THere’s SOmething ABout BoOks. (2019) Short Film

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[paper/writing sounds] [footsteps] [plane] [car compartment opening] [exhale] [reference- gladiator. (Prod. by Miraa. & Smuv)]
breathless, restless, asbestos, infectious
not a soul here, can’t ask who’s mess this not a soul here, can’t ask who’s mess this is lookin in the mirror, it’s clear who’s mess it is culpirt in question, taught self
tough lesson worry day and night,
you’ll stay forever stressin [Tyler, the Creator- Who Dat Boy? Feat. A$AP Rocky)]
yo, who dat boy? [static] [Captain Murphy- Disciples]
don’t you want devoted followers? wh.. [static] [Earl Sweatshirt- Balance (Prod. by Knxwledge)]
i been tryna tell a, different story. f… [dialouge]
there is no reason for anyone here
listening to miss out on this opportunity [Earl Sweatshirt- Balance (Prod. by Knxwledge)]
find balance, and i’m tippin’ off [dialogue]
so… one day I decided to go
to the bookstore and I found a book that helped me change my life [dialogue]
see what we’re
doing here is very important [dialogue- radio]
and that’s why, if you’re a writer. this is the
opportunity you can’t afford to miss [dialogue- radio]
to summarize for anyone just tuning in. I’m offering a free seminar for aspiring and [dialogue- radio]
seasoned riders alike to hone their
craft and utilize the necessary tools to [dialogue- radio]
GET PUBLISHED. in this day and age you
understand just as well as I do the [dialogue- radio]
power books have, to transform lives. so
if you’re listening to this in a car [dialogue- radio]
past it’s prime or looking to reach your prime in your life. [dialogue- radio]
Meet me at the River Terrace auditorium THIS Saturday for my newest seminar. [dialogue- radio]
don’t let the power of books dictate your life, any longer [dialogue- radio]
if you really think you got it… [KCUF] [dialogue- radio]
…then come see me. [lighter] [engine starting] [footsteps/birds] [birds] [Captain Murphy- Immaculation]
I got the whole universe
‘the whole entire universe?’ [Captain Murphy- Immaculation]
i got the whole universe strapped up to my boot heel [Duane]
I see at least one familiar face today. A lil’ empty, but it’s not a problem let’s get started. [Duane]
Can anyone tell me, what thisis? [Duane]
anybody? x6 [Maddox]
A book. [Duane]
That’s right, a book. [Duane]
now [Duane]
Can anyone hear can anyone here tell me what this is? [Maddox]
How’s it going? My name’s… Johnny…
…Johnny… Gubani [Maddox]
I don’t have time for this shit. [sighs] [Duane]
Hey, wait a second. [Maddox]
Thanks man, I gotta go. [scream/footsteps] [Duane]
In a bit of a rush huh? [Maddox]
Look man no disrespect, but… [Duane]
You don’t have time for my bullshit. [Maddox]
yeah. [Duane]
Yeah you do or yeah you don’t? [Duane]
holdup. [Duane]
Now look, I can see most of the veil has
been lifted from your eyes. and I’ve been [Duane]
in this business a long time, so I know
when talent chooses to leave my presence. [Duane]
Look, I’m obligated to finish this
seminar. but here, take this, and we can [Duane]
set up another time to talk [Maddox]
You haven’t even read anything I’ve written. [Duane]
That’s why I’m giving you the card. And I want you to bring your best work when you’re ready [Duane]
And only when you’re ready. [Duane]
‘Cause I don’t like wasting my time, and I know you don’t like wasting yours. [fountain] [Maddox]
Hey, what’s up. [Duane]
Glad you called me back. Take a seat. [Duane]
So what do you want to know? [Maddox]
Dialogue… okay….. [Maddox]
alright. [Maddox]
What do I want to know?! I..I mean
can you help me or not? What are we doing here if you can’t? [Duane]
Let me stop you right there. [Maddox]
I mean, I was already done but… [Duane]
You work at a job you hate. And it’s not that you hate it, but you’re making what, minimum wage? [Duane]
or just above it. Cleaning more
windows, mopping more floors than you ever had in your life [Duane]
Probably getting next to no play with women. [Duane]
‘Cause you play gentlemen
with hoes… [Duane]
…and douche-bag with dimes. [Duane]
Or maybe its… [dial tone] [Maddox]
A-a-alright. Alright, I get it.
Who are you, really?? [Duane]
Well nigga… I’m the guy that turns nobodies into Somebody’s. [Duane]
Now I don’t know how dead-on my aim is [Duane]
about what your life is, but. I KNOW, the
fact you just lit that, is enough for me [Duane]
to say I’m… eighty-three percent correct,
about… ALL OF it. [Duane]
You want to escape hell, let’s work. If not… [Duane]
There’s a bright blue pill in the sky, that you can take. [Duane]
I mean you can stare all you want,
Nothing’s gonna change. [Duane]
I’ve read what you emailed me. It’s in your best interest to FiX things. [Duane]
Should really stop smoking too, it’s a
bad habit. [Duane]
Doctor said these stress me out less, you believe that? [Duane]
I eat hundreds of these things. [Duane]
Still don’t feel any less stressed though. [birds/leafblower/car/phone ringing] [Maddox]
hello [Duane]
Are you just waking up? [Maddox]
uum, yeah… whata, wh-what time is it? [Duane]
Nigga, it’s one in the afternoon. [Maddox]
Damn. Really? [Duane]
Look this ain’t a social call,
this is business, WHICH if you want to [Duane]
continue should be a wake for before the moon is again. [Maddox]
[sighs] Alright. What’s going on, uh, book, uh guy? [Duane]
Look at your phone smart-ass. You tell me. [Duane]
nice right? [Maddox]
how uh?! [Duane]
How uh….. uh what?! Did you blow up… [Duane]
Is the question, you’re asking me.. really?! [Maddox]
Yeah man, I uhhh… [Duane]
Hol, hold on for just a second. I’m sending you… [Duane]
Here, here look at this. [Maddox]
Woah… w… wait a minute, bro. [Duane]
Yeah, that’s a nice number, right? [Maddox]
Look. Duane, i…i, I don’t… [Duane]
Don’t what?! I wasn’t playing, when I said books have the power to change people’s lives. [Duane]
This ain’t even a FRACTION of what I’ve done for the people before you. [Duane]
Now. I hear the doubt in your voice, but all you gotta do. All you gotta do, is keep writing… [Duane]
…and the rest will fall into place. [Duane]
Now go live the life that you lost. [end call] [distorted]
FUCK!!!!! [lighter flicks] [Jxde- megamind] check. ay. yuh. bills blue, like it’s megamind shit’s true, or it’s still a lie. rent’s due ‘fore bedtime. I asked you for a good time. now it’s past Nine, soul’s past dYin. big moves ‘fore i reach for the flat line_____ shit coo’, i ain’t even hit the back-nine. fuck foo’ you a BITCH, and you ain’t even try. stop tryin’, you ain’t EVER been the good guy. i was evil. and you ain’t even know it, i stopped caring, i ain’t even have to show i.t you still do, and that’s just an added bonus. good boy, keep moving with the m9ti0ns. good boy, see they fFinally caught you floating…. i’m a bad boy, big AR toting. i see that you like it, bet you thought that i AIN’T notice. get off my dick BITCH. please 5t0p d0bt1ng. get off my dick bitch. [exhale] [Maddox]
how did my life… become, this? [Maddox]
well… [reference- gladiator. [Prod. by Miraa. & Smuv]
lonesomeness felt is practically
orgasmic. self pitY’S Most Number-0ne fanatic. addict. to being portrayed as
Hero, Villainous perception means, Only zer0…………………………… [Maddox]
There’s a very simple answer… [Maddox]
…to that question. [Duane- VO]
Nowadays, I don’t let Nobody tell me
nothing. [Duane- VO]
All because I decided, to pick up a book. and figure out my shit. [phone number-dialing][phone number-dialing][phone number-dialing][phone number-dialing] [Duane]
Where’s my book Jones? [Maddox]
I don’t know what you’re talking about Duane. [Duane]
Is that right?. [Maddox]
yeah, and I mean frankly, I don’t
understand why you stressing me anyway [Maddox]
books get written, or they don’t. deal with
this shit! [Duane]
You know you sound pretty confident, for someone who wasn’t SHiT a few months ago. [Maddox]
Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s all in the past now. [Maddox]
I’m on to some Real, spiritual-3nlightenment. Hold up… [Maddox]
…so.. as far as our deal goes… [Duane]
No. no. no, let me stop you Right
THERE. Our DE4L, like a mortgage, isn’t [Duane]
something you can FLAKE OUT oN. FIVE,
books. Half of which you’ve given me, and [Duane]
they’ve been floppier than orangutan
tits. [Duane]
So…… [Maddox]
Nah. Nah Duane, there’s, there’s no so. [Maddox]
You can make your little jokes about orangutan tits and mortgages [Maddox]
but for me, it’s in my best interest to wash my hands of this situation. [Duane]
So you’re gonna wash your hands? [Maddox]
OH they’re washed; Anti-bacterial and all
that. [Duane]
Get under them fingernails too? [Maddox]
Fingernails to the forearms, fam. [Duane]
Alright then, you know I wasn’t wrong when
I said there wasn’t much of a veil [Duane]
covering your eyes, so. You know this ends right? [Duane]
Like books that have been unread… [Duane]
your silence speaks volumes. [Duane]
Now I’ll see you around, and when I do.
you better have that last book with you. [Duane]
and if you don’t… [Maddox}
this is… [Maddox]
this is the life… [Maddox]
this is the life you….. wanted. [Duane]
…You better hope the good book, has some good left in it for you. [dog barking] [Duane]
Alrighty. [plane hovering] [Duane- VO]
YoU know… I had More than HigH Hopes for
you. [Duane- VO]
You could say, I had hope for you at alL. [Duane- VO]
When no-one
did. [bird] [Duane- VO]
Not your mom… [Maddox coughing] [crows] [Duane- VO]
Not your dad… [Duane- VO]
Not your pastor… [screen] [Duane- VO]
Not your barber… [barber]
So you see that NEw phone for that company Forest, got invested in? [barber]
you ain’t catching me, with that shit. [barber]
no thank you.
no thank you.
no thank you. [scr33n] [Duane- VO]
Not your world… [scre6eN] [Duane- VO]
Not your bank… [tech support]
Hi, I’d like to know if your operating system is working correctly? [] [Duane- VO]
And worst of all… [Duane- VO]
not… [Duane- VO]
not even… [Duane- VO]
not even your- [Maddox- VO]
-self [ 9 ] [Ocean waves] [Tyler, the Creator- Who Dat Boy Feat. A$AP Rocky]
Yo… Who dat boy, who him is? [Earl Sweatshirt- Balance (Prod. by Knxwledge)] I’ve been tryna tell a different story. Find balance and I’m tippin’ off And tell grandma, I’ll be with her shortly I won’t panic when they send her for me Cause I ain’t got time for feeling sorry I gotta be on point, when duty call These shoulders is not for you to sniffle on Watch the wall collide with my fist Mostly over problems that I know I should fix Focused so I know my skin tone is a cliff We on the edge, and they hopin’ we slip. I had to ask moms what I owe to this shit She said “nothin'” She asked me ’bout them old times both of us miss I said nothin’ She asked me if I’m smokin’ again I told her that I prolly gotta go in a bit I’ve been tryna tell a different story Find balance and I’m tippin’ off And tell grandma, I’ll be with her shortly I won’t panic when they send her for me Cause I ain’t got time for feeling sorry. I gotta be on point when duty call. and I’m prolly the worst nigga to get involved with These shoulders is not for you to sniffle on. [dial tone] [footsteps] [purgatory.] [reference- @real_reference
gladiator. (Prod. by Miraa. & Smuv)]

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