The Psychology of Self-Realization


In the current age, we have countless options
to flee from our psychological problems. Substances, sex, food, gambling, you name
it. And if these don’t do it, we can get the
doctor to prescribe medication for us. The problem is that these are just temporary
fixes, that mute the symptoms to a certain degree, that, more often than not, return
in full force. Luckily, there are ways to fix ourselves,
or more specifically, fix ‘the self’, so we can be liberated from the chains of
neurosis, and reach our full potential. In this video, I’d like to talk psychological
ideas and methods to gain self-knowledge and turn that into self-realization. Karen Horney was a Neo-Freudian psychoanalyst,
who saw ‘neurosis’ as the main obstacle in the process of self-realization. In order to live up to our full potential,
we must overcome our neurosis and, therefore, face our existing mental conflicts that block
us from genuine personal development. The word ‘neurosis’, however, is rarely
used in modern psychology. Nonetheless, we can speak of symptoms that
are involved with neurosis, like anxiety, depression, irritability, obsessive-compulsive
disorders, or different phobias. Neurosis can be summarized as a structurally
ineffective way to handle life’s problems. Horney saw it as a distorted way of looking
at the world and oneself, which leads to a set of compulsive needs that prevent the person
from experiencing the world in a genuine way. According to Horney, a healthy person strives
for self-realization: a transformation that requires a realistic view of one’s own potential
and matching goals to reach that potential. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung also held self-realization
in high regard, believing that this process, also called individuation, is the main goal
in life. A neurotic person, however, is so preoccupied
with compulsive, ineffective coping mechanisms, that there’s no room left for true self-realization. So, before we move on to the methods to turn
neurosis into self-realization, let’s take a look at the following question: how does
one become neurotic? Horney observed that neuroticism stems from
childhood experiences. At the basis of the formation of our personalities
lie social as well as cultural conditions. For example: as children, we need a certain
amount of affection, security, love, et cetera, to develop into “healthy” individuals
that don’t exhibit an extreme reliance on coping mechanisms. When these needs aren’t met in childhood,
this can lead to what Horney called ‘basic hostility’ and ‘basic anxiety’. These conditions will dominate the ways in
which the affected individuals deal with their daily lives. Let’s talk about these negative coping mechanisms
and the so-called ‘neurotic needs’. In our lifetime we develop several coping
mechanisms when it comes to dealing with people. These mechanisms can be subdivided into three
categories according to Horney, also known as the three neurotic trends: (1) Moving towards people
(2) Moving against people (3) Moving away from people These mechanisms are normal; everyone uses
them to some degree. Problems arise when someone overuses these
coping strategies, which indicates that that person is neurotic. Repeating the same unproductive coping strategies
over and over again leads to a vicious cycle. In the book Self-Analysis (1942), Horney identified
a series of so-called neurotic needs, that all belong in one of the three categories
of coping mechanisms. One of these neurotic needs is ‘the need
for affection and approval’, which belongs in the category ‘moving towards people’. There’s nothing wrong with needing affection
and approval to some degree, but the neurotic craves it in a self-destructive way. Individuals with this need are extremely sensitive
to criticism and rejection, and make ‘people-pleasing’ and ‘being liked’ the center of their
world. Of course, this leaves them open to exploitation
and abuse. The root of this need is anxiety; the fear
of being excluded or being alone. ‘The neurotic need for power’ belongs
in the category ‘moving against people’. Power seekers are moving against others in
order to gain control. They often need to complete, exploit, and
defeat, in order to change the environment to their favor. They very much fear things like helplessness,
incompetence, worthlessness, violation, and this fear enforces their need for control,
self-protection, and achievement. Moving away from people can manifest in an
extreme need for self-preservation and an unrealistic desire for independence. A neurotic need that belongs to this category
is the need for self-sufficiency and independence. Individuals with this need tend to distance
themselves from other people, as a way to decrease the chances of being hurt. These are the typical “loner” types. Now, there’s nothing wrong with solitude,
and spending time alone can be a great vessel towards personal growth. However, excessive isolation may be a sign
of neuroticism. According to Horney, the reason why neurotic
people are stuck when it comes to self-realization is that they have a mental block caused by
a need for perfection. For the neurotic, self-realization means the
actualization of their ‘ideal’ self. This perfection manifests in the three neurotic
trends. The perfectionist that moves towards people,
will behave as overly compliant and as a people pleaser, in return for being liked. The problem with this behavior is that we
cannot control the world around us, as the Stoics would emphasize, including what people
think, so it’s impossible to be liked by everyone. The perfectionist that moves against people,
searches for glory, even if this is at the expense of other people. They want to be at the top, to be admired,
and to be the best all the time. But glory is just temporary. Even if we reach the top, it’s just a matter
of time before we get replaced. Also, admiration by other people is beyond
our control. Moreover, if we let our self-worth depend
on external validation, we are in a very unstable position. The perfectionist that moves away from
people, wants to be wise and self-sufficient, in ways that are almost superhuman. This is an impossible goal to reach because,
in many ways, we are dependent on and intertwined with the world around us. No man is an island. In many situations, we need support from others
or need to work together to move forward. Neurotics experience a big gap between their
real self and their ideal self, which is almost impossible to bridge. Therefore, these individuals set unrealistic
goals, followed by consistent failure. They are stuck in a vicious cycle, which can
very well go together with a victim mentality, and a lack of responsibility for one’s own
predicament. In order to escape the vicious cycle, truthfulness
about one’s potential is essential. I quote: “Man, by his very nature and of his own
accord, strives toward self-realization, and that his set of values evolves from such striving. Apparently, he cannot, for example, develop
his full human potentialities unless he is truthful to himself; unless he is active and
productive; unless he relates himself to others in the spirit of mutuality. Apparently he cannot grow if he indulges in
a “dark idolatry of self” and consistently attributes all his own shortcomings to the
deficiencies of others. He can grow, in the true sense, only if he
assumes responsibility for himself.” End quote. Now, I’d like to propose a few practical
steps towards self-realization, based on the previous part of the video. (1) Discovering who you are The logical first step of self-realization
is the determination of the real, current self, in all honesty, and detail. People with neurosis are often in denial,
and their false pride and cognitive dissonance block their view of who they truly are. It’s impossible to self-realize without
self-acceptance, and it’s impossible to accept oneself if one refuses to see who he
or she truly is. As Horney states and I quote: “If a person has had sufficient courage
to discover an unpleasant truth about himself, one may safely trust his courage to be strong
enough to carry him through.” End quote. Luckily there are many ways to gain self-knowledge,
and we could work together with a therapist, or engage in self-therapy to achieve this. A Carl Jung based personality test named the
‘Big Five’ can give us insight in traits like neuroticism and introversion. A Jungian method named shadow work is aimed
at discovering unwanted characteristics that linger in the unconscious. There’s also meditation, and journaling, that
can help us to become more aware of our bodily sensations and thought processes. Another method used in modern psychology is
the Enneagram of Personality, which is a ninefold system of different personalities along with
their weaknesses, basic emotions, ego fixations, et cetera. Even though none of these methods are perfect,
they can be great guides for gaining self-knowledge and determining our personalities. In the process of self-discovery, the neurotics
may come to the conclusion that their idea of self strongly deviates from reality, and
that the pursuit of the idealized self does more harm than good. Only if we are truthful and accepting of our
behavior, including the things that block our growth, we can proceed with the next step. I quote: “Briefly, he must overcome all those needs,
drives, or attitudes which obstruct his growth: only when he begins to relinquish his illusions
about himself and his illusionary goals has he a chance to find his real potentialities
and to develop them. Only to the extent to which he gives up his
false pride can he become less hostile to himself and evolve a solid self-confidence. Only as his shoulds lose their coercive power
can he discover his real feelings, wishes, beliefs, and ideals. Only when he faces his existing conflicts
has he the chance for a real integration – and so forth.” End quote. The second step is… (2) Creating the right circumstances When we have gained sufficient knowledge about
our personalities, we can start to determine the right circumstances for personal growth. According to the ancient Stoics, the end goal
Eudaimonia – which means flourishing – is only achieved when we live in accordance with
nature. With nature, they mean our own nature and
the nature of the universe. By gaining self-knowledge we learn about our
individual nature, how this relates to the world, and what the ideal circumstances are
in order for us to flourish. For example: an introverted and observer-type
of personality can flourish in solitude, and an extrovert can flourish in more social settings. Another example are people that are high in
openness and high in neuroticism, that will optimally realize their creativity when they
increase their conscientiousness. In practice, this means an emphasis on order
and structure. Lastly, it is important to (3) aim for the right
things. From a Taoist point of view, we may want to
choose to swim along with the river stream, in other words, take the path of least resistance
that fits our nature best. This does not mean taking a path of mediocrity;
it means that we excel in the traits we already possess. It is more convenient to emphasize our strengths
than consequently trying to repair ourselves and to fundamentally change who we are. However, oftentimes it is recommended to develop traits that we are not naturally inclined towards. People that are neurotically inclined to hide
from others, may want to develop social skills. People that are inclined to exploit, and dominate
others for their own gain, may want to develop compassion and humility. There is no one way that suits everyone. Part of self-realization is forging our own
unique path, and not walking existing ones. I quote Horney: “To find a mountain path all by oneself
gives a greater feeling of strength than to take a path that is shown.” End quote. Self-realization often means facing our fears,
changing our habits, breaking patterns, and making mistakes along the way. We can choose a path of mediocrity and security,
and proceed walking the same path over and over again, knowing that it won’t lead us
anywhere. This is the safe route, yes, but it will also
lead to self-hatred in the end. Rightfully so, Carl Jung called this the road
of death. I quote: “There is no guarantee – not for a single
moment – that we will not fall into error or stumble into deadly peril. We may think there is a sure road. But that would be the road of death. Then nothing happens any longer – at any rate,
not the right things. Anyone who takes the sure road is as good
as dead.” Thank you for watching.

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