The Magic of Book Clubs


This story begins with a box. Filled with adventure, and discoveries that
ignite the imagination. A box filled with books, chosen by your child
from Scholastic Book Clubs. But, as with all great stories, there’s more
going on than meets the eye. Because that box also brings confidence, knowledge,
and the keys to a lifelong love of reading, something Scholastic Book Clubs have helped
kids discover for over 60 years. When children choose their own books about
subjects they like, a neat thing happens: They read them. Give your child a chance to read for fun and
you’ll promote learning, language skills, and a connection between home and school that
boosts academic success. Every month, Scholastic Book Clubs offer over
100 books, classic and new, that are just right for your child’s reading level and interests. When your son or daughter brings home the
Book Clubs flyer, it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about what they want to read and what
they’re into. Since every kid deserves to own books, there
are titles for every budget, some just $1 or $2 Every book you buy from Scholastic Book Clubs
enriches your child’s life at school, too, because your purchases earn your child’s teacher
free books to build the classroom library. The day the box arrives with your child’s
books, look out! It’s a free-for-all of excitement, laughter,
sharing. It’s a thrill your kid will look forward to
and someday, fondly look back on. Like you might be doing right now. This story began with a box. The happy ending is that there is no ending. Reading will take your son or daughter to
new and wonderful places for the rest of their lives.

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