Thinking outside the ‘book’: Future Book Forum 2019

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It’s great to be back
at the Future Book Forum. Just looking for fun and growth and good conversation. Communities make business grow faster. It is about people. It is very inspirational. And when we started
six, seven years ago, the Future Book Forum was really about the very beginning of
thinking the physical book and a bit more. And we’ve evolved from that to really think that it’s about the audience first. It’s about the customer first. And then we thought about, well, what does that mean? Because if you’re really a
consumer-centric business, It means that data and
access and enablement and experience matter much much more than the product itself. I think the whole event will inspire publishers to maybe think a little bit differently about how to reach readers. How to engage them in a community. And how to use that to grow the business. We need to publish
directly to consumers. And that means a better understanding of exactly who our consumers
are, why they want books, and how we can better make them specifically for those groups. We have a lot of
insights into user behavior that I think the publishing industry and the printing industry is often lacking. That is the intersection where we can, and should work together. Enable people to find those books, and that’s where the all of social media comes into play, and working with all the different platforms. I think we have to be
there to listen to others at the end of the day,
and you know, if you exceed consumers’
expectations, you’re gonna have a healthy business. It’s in the end user’s
hand to decide what does the future look like. And hopefully that the publishers and the printers, do understand this as well. You want interactions in the real world as well as online, so I
think the physical book and the online community
support each other very well. I think that you’ve
done a really great job of creating a community
here for publishers and book printers and people who wanna kind of innovate and challenge themselves to learn from each other.

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