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This is The Night People. This is our book club, which celebrates horror,
fantasy, and dark sci-fi. To me, the most intriguing thing about horror
and dark fantasy, dark sci-fi, is that you can take a lot of issues that people have
trouble dealing with head on, and you can couch them in terms that make them a little
more palatable. So you can really do a lot with social commentary
that you can’t necessarily do with realistic fiction because people are not as resistant
to it. But it still sinks in and gets a little subversive,
you know, I like that. I like hearing about horror, even if I don’t
like interacting with horror. I think it’s a very like interesting genre,
but I don’t really want to experience it that much directly. We like cover lots of different grounds like
theme, and style, and all sorts of things, and then things that are also ludicrously
not as high brow as that and incredibly simplistic. We would love to have more members. You know, it’s interesting that horror is
kind of having a renaissance now with film companies like A24 and Monkeypaw and the books,
a lot of the books we’re reading, are, some of these are maybe based off of. It’s been a pretty wild ride. We’ve read some really, really good books
and we’ve had some fantastic discussions. My favorite thing about book club is hearing
everybody’s different perspectives when we come together after reading a book because
even if I didn’t like a book by the time I’ve finished, I have a better appreciation for
it because other people brought out things about it that I just didn’t consider.

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