The New MacBook Pro 13 Late 2016 Space Gray Review

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hey what’s going on everybody Chad Christian coming at you with another exciting video today I am bringing your review of the macbook pro this is the space gray base version so let’s go over some of the hardware specs that this has the base model that i have here is configured with the 2.4 gigahertz core i5 256 gig SSD storage eight gigs of ram and the graphics processor as an intel iris 540 this has two Thunderbolt ports and the screen as a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution with 277 ppi and the weight on this unit is only three pounds apple claims the battery life is around 10 hours and i agree under my review that is about what I got out some of the positive things with this screen is it has 500 it’s a brightness it has twenty-five percent more colors for than the other 14 srgb and it has a sixty-seven percent higher contrast ratio which means the screen really pops and is very beautiful to work on all day now let’s go over the ports on the left-hand side we have to us bc Thunderbolt three ports which allows you to get 40 gigabits of bandwidth through that and i’m going to go ahead and leave a picture there for a USB hub you can use now over on the right-hand side all we’ve got is the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that got Apple didn’t remove that right and over on the bottom you can see that we just have the for anti slip pads and you can see there in the lip the ventilation system and it works really well so even recording and editing these videos i didn’t have any heat issues now let’s talk about the keyboard for a minute has very minimal travel but it has a good clicking feel to it hear those three pal you know when you typed on track pads oversized all glass just like before with their taptic engine both into it the speakers on this have been totally redesigned and they’re supposed to provide up to fifty eight percent more volume and two-and-a-half times louder base with two times more dynamic range sound quality on this does sound better than the previous macbook pro and it’s even better than the 12-inch MacBook so Apple did a really good job with the sound system the speakers on the side of the unit here now I’ve been getting asked a lot about the hard drive speeds the read and write speeds this thing is incredible let me show you hear what I’ve been getting and benchmarks I used black magic speed test and you can see my reads were off the charts over 2,000 and the rights were around 1300 so incredible speed so what’s my overall verdict of this system and should you buy it I’d say if you’re in the market for a macbook pro right now and you don’t want to spend the extra three hundred dollars to get the touch bar I go ahead and go with this if you do need a more powerful system though i would highly recommend you wait for that quad core processor just remember you’re going to be paying a big sticker price for it because it does have the touch bar as far as travelers go this is a perfect companion system for you and anybody on-the-go this this would be an ideal unit and that’s going to do it for my review video today i hope you guys enjoyed it if you would hit that thumbs up and subscribe and leave any comments down below and I’ll see you guys on the next video

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