucy, you pick someone. – Oh, who do I pick? – Lovely person with the, – I said Lucy pick someone. – Yeah Leena, yeah. – I’m a type seven, I’m sorry. – I really like your jumper, and I like your septum piercing. Is it real? – [Girl] It is real. – It’s nice. – So also, I wanted to bring up the fact that Hannah thought she had a penis? – Yeah. – For a very long time? – Yeah also, how did you think it was, was it your labia majora? – Majora? Minora? – Was not what your penis, like, how long did you think you had a? – Because it looks like a lip. It wasn’t even a like straight on. – I think it was one of my inner lips, cause I’ve got one bigger than the other. – Me too! – Tuck it in. Mine was kinda like, just sweep it under the carpet, quite literally, just like, tuck it in. – I do that all the time. – And it’s just like gone, under the rug. – This is where my prude
side is like, I’m done. – What’s your labia like Lucy? – Let me give you an in depth description. I’m joking
– Labias with Lucy? – Have you guys got more
things that you’ve learned, or, should we move on to my pop quiz? – Is the morning after pill, yeah? – No, morning after pill is
emergency contraception Leena, emergencies only! Final question. What is the most common
STI amongst young people? – Chlamydia
– Syphilis – Oh, Chlamydia, yeah. – [Leena] I said that with
a bit too much conviction. – Syphilis is on the rise though. (audience laughing) Anyway, I think Lucy won that bit. Who’s the real winner? It’s me. Cause I wrote a book. (audience cheering) There’s one more thing that we have to do. – I know what is it, I think. To end a Banging Book Club podcast. And that is the question, would you have sex with this book? – I would have frequent,
consensual sex with this book. – Yes! – Enthusiastic, and
frequent, consensual sex – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! – with this book. Maybe experimental, yeah, now that I’ve read it, I’m like, what is possible? Would you have sex with this book? – Yeah, I think I probably already have. – What about you guys? (audience laughing) – Thank you guys, so
much for coming tonight, I really hope that you have enjoyed it. Thank you dear listeners,
for listening to our podcast. Make sure that you subscribe on iTunes, and leave us nice reviews, and follow us on Twitter,
@bangingbookclub. Next month we are reading. I don’t know the full title of it, Leena. – Aristotle and Dante Discover
the Secrets of the Universe, which is a really,
really, really great book. – Thank you guys so much for listening. Bye. (audience applauding and cheeering) How do you end a podcast
live, I don’t know, let’s go. – I need the toilet so much. – I know same! I really need to pee and I’m sweating! (bass music)

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