The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson (animated book summary) – Be Better Than Yesterday


Simple productive actions, repeated consistently
over time. That in a nutshell is the slight edge. Let me explain what this means. The slight edge shows us that little steps
compounded over time do make a difference. Things you do every day, the things that don’t
look dramatic, that don’t even look like they matter, do matter. They not only make a difference – they make
ALL the difference. If you had a choice between going for a 20
minute walk or watching TV for 20 minutes. What would you choose? I mean it’s not like it matters right? And you’re right. That 20 minute walk won’t suddenly make you
healthy and mindlessly watching TV for 20 minutes won’t ruin your life. So you might be thinking that it doesn’t really
matter what you do. But that simple decision is all that matters. Because in a year, you’ll be the result of
your every little decision compounded. That means that every single little decision
you make is important. When you want to watch TV today or tomorrow,
you can make a choice to go for a short walk. Anyone can do that. But what is easy to do, is also easy not to
do. You won’t be any healthier or fit the next
day, if you go for that walk. But what about a year from now? Three years? What if every time you felt like watching
TV you took that walk instead, what do you think would happen in a span of three years? You would definitely see the difference. So if you wake up one morning, look in the
mirror and see how fat you are, don’t put the blame on anyone but yourself. The choices you made were compounded over
time and brought you there. You don’t become fat by accident, neither
do you become fit. Most people are waiting for that quantum leap. They are waiting for the day when they wake
up as a completely different person. But that day won’t come if you don’t change
the small steps you take every single day. So while anyone could do these successful
actions, most won’t, simply because it’s so easy to skip them. People don’t do the little things that add
up to success, because at first they don’t add up to success. And that’s the problem. The things that create success in the long
run don’t look like they’re having any impact at all in the short run. Let me give you another example. Imagine reading 10 pages of a book a day. It’s easy to do, anyone can do it. But it’s also easy not to do and ignore it. You’re not gonna wake up tomorrow and suddenly
become super intelligent if you just read those few pages. But what if you read 10 pages a day for a
year? That is 3650 pages or about 15 books. Just think about how your life will change
if you read that many good books. This is how you become better than yesterday. By making these small, but smarter choices
every single day. So choose to prepare a salad instead of eating
from McDonald’s, hit the gym instead of zoning out in front of your computer, and read those
10 pages every single day. You are where you are today, because of the
little choices your made in your life so far. And remember the slight edge cuts both ways. Used productively, it carries you up toward
success. Used carelessly, it pulls you down toward
failure. The choice is yours. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the
video. Make sure to like and subscribe!

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11 thoughts on “The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson (animated book summary) – Be Better Than Yesterday”

  1. Tejas Tamrakar says:

    u make gud animation summary book please make animation on how to more attractive and how to talk to freinds and many other in communication.please make this kind of video and also make bio graphy of william bill gates and make animation on small choices which will lead to success and by the way thanku for making this video.wish u good luck for upcomming motivation video.

  2. Chirag Tamrakar says:

    U WILL NOT BELIEVE ME BUT I AM YOUR BIG FAN and you will think why because you make summary of book which i cannot buy because I am just 15 year old.please make this kind of video I watch other u tube video also they are good but they are not good as you in talking about that topics and by the way i am from nepal.and i also recommed my friend to watch your video and nowdays they also watch your video and in free time we discuss about it and plz make facebook pages for positive people as i cannot find positive people around me and in last from my hearts thanku

  3. Hendrik R says:

    Hey Better Than Yesterday. This is the first video of your channel that i watch and i think the analogy of the walking man isn't perfect in that regard, that health would be the outcome. Its great when you said "mindless tv-watching", because it shows the greater benefits of walking. walking stimulates and relaxes us, we watch less commercials and come in contact with more people/reality. In that case the power of doing something like walking life will give you more possible advantages than you can think of. The more you escape from your locked life, step by step, the more you'll change yourself and your surroundings. I think thats the biggest point of "The slight edge. So its not always just about success, but about progress. Success is just a byproduct of steady progress.

    I still love your work and enjoyed it.

  4. Efficient Mindset says:

    Amazing Summary, made me think about how every little decision will effect my summaries… thanks!

  5. دروس العلوم says:

    that is true thank you

  6. MrBlodhund says:

    Start Reading everyone

  7. sheloveskpop says:

    i love it:)

  8. Succeed For Yourself says:

    You make things look really simple and clear…I am also making whiteboard animated videos and learning a lot from you..

  9. Johnny G says:

    Great channel! Great videos!

  10. Salmah Nelis says:

    wow..its so beautiful

  11. Cornell Waters says:

    🚶 Thank You!

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