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100 thoughts on “The MOST DIFFICULT ENGLISH WORDS made EASY!”

  1. william moreno says:

    Hey Rach, Great Video. I've recently got here in the US for my master's in English (TESOL). I'm interested in writing a book on language learning and teaching, which will definitely include acquisition. I wonder if there is a way we can meet so you can help me with some of the contents, as I will be quoting you every so often in my book. Please, lemme know!!!

  2. Johanna Hidalgo says:

    Great Rachel! I would like another video like that but with the following words: Absolutely, Definitely, Literally, Disinterested, advantage, disadvantage… Thank you so much!!! Absolutely, you're the best!!!

  3. Ram Awadh Das ji says:

    My preceptor

  4. Josue Carpio says:

    Hi Rachel! I love your videos, you are an excellent teacher. I don't know if next time you can give us a lesson of to pronounce the words "reiteratively, reiterative, reiterate and reiterate" Thank you.

  5. Andrew Whitepen says:

    Are you a teddy bear? Yes, you are. It is very difficult for any Eastern people to reduce their voice range so much that it looks like a growling bear.

  6. Сергей Федотовский says:

    You were so cute child! 😊

  7. Abbass Fadhil says:

    I like the lesson so much 💝. I like your family so so much 💝 💝 💖 💚.

  8. porn vedeo says:

    You are great teacher in the worled

  9. حسين عبد الله says:

    Can I ask you something?
    Did you do the captions yourself to your videos?

  10. Serge Grabovskiy says:

    Thanks Rachel
    Those are tough
    N you have such a funny dream lol

  11. Iryna Kalychak says:

    What's difficult about "rural"? I'm a non-native speaker and I have no noticeable difficulties pronouncing the word. Or so it seems))

  12. Daro Dewkeea says:

    Hello camli difficult speak correct thak you

  13. Abdikadir Muse says:

    Thank you teacher but there are a lot of difficult words please represent as

  14. Liam Payne says:

    Hi, Rachel! Here’s another word similar to rural and difficult to pronounce: ‘furor’. Thank you so much!

  15. Ramvilsh Bundela says:

    Plural let me know

  16. Nushar says:

    Thank you so much Rachel for your lessons, and I am struggle with word: Literally.

  17. Boody Basill says:

    Good job

  18. Desempregado Plays BR says:

    Thought , Fought , Thoughness , Tough…. that group…. i hate them.

  19. moussa kham says:

    You are the best my favorite teacher…thank so much..I really appreciate 😊

  20. Mykola Melnyk says:

    Perfect lesson and explanations! And here is my tough word – rarely/ Thank you in advance!

  21. Norberto Aguiar Bermudez says:

    Hi, Rachel. There´s a lot of words difficult to pronounce . E.g. sentence, pattern.

  22. M. R. K. says:

    I just meet my own mouth I guess 😀

  23. PShow says:

    Thank you very much for the lesson! I consider the word "rural" as the most difficult to pronounce. As for regularly – it's not so hard, probably because there is the same word in Russian and it's spelled almost the same way as you do in English.

  24. N. Pherez says:

    Enterpenuer the most dificul word .

  25. Arsene Brou says:

    Thanks a lot for this video, may GOD bless you !!!

  26. Hope World says:

    I'm american but still i can't pronunciate R as well. 😳😂

  27. Su Mi says:

    I cannot pronounce the word "genre", specifically the g sound in it. And the relaxed u when it stands by itself and when it is in many words, especially words with the relaxed u sound preceding the r sound. Such as tour, tourist, plural, rural.

  28. Val Taylor says:

    How about my name ? ☹️

  29. Joey Smorch says:

    it's pretty easy to say single words, but it isn't the same when you can try to speak it in sentences
    Maybe I need more practise

  30. Derex Oakenfold DaHousecat says:

    Rachel, you have one ey bigger than the other

  31. Matthieu Boucard says:

    I find "nuclear" easy to pronounce, but one of my pet peeves is "denuclearization"…
    /ˌdi:njuːkliəraɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ i don't understand why the secondary stress is on the first syllable and not the second….

  32. 2mm M.E says:

    YOU are GREAT !

  33. el charly says:

    Any word with: /r3:r/ is difficult

  34. el charly says:

    What about entrepreneur

  35. Blue Road viet nguyen says:

    Great work Thanks a lot Miss

  36. Naeemah Abdelhameed says:

    Thanks a lot .. this vedio is so important , helpful and useful .

  37. Siming Xu says:

    Thank you Rachel! It is really helpful to improve my pronunciation. I would like to ask a little favor that could the How to Increase Vocabulary series be updated? Sorry if my advice is not good.

  38. Оля Рыба TV says:

    "Farther" and "Further" frustrate me the most 🙂

  39. ScHott DeatH says:

    How do I get my elderly Viet friend to pronounce "Split"?…I hear… "Klip" or "Cliff".
    The hilarious physical oral gyrations he goes through trying to say 'split' face to face are enough to make us both die laughing…18 yrs. have passed with no success.

  40. Senda Tamie says:

    It was easy for me to understand ,thank you Rachel.

  41. gabs32100 says:

    how about interpreter and murder

  42. Helio Furusawa says:

    "Literally", literally the most difficult word to pronounce.

  43. NataliaRCH says:

    For me neither of these words are difficult at all.

    For myself I find difficult to pronounce words like:


  44. ideli domingues says:

    Rachel, You're an EXCELLENT teacher! Tks!!

  45. abdelaziz sabry says:

    Rachel u are great and u pronounce every word correctly and scientificaly..pls.strength-enthustic-mirror,length.piety,trait. how are these words are pronounced? thanks a lot.

  46. Psychology of Happiness says:

    This is a great video!!! Thank you, Rachel. Can you please do the lesson about the difference between sheep and ship.

  47. Bud Gunter says:

    I enjoy your Videos and wanted say thank you I, by no means speak perfect English.
    But I do have a couple of Pet Peeves.
    1….I hate when someone says "Let me AXE you something"
    2….I hate when someone says "I'll PROLLY go early"
    3….I hate when someone says "I like THESE ONES"

    And I also find it annoying when People say "Yeah" to start a sentence when explaining something, the same way you hear "Uh" every few words when someone is nervous giving a speech.
    "That should help. Yeah, go try it, Um, Yeah, that's all"

    Just curious, I don't think these are correct, Am I wrong?

  48. El Amor De Dios says:

    My english is far ti be perfect,but thoses none of those words intimidate me.
    No problems at all to pronounce them even Google voice asistence catchs my pronuciation over and over.
    Keep it up,i keep learning with yours videos, you are a real bessing for me.

    Thanks very much for your time and dedication.

  49. marycarmen Benitezrobles says:

    Wooow you always make me undestand easy the sounds words thanks

  50. Yahshua Mashiah says:

    hey how are you doing Rachel, here I am learning something from you 😁

    Greetings from largo Florida 🇺🇸🇲🇽

  51. Alfredo Perez says:

    Please teach me to say Manhattan like a native. Gretting frpm Peru.

  52. G. M. Babul says:

    Love those succulent lips…. 🙂

  53. naccio mart says:

    Hi Rachel. Another great video. Now I can pronounce these words more natural thanks to you. I really appreciate the effort and dedicaction that you put into each video. Keep it up!!

  54. Rachel's English says:

    🥇 🥇

  55. Miguel Narváez says:

    I do like this kind of videos

  56. Thomas alDulaimi-M5 says:

    Thank you so much my teacher.

  57. DeTodoaLoTico says:

    does the word clear is pronounced same as in "nu(clear)" ?

  58. Meshaal Alshammari says:

    hey Rachel !!! I appreciate it.
    I really do need your help with these words "dirty" "party" …etc (r with t)
    I couldn't say it like a native speaker.

  59. Hanny Mary says:

    these are also 'americanised'.
    I have a kiwi accent and some of this advice doesn't apply to how I say it.

  60. 黃俊雄 says:

    it's definitely hard to change the way I pronounce…

  61. Алексей Рукин says:

    "Regularly": doesn't this lip rounding produce a "w" sound before "r"?

  62. abbes dimiri says:

    For everyone.

  63. Neda Süeda Şahin says:

    They may not be tough words but I'm struggling with the word "recipe" and "available"

  64. Alex Gudiel says:

    I like the video, I would like you to include the word "Address" and "Arguably" Thank you!

  65. Miss America says:

    Please Rachel ma'am, make a video on "causative verbs "

  66. kulik03 says:

    I find "birthday" and "shoulder" hard to say

  67. Alina S says:

    t’s easy to understand,so clear, thanks!

  68. Basel dabbaghie says:

    Advice for you, try writing the title of the video in Arabic in order to get more views.

  69. Inna Gaidaenko says:

    Do you have video about english times?

  70. Jorge enrique Moreno says:

    You like me so much Rachel

  71. victornpb says:

    I think nuclear family still the same meaning, nuclear meaning the center of something. The opposite of extended family which incorporates other people around the nucleus, aunts, cousins, grandma/pa…

  72. victornpb says:

    Thank you for explaining the tongue positions so well, I realized I was doing the L sound by "flapping down" not by pushing forward to the bottom teeth, although it sounds the same it is much harder to articulate. Now "Regularly" takes a lot less effort to pronounce it, it also sound more natural as the result of that.

  73. Aparecido FERREIRA VAIS says:

    Hi Rachel these words is very difficult to pronounce to me the hardest is rural
    Thanks a lot and have a great Thursday my dear teacher 😉🇧🇷

  74. Beatriz Eugenia Carrasco Niño says:

    Thank you Rachel. The slow motion helps a lot. For me it's difficult to differentiate the pronunciation between rubber and robber.
    I love your lessons.

  75. Manu Karimi says:

    Thank you a lot, dear Rachel. You are doing great job with high quality. God bless you

  76. Elena Z says:

    I can't pronounce correctly "murder". My husband is laughing always.

  77. Abanoub Habeb says:

    I had liked the video before I watched , because I know that the content is gonna be amazing!!
    Thank you Rachel 👏

  78. Caio Freitas says:

    I loved it!

  79. Palani R says:

    Your videos all are Awesome, Please make a video using all auxiliaries words in one video,along with tenses… I love your teaching

  80. w.monir says:

    I think if i pronounce the first syllables in the word regularly right(raig) the L will be easy then

  81. Mahmoud Aljasm says:

    Hi rachels , thank you for video, I speak Arab and learn English but I have ask questions, how i read the sung in same fast, please explain if you have free , time–AQ (or) you write ( let me die)

  82. Jessica Almeida says:

    Could you please make a video on how to pronounce the word sixths? It's the hardest word ever.

  83. Sergei Petrov says:

    Hello Rachel! It was a literally useful video. Thanks a million!

  84. Anna Górska says:

    My favorite kind of videos. Slow motion and closer look up at lips help a lot. A mostly stuggle with "r" sounds, like earlier.

  85. Erika Marin says:

    Accessibility!!! This one kills me

  86. david he says:

    For me neither of these words are difficult at all.come from China,now,i teach Chinese people

  87. henry jesus carrillo says:

    awesome. you are the best

  88. Quite Annoyed says:

    As an Englishman, I don't have a problem with any of those words. Here's what I have a problem with: Americans calling the language they speak 'English'. It is not English. It is 'American English'. You make the distinction by calling English 'Native English', but I don't accept that. English people speak English. Americans speak 'American English'. When I say 'squirrel' I pronounce both the 'i' and the 'e'. Sqrrrrrrl is not English. It is American English.

  89. Sky says:

    Such a great technique.

  90. MrFabianpm says:

    I love you Rachel

  91. kostas sidir says:

    oh for crying out loud Rachel! we don't want adds by "English coach Chad. com. his behavior looks like he the absolute wheeler dealer guy. please Rachel.

  92. Suhaib Ali says:


  93. MBLUE BLUE says:

    Hi lovely teacher
    Please speak very slowly

  94. Gedamax says:

    great tips from a great teacher, and still beautiful.

  95. Carlos Flores says:


  96. Randy M. says:

    REAR WHEEL DRIVE. Even as a native speaker, I have a hard time saying this phrase.

  97. Sam Yon says:

    Thank you

  98. afraa mohamed says:

    ( this nuclear )kills me my dear teacher😍 that was amazing👏

  99. José Luis Ruiz Castro says:

    Also: "Turtle", "World War" (both together) kind of tricky

  100. Patricia Arce-Statham says:


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