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Hi guys, this is Dani from the Lima Public Library and today I’m going to show you how to
install an extension for your computer so that you can easily see items that we have available at the library. So, this extension works with Google Chrome which is your internet browser. It does not work however, with Internet Explorer which is a separate internet browser. And very soon it will be available to use with Mozilla Firefox, an entirely different internet
browser. To get started we’re just going to go to and in the search bar in the center, type in
“Library Extension.” The first result on your screen is the one that you want. Just click on that link. And then, we want to “Install on Chrome” today. But if you prefer to use Mozilla Firefox for your
internet browser you can do that soon. You can sign up to be notified when that is going to be available. For today, we’re going to click on this blue “Install on Chrome” link. From this page we want to select the blue “Add to Chrome” button in the upper right corner. And we do want to “Add the extension.” Ok, when this page loads in the center of the screen you’ll see a section for your e-mail
address you can include that if you’d like to, it is optional though. This is just for receiving newsletters
from this company. Now, if you’ll notice, in the upper corner of your screen there is a stack of books. Click on that icon and this is where you’re going to set what libraries you’re a part of. The first thing we want to
do; yes we’re in the United States, and then which state. and then it gives you a list of libraries that are a part of this Extension. You should just be able
to start typing Lima Public Library. Then select the green plus sign button here. and that’s the library there. You can do more than one, so if you’re also part of a different library
system you can add that as well. and that’s pretty much it. So, now we can click “Close.” So, now that the Extension has been added, we can go to a website like where
you typically buy books. or even, if you use that to browse for titles. On the right hand side of the screen
when you’re looking at a particular book, you’ll see what the library has available. For example, the newest James Patterson. We’re just going to type in he name here. This title Never, Never has recently been released so I’m going to click on that. On the right hand side of the screen here I now see that the Lima Public Library has 12 copies of this item. We also have e-book copies of this item. If you would like to you can click on the “Borrow” button right from here. Or, place a hold on these items that are not available. So rather than spending $16 purchasing the book, you can just borrow it from the Library. Have a great day!

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