The Military Tough MacBook!

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So as you guys know i’m always looking for the next cool thing on Amazon Something that I find interesting, and this is the one of those things: It’s from a company called Urban Armor Gear It’s a case for your MacBook, they make it for a few different models, that gives it some extra shock protection and this particular case: Drop tested It passes some sort of military standard too The reason this stood out to me is ‘cuz as a kid I can remember looking at those like police laptops -those Panasonic toughbooks [to Jack] Why was I..- When was I..- Was I in the cruiser? Like how was I looking at police laptops? What am I really saying right now? The Panasonic toughbook, I thought it was really cool, I always liked that idea of a super rugged laptop You don’t see them around much anymore you know, you see a lot of Macbooks but they’re so delicate and dainty Look there’s the new MacBook look at that thing! It’s nice that it’s slender and what not, but it just doesn’t give you the feel of durability Thing thing aims to change that, and turn your MacBook into some kind of RoboCop Let’s crack it open and see Do I have a knife? *I do* *strains for knife* Laptop not included, Yeah Well ya didn’t pay laptop prices did ya? Ooh My assumption is that this thing is always to remain on Wow When you open and close your laptop it stays on via this hinge right here, so let’s give this a shot Just slide this baby in *Boot Up Noise* That was unintentional Alright, that- that just clips on right there like that Pretty easy And then the top part [clicks into place] Woop! Did I do that right? There we go Let’s see here [Computer setup speaking] Woah! Lower there, Okay. Now something interesting I’m noticing is that when you open it up that hinge elevates the deck of the keyboard Do you see what I mean? So you get this sorta ergonomic angle here And then when you close it, comes down like this WHOA And it actually snaps shut Ooh, It even looks like those kinda old school Panasonic toughbooks Ooh, I like it I mean this couldn’t be further from the apple aesthetic, but that’s kinda the point, isn’t it? You’re a rugged type of dude Maybe you’re a student and chuck this thing in your bag and you don’t wanna think about it Toss it across the room, play a little Frisbee why don’t ya? The corners have this thick rubber on them which extends past the edge of the actual laptop So if this baby goes down- *BANG!!!* You could be a road warrior type You’re on an aeroplane, crack it open Somebody bumps it! You know?! The guy next to you? No body likes the guy next to you, he’s too big His shoulders are- This might be the move 3,2,1 – *BANG* WHOO! You wanna see more, Lemme know, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll blast it with a bazooka or something I’m not gonna If you’re like me and you had the RoboCop poster on the wall as a kid I think this might speak to you

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