The way we study – Being a student at the University of Gothenburg


Hello! I’m Teri-Anne and I’m a student
here at the University of Gothenburg and I’m going to show you what it’s really
like to study here! Studying in Sweden is very individual. There’s a lot of freedom but that comes with responsibilities as well. We’re going to meet some of my friends who study at the design school but I’d like
you to meet some of my classmates first they should be around here somewhere Yes through here! I really just wanted to ask you all how
you feel about studying here at the University in Gothenburg? I was shocked
by the fact that i could address to my teacher with his first name and it got
it got me quite a while to get used to that to say with the first time to address the teachers we had a new teacher today and he was really like if i give
your articles to read then I want you to question them i want you to be critical
about it and i also want you to disagree with me and I think that is something
that i won’t have in Germany because i think we also have like a quite strong
hierarchy between teachers and students in Germany During the group work we need
to compermise, we need cooperation so it this is what a part of what we
learn in communication aswell In our class there’s like 20 different cultures
or more it is a bonus not so many people have that through their education we’re on the other side of the river now
the university departments are spread out over the whole city so it’s more
like a city university rather than an isolated campus which is kind of cool
and studying in gothenburg can look very different like this the school of economics business and law
has almost 4,000 students enrolled full-time and it has been open since
1923 I’m here at the academy of design and
crafts with my friends Jenny and Martha have invited me to come in and have a
look at their project Come on in! Hi Jenny! Hi Martha! Thanks for inviting me! So is this it? This is the project you were
talking about These are the models So the kids are going to be able to play
on these and look at the back where we We worked with the furniture and landscape
that we call the soundscape, where we worked with our census and just our
group get the sense of what the sounders sense of hearing so we worked with the sound
furniture We work a lot in
workshop and some lectures as well but then we also since like you said it’s a
lot of its a hands-on work so we do a lot of building as well a lot of
prototyping and and models and stuff like that what I really like in the school is that
we have access to the workshops and to have to really make the model and then
prototype and the furniture at the end you can slide here yeah that is that they will be arranged
there are possibility to press a button and the sound plays inside of the
furniture Jenny and Martha thank you so much for
inviting me here to look at your project I promise you fika after this so shall
we take a coffee together If there’s anything you have questions about, please mail us and we’ll answer straight away. See you!

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2 thoughts on “The way we study – Being a student at the University of Gothenburg”

  1. Nocturnal Observer says:

    I am from Greece. I want to have a Master in Information Technology and study in Gothenburg. In 2 years I am having my Bachelor degree. What do I have to do to study in your university??? (I mean what kind of procedures should I have started?)

  2. Ermir Luli says:

    4:10 Non sei proprio il mio tipo ma e' risaputo che in guerra o carestia ogni buco e' galleria!
    Quindi alla fine accetto la tua fika.

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