The Secretive Book That Names All the Cheaters in Vegas


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Welcome to Las Vegas—the oasis that went from a settlement, to an outpost, to a haven
for construction workers on the hoover dam to blow off some dam steam. Sin city can and
does tolerate plenty but there’s one cardinal sin that the city just doesn’t tolerate:
cheating. So what do poor multi-billionaire casino owners
do when someone starts beating the house? Well, cheating in a casino is actually a felony
although in most cases, depending on the severity, perpetrators are just escorted out. Anytime
a casino encounters a cheater they take down their information and pass on their names
to paid agencies that compile and look into the cheaters. The most well-known and perhaps
notorious of these is Griffin Investigations. Founded in 1967 by Robert R. Griffin and his
wife at the time, Beverly, this mom-and-pop detective agency considered themselves a “White
Hat” in the gambling world—they’re the good guys but of course so is the guy who
made Scrubs Season 9 according to the guy who made Scrubs season 9.
Apparently, Robert Griffin had a gift for remembering faces and kept a log of criminals
and cheaters in a three-ring binder called the Griffin Book. At first, Griffin was reluctant
to go digital due to a distrust of computers, but his wife eventually convinced him to work
with modern technology and the book grew into a multi-volume database with dossiers on known-cheaters
in the gambling world updated in real time. If a cheater was in the area, Griffin’s
clients would receive a fax outlining the cheater’s most recent alias, height, weight,
date of birth, and security photos of them from where they were last spotted, but Griffin
gained his reputation as the expert after taking down the infamous MIT Blackjack Team
in the early ‘90s. This MIT Blackjack team used the movie cliché
technique of card counting. There’s even a whole movie about the team… with Kevin
Spacey who’s clearly a good actor since he convincingly played a law abiding, moral
citizen. Card counting, you see, is the fully legal process of gaining an advantage while
gambling by counting cards. In Blackjack, players need a combined card value higher
than the dealer’s, but that value can’t exceed 21 or else you’re out. There are
fixed amounts of cards and decks involved, so card counting is the practice of weighing
your bets based on the odds of the next card while keeping in mind the value of the cards
on the table. Since players are using math and logic, this isn’t technically cheating,
but it does label card counters as “advantage players” which is Casino-speak for “nerds
that lose us money.” Casinos in Vegas are legally allowed to ask
card counters to beat it and bar them from returning as long as there’s no other prejudice
involved. It’s easy enough to ban one player but it’s tougher to try and ban teams of
card counters which is exactly why the MIT Blackjack Team was founded. After having existed
off-and-on for years since players, you know, graduated, the team was reborn in the early
‘90s as a registered business run by three of the former players. This team legally raised
a million dollars from investors to gamble away and win back which is a pretty good sign
that their methods were reliable. In the two years after its rebirth, the team
grew to 80 people and their players simultaneously hit casinos around the world winning millions.
Whenever the casinos would ban the members they caught, new members would take their
place like a Hydra head, or interns. Soon, the members of the MIT Blackjack team found
it impossible to go into a casino unrecognized. They even tried disguise and drag. Unable
to get in anywhere, the team found out that they’d been outed by Griffin Investigations.
Once Griffin had realized that the brilliant MIT Blackjack Team Members were not brilliant
enough to leave out their Cambridge, Massachusetts addresses in their hotel reservations, they
entered all MIT students into their databases just to be safe—simple solution, but it
worked. With their identities blown and wigs snatched, the MIT team found it impossible
to play, so it was dissolved by 1994. Griffin’s legacy, however, didn’t stay
golden. In 2000, advantage players James Grosjean and Michael Russo were arrested while playing
at Caesars Palace under the charge of cheating after winning over $18,000 dollars from an
inexperienced dealer at poker. Though they were experienced players, everything they
were doing was legal. The officers, however, believed that they were using illegal means
based off information given to them by Griffin. Griffin’s page on Russo categorized him
as a known-cheater and cardbender. Russo disputed this, and the pair took the case to court.
A jury agreed that the entries had been libel and Griffin had to pay 25k in punitive damages
to Grosjean and Russo. Soon after, Griffin Investigations filed for
bankruptcy. In 2008, Beverley Griffin said they’d been caught up in payments and that
she’d taken over for her ex-husband in 2003. Robert R. Griffin died in 2016. Griffin Investigations
is still running, but its site hasn’t been updated since the early 2000s. James Grosjean,
however, was entered into the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2006 and he takes personal credit
for the downfall of Griffin Investigations. If you’ve been banned from all the Vegas
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    The reason they don't arrest card counters is that counting cards isn't actually cheating. The casinos like it call it "cheating," but they're lying. Think about it: it's literally just paying close attention to the game, you're not surreptitiously gaining any information that other players don't have – how can that possibly be illegal? Now, If you were, say, using loaded dice or marked cards, things like that ARE legally considered cheating and you would most likely be arrested, assuming they could prove it.

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    Very easy way to eliminate card counting: use one deck of cards for one game only. Card counting relies on multiple games being played with a fixed number of decks of cards. If every single game started with one fresh deck of cards, card counting becomes useless because there's no follow-up for card counting to work properly.

  24. ZerglingPack says:

    As a casino surveillance agent, I will say right now that no casino I have worked at bans players for card counting. Your face and name(if we have it) are entered into multiple databases and your photo is sent out to notify other casinos that you are active in Las Vegas. Card counting is NOT illegal and we know that, but also know that we have the right to refuse service. Casinos are a business after all so they are there to make money for THEMSELVES. Card bending, marking, peeking, ext. are a whole other story.
    Casinos don't have to cheat to win your money. All the games are already set to make the house win. But I won't defend slot machines they 100% need better regulations.

  25. David Hedges says:

    Card counting is not cheating … almost none f the "Cheaters" actually broke any of the rules they were just very good at the games …
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