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Late last week, it was reported that the Mueller investigation
has entered a new phase. That’s right. Robert Mueller is emo now. He’s still investigating, but he, like,
doesn’t really care. But that’s not all.
That’s not all. Because even though
Mueller hasn’t been able to interview the president yet,
last week, he figured out
how to do the next best thing. Special Counsel Robert Mueller
is now investigating a new subject, the president’s Twitter feed. According to the New York Times, Mueller is scrutinizing
Trump’s tweets and negative statements
directed at Attorney General
Jeff Sessions and former FBI director,
James Comey. The Times reporting Mueller
also wants to question Trump about his tweets. Damn. Mueller is officially
looking into Trump’s tweets. And something tells me that Mueller’s
not a Twitter type of guy. Yeah. I feel like, pretty soon,
he’s gonna be like, “Cover me.
I’m sliding into his DMs.” They’ll be like, “Uh, sir,
that’s not what that means.” And, look, I know some people
are saying, “This is ridiculous. “The special counsel is gonna
treat Donald Trump’s tweets like they’re actually
important?” But, remember, remember, the president told us
many times that @realDonaldTrump is the real Donald Trump. It allows me to give a message
without necessarily having to go through people,
where I’m giving them a message and they’re putting it down
differently from what I mean. I get it out much more honestly than dealing
with dishonest reporters. It’s a way of bypassing
dishonest media, right? -(cheering)
-We go, wah, wah. (laughter) Say what you want
about Donald Trump, but that man really has
a wah with words. But you heard him,
you heard him. Trump is more honest on Twitter
than anywhere else. In fact, when Mueller does
finally get Trump into court, forget the Bible– they should
make him swear on his phone. That’s what they should do. So, Robert Mueller
is looking at Trump’s Twitter. And it’s not the worst idea.
My only issue is, if you’ve been on Twitter,
you know how easy it is to get distracted, right? Mueller’s gonna log on
to investigate Trump, and, the next thing you know,
he’ll be watching videos of dogs dancing to Drake. Which, by the way,
is a real thing. (Drake’s “In My Feelings” plays) ♪ ♪ (laughter) I’ve watched that 300 times, and I still have questions. Was the dog really dancing
to the music? Or did the add the music later? Was the dog driving the car
before he jumped out? If so, where’s that video? Does the dog have a SoundCloud?
I want to know where to find… You see? I almost forgot
what we were talking about. Mueller investigating
Trump’s tweets. This is what Twitter
will do to you. And look, Mr. Mueller,
investigating Trump’s tweets for obstruction of justice
is a good idea, but you don’t have to go
on Twitter to do it, because we at The Daily Show
have already combed through all of Donald Trump’s tweets, and we’ve come up with
our own definitive analysis… right here in this book. The Daily Show presents the Donald J. Trump
Presidential Twitter Library. You want to get to the bottom
of the Russia conspiracy? Well, we’ve done
the work for you. Yeah. We’ve compiled… we’ve compiled
all of Trump’s tweets that show you
how it really went down. Every single tweet. -Yeah. Every single tweet!
-(cheering, applause) And it turns out,
it turns out… crooked Hillary and the FBI are the real Russians. You just got Shyamalan’d. -(laughter)
-Oh, oh, and if you want… if you want to get Trump
on obstruction of justice, we’ve covered that as well. You see?
We found the tweet where he pretty much confesses
to the obstruction of justice. Look at that. Huh? Huh?
Look at that. Go real close. Nah-ah.
You got to buy the book. You can’t just read it
for free on the show. -(applause)
-The point is… this book is far more than just Trump’s
Twitter feed printed out. We’ve curated more than 400
of the president’s key tweets. We’ve analyzed them,
and we’ve added context to really get
inside of his head. Like, do you have any idea how
much he hates Diet Coke? Huh? Even though he drinks it
all the time? Look. Look. Here’s the complete history
of Donald Trump’s Twitter war against Diet Coke. All of this. Yeah. And I’m not saying that
it helps your investigation, but it’s pretty funny,
it’s really pretty funny. Look, Bobby… you’ve got no time to waste. Donald Trump could tweet anytime
that you’re fired. So buy the book now. And everybody else, you should
buy it, too, just for fun. It’s on sale at midnight
wherever fine books and incriminating evidence
are sold.

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17 thoughts on “The Key to the Mueller Investigation: The Daily Show’s New Book | The Daily Show”

  1. dwarfie24 says:

    Suddenly its good twitter never banned Donny.

  2. Domenic Localzo says:

    Trevor Noah= puppet with good teeth,

  3. Encontrol says:

    Pause @3:36 thank me later

  4. Björn Karlsson says:

    The confusion continues 🙂

  5. Jovani Daniel Rodriguez says:

    Bro you're show is wack lol

  6. edward lubin says:

    I wanna see that book!

  7. Björn Karlsson says:

    What more can y say 🙂

  8. Blaise says:

    Its says i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the Vice President 1st part

  9. Believer in Christ says:

    I just watched your stand-up….nigga please! 😂😂😂😂

  10. The Shane - Shavash says:

    You do realize we can just press "PAUSE"!

  11. Grundle Munch says:

    what a giant waste of time……. i'm literally shaking right now fucking trump oh my gosh i hate america im literally leaving

  12. bon viesta says:

    lmao look who’s laughing now

  13. Renee Brooks says:

    Truth 3:11

  14. nk says:

    Where is the latest on the investigation which they released 400+pages of the report.

  15. APOKOLYPES says:

    no body cares about more trump crap, interview andrew yang!

  16. Dave Wray says:

    He reads the cue cards without humor or skill, but since I do not watch the show who am I to judge, yet at 2:10 you be the judge his delivery is not funny to me.

  17. n sane says:

    That dog is dope!!!! They should have shown the dog burst out and begin the dance. Would be like ……

  18. Khaos Inoculation says:

    Swearing on the bible instead of the constitution is a Nazi's go to. Because the bible is filled with lies, slavery, and genocide all the way through old-new testament.

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