Thousand Worlds Book Club: Dying of the Light Part 2


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72 thoughts on “Thousand Worlds Book Club: Dying of the Light Part 2”

  1. j diiacova says:

    Thank You Preston

  2. Petter Söderberg says:

    Well hello there, notification squad.

  3. Ryan Cosgrove says:

    Hype? Hype.

  4. Cata Thielemann says:

    Yay, Preston!! Thanks for the video 🙂

  5. Area Fifty One says:

    I love this book and was looking forward to part 2. Thank you Preston!!!

  6. Wu Zhiro Fukaree says:

    …and we are back…

  7. Chadwick Jones says:


  8. cmason105 says:

    nothing completes a weekend more than Preston

  9. nick koch says:

    Go Pack Go, Preston!

  10. Jesús Ignacio MdelC says:

    Awesome! thank you Preston

  11. Nohashtagshere says:

    The artwork adds a nice touch


    I love this book

  13. Attilles says:

    I want part 3 now roar

  14. coughdrop01 says:

    "or something, I don't know, whatever"

  15. Alexander Augustus Aurelius says:

    Jaan lost it because some dude assaulted his wife. It's an entirely normal emotional response – not one based in "her honour" or one done for "feminist ideals".

  16. Bep Kororoti says:

    Whoohooo, another 1000 Worlds video! I've been devouring your whole 24 story list, my favorite is A Song for Lya, can't wait for that one. I really like your in depth analysis style. Keep up the good work Preston.

  17. Ronnie South says:

    Thank you Preston!

  18. Wylie Coyote says:

    Perhaps GRRM needs a nap every time he walks 3km?

  19. Amelia C. says:

    Yay! New Preston!

  20. LabTech says:

    Seeing as we're talking about the longest of GRRM's 1000 Worlds stories, I was wondering if you could help me out.  For whatever reason, the Google docs pages for all the stories are no longer available, and I was wondering if you knew any alternate sources for the stories other than Scribd, as that's blocked at my work site.  In fact, if anyone knows of an archive of 1000 Worlds stories as well as other short stories by GRRM, I'd appreciate it.

  21. Michael Watson says:

    Do you never think of trying to write a fantasy/ book yourself

  22. Rodiacreed says:

    You release a video on my birthday awesome. 🙂

  23. majojok says:

    what did you think of the awesome scene: "You. will. not. duel." That was the point where I started to really like this book

  24. Coffeebean1985 says:

    Great video, Preston, it was an interesting listen!

  25. Ser Brad ‘Speedball’ Summerchild says:


  26. MeesaBack says:

    Hmmm where have I heard that intro before?

  27. Leor Melnik says:

    hey Preston!
    thanks for the analysis
    i liked the Ned-Dirk comparison
    How was Africa?
    next time your in the neighborhood, come visit Israel.
    it would be great to put you in a room with GOT Academy. you guys should do a video together.

    eny way, what will be the next book you analyse? i want to be prepared…

  28. Joe Vahkiin says:

    these keep me going. Preston, my man!

  29. Beth Gray says:

    Thanks preston 🙂 your videos are the highlight of my week!

  30. Isaac Ruderman says:

    You say forty years ago not realize that is only 20 years before game of thrones

  31. Dylan Williamson says:

    Do you have a degree in English or philosophy or something?

  32. lodovico odak says:

    People give you a lot of shit? Tell me Who they are, I will take care of them!! 😎

  33. noddwyd says:

    >"Memory of an orgasm"

    Well, I hope it was a good one then.

  34. Dan Pallatt says:

    Yes Preston Jacobs. Everytime a video is up I have to watch it about three times back to back. Great video. Thanks

  35. Noisesome Skàld says:

    Such interesting insight was offered on GRRM today. You never disappoint, Preston, and I'm waiting eagerly for the third part
    Health to you and yours, comrade

  36. Nathan Ware says:

    The scene of Dirk and Jan running over some Braithes and Jan getting excited by it seems to almost mirror the scene in The Great Gatsby where Daisy runs over Myrtle Williams with Gatsby in the passenger's seat.

  37. Robert Larsson says:

    I saw caffeine2's drawings before they became famous. =)

  38. gretta holmgren says:

    thank you ser ♥️

  39. 1 2 says:

    Love all of your stuff and you making these vids has made me get into reading in general not just grrm. Thanks so much <3

  40. Jacob Taber says:

    I always thought of Dirk as Jorah rather than Ned, though that is probably because I listened to the audiobook read by Ian Glen.

  41. B-1LL says:

    but how is the salad dressing?

  42. Fourthcore Deathmatch says:

    hahahah holy shit amazing opening

  43. 怪しい外人 says:

    Great opening, but that explanation fucked me up lol

  44. Di Cleverly says:

    Oh stupid YouTube kicked you out of my subscription and notifications! I almost missed this! Grrrr!
    Good video, as always. So much analogy.

  45. Vitor Mattos says:

    Preston, I made this commentary on Reddit about the Frey civil war, I think i've got some things you missed and i disagree in some minor things. I talk more about some important characters such as lame lothar, jinglebell, bastard Walder, the houses sworn to Frey and ser Perwyn.

  46. alxanderscott says:

    Ok. So, how many people reached the 10 minute mark, stopped, and said out loud 'for fuck sake I need to go back and re-watch the first part because this is ridiculous!'?

  47. Chris2358 says:

    So happy to see this appear. Really brightened up an otherwise pretty miserable week. Thank you Preston. 🙂

  48. Jooooger says:

    Just fill in that conspiracy plot hole with telepathy and problem solved 😉

  49. makouras says:

    I think Gwen and Dirk had no fun in Challenge because they knew it was a false romance. Even Dirk began to realise deep down that the glass had broken years ago and there was no way they could be back together and live happily ever after. The harsh truth that this romance had failed hit him, even though he didn't openly admit it. I think this part of the story was very well written. You can really feel the awkwardness between the two ex-lovers.
    Btw Arkin's 'plot' and Gwen and Dirk never talking about the whisper jewel until halfway through the book is the only flaw in this story. I really had hoped you had a more 'Preston-like' explanation for this, but I guess it's a story flaw.

  50. Holypikemanz says:

    Dying of the light is the world's most unsure female and the world's wimpiest most desperate beta male, trying to work their overblown high school level emotions. And we are supposed to "feel sorry for" the masculine men who had to fight together to survive and find women but live to see their culture becoming more relaxed as resources expand? I couldnt get through more than half of the reading with all those GD feelings, but I hope the masculine men blow the head off the beta male love interest and those sneaky Kimdissi shit starters.

  51. Silver Imp says:

    I know Martin poopoo'd your ideas about Plato's Republic but do find it interesting how well versed he is in philosophy. Question, when you say there is a bit of Kant, which bit do you mean. Universal norm stuff or human conceived reality stuff?

  52. SKALLRAG says:

    3 Kilometers isn't a typo. Have you seen GRRM?

  53. Max Aggropop says:

    GRRM said once in an interview (can't find it, no quote) that he is both against the senseless horrors that war brings to the people, as he loves heroism in battle, like in medival knight tales (surprise!) or war epics. That underlines that sense of philosophical paradox you seem to be having, and it is not so paradox after all: war is absurd. sometimes it is necessary, when you need to ged rid of a tyrant or free enslaved people or defend your home from invaders, but it is always absurd. People die for that reason, whatever it is. conflict in the human heart, yadayadayada.
    And you might be a conspiracy theorist, but the story is called "game of thrones". The whole thing is conspiracy, slavers bay, iron islands, seven kingdoms, you name it: conspiracies. I am pretty impressed whith what you did to the Dorne thing. It was my least favourite in the old version, because it depended on so many wild cards and had no clear goal. Compared to the iron isalnds for example, it was comparable in size, but much weaker logically. The re-rereading you have done with the deeper dorne solved a lot of that, man. and i don't give a shit whether you are right, because this channel is the best entertainment until i get the next book. period.

  54. Bwuh says:

    nice d long

  55. Jack Saunders says:

    Damn man, these videos are incredible! Serious kudos, you're my favorite channel on YouTube.

  56. m. b. whitlock says:

    Thank you so much for this! Wonderful analysis. I wonder if Ruark's owl symbol has any relationship to Bohemian Grove…The secret society is one known to include pacifists…also one that manipulates politicians and governments.

  57. Melanie Whorehouse says:

    I think you would be perfect to analyze the film "The White Ribbon". You probably aren't going to do it, but I think you would do a great job at it.

  58. Bryant Adair says:

    Preston, I love your channel, I read the SOIAF books this summer and watched the show through twice, and after seeing your Big Picture series I listened to the Books again on audio and Started reading the 1000 worlds stories. Then you started doing the book club and it was just perfect. Plus Deeper Dorne and the rest, quality nerd porn my friend👌 G.R.R.M's writing has got me threw one of the hardest years my life, and he has quickly become my favorite, but channels like yours and AltshiftX really bring it all to life. Keep up the good work brotha👍

    P.S. Your channels better than Alt's cuz you talk more about the psychological introspection which is what GRRM's books are all about. And Deeper Dorne iz the shit 💩 and Dying of the Light is my 20 year old existential crisis turned into a bad ass Sci-Fi novel, favorite Martin book looking forward to part 3.. rant over

  59. Mortimer Snead says:

    What was the Heidegger thing? Dasein?

  60. Lovemachine says:

    I was wondering if maybe Martin simply doesn't know how long a kilometre is

  61. Hand oftheKing says:

    Dear Prestons: Maybe one of you could read Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper. I am a Piper fan, both Marq and the Beamer, but found this book unreadable. Which puts it in the same category as GRRRRRRRRM's previous novels. But if someone wants to waste some hours of his or her life there might be some nuggets to glean. If one of you also watched that terrible TV show how hard could this be, right?

  62. Citzen_J says:

    …. or something, I don't know. lol good one Preston

  63. Tallon Powell says:

    13:16 on, my life story

  64. manband20 says:

    Fun Fact of the Day: According to the Special Edition of A Game of Thrones (and probably an interview I never read that said this already many years ago) Bretan Braith is an inspiration for both The Hound, which we knew already, and Loras Tyrell.
    The More You Know.

  65. Feamelwen says:

    Absolutely love the term "space Boltons". Will be re-using it.

  66. Varnalin says:

    Oh, man. I am terribly behind my reading for the book club. I want to watch your videos so bad but I also do not want to have the book spoiled. You posting those videos is a real test of my power of will (which is not that much, to start with).

  67. kettlemagic says:

    Brilliant as always!

  68. Adam MacKenzie says:

    See you in part 3! BTW who does the paintings?

  69. Jooooger says:

    George seems to try to preemtively answer the holes in the conspiracy regarding why Dirk and Gwen would not mention the whisperjewel. For Dirk part of the promise is that he would show up "no questions asked". For Gwen she says that she was waiting for Dirk to explain why he was there in his own time. I'm sure Ruark had a part to play in convincing Gwen not to bring it up. Dirk knows why he is there (or so he thought). It would be like bringing up the obvious.

    The only time it would have been logical to bring it up is when Dirk mentions the time he sent Gwen his whisperjewel and she didn't show. However that would probably be a bit harsh to mention the time someone broke their promise to you and then bring up how you are there fulfilling your promise to them. I think it's quite clever that such a grand conspiracy could've been stopped if only these two ex-lovers had communicated properly. Although lack of communication is why they are ex-lovers in the first place. Ruark probably knows this as well and it helps him determine how best to "move his piece".

  70. MissyAmy88 says:

    Poor Garse. Being married to the man he looks up to and is in love with, and then that guy comes back to him with a wife they have to share. No wonder he has mixed feelings for Gwen. He doesn't hate her. He comes to care for her, but she should never have come to be his cro-betheyn.

  71. St Daga says:

    Gwen must have known that Arkin sent the whisper jewel; it makes no sense she gave it to him unless she meant for him to use it. I think she was aware the whole time, allowed this all to transpire, and it was confirmed to me the moment she claimed Garse's iron bracelet! Who is manipulating who? Arkin isn't trustworthy, but this wasn't all on him. No way!

  72. Epsillon314 says:

    Great analysis Preston. Your videos have really increased my enjoyment of Dying of the Light. The way you find connections to ASOIAF is very interesting.

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