This Librarian Has Become a First Responder to Opioid Overdoses | World of Hurt | (HBO)


— The opioid crisis has become a national emergency. Overdose is now the leading cause of death
for Americans under 50— worse than car crashes or gun violence. But the epidemic is more than just numbers. And to understand it, you have to go to the communities
that it’s tearing apart. — I come out here because of
the children and the animals. I don’t want them to get poked. 139 I got, that was the most I ever got… …in one day. And there’s another one I see. I just started. Sometimes, you find them in socks. Sometimes you find them in cigarette packs. Find them in the walls. In the trees. They die in here, too. But now I’m used to it. — I didn’t even know this place
was called McPherson Library. This is Needle Park. — If you’re not adding skills as a librarian, especially because you’re working with the public, you’re not fulfilling your role. I was very adamant about getting the Narcan training, when we had an overdose in the building,
right by our public restroom… there’s something extremely horrifying and upsetting about watching somebody slowly die
and you can’t do anything. Narcan can come in a nasal spray, or this, which turns into a nasal mist, as well. So, this little thing saves lives. — My freshman year in college, playing football, I had an awesome year. And, uh, the game before the playoffs, I tore my knee. I just had a fucking doctor that wanted
to give me all these pills. I kept going back to the dude, and he was giving me, you know, whatever. I said, “These 5’s aren’t working right. “I need something stronger.” So he gives me 7.5s. And some Dilaudid. — About two weeks ago, one of the kids,
one of the regulars who come in afterschool, ran in and said, “Someone fell outside.” And I kinda knew what that meant. I ran out, he was turning blue, he was seizing up. So we gave him a dose. Luckily, as we were waiting for the ambulance, a group of police officers were walking through the park. So we waved them down. The officers gave the gentleman
two more doses of Narcan. We were trained in March, and I’ve Narcan’ed… six individuals now. — I’d be dead if it wasn’t for Narcan. When I relapsed, I OD’d, like,
the third time I got high and, um… I almost didn’t make it. They hit me with Narcan four times,
and, finally, the fourth time I woke up. I don’t want to live like this. This is terrible. — Where’s your little brother going? One of the reasons I chose this branch
is due to personal history. Both of my parents, um, are
in recovery for over 20 years now. They used heroin. They had substance use disorder. And they both were able to get clean. It took a lot of support. And time. See you tomorrow, Sterling. No one really gets clean in 30 days, if you talk to anybody who is in recovery, so until we radically change the way
we treat addiction in this country, this community, unfortunately,
will not strive forward.

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100 thoughts on “This Librarian Has Become a First Responder to Opioid Overdoses | World of Hurt | (HBO)”

  1. llEYESfromABOVEll J3SS says:

    thats not his duty or job to pres sue going out in the madness
    field of drug relations having to scoop up needles. and than for
    this women working as an innocent librarian having to manage keeping
    an eye out for ppl who OD. F**K WHAT U HEARD,

    if u want rehab and a different
    cycle of life you can do it, nothing comes easy in this reality, I'm struggling missing court.
    but i manage to be with god himself and focus on the positive direction.

    has no benefit, why are these beautiful top of the line cities being brought with the
    dragon heroin. i would assume the peak of hell and the hood of relations of struggling
    would make more sense, but this drug has cross the country in all shapes and forms
    in public areas known to be pleasant for a night out on a beer. ram with confused
    human beings who need treatment, don't even get me started with marijuana complete opposite

  2. Evan Pfeffer says:

    people are missing the point…the opioid epidemic is caused by Mexican drug cartels flooding the U.S. with cheap mexican heroin in response to the legalization of marijuana. This blame big pharm crap is the government's excuse to shift blame away from their efforts to combat naroco trafficking.

  3. Crypt Keeper says:

    Just smoke weed you dumb fucks haha.

  4. Mister Mood says:


  5. gangstalishis says:

    Damn college athlete threw it all away. Shame.

  6. Klrod says:

    White people have it easy, why shoot up?

  7. Wayne Bentz says:

    Sexy librarian

  8. Isaiah King says:

    Overdose isnt the leading death in U.S.A maybe in all of america.

  9. Jeffrey Wilson says:

    Of course, that loser blames the doctor. What a WOL.


    CIA going hard in the dope game again 😂

  11. Truth Is Buoyant says:

    The opioids crisis is from big Pharma and the deep state

  12. WAgunfun says:

    Dope Fiends Can Blame Nobody But Themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ern Betz says:

    omygod the Librarian gorgeous

  14. TheJrmelo11 says:

    manchester NH is worse multiple ODs everyday in the park in the downtown area

  15. Kivrin Engle says:

    So fucking nasty 🙁

  16. BF3blog says:

    Even the librarian seems high in this video.

  17. The steam guy says:

    These comments never cease to disappoint me.

  18. Will C says:


  19. Artem 'what have i done' Lobov says:

    Was never a health epidemic while people of color were dieing. Since it's white kids, now it's an issue.

  20. ShyGuy23751 says:

    When did the UK started shipping lots of Opium into the USA?

  21. Ryan Lovejoy says:

    Gosh, this is sad

  22. MsDboyy says:

    I live in Staten Island & its pretty much the same thing hear …. maybe even worse idk

  23. charlie h says:

    What we need to do is make opioids available in small safe amounts for opioids and heroin addicts, and stop handing them out like candy for this new generation.

  24. Lavishlyfat says:

    Trump is banning trans people from the military. Next step: fucking put them all in internment camps

  25. HarryC26 says:

    All the black people in this comment section making racist comment, your the main reason racism will never end.

  26. Graydon Buchleiter says:

    Charlie Parker ODed

  27. ExopMan says:

    Ughhh needles make me queezy

  28. Killacamfoo O.G. says:


  29. Elopes34 says:

    Eventually it'll start going down again once all these weak minded people overdose and are gone.

  30. Joseph Bierowski says:

    its funny we have moved on from banks giving out home loans to any one with a credit score and a pulse to shitty doctors and pharma companies handing out opioids like candy what ever happened to helping people

  31. Kazzam 121 says:

    Too bad you can't administer these drugs orally, we need to develop some way of administration that is safer that needle use and the risk they pose when not discarded properly

  32. Harrison Ressler says:

    I don't think the addicts should go to jail for drug use. Since its not violent, or for profit. But they shouldn't litter.

  33. jasminhook96 says:

    Doctors overprescribe that shit

  34. eequalsmcdonald says:

    The librarian sounds high. She has the William S. Burroughs's voice.

  35. eequalsmcdonald says:

    I am personality in recovery from a heroin addiction. I find it extremely disrespectful, unsanitary, self loathing, and simply idiotic that it's become the norm in this park to litter fucking syringes.

  36. Mona Al says:

    They need clinic where they can inject safely and public doesn't get expose to needle and harmful diseases
    Addiction is disease…

  37. houssehold334 says:

    Another way the government has thrown to the public so we don't intervin with what's really going on around the world

  38. moooooofy says:

    drugs are bad except the ones we actively promote -vice news

  39. Lifter85 says:


  40. Darzo says:

    I fucking hate junkies, I see quite a few every week.. I hate when people feel sorry for them. It's their own fault, they knew the shit they were taking and the risks involved.

  41. Dimitriy Medvedev says:

    THAT IS FUCKING CRAZY. I mean I'm Russian, I've seen shit, we have a lot of drug addicts, I personally took H for some time in my life, but there is no public parks full of junkies, that's really crazy.

  42. Ashtray says:

    Wasn't that already posted like a month ago?

  43. E G says:

    Let's get D.A.R.E. on the case

  44. G C says:

    treating addiction as a health problem and not a criminal problem, some form of health care for everyone so poor people can get medical help with out thousands of dollars in medical bills, legal marijuana will help some people get off of hard drugs. these things would at least put a huge speed bump in the road we are heading down

  45. Lobos222 says:

    We need to legalize everything so that the poor drug user can get harder drugs directly from hes doctor. That is how you fix the problem. Making toxic shit more accessible. Dont worry, if it was harmful, it wouldnt be legal! /sarcasm

  46. Beor Eviols says:

    America is a 3rd world shithole

  47. Andy Schleichardt says:

    Set a trash can up. They drop them because they don't want to get caught with them.

  48. Dino Nucci says:

    Those invested in this topic should keep aware of / become involved in "President Trump’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis". Their efforts will likely affect all sufferers of chronic pain seeking treatment. Our voices need to be represented to ensure empathy for our needs is preserved.

  49. Felon Degeneres says:

    Legalize Marijuana and use it as a treatment.

  50. Nuyorican70 Brooklyn says:

    Get narcan. If you can't stop using PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick up your needles

  51. Panzer shreck says:

    They want to shoot up, so be it, just don't leave syringes laying around…

  52. Kip says:


  53. Johnson Carter says:

    Substance use disorder? Really? As someone that used to drink myself into a blackout almost daily, it definitely is a choice to use or not to use. It is not a disorder.

  54. lil Mother Nature says:

    I'm a heroin addict. Now "recovering heroin addict." And this is not a health problem like some people like to say. Poor decisions and somtimes circumstance can lead up to addiction, this isn't a "disease" or whatever people like to call it. It is just simply heroin addiction, just let it be heroin addiction. Nothing we do can change that fact.

  55. Ricma Maddafakka says:

    substance use disorder ???

  56. rcmunro22 says:

    This is what happens when you destroy the middle class.

  57. Space Catboy says:

    dont play sports, or hurt yourself working

  58. Jay Gee says:

    Substance Abuse Disorder = BS
    As one who used to use hard drugs I can say it's not a disorder but a choice.

  59. Trey Pelletier says:

    Back on the molly back on the xanz

  60. Fisherdave10 says:

    We should execute those found with heroin. That would solve our opioid problems really quick.

  61. George Bismuth says:

    Sure doctors prescribe that shit but who forces you to take them fucking idiots if you have a sane mind you should know the effects of taking medication like that no one forced you to swallow the damn pill

  62. 3lrancho says:

    Didn't y'all upload this a few weeks ago already?

  63. Rutherford Walters says:

    They should put sharps containers around the park. Wether or not all use them it'll give a place to put em

  64. G. Warren says:

    These poor white people. Black drug dealers are forcing them to shoot up. They just need help. It's their country. Jail doesn't do a drug head any good. Humanize these poor people!

  65. Joseph Campos says:

    That librarian is hot

  66. Kingsburg4ever says:

    America folks! They look to us in Europe to feel better about themselves, however whatever we got they got 1000x worst. Great job guys 🙂

  67. Din Dobermann says:

    Why cant people just stick to the two best drugs: marijuana and life?

  68. Edward Pillowhands says:

    If you drop your used needles on the ground your a fucking scumbag and deserved to get kicked in the face

  69. GoogleSuxx Balls says:

    Jesus, seeing these lost souls. Am I unusual that I can use my hydrocodone without wanting more and more and more? Back back, bad knees, been taking pain meds for a decade now without incident. Lots of pain, but I just deal with it. I use the absolute minimum to be able to function.

  70. HitGirl20 says:

    Read more here:

  71. 476 Anno Domini says:

    Kids don't do drugs. Unless it's weed or coffee. Then there's a good chance you won't die,

  72. Wesley P says:

    and where ARE the police? they should have 1 officer stationed and patrolling this place night and day.

  73. Tryptamine Odyssey says:

    Disgusting fucking junkies. I have zero respect and sympathy for drug addicts that don't at least make a real effort to get clean and live a productive lifestyle. I'm aware its not their fault. Heroin in a very addictive substance and is hard to kick, I've had friends turn to thieves and liars to support their filthy life-ruining habit and no matter how much I or their loved ones tried to help, they went back to that lifestyle because some people have zero integrity and no will-power to change. It is definitely possible to overcome this affliction and there's a lot of people out there who are willing to help those that genuinely want to change. But you can't help those that don't want to help themselves. I do not wish death upon any human being, but some junkies are better off dead in a dumpster. Especially scumbags who consciously litter and spread disease and potential drug exposure around an area filled with innocent school children. Sorry not sorry

  74. Mag nah says:

    Junkies care about junk, They need to be taken and imprisoned and dealer executed.

  75. Gloomy Samurai says:

    Pretty sure Eminem made a song about this đŸ€”

  76. Urbex Nation says:

    You should just fucking die, how stupid are you to take that shit

  77. Anthony Minier says:

    Wow! After reading some of the comments here I sort of wonder if many of you even slightly understand what the opioid crisis is and what this video was about. The vast majority of people who are addicted to opioids never intended to get addicted to the drug. They were not experimenting with street drugs. They were prescribed painkillers by a doctor who was careless and kept increasing the dosage when the patient would complain that it was not working as well as it used to and they were once again in pain. The doctor's knew that this is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and the doctors knew that their patients were becoming addicted. Still, they just kept increasing the dosage and prescribing more because it was the easy way out for the doctor as opposed to having to deal with patients who were in chronic pain. The guy in the video with sores on his face is most definitely a junkie. He has a serious addiction to opioids and it has all but destroyed his life at this point. This came about because of a knee injury in his freshman year in college. He was not out partying, he was not out abusing drugs. He was prescribed opioid based painkillers to help him cope with the pain from his knee injury. He became physically addicted to opioids without realizing it was happening and by the time he realized he could not go for more than a few hours without having to put more opiods in his system, it was already too late. Just like with most other people who are addicted to opioids, his addiction is not his fault. He is a victim of big pharma and irresponsible doctors. This could have been any one of you if you had been in an accident or had surgery that left you with some amount of chronic pain. Implying that they are stupid for taking the drug, or that they should be locked up or even shot, shows either a complete lack of understanding of what this crisis is all about or a complete lack of empathy on your part. Either way, those of you making those type of comments are only making yourselves look very bad.

  78. Patrick Kim says:

    damn i went to kirkbride *(rehab in west philly) with brandon, hope you're ok kid

  79. John Best says:

    honestly the sheer amount of needles this guy picks up at the start of the video is INSANE. They were right in saying you have to look at the communities it affects because god knows I don't see needles on the streets where I live. I see empty nips of Fireball everywhere yeah lol, but needles are not common at all.

  80. D Cowboys says:

    Stop blaming doctors. Sure there are doctors that over prescribed but when you lie to a doctor to get what you want, that's your fault.

  81. Colette colette says:

    those moms showing up to the library with their children are true heroes.
    god bless this librarian and thos mommies.
    hope springs eternal.

  82. Tom Primo says:

    Glad I was able to get off Dextromethorphan or I might have moved on to more stronger drugs once my tolerance became stronger. Feels good being sober! But a life long battle.

  83. kamikaze khan says:

    I fuckin hate needles heroin looks pretty fun tho seen people nodding off lol like xans with lean just a diff name but it makes you look real bad lol

  84. VICE News says:

    VICE News visits McPherson Square Park and Library, known by locals as “Needle Park” in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.
    WATCH NEXT: Chronic pain patients are suffering from Maine's strict opioid laws –

  85. Kanun Charhi says:


  86. Ian Tyrrel says:

    Not a disease. Some jocks shitted on people their whole lives and now they have to pay.

  87. Ja the Venerable Divi Filius says:

    I feel luck I seen a documentary on how fast pain killers lead to heroin

  88. Latoya Cotton says:

    They got it made!!!!!…

  89. Michael Smith says:

    I'm completely in love with that librarian, she's so beautiful!

  90. Chef Jakus says:

    It's a shame I knew Brandon he was a good kid.

  91. Canadian flash says:

    Say no to drugs

  92. Canadian flash says:

    I will never do drugs in 1,000,000 years

  93. Cynthia May says:

    This girl is absolutely brilliant

  94. Miss LisaMarie says:

    Brandon is still out there doing the same thing, I literally saw him on the Ave 3 days ago…

  95. George Tello says:

    that librarian sounds like she uses too!!!

  96. Tom Spanne says:

    These people are nothing like my fellow pain patients! These are addicts who need treatment. Don’t lump medical patients in this group!

  97. Bio-plasmic Toad says:

    I'm an addict myself and even I don't get why they just drop there needles wherever they are. There's no need for it. You can get exchangeable bins from where you get needles, in the UK anyway.

  98. Patrick Pelletier says:

    Why not let them die ? It's what they want…

  99. Kate Crandall says:

    Can't have a special on the opiate crisis without Kensington!

  100. Jesse Philips says:

    votre pays est pourri de misÚre, de pauvreté, de drogue, de souffrance, d'INEGALITES SOCIALES, il y a des tags, des saletés, de la malbouffe, des fast-food ignobles ! Pour supporter tout cela les américains sont tous obligés de se bourrer de painkillers !!!!!!! c'est une honte, c'est une sale politique et vos élites tentent avec succÚs de l'importer dans le monde entier ! c'est honteux, gardez votre systÚme pourri et laissez le monde en paix ! JE VOUS PLAINS !!!!!!!!!

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