The world’s most mysterious book – Stephen Bax


Deep inside Yale University’s Beinecke
Rare Book and Manuscript Library lies the only copy of a 240-page tome. Recently carbon dated to around 1420, its vellum pages features
looping handwriting and hand-drawn images seemingly
stolen from a dream. Real and imaginary plants, floating castles, bathing women, astrology diagrams, zodiac rings, and suns and moons with faces
accompany the text. This 24×16 centimeter book
is called the Voynich manuscript, and its one of history’s biggest
unsolved mysteries. The reason why? No one can figure out what it says. The name comes from Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish bookseller who came across
the document at a Jesuit college in Italy in 1912. He was puzzled. Who wrote it? Where was it made? What do these bizarre words
and vibrant drawings represent? What secrets do its pages contain? He purchased the manuscript from
the cash-strapped priest at the college, and eventually brought it to the U.S., where experts have continued to puzzle
over it for more than a century. Cryptologists say the writing has all
the characteristics of a real language, just one that no one’s ever seen before. What makes it seem real is that
in actual languages, letters and groups of letters appear
with consistent frequencies, and the language in the Voynich manuscript has patterns you wouldn’t find
from a random letter generator. Other than that, we know little more
than what we can see. The letters are varied
in style and height. Some are borrowed from other scripts,
but many are unique. The taller letters have been named
gallows characters. The manuscript is
highly decorated throughout with scroll-like embellishments. It appears to be written by two
or more hands, with the painting done
by yet another party. Over the years, three main theories
about the manuscript’s text have emerged. The first is that it’s written in cypher, a secret code deliberately designed
to hide secret meaning. The second is that the document is a hoax written in gibberish to make money
off a gullible buyer. Some speculate the author
was a medieval con man. Others, that it was Voynich himself. The third theory is that the manuscript
is written in an actual language, but in an unknown script. Perhaps medieval scholars were attempting
to create an alphabet for a language that was spoken
but not yet written. In that case, the Voynich manuscript
might be like the rongorongo script invented on Easter Island, now unreadable after the culture
that made it collapsed. Though no one can read
the Voynich manuscript, that hasn’t stopped people from guessing
what it might say. Those who believe the manuscript
was an attempt to create a new form of written language speculate that it might be an encyclopedia containing the knowledge
of the culture that produced it. Others believe it was written by
the 13th century philosopher Roger Bacon, who attempted to understand
the universal laws of grammar, or in the 16th century by the
Elizabethan mystic John Dee, who practiced alchemy and divination. More fringe theories that the book was
written by a coven of Italian witches, or even by Martians. After 100 years of frustration, scientists have recently shed a little
light on the mystery. The first breakthrough
was the carbon dating. Also, contemporary historians have
traced the provenance of the manuscript back through Rome and Prague
to as early as 1612, when it was perhaps passed
from Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II to his physician, Jacobus Sinapius. In addition to these
historical breakthroughs, linguistic researchers recently proposed
the provisional identification of a few of the manuscript’s words. Could the letters beside these seven
stars spell Tauran, a name for Taurus, a constellation that includes the seven
stars called the Pleiades? Could this word be Centaurun
for the Centaurea plant in the picture? Perhaps, but progress is slow. If we can crack its code,
what might we find? The dream journal of
a 15th-century illustrator? A bunch of nonsense? Or the lost knowledge
of a forgotten culture? What do you think it is?

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100 thoughts on “The world’s most mysterious book – Stephen Bax”

  1. Harshal Bagul says:

    Zomato I'm coming

  2. Arm cylo says:

    The voynich manuscript is finally solve. They said it is from middle east language. Turkish

  3. Ask why? says:

    It was solved

  4. Fi Ma says:

    It's actually ENGLISH just written by a dyslexic person

  5. ilaine hatake says:

    sino ba kasi gumawa niyan nakakabaliw heheh

  6. Shady Ady says:

    I think it's machine learning from lost civilization.

  7. Emre MUTLU says:

    spoiler alert
    it is decripted and it is not so mysterious…

  8. d v says:

    Please add indonesian subtitle.

  9. Zakaria B says:

    Im not telling nobody

  10. mohlodi tshimollo says:

    Book from the Atlantis City.

  11. Stephen Stone says:

    It's only a book tome.

  12. Gabriele Fuga says:


  13. Joe T says:

    One word: Aliens

  14. san muttaqin says:

    Just use google tranlate bruh

  15. Spring says:

    This is probably some random kid that wanted to make a new language :I

  16. Kravis Lagando says:

    Its a book! patricia!

  17. Samuel Castillo says:

    Someone already translated most of the bozo

  18. Dumpling salt says:

    Looks like my hand writing.

  19. Mudra Bhedi says:

    I may solve it

  20. tanushree pattayat says:

    It's guruji's kal granth

  21. kooshhh says:

    Parents way to trick their children to read books

  22. SINGH says:

    Can Artificial Intelligence read the book?

  23. Jun’s Forehead says:

    it’s just his bullet journal

  24. Violet Blue says:

    Thats actually a scrap book from old era 😂😂

  25. Harry PAnnU ! says:

    Damn memes use to be a book long..

  26. Alecta Kaewa says:

    Well thanks Deborah Harkness for making me search about this book 🤔🤔

  27. DoritosRool ! says:

    I recommend a video about the Happiness Box by David Griffin

  28. Rick Solari says:

    Poor sound quality.

  29. jennifer rosson says:

    Tauron? Centurions? It’s obviously from Battlestar Galactica.. the scrolls of Pythia? All of this has happened before… and will happen again.
    So say we all!

  30. kumu pro says:

    looks like my note book no one can read my handwriting

  31. Kile B says:

    It's a giant joke knowing it would stump historians back then yet still stomps them to the day HILARIOUS!

  32. ilove2929 says:

    The illos seem alot more fun to make than read…

  33. PIT Designs - Erbil Web Design & Printing says:

    Probably doesn't matter whatever it says

  34. Levi Cheezehpoofs says:

    I hope it's a dictionary from another planet or something.

  35. Richard Foran says:

    A drug infused work with elements of tudor codes. Simple😵

  36. Hyper Diper says:

    I would say that it was written by aliens or the Jinns (Djins)

  37. Don Buff says:

    Hard to say what the Vonage manuscript is you make the pages so vague to see

  38. Ali Khalid says:

    Imagine how many other books like this exist

  39. Navjot Kaur says:

    I haven’t find any serious comment 🤷🏻‍♀️

  40. *-* lost in my world says:

    For all we know it could be the diary of a 15 year old whining about how school sucks and that she'd rather day dream and wear leaves (ancient scrunchies) around her wrist.

  41. Medicina Explicată says:

    ot has been decoded ,it's arabic

  42. Taehyeon Park says:

    i mean- people like took years and years to understand what was written in the manuscript 😛

  43. THE PR3TTY1 says:


  44. jacob lian says:

    Its old turkish

  45. ceciliasalvaleon says:

    I'd say the Bible.

  46. what the heck am I doing here says:

    Does anyone thought about Google translate by this point or everyone wanted to be the big brain.

  47. S0HAM THakUR says:

    I think I had seen that plants somewhere
    I think i saw them after I sniff out all purpose flour . Which I bought from dark Street for a very high price .
    Although i didn't know why that flour was so price.

  48. Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE says:


  49. Ein Stein says:

    This book was just drawn for fun. and scientists still researching 😂

  50. Laurie Hutchison says:

    Could be a spell book.. it has plants and astrology.

  51. bhaavana sreesailam says:

    I guess the words are written in left to right manner

  52. Miem Jay says:

    Letters look more like Alibata, Hindu, and Thai 🧐

  53. moonsu98 says:

    Maybe it was a constructed language?

  54. 。。。 ً says:

    You all never read medical books and it shows

  55. Ouroboros X says:

    It is voynich manuscript and a turkish researcher was able to read some of it as the book had turkish words in it. His name is ahmet ardıç you can google and find about his research

  56. Student of Truth says:

    It looks like a musical sheet that tells a story think vibrations….

  57. Carling says:

    Two people who invented a code to avoid persecution – maybe it's to do with "witchcraft" and the authors didnt want to burn at the stake.

  58. Слави Михов says:

    Hi guys, the manuscript HAS BEEN translated in 2018 (see more here —>
    A lot of the so called "mysteries" have already been solved, the problem is, that they don't get enough attention, or the experts don't take them as facts, because it probably contradicts with the doctrine that they've addopted during their education.
    Mr. Stephen Bax, i highly recommend that you cover the material and studies of the experts that made the video from the link above.

  59. rukiashinigami33 says:

    …or it cd just be a load of shyte.

  60. S A says:

    Simple, it’s like in 2618 AD , people will find a valuable mysterious hand book ( which actually a sketch book for a boy with autism ) dated to 2019.

  61. Danielle says:

    It’s from a another world

  62. Marithom Martinez says:

    I have read and watched a lot of videos about this " Voynich Manuscript ", and it's truly a interesting book. It's not just a book made by a medieval prankster or what to confuse us. But, I think it's a book that holds a lot of curious things from medicinal plants up to the heavenly bodies we're discovering yet and to the lost civilization that unearthed this mysteries. I can't wait for someone to unlock it. It'll be a start of a new era in science.

  63. اجنحة للسماء says:


  64. Sanya Mishra says:

    maybe….a treasure map??

  65. Wojciech Drozdek says:

    Aliens for sure, no dubt about it

  66. seven starz says:

    Everything bizarre things only happened to b in USA..
    The thanos, Avengers, area 51 and this book also…etc.
    It's a bizarre fact😂

  67. Rachel Dunzweiler says:

    a 15th century conlang

  68. insert name here says:

    Okay, but have they tried to read it upside down and backwards from a mirror?

  69. Mike Martin says:

    I’m wondering why this is important.

  70. Paul says:

    Lol it's not anymore.

  71. r2012j says:

    Roger stole my bacon

  72. Lilium Louise says:

    Nah, just a scratch book of a bored student.

  73. Asmita Kumar says:

    Just imagine that kid and his teacher in afterlife who for once said the truth when they said that their homework was lost

  74. Asmita Kumar says:

    Teacher- illegible handwriting that no one understands. After all these years? :'

  75. Shu Bethune says:

    Chinese connection:

  76. Pesca says:

    You mean western's most mysterious book.

    Have you ever oppened an codice from south america natives? That's mysterious!

  77. Sir Flemeington says:

    It’s probably an embarrassing fan fic that he ciphered so only him and his friends could read it

  78. R C says:

    A religious book

  79. Judy Greenwood says:

    I personally think that the book is talking about cannabis and how you could grow it but the perfect timing to grow so on and so forth

  80. dovah kiin says:

    It's about fortress 51 and the secrets that the empire kept inside

  81. George Ryan says:

    It's been translated, it's written in an old Turkish script, it's a cookbook if I remember correctly. This is the video explaining it: Also if you're skeptical because that video is from a year ago here is there update There is also a news piece, its in Turkish

  82. federico saviano says:

    It’s just a prank probably

  83. Blake B. says:

    Sadly Akham’s razor is probably the conman one 🙁

  84. Eiphel MB says:

    Yup it was written and illustrated by 3 people alright…

    An astrologist, a botanist and a perv.🧐

  85. Veronica Christopher says:

    I just created a random alphabet made from random shapes and squiggles. I'm going to create a manuscript and bury it somewhere remote. In the far future, it's gonna trip them out. I'm going to reincarnate as a bug so I can chill on the wall during my manuscripts unearthing.

    Can't wait!

  86. Black Box says:

    This guy was probably tripping on acid while completing the book

  87. Ozzie 2.0 says:

    I just a diary with some guy that wrote in gibberish for amusment

  88. jacob levenson says:

    I wonder if it was a Medieval author doing what Jame Joyce did in FInnegans Wake?

  89. Muno RR says:

    Someone wrote that book to play with peoples mind

  90. kitty bee says:

    It is a writer book of a group of souls becoming enlightened and worked with by creator beings.

  91. Eldon Ted Lisondra says:

    I am almost certain that someone eat lots of shrooms and smoke lots of joint and then made this book for fun.

  92. Taylor says:

    I've heard an idea that the Voynich manuscript was actually created by a group of women who were practicing herbal medicine. But in fear of being labeled as a "witch" or "un-pure", the women made up a language and then passed the book around to help other women treat themselves and their family. I find this plausible.

  93. j san says:

    Reading the comment section.
    This is where it gets exciting

  94. Naomi Jones says:

    bee movie script

  95. Vyankatesh Sahu says:

    Please add subtitles

  96. Josep Duran says:

    Didn't a scholar and his son from Turkey crack it recently?

  97. SirEriol says:

    I have known about this manuscript since I was around ten or eleven, passing the time on the internet and searching real life mysteries and some legends from the world.

    Oh, how would I love to live the revelation! I think that it's probably a compendium of scientifical information written in code. Given how science wasn't very science-y in medieval times, it would not surprise me that the scrib wrote of things he heard.

    I would be delighted if one day I could time travel to the places where things happened, and while I won't be able to interfere, at least I would know about the Tamman Shud case and other unsolved murders, find about the languages that were lost, see and read lost pieces of art, and discover everything there's ever been.

  98. Random Fandoms says:

    Can you imagine if this entire book was just made by a 5 year old who was bored one day and did all of this?

  99. dєprєssєd says:

    just one word taurus had a meaning. imagine the whole book i-

  100. NoTheOtherJonathan says:

    I think it was 15th century geeks having fun. JRR Tolkien created his own language and culture for his Lord of the Rings books, I bet this is something similar. I feel like it's similar to a cross between JRR Tolkien making up his own language, and the Codex Seraphinus, a coffee table book published in 1981 by an Italian artist who wanted to recreate the feeling he remembered having as a child before he learned to read.

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