hey guys welcome back to my channel, my name
is Mike and if you’re new here, you’ve joined us at a very very exciting time. If you’ve watched my last video you’ll know
that today the day we launch the book club that I’ve wanted to start on this channel
for a couple of weeks now. What this book club is is a way for me to become accountable
for the habit of reading. So, reading is something that I’ve loved for so many years, I adore
it, fiction, non-fiction, you name it, I absolutely love it, all genres, I’m there. But the problem is my habit for actually reading
is pretty much non-existent, I normally go through stages of reading for maybe like a
couple of weeks, six months or so, and then I fall out the habit, maybe I have to work
late, maybe I have to do something else, maybe I have to go out at the weekend and the habit
just gets lost, and I don’t pick up a book for, you know, a couple of weeks, a couple
of months, maybe even a year, and then it’s gone. So for the last six or seven years,
that’s kind of the cycle I’ve been in and the other problem is I haven’t actually finished
any of the books I started. A lot of the time I end up reading a book,
I get really into it and then once I lose that place, I won’t get back into reading
until I find a new book to start reading. I might find something on Amazon, I might
have a recommendation and I end up buying that, reading a couple of chapters, or a couple
of pages and leaving it and it just kind of cycles like that, so that’s why I wanted to
start this book club. So whether you’re in the same position as
me like I really want to read, I really want to form the habit of reading and I want to
find some really awesome books that hook me, or you’re a really big fan of reading and
you just want to interact with people who have the same sort of mindset, who read interesting
books if you want to try to find new books that you want to read, then this is the book
club for you. Another big part of me for me is the health
benefits of reading are so so amazing, so I was looking at it online and there’s so
many benefits like increased life expectancy, less stress, you can go to sleep easier, you
get a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia is actively, you’re like working out your
brain, it’s like going to the gym for your brain, connecting new synapses, you’re getting
your creative juices flowing, you’re asking questions, you’re becoming a lot more sociable
because you’re linking, you know, you’re connecting with characters, you’re connecting with authors,
your expanding your mind in so many different areas. Yeah, it’s just such a positive thing
to do, and I feel like at the same time we spend so much time on screens, on computers,
or tablets, I know myself included, I spend a lot of my time on digital devices that having
reading as like a hobby that I do, or a habit that I do will be a good way to kind of balance
that out a bit more. The other thing is I’ve kind of got this other
concept of what reading is like. So there’s a common saying that you are the five people
you spend the average amount of time with, whether that’s with friends or with family,
you connect with people who are like-minded; you have similar interests, you have similar
traits, so if you’re quite a sporty person, you tend to be friends with other sporty people
whether you go running together, you go to the gym, football cycling all these kind of
things, but you will be with those kinds of people, the same as if like computers, if
you like films, and if you like books. But then think about how much time you spend
with these five people, whether it’s five hours a week, eight hours a week, two days
a week at the weekends or evenings or you’re chatting over the phone, but then say you’re
reading a book for an hour a day which is the kind of about what I want to achieve,
between half an hour and an hour a day, say you do that every day for a week, that’s seven
hours a week that you’re spending with a character, that’s seven hours you’re spending with an
author, so in the same way you relate to people in your life, spending time with these characters,
and spending time with these authors is going to have a similar effect on you, you’re surrounding
yourself with thoughts of another person. Say you’re reading a self-help book on habits
or an auto-biography of someone who started a multi-million pound business for example,
say it takes you a month to read that book, that’s 28 hours, or 30 hours, you’re spending
with that person, which is almost as much time as you might be spending with some of
your friends. If that’s the case then you’re going to relate to this person, you’re going
to learn traits of these people, it’s the same with any kind of book, whether it’s fiction
or non-fiction, if there’s a character in a book or multiple characters in a book, you’re
spending time with these characters, and they’re going to have an influence on the way you
are, the person that you are and obviously if you take the time to pick the right books,
then this is going to be a positive influence, then we can only grow as individuals. So this is where the book club comes in. It’s
just going to be here on YouTube and it can be here on Twitter, and if it takes off and
if you guys enjoy it then I might think about starting maybe a Discord group or a Facebook
group, I don’t really use Facebook, but some kind of online space where this can happen.
Reading is quite an isolated activity and I don’t think that a lot of us will appreciate
the books to their full potential if we don’t have the opportunity to talk about them. If you are reading a book, you’re going to
analyse the book, consciously or sub-consciously, based on your own experiences, whereas someone
who’s got a different life experiences might interrupt the book in a different way and
I think sharing these opinions sharing these perspectives on the book will allow us to
appreciate it fully and we can then learn so much more from them, we can enjoy them
so much more because we’re looking at them from different angles. I don’t know off the top of my head how long
it really takes to read a book, obviously it depends on the size and how many words
it is, but I’m going to start with one book this month and if it seems like it’s going
to be done too quickly then we’ll add two books in next month and just kind of go from
there, we’ll have targets, we can challenge ourselves with it as well, but I really do
want to take books that we’re going to enjoy, that we’re all going to actually learn something
from, which is also the other final point that I want to make which is recommendations. Now, for this week I’m going to recommend
a book that I’ve wanted to read for ages and I would love for all of you to join in with
me because I feel like this is a book that everybody can relate to, but at the same time,
please please please don’t hesitate to recommend books that you’ve absolutely loved or books
you want to read and that you think me and the rest of this community should be reading. It can be fiction, it can be non-fiction,
it can be any genre, I feel like a lot of us find a genre that we like and then we kind
of stick to it because we know that’s what we like, but that doesn’t mean, just because
someone doesn’t like, likes romance but they don’t like sci-fi, that doesn’t mean there’s
no sci-fi books out there that they’re not going to enjoy. The onl;y way we can find out is if we try
them. So yeah, with that, please leave me a recommendation, leave them in the comments,
leave them, you know, DM me on Twitter, on Instagram, let’s actually make this happen,
let’s make this a thing, I think reading is something that anybody can do, it’s so beneficial
it can help us all out in so many ways and I feel like this is a great way to bring people
together to actually do something positive and obviously it’s January, if you’re staarting
2019 and you wanted to form a habit about something or you wanted to start reading more,
then this is definitely the club for you, let’s do it all together. Let’s make it happen. So, the book I actually wanted to start this
book club off with is Nowergian Wood, which is based on the Beatles song, and it’s written
by a Japanese art, blah Japanese artist, and it’s actually written by a Japanese author
called Haruki, I think it’s, now don’t judge me if thats wrong, I don’t actually know how
to pronouce it, that’s how you spell it. and I actually came across this book on Twitter
and it was one of those photos that had been set up on a Cafe table, so you had the book
and you had the coffee and it was something like enjoying my Friday off, I can’t remember
who now posted the photo. I just saw the picture and thought that, it was the same cover as
well, and I just thought that looks like a cool book, so I went on Amazon and bought
it, it was very very implusive, but I’ve read it already about a year ago, but I only got
about halfway through, not even half way through I don’t think, it was about a third of the
way through, and just ended up not reading the rest of it. From what I remember, it’s
really really beautifully written and it’s really suitable for anybody, it’s kind of
like a romantic, not really romantic, well, let’s read it from the back, Time Out said
it was innvocative, entertaining, sexy funny, this is why he’s one of the best writers around,
exquiste, undeniably hip, also genuinely emotionally engaging, a heart-stoppingly moving story,
the author is without a doubt one of the world’s finest novellists. So that just gives you an idea of the kind
of calibre of this book and this is why I’m recommending it as the first one. From what
I remember it’s a great story and I think it’s going to be a really good way to start
off the year, so yeah. Awesome. And yeah, let me know what you think, if you have any
book recommendations, let me know in the comments, let me know on Twitter, and let’s really get
this going and if you’ve already read this book, then let me know what you think because
that would be awesome. So, if you’ve enjoyed this video, please consider
leaving a like and let me know what you think and if you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe.
So, like I said, I’ve got lots of ideas, this channel is kind of going to be my mind-space,
I’m going to explore different things, I’m going to learn about different things, you
know, kind of try and get to know you guys, learn abit about me, and we’ll just kind of
grow as individuals, the whole point of this channel is to have a life of intention, to
have a life of purpose, when you wake up in the morning, you know where you want to be
doing, you know where you want to go, you’re excited, you’re motivated, you see life in
a beautiful way, that’s the kind of intention I’m talking about, and if this sounds like
the sort of person you want to be, then welcome to this community, you’ve come to the right
place, because as we all grow together, then we can all start to make the world a better
place. In the meantime, I hope you’re having a great 2019, I hope you’re smashing all your
goals and sticking to all your resolutions, and I hope you’re smiling, I know a lot of
people have gone back to work recently, and if you have, give it all you’ve got, give
it 100%, keep going, we’ve going to make this year, a year to remember, so let’s make it
happen. I’ll see you in a couple of days.

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  1. Anna Reel says:

    Ooo, I'll have to check out that book! I set a book goal last year to help me get back into the habit of reading more and it helped. I'm currently reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown and LOVING IT! I highly recommend it. Fiction–I'm currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring. I watched The Lord of the Rings growing up (they're my favorite movies of all time), but I kept struggling to read through all of the books (other than The Hobbit; that one is a much easier read). But I'm finally doing it and I'm really enjoying it!

  2. SilverStream says:

    Like the idea mate 👍

  3. Destiney Brooke says:

    Yess I used to read all the time, but I feel like I have no time anymore for it 🙁 but also I feel like I can rarely find a book that really grabs my attention! Lol I have so many on my shelves I need to finish😩

    Here’s to 2019 and creating better habits🙌🏼this is such a great idea!

  4. Destiney Brooke says:

    Also I love how you have the pictures on the wall behind you! I’ve been meaning to say that in a couple of your vids now😂such a cool decor

  5. Ashley Collins says:

    oooooo this sounds like a good one!! I've been reading the same book for a year!! That's totally not like me, I can finish a book in a week. I gotta finish this damn book and then I'll hop on this one!!

  6. kaylathenoob says:

    Love this idea my dude! Definitely up for joining if you stick to it in a few months time. One of my 2019 goals is to read more, so I've downloaded Goodreads to keep track of that! I'm currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama, as I just needed something to inspire and motivate me during this really busy uni period – but once March/April hits, I'll be free to actually join in properly!

  7. Pax Medicus says:

    If you want to read an Amazing nonfiction novel just out in 2019:
    "The Medusa Enigma"
    By Dino Panvini,MD

    You will read about the bizarre conspiracy actions that were taken against Dr. Panini's professional career, personal life and safety, with multiple murder attempts and fraudulent allegations by the legal, medical system ,all because he did the right thing. These mind boggling actions will amaze and astound you.
    In thirty years, he never had a malpractice judgment or settlement against him, something few surgeons in this country can say. As you will learn, one of the lawyers mentioned in this book filed malicious, fraudulent malpractice actions against him for the same case three times, repeatedly alleging that he murdered his patient—despite having no evidence at all.
    You will learn about his multiple near-death experience and multiple attempts on his life. you will see the repercussions of the corruption within the judicial and medical hospital system, and a bizarre divorce like none you have ever encountered.
    This book describes real events hat have taken place as a reader will be enchanted with the drama, corruption, real life attempted murders witch will dazzle your mind and question how can this really happen. I can assure you that all the events in this book are true and captured for the challenge of the readers astonishment.
    The legal and medical corruption at work in the United States is a contagion—an epidemic that affects every American citizen, in one way or another, every day. Lawyers are not policed by the American Bar Association, and they run rampant, injuring millions of Americans financially, emotionally, and professionally. The legal system needs a complete overhaul, which only Americans can do.

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