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Hello, beautiful bookish people! My name
is Hailey and today I’m going over the things I HATE in books.
Everyone has, seemingly, done a version of this. Y’all know what the drill is. I’m
going to tell you things I hate in books, just my opinion. If you like these
things in books, good for you! I’m really glad you can enjoy a bunch of books that
I cannot, but unfortunately, we all have things we don’t like in books and these
are mine. No particular order, I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you what it is
that will make me really lose enjoyment in a book even if I was otherwise liking
it, or whatever. Also, a lot of these are very irrational. They have no reason
behind them. I don’t know why I don’t like a lot of these things. Some of them,
seemingly, make sense but a lot of them for the most part, don’t make any sense
at all. Couldn’t tell you why I don’t like it, I just don’t! So, the first thing
I super, super hate in a book – like hate it so much
I will typically knock a star off, that’s how much I don’t like it… and it’s very
irrational, its books set on the sea – in a boat specifically. If there’s a point
in your book when you take me on a journey across the sea, I automatically
lose interest. I don’t know what it is! There’s just something about it. It’s
different if it’s a thriller, like for example, I’m very interested in the Woman in Cabin 10, but if it’s like a fantasy adventure type thing when we’re on a
boat… I’m bored. There’s typically just nothing going on, and I lose all interest.
I don’t know why. An example of this is Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. There is a
point when they are on the sea and I hated that.
I hated it a lot, don’t know why! Just didn’t enjoy it.
I was bored. Another book that, obviously, does this so I don’t even know why I
tried to read it it was The Girl from Everywhere. There’s a boat on the cover. I
don’t know what in me thought, “Yeah you might enjoy it!”
No. I know that I’m not gonna like it, I don’t know why I tried to read it.
I DNF’d this at the fifty page mark and I know why, it’s because
immediately you’re on a frickin’ boat! Next up is road trip books. This kind of
Co-aligns with the on the sea thing. I just don’t really enjoy books where people
are on, like, a journey for an extended period of time I guess. Specifically, on a
boat or in a car or whatever… a caravan. I don’t care! If it’s any type
of road trip, I usually will lose interest pretty quickly. I don’t know
what it is about that that really gets to me, it’s just not interesting to me. I
don’t know why. It usually involves a lot of time jumps and just.. we’re not getting
out of the vehicle or whatever mode of transportation we’re in and it’s so
boring! I just want to go somewhere else, I’m sick of it! Another thing I super
hate in books, like if I know a book is set in this particular setting I most likely
will just not even consider reading it and that is books set in the desert.
There’s something about the desert setting that I absolutely hate in books.
I don’t know what it is. There’s just not a lot of intrigue. It’s a desert! There’s
literally nothing… there’s nothing in a desert, that’s the point of a desert. So, I
don’t know. It’s a little different if there is like a major city in a desert
and we’re mostly in the city at the moment you take me out of that city and
we’re just straight up in the desert like walking around… absolutely not! It
kind of goes, again, with the road trips in book thing like I don’t care. I don’t
care if it’s treacherous territory, like… I just don’t. I will not consider it if I
know for a fact it’s a desert setting. I’m just, like, I don’t think so.
Okay! This one is maybe gonna hurt some people but it’s… I really don’t like
extended travel or adventure scenes. There’s just something about it that
rubs me the wrong way. It’s, again, going along with the we’re stuck in one place (thing).
Now, these scenes typically have character development and it’s characters
talking to each other and typically I like that, but I don’t like that when
it’s being forced on me, you know what I mean? Like, these characters can’t
go anywhere else – that’s why they’re talking. Maybe, in a certain situation,
they wouldn’t be talking if they weren’t on this said adventure. It also just gets
very repetitive, typically, if the setting isn’t really changing enough for me to
care and I don’t want like… just a walking simulator
in a book, you know? I want a BOOK. So , I’m sorry. I know a lot of people maybe like
that. I can’t even think of an example for you. I know for a fact Lord of the
Rings has it and I know people enjoy it. I’m just nervous, I don’t think I would
enjoy it. So, anytime people are going on an extended journey, I don’t like it. I
don’t like if they’re walking. I don’t like if they’re in a caravan. I don’t
like if they’re in the car. I don’t like it if they’re in a boat. I
don’t like it! Next up is very specific and that is I hate when books –
specifically in trilogies or series – separate the main couple for some dumb
reason. In Twilight, New Moon does this. Hunger Games does this. There’s so many
examples and I hate it! I just let the relationship develop! You know? It’s like,
there’s all this build-up, typically, in book 1 and then in book 2 they’re
together but they’re not because they have to be separated. I just hate it. It’s
like, I want to know – do they actually work? What do they fight about? I want
to know that nitty gritty. I don’t just want it, “Okay, we’re together… oh now we’re no..t oh but we’re still fine!” it’s like, no! You don’t even really know each
other, probably in certain books. Let them talk. I hate any form of cheating in a
book; in media in general. I don’t like it. Typically, it involves some sort of weird
miscommunication and they try to get they try to get you to side with like
one character the other like “Well they didn’t know the other one was cheating!”
or like, “Well they really don’t like their other person they’re dating!” No. If
you’re cheating, you shouldn’t be together! It’s gonna be a bad situation,
and you’re not a good couple. End of story. An example of this is Again,
But Better by Christine Riccio. Sorry if you consider that a spoiler, but
there’s cheating in this. I hated it. I don’t like it, it makes me uncomfortable..
and was dumb! I just I don’t know why it had to be there. There were different ways
that drama could have happened…
*drops book*. This is a very specific trope and I
haven’t yet found a book that really… does this? But I can think of shows that
do it and so I’m just gonna include in here because I’m sure books do it too,
and that is the resurrection trope. Anytime a character dies, I want them to
die. I don’t want them to come back. I don’t want them to be ghosty-ghost. I
don’t want anything, nothing. I don’t want them to come back, it’s dumb! I know it
happens in Game of Thrones and I haven’t gotten to that part yet. I’m curious how
I’ll feel about it. I’m sure, maybe, it’s done well? I know potentially
it might play into the lore story? I don’t know, I’ll see how I feel but I
know for a fact typically I despise this. An example from media that I can think
of that I’ve experienced is the Vampire Diaries.
Just let them fucking die! Just let them die! SO many people come back in the show
and it’s so stupid every single time. It’s just like, why? There’s a specific
character that died, like, several times and I’m like let her die! Let her be
dead, it’s over. And it’s typically just because they couldn’t like… they just
wrote themselves into a corner and they’re like, “I don’t know, maybe her
necklace can resurrect to them” and they’re like, “Yeah! Let’s go with that.” and
it’s like, no! No. All right, and the last thing I could come up with for this
video; I’m sure there’s many more so potentially there could be a part two in
the future but for now this is the last thing I thought of that I truly despised
and that is books within books, or fiction within my fiction – whatever you
want to call it. Typically, if there is a story and I’m reading a book and then
suddenly we’re transported into a different story,
or we’re told about like a story that… let’s say we’re following an author, and
we’re like inside the story they’re writing and reading, that. I hate it.
Misery by Stephen King, I dnf’d. Hated it. I’m sure Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
I’m not gonna enjoy, don’t even know if I want to read it but I’m pretty sure I’m
not gonna enjoy it if I do. There’s other things… The
Starless Sea I was very worried for. I’ll get into it in my wrap-up,
but let’s just say I was a little disappointed. But that one was done
a little better… I’m kind of nervous for the 10,000 Doors of January, I think it
happens in that. I don’t know why people enjoy this. For me, it just takes me out
of the story especially if our story isn’t very interesting to begin with and
we’re put into another story. Like, I’m already not interested in the main story.
Even if the fictional story is, technically, more interesting I’m still
not gonna be interested because I don’t like the main story… if that make sense.
It could even work, like, if I’m really interested in the main story – even if the
fictional story is interesting – I’m already automatically pissed off because I want to read the real story. I don’t want this stupid side story, that’s not why I’m
here! I’m getting mad just thinking about it
so I think I should move on. Those are all the things I hate in books. Comment
below and let me know what your number one most hated things in books is, or
comment down below and let me know of books I should avoid full-stop like,
something on this list and you’re like “You know, I’ve heard you talk about that
book and maybe you shouldn’t want to read it” or whatever. I hope you’re having
a good day or night whenever you’re watching this and I’ll see you in the
next one. Byeee!

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