– When I was in art school, I really hated just
making art for no purpose. We now have books that
are 11 or 12 years old. It’s become almost like a time capsule for people all over the world and we have kids who were
kids when they did it and now have come back, like, in their 20s to visit their book. I’m much more about this idea of community creation rather than individual artists. It’s a lot more fun to know there’s people all over the world working
on the same thing as you, whether it’s an outlet
to talk about something or just a way to practice
their art making. Everyone obviously has
something interesting to say. We all share it online all the time, this is just your story in their hands. I’m the founder of The Sketchbook Project and Brooklyn Art Library, where we have 45,000 sketchbooks from over
100 different countries. It started as sort of just a way to get our community involved in a little gallery
space set we had set up. And we started to just put these calls out and it was very sort of, like, we have different objects we can send, like a disposable camera or
a sketchbook or a canvas. And people started to email us from all over wanting to be a part of the project. And The Sketchbook Project was one of many of these things that we did, but it was the one that we
always sort of went back to and it kept growing. Anyone can submit by going to our website,, and they can order a book. They’re five by seven. You can draw in it, you can sketch in it. Anything you could possibly wanna do, you can rebind it and
you can make it your own. It has to be thinner than an inch. And then you’ll mail it back to us. In that process, you’ll catalog your book
with all of your keywords, so whether that’s the topic that you did or the mediums you used or the location that you live or you can put in a whole
entire bio about yourself and all of that becomes
searchable in our library system. So when the book returns back, you’ll be able, or viewers will be able to
come and search for your book or search for topics they’re interested in and hopefully your book is one of them. And then it lives
permanently in our space. Here’s looks like a kids book. Oh, it’s a whole middle school in California that all did monsters. This book, I mean, I’m biased on this
book because it’s my wife, but I think it’s a great example of a complete different one. So she made this felted rat inside and it was the encyclopedia
of New York City rats and then each of it’s little clothing is the brunch rat, and he’s got cheese on
his plate, obviously. The freelancer rat. This is his, when he goes down
to Florida for the winter. He’s got his little bikini. (laughs) A lot of people take this
sort of to a new level. Most of them I think are
kinda full art projects. Though there are obviously people who just use it to sketch and that’s awesome. I think it’s really cool too when people decide to make it a whole project from beginning to end. There’s a lot people use
it also as a starting point for their own personal projects. They’ll make the book and
then they’ll use it to grow. We’ve had people who are in their 60s who have never made art before and then this was their first time and then now they’re going
back to school for art ’cause they were inspired by this or we have professional artists that use this as their one fun project a year that is not work related. You could pull a book off the shelf and no matter what you pull, it’s completely different
from the one next to it, and even though they’re the same theme or might’ve used the same approach, everyone is so individual and I think that’s so interesting. And then it blends together
into one giant piece.

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