The myth of Pandora’s box – Iseult Gillespie


Curiosity: a blessing, or a curse? The paradoxical nature of this trait was personified for the ancient Greeks in the mythical figure of Pandora. According to legend, she was the first mortal woman, whose blazing curiosity set a chain
of earth-shattering events in motion. Pandora was breathed into being
by Hephaestus, God of fire, who enlisted the help of his divine
companions to make her extraordinary. From Aphrodite she received the capacity
for deep emotion; from Hermes she gained
mastery over language. Athena gave the gift of fine craftsmanship
and attention to detail, and Hermes gave her her name. Finally, Zeus bestowed
two gifts on Pandora. The first was the trait of curiosity, which settled in her spirit and sent
her eagerly out into the world. The second was a heavy box, ornately
curved, heavy to hold – and screwed tightly shut. But the contents, Zeus told her,
were not for mortal eyes. She was not to open the box
under any circumstance. On earth, Pandora met and fell in love
with Epimetheus, a talented titan who had been given the task
of designing the natural world by Zeus. He had worked alongside
his brother Prometheus, who created the first humans but was eternally punished
for giving them fire. Epimetheus missed his brother desperately, but in Pandora he found another
fiery-hearted soul for companionship. Pandora brimmed with excitement
at life on earth. She was also easily distracted
and could be impatient, given her thirst for knowledge and desire
to question her surroundings. Often, her mind wandered to the contents
of the sealed box. What treasure was so great it could never
be seen by human eyes, and why was it in her care? Her fingers itched to pry it open. Sometimes she was convinced
she heard voices whispering and the contents rattling around inside, as if straining to be free. Its enigma became maddening. Over time, Pandora became more and more
obsessed with the box. It seemed there was a force beyond her
control that drew her to the contents, which echoed her name louder and louder. One day she could bear it no longer. Stealing away from Epimetheus, she stared at the mystifying box. She’d take one glance inside, then be able to rid
her mind of it forever… But at the first crack of the lid,
the box burst open. Monstrous creatures and horrendous sounds rushed out in a cloud of smoke and swirled
around her, screeching and cackling. Filled with terror, Pandora clawed desperately at the air
to direct them back into their prison. But the creatures surged out
in a gruesome cloud. She felt a wave of foreboding
as they billowed away. Zeus had used the box as a vessel for all the forces of evil
and suffering he’d created – and once released, they were uncontainable. As she wept, Pandora became aware of a sound echoing
from within the box. This was not the eerie
whispering of demons, but a light tinkling that seemed
to ease her anguish. When she once again lifted
the lid and peered in, a warm beam of light rose out
and fluttered away. As she watched it flickering in the wake
of the evil she’d unleashed, Pandora’s pain was eased. She knew that opening the box
was irreversible – but alongside the strife, she’d set hope
forth to temper its effects. Today, Pandora’s Box suggests
the extreme consequences of tampering with the unknown – but Pandora’s burning curiosity also
suggests the duality that lies at the heart of human inquiry. Are we bound to investigate everything
we don’t know, to mine the earth for more – or are there some mysteries that are better left unsolved?

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100 thoughts on “The myth of Pandora’s box – Iseult Gillespie”

  1. Yashaswi Narayana says:

    Ted Ed has always amused and educated us in unique and fun way.Thank You team Ted Ed always appreciated your efforts.

  2. savvageorge says:

    I don't think the ancient Greeks saw hope as a good thing, that's why it was in Pandoras box. Hope makes you live in the future instead of living in the present.

  3. Nox Basco says:

    How well written mythology is…. Not to mention Odyssey and Troy too

  4. Muskan Pandey says:

    Zeus gave Pandora curiosity and the box not to be opened because….

    Read more

  5. H series says:

    where is kratos in this story

  6. Another King Pig says:

    This is a dark web unboxing video in disguise

  7. Selina Cai says:

    It’s Pandora’s pythos,not box.

  8. Ago Contealia says:

    It's A Roseys Toy box. Ring around the Rosey.

  9. Weirdly Awesome says:

    "She was not to open the box under any circumstance."

  10. Kyle Khani says:

    It wasn't Zeus, it was Hera who have her curiosity but Zeus the Pandora Box


    *I honestly and sincerely feel like the Greek gods were tyrants*

  12. Peely says:

    Why would the god in the greek myth give her a trait wanting her to discover more and the chest

    Did god want her to do that?

  13. Phonic Tales says:

    Adam and Eve the eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden

  14. FD GOD says:

    Word of advice never open Pandora’s box

  15. Itstimetostop says:

    Read Mythos by Stephen Fry

  16. luxanna crownguard says:

    Who's here because of the final episode of escape the night, it really made me confused and curious

  17. ŠHÊX HITMAN says:

    And i Thought i had Problems….

  18. Edmund Au says:

    Pandora:Ok i’m going to open this box that I’ve been wanting to open for years

    * opens *
    * Demons come out *

    Zeus:So, you have chosen death

  19. Dimitris Gk says:

    Everything begins in Greece 🇬🇷

  20. Fawn Frauscht says:

    If Athena wasn't born maybe Zeus will still have his Wisdom LOL. Fking dunce.

  21. robert pray sabandal says:

    Pandora's box not for mortal eyes. Zues said

    Kratos: "well I'am half God"

  22. tehya-wofly jones says:

    I love it

  23. Lakshmy Ayyakod says:

    Percy Jackson readers ?

  24. IMMA G2 says:

    Aww she was so cute ^^

  25. Homo With Phobias says:

    Zues: Never ever open this box. Hear me?
    16 y/o Pandora: Wait why give me a gift I can never open? ZUES!

  26. Sadhya Padmanabhan says:

    Curiosity kills the cat, loll

  27. Derek Anderson says:

    Are you sure it wasn't a Dybbuk box?Whoooo frightening… boogey Woogie woogie

  28. Kaycee Whitham says:

    The duality of man!

  29. Hoshi shi II says:

    Seriously Zeus? Hhahaha. His gifts are so hilarious.😂

  30. Ghaztie Plays says:

    no wonder why Joey is so curious to open the Pandora's box

  31. ExpTube1969 says:

    Pandora was a Pelotuda.

  32. zheng yi says:

    Pretty much just like as the saying
    See a group of three leaves leave it be because that will make you itchy

  33. voidremoved says:

    as if I thought this was about the birds and the bees

  34. Try Hard says:

    What the f was zeus thinking, giving her a box that she can't open
    And curiosity

  35. Zap 0909Y says:

    Just dont open it for God

  36. Brando Dano says:

    This is a misleading tell on history. The ancient Greeks saw hope as a bad thing which is why it came from the bad box. This isn’t the understanding of Ancient Greece but rather the modernized version.

  37. Chaostia 66t says:

    Actually, she was sent down to earth to punish men for stealing fire. And the box was instead a vase I think. The contents of the box were like painful child birth and etc.

  38. Dylan Meza :D says:

    Who Came Because Of Escape The Night ??😂

  39. Rythem Shake says:

    Dice brought me here

  40. Unknown Lavender says:

    This video was so helpful!

  41. Senexe says:

    the gods: gives pandora intense curiosity
    also the gods: “lets give her a box she shouldn’t open lol”

  42. aidan harrison says:

    And what ever you do , don't lick your fingers and stick them in the toaste……… . OK we ll call for an ambulance

  43. グレートくん says:

    and some say her husband open it

  44. SavageKookie Gaming says:

    I love this I love Greek mythology

  45. jay Graham says:

    In school rn can somebody get me a theme for this

  46. 04Nv says:

    Your videos are always so interesting!

    It’s quite amazing what you can learn form these

  47. wolfo slavy boi says:

    Omg baby pandora is more than cute she's MAGNIFICEEEEEEEENT!

  48. поля георгиева says:

    I hate Zeus

  49. Tracie Skipper says:



    alongside the strife, she'd sent hope forth to temper its effects…..

  51. gacha_xox 33 says:

    So thats why the undead rise from there grave and haunt the pirson they want to get rid of
    Instead of going to heaven

  52. Al Tanvir Alam says:

    Me: What kinda lunatic doesn’t let you open the gift box given by that same person?

    Zeus: Forgetting someone?

  53. Al Tanvir Alam says:

    1:48 the treasure was illuminati’s secret documents. 😂😂😆

  54. Dizzuni says:

    Zeus: I am the king of the gods
    Also Zeus: Let's give this girl some curiosity and a box that cannot be opened.
    Pandora:*opens box*
    Zeus: …oh.

  55. Youssif abdullah says:

    Wait, did she have schizophrenia

  56. Cami0926435 Ya! says:

    My class when when the teacher doesn’t play ted ed: aw
    When he teacher does: yay

  57. William Kennedy says:


    The gods where assholes

  58. Snickadee dog says:

    Language of the body I give to you sister.
    So say James son of Hermes

  59. TheBlackClockOfTime says:

    Take the red pill.

  60. Seth Dudzinski says:

    It was a jar for one thing. The other is this is an awfully pg version. The four plagues (think four horses of apocalypse) along with hope are re bottled up in the jar.

  61. AwsumSauce says:

    i just love these Greek stories told by Ted Ed! These animations are always so interesting! keep on the good work!

  62. Celadon says:

    Wasn’t it a jar, not a box?

  63. Rayner Handrian says:

    Loot box

  64. Snorkel NOSE PUSH says:

    1:23 punished for giving them fire? You need fire for life…..y’all won’t understand me it’s fine…

  65. Mr. BlobFish :3 says:

    Gives pandora the gift of curiosity
    Gives her a box that she must not open


  66. Failed at making a sandwich says:

    I'm just here cuz saint seiya.

  67. M k says:

    hey TED ED! please consider Rachel Smythe (@usedbandaid) for the art. she publishes "lore olympus" on Webtoon

  68. O-neeomoe says:

    Same last name do I know you ? 💀

  69. Dustin Shirley says:

    I like how zues " Gifts" are a box not to be opened, and the curiosity of a million cats.

  70. arcprop arcproperties says:

    Request : The Myth if Ijo – the egg that never hatches

  71. Mr. X the lone knight says:

    Zeus's is kinda a bad person

  72. JCrypt Hallows says:

    Anyone came here because of Escape the Night?

  73. animeweeber weeb says:

    Dunno why zeus would make her curious then give her a damned box

  74. Jairah Vecina says:

    It's like the same with Eve and the forbidden fruit.

  75. Suga drama llama says:

    pandora's JAR!!!

  76. irrelevant asset says:

    When everything is over, when the worst has happened, there's still one thing left in Pandora's Box: hope. (poi)

  77. jsaikris says:

    Also She was manufactured and gifted to Epimetheus (name means aftethought), and Prometheus (name means forethought) told him not to accept anything from Zeus. But it is only after Epimetheus is married to her he realizes who she is.

  78. Ling Ling says:

    Can you do a video about hera ?

  79. BangGamer 1338 Orginal says:

    Just……. don’t open

  80. Ciko Tan says:

    I think I am Pandora

  81. Ali Reza says:

    Inside the box is Rihanna's next album

  82. Derpychicken says:

    The SCP Foundation in a nutshell.

  83. Donut And Ava says:

    Wow good job Zeus, making a curious girl have a box no won can open.

  84. Ariana Pulido says:

    Overly sarcastic productions anyone?

  85. Wesley-Skye Hayes says:

    This sounds to me like Pandora is eve and Ephimetheus is Adam.

  86. Allzombifood says:

    Zeus: Gives Pandora Curiosity
    Also Zeus: Gives a Box that should not be opened.

    Absolute MadLad.

  87. J.Y. K says:

    Baby pandora look like that kid in shimmer and shine
    Pandora opens box
    "Look honey! Its a box of evils!"

  88. Killer66z says:

    I thought the box was screwed

  89. josue Fuentes says:

    False GOD'S, turn away from this wicked story and follow the ways of the lord. 🙌

  90. davey demigod says:

    Given curiosity and a sealed box telling her not to open. 😅

  91. Ashia_savannah says:

    Why would Zeus give her the box and then give her curiosity

  92. 100 Subscribers NO Video Challenge Challenge says:

    Zeus: Gives a box to Pandora that is not to be opened in any circumstances
    Also Zeus:Gives her extreme curiosity

  93. 100 Subscribers NO Video Challenge Challenge says:

    I know this is a legend… But what did Zues expect would happen if he gave the gifts of extreme curiosity and a box not to be opened… I mean come on bruh!

  94. 『JustRandom YT』 says:

    “This is why we don’t tamper with the unknown”

    People try to raid Area 51

  95. You're probablynotalone in this says:

    Zeus is fcked up man

  96. Silvia Ramos says:

    Zeus: gives her extreme curiosity also Zeus: gives her a box to never open
    Um Zeus are you drunk

  97. ParaEwie says:

    Pandora had Extreme sense of attention to detail….. What would she think of Hearts of iron 4?

  98. WaiFu Material says:

    Imagine The Box is Area 51 and we're Pandora and has extreme curiosity.

  99. Ryan Kam says:

    The forbidden apple…

  100. choco cherri says:


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