The #SmartBrownGirl Book Club 📚 is Here! 💫 | @Jouelzy


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91 thoughts on “The #SmartBrownGirl Book Club 📚 is Here! 💫 | @Jouelzy”

  1. Victory Begins in the Garden says:


  2. Kianna B says:

    Yay ! I love this . Congratulations ! I'm definitely joining. 🥰💗

  3. Jouelzy says:

    I have SO MUCH ANXIETY about this project 🥺. But it's here, we are doing it and I hope you can all join along.

    ~*January Reads*~
    ↳ General – When Chickenheads Come Home to Roots
    ↳ Complex Theory – A Voice From the South, Part One
    ↳ Syllabi:

    Interested in joining the syllabi cohort? Find out more here:

  4. Xavier Bailey says:

    Woop woop!🥳👏🏾📖

  5. corazoncha89 says:

    I am sooooooo excited! This was heavy on my mind this week as I’ve been working through your boooklists of the past few years. Looking forward to joining!

  6. ohlaaax says:

    2020 really is about to bring me unexpected blessings. Excited for this and you, Jouelzy!

  7. Brooke Smith says:

    Congratulations! I'm excited for this new project. Signing up now!

  8. Tempest B says:

    So happy to see you working on yet another passion!

  9. Carter B says:


  10. toya8169 JM says:

    Thank you for all your work I can't wait to dig in!!!

  11. ActressAngie says:

    What a blessing! Like what my other sisters are saying, this has been on my spirit in the new year- joining a book club, reading more this year and investing in myself more via reading…I’m so excited!

  12. msmaka says:

    I'm in! I've read When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost by Dr. Joan Morgan (she got her PhD now), so I'll take a look at A Voice From the South, Part One. Thank you Jouelzy for putting in the effort and hard work, and thank you to the cohort.

  13. Kayla M says:

    This is so awesome Jouelzy! So happy for you & can't wait to start reading.

  14. CompassionNluv B says:

    Im looking forward to this . I need to level up.

  15. Laura says:

    I live in the UK can I join in?

  16. Bria Felicien says:

    So excited! Just signed up!

  17. Bria Felicien says:

    This is so cool. The first time I heard about January's book on the General Track was from your channel however many years ago. So excited this is here <3

  18. Jackie Gillyard says:

    Congrats to you. Did you know we have a school here in VA named after Anna Julia Cooper? I would be interested in learning more about her.

  19. Pyrrols says:

    just signed up !!

  20. loveisfree4all says:

    Excited about this! Jouelzy, you got this and we got YOU. Keep working!

  21. BlairWaldorf2013 says:

    That’s a shame, I was interested but I don’t have a Facebook (haven’t had it since it first launched back in undergrad). Still a great idea 💡

    Hope to see you in Chicago (maybe in the summer) if it takes off and really starts going for live author reads!

  22. LifeaccordingtoGilah says:

    🤗🤗🤗!!!!!!!!!! The excitement!!!!! I'm signing up RIGHT NOW!

  23. lovelyjavid says:

    Yayyy!!!! I’m joining ASAP.

  24. hersupreme says:

    joins book club

    I have been waiting for a black book club

  25. Caramel Kisses says:

    I was JUST talking to my sister about finding friends that have the same “interests” as we do. I have never had an intellectual group of black friends (college included). This is amazing timing for me and I’m so happy for your future I know this will be a success 💕💕💕

  26. Dana Shaw says:

    You are rockin that short do. You got a butterfly face lol. Just dropping in to say Happy New Years! Tfs

  27. iamonlybetty eats says:

    I am here for this!!! Just in time for my new library card

  28. Brittney T says:

    super excited!!

  29. Nadia Gladys says:

    Congratulations Jouelzy! You have been working to birth this project for some time now. I wish you well in all that you do! 🥰

  30. Caz A. says:

    So proud of you. You’ve been talking about this book club for a minute and I’m happy to see it finally come to fruition.

  31. A. Green says:

    So excited about this!

  32. melisa11 says:

    Love you for making this @Jouelzy

  33. melisa11 says:

    Come to Oklahoma City or Tulsa!!

  34. P J says:

    I’m yelling because this is about to be revolutionary!

  35. BeeLady504 504 says:

    You look soo pretty Jouelzy☺️😘

  36. BeeLady504 504 says:

    You look soo pretty Jouelzy☺️😘

  37. maya says:

    I actually read When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost this past semester for a term paper, after I heard you recommend it in an old video! I'm so excited to see the discussion around it!

  38. Regina Strong says:


  39. thelittlelady says:

    The membership price is different on the website than what’s listed in the video. Either way I signed up and can’t wait 🤗

  40. DeBorah Camille says:

    I am so here for this. Thank you Joulezy and the Smart Brown Girl team for being so generous with your gifts and knowledge to bring us something so wonderful!💜

  41. Sephar Callwood says:

    Just joined!

  42. Meet Marian says:

    I’m so excited! Congrats, Jouelzy!

  43. Juantonsoupp says:

    What if I want to do both tracks 😭

  44. WutwereUexpecting says:

    Jouelzy, you and your platform are a blessing to me. Thank you. My budget is tight right now but I'm going to make room for this. Happy new year.

  45. Brown and Abroad says:

    congrats. just signed up. Looks like you put a lot of time and love into this project. Am excited to be part of it.

  46. Sanaa Jade says:

    Jouelzy YESSSS!!!!!!

  47. Jennifer Peterson says:

    I dont have fb….may get 1 just for this book club…

  48. popcorn1304 says:

    Love this!! I can't wait!

  49. Dr. Carey Yazeed says:

    I’m so there Soror! Will be signing up this week for track 2 and paying my $12.99/mo.

  50. Blake Morton says:

    jouelzy this is so fucking dope and inspiring i’m so happy for you!!!!

  51. Asia Mae says:

    My heart is so full😩Thank you!!!!!!

  52. Natmari says:

    This is so awesome I was just saying I want to get back to reading! This is so exciting. This is so amazing that you are doing this. 🙂

  53. Asia Mae says:

    Will you be putting the red smart brown girl sweatshirts back on your site? I really want one

  54. Koko Nicole says:

    I'm a little nervous to join but I'm in! Paypal is not accepting my td bank card, but I was able to use it to become a Patreon😊
    What can I do?? A sista just got paid so I know there's money in there😂

  55. Ema nuel says:

    Are you implying that there are a lot of brown girls who aren't smart?

  56. Jessica Cevidanes says:

    Hey Jouelzy. Congrats on the startup. Is there a book list available? I currently live in Japan on a military base and have to purchase all of my books on line which takes 1-2 weeks to arrive. I don’t want to miss out on the dialogue for each book due to my location.

  57. Caryalyn Jean says:

    I can’t wait to get back to campus to see if my library has either of these books. Hopefully I can save here and there to buy the syllabi too. I’m so excited for you!

  58. labellenoire94 says:

    I love your vision! I'm so excited!

  59. Carrie Williams says:

    Yes !

  60. EclecticFlavor. says:


  61. nicole_writes says:

    I'm so here for this. Congratulation Jouelzy. Keep up the amazing work.

  62. Angela Butler says:


  63. pretty Pretti says:

    I’m sooooo for this! I was just saying I need to read more this year. I’m super excited

  64. Lauren says:

    Let me go ahead and join the dern patreon and the book club. Let’s get this work Professor Jouelzy!

  65. Nisha8982 says:

    Excited and joined without even having FaceBook ❤️

  66. TheAmbitiousDiaries says:

    Omg how ironic I'm currently reading Joan Morgan's When Chickenheads..

  67. MizzBFlye says:

    Yasssss!!!!!! So here for it so, umm some other Patreons will have to get canceled😬

  68. He says:

    I just bought A Voice From the South. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for inspiring me to get back my reading😏

  69. Asja Lanier says:

    I’m so damn hype !!!! I’m happy for you 2020 is a great year.

  70. Coco Cure says:

    You are everything 💞Can't wait! Just signed up and purchased the book.

  71. Rashida says:

    I love the idea of splitting the denser non fiction into sections. I'm currently in grad school so idk how I'm going to make this work but maybe I can participate over the summer months. I'm excited for you. Also I deleted FB years ago

  72. lovely curls says:

    yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know you have been wanting to do this for sometime now im so happy when i seen this notification im not the smartest brown girl but im definitely going to challenge myself to the complex theory track

  73. Keilah says:


  74. BriFromTheD says:

    I think the structure of the book club is very fair. I’m not able to add another expense right now but I’m glad I’ll still be able to participate with the general membership and have an option to get a syllabus if my pockets are right at the time 😭

  75. Daniella willis says:

    Sooo ready for this, been apart of the Patron for a couple of months, even though I get paid weird dates so my Patreon might lapse a couple of days, don’t judge me ima always come back lol..
    I knew I needed all syllabus.

    Can’t wait to get started

  76. Lilli Swole says:

    thank you!

  77. 154angel154 says:

    I'M HERE!!!

  78. Lisa Sims says:

    congratulations Jouelzy! Proud of u!

  79. Joined4theVideos says:

    This makes me so happy.

  80. Lataia B says:

    Wow! All I can say is thank you 🙏🏽 🙌🏽 I can feel this year is going to be something special 💫 💛

  81. Kyla Pratt says:

    Ugh I love this ❤️

  82. A. J. says:

    I'm so excited for this book club!! I've been waiting for this to come to fruition for you and us for a while now, lol. Congrats!! I'm in full support of you my smart brown sista!!

  83. Bonno Balopi says:

    I am soooooo excited for this. Man this is money well spent. Thank you @Jouelzy this is amazing. Especially the diversity of the book club

  84. Authentic Food Creations says:

    Good to see you doing well Soror. Congrats on the book club! Sounds like it will be a great experience.

  85. Michelle Lawson says:

    You are so thoughtful and I am so grateful for this! I am mostly homebound and I am thirsty for great books for Black women! Thank you for this!

  86. Ocean Waves says:


  87. Pineapple Alchemy says:

    Gosh! ❤️ This tugs at my heartstrings so so much. I just love to see us traveling/exploring the earth, creating brands/book clubs, loving ourselves, standing tall and grounded in our blackness, and empowering one another to be our best versions. I love ya’ll/us for real!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Okay, now lemme go sign up.

  88. Birdie Wolf says:

    I am really interested in this I will probably join after I graduate this semester. Unfortunately this semester ain't no joke, and I am crying at all the reading I need to do for all this dumb machine learning crap.

  89. Karyn Camille says:

    So proud of you Jouelzy! I'm so excited to participate!

  90. Leah Bana says:

    Ion really read anything but lusty romance novels but I'll support 😂

  91. LadyD85 says:

    Joined! So excited 🥰🥰💋

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