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where did you come from Jillian sat down with her new book that
wasn’t there before that’s just a weird coincidence the room had a gray sofa
that sat before a television now you can’t see suddenly the room went dark then the room was bright again Addie walked into the room you got that
one wrong hey what are you doing I guess you were right after all who was right
who are you talking to Addie do you know where this book came
from no it looks pretty cool where’d you get it it was just hiding behind the other books on the shelf
but I don’t remember us buying it what’s the title of it it doesn’t have a title
and it didn’t even have any words in it at least not at first
that doesn’t make any sense Jillian I think this book can see it was able to
describe this room and it knew you were coming before you even got here Jillian
you’re just trying to trick me books can’t see and they can’t write
themselves I don’t expect you to believe me but maybe I can prove it to you fine
I’ll play along bring something over here to the book so
it can see it really whatever I don’t see what this proves Jillian now
let’s take a look inside the book Addie held the doll not sure if she should
believe how did you do that Jillian it’s not a trick Addie how would I even know
you were gonna choose the doll the book can see it also kinda knew what I was
thinking it said I wasn’t sure if I should
believe that’s true let’s test it alright book what am I thinking what are
you thinking of Jillian I’m not gonna tell you I want to see if the book knows did it get it right Jillian well it got
it partially right it says Jillian asked the book what she was thinking well when
it gets to my thoughts I didn’t ask you to I just thought and it knew good idea let’s look inside whoa how could it know
that Jillian stared into the eye thinking of a purple unicorn I guess you
were thinking of a purple unicorn huh Jillian I was that is so weird what do you think we should do with this
book Jillian this book could be very powerful let’s think this over so what
are the powers of the book that we know about so far for one it can write itself
right and it’s able to write about what it sees but it can also write about
things that haven’t happened yet like it knew you are going to walk into the room
so in a way it can predict the future I wonder if there’s a way we can use
that yeah maybe we could figure out what tomorrow’s lottery numbers are good idea
book what are tomorrow’s lottery numbers nothing huh yeah I guess the book just
doesn’t answer direct questions what do you think would happen if we wrote the
question in the book without actually asking the question what do you mean
what if we wrote a half sentence maybe the book would finish it for us oh so if
we wrote tomorrow’s lottery numbers are right then it might fill in the numbers
for us it’s a good idea but I’m a little scared of messing with this books powers we don’t know what it can do it can’t hurt can it well we don’t know where
this book came from and we don’t know what it wants from us and we can’t tell
daddy he never believes this stuff the book can read our thoughts I just wish
we knew what the book thought yeah then we would know if its intentions were
good wait a minute Addie I have an idea
Jillian what are you doing when the book looked into my eyes it wrote my thoughts
maybe if the book looks into its own eye it’ll write its own thoughts maybe that’s not such a good idea
Jillian what’s happening Jillian are you alright Jillian what happened did it write anything down what’s it say Jillian what’s it say
you’re never gonna believe this so that was this book can see did you
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