The Hype Is Real After Pattinson’s Batman Suit Reveal


On February 13, The Batman director Matt Reeves
took to Twitter to share the first camera test for the upcoming comic book adaptation
in which Robert Pattinson plays the Dark Knight. It doesn’t show very much of Pattinson’s face,
but what the video lacks in direct face-time, it makes up for in epic slow-motion pans of
Pattinson’s Batman suit. The clip is soaked in red light, and begins
with Pattinson walking toward the camera as it focuses on the bat insignia on his costume. As he turns to one side, we get a peek of
the shoulder pieces of the new suit and a taste of the Battinson cape. Then, finally, the lower half of Pattinson’s
face comes into focus, with the upper half shielded by his Batman mask. Given the day it was dropped and its candy-red
color palette, this first video of Pattinson’s Batman could be considered something of a
Valentine’s Day present from Reeves and the folks at Warner Bros. Pictures. From our vantage point, it looks as though
the film’s team may have been inspired by a few different versions of Batman’s iconic
suit when they were working on the design for the new movie. The short video Matt Reeves released shows
a mechanical-looking Batman logo. In the 2015 video game Batman: Arkham Knight,
the Batsuit armor pieces would mechanically tighten, align, or separate depending on what
Batman wanted to do. Arkham Origins also featured several different
shoulder armor options for the Batman suit that look similar to what’s shown in the camera
test clip Reeves shared online. In Batman: Gotham Knight, the 2008 anthology
film comprised of animated superhero shorts, Batman rocked a popped collar and a chin guard
in the “Crossfire” segment. Finally, in Gotham by Gaslight, an alternate-reality
Batman set in the 1880’s also wore a slightly popped collar while battling against Jack
the Ripper. There’s even a theory going around that the
Batman insignia on this new suit is literally made from pieces of the gun that killed Bruce’s
parents. So, that’s metal. Regardless of how the costume came together
and what pieces of past Batman media it might be referencing, the important thing is that
Pattinson loves how it looks. Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment in October
2019, Pattinson briefly gushed about his Batsuit: “Matt has got a really awesome idea about
it. I think this thing is going to be very, very
cool.” Luckily for everyone involved in The Batman,
reactions to the first camera test of Pattinson in his Batsuit have been overwhelmingly positive.’s Brandon Davis wrote in response
to Reeves’ tweet: “IT’S BEAUTIFUL.” YouTuber and podcast host Eddy Burback was
so impressed with the video that he asked for Reeves’ hand in marriage, writing: “matt will you marry me” After watching the camera test of Pattinson
as Batman, Awards Ace editor-in-chief Erick Weber tweeted: “CAN WE MAGICALLY MAKE IT 2021” Finally, ReelBlend podcast co-host Kevin McCarthy
had a simple message for Reeves: “Thank you, sir. Hell yes.” Fans have reacted similarly, tweeting out
GIFs of people screaming with glee and straight-up yelling to express just how happy they were
with the test footage. One user tweeted: “Thank you Matt Reeves. I was like legit dying for Batman news. Yes!! Let’s freaking go!!” Another wrote: “MATT REEVES .. I owe you my life. This is magnificent. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Yet another fan was particularly intrigued
by the finer details of the suit, what role it might play in the upcoming film, and the
prospect of how the costume would hold up over the course of The Batman and beyond: “The textures. The stitches. It’s amateur, it’s handmade. It’s just past the beginning of the Bat. It’s so beautiful. I can’t even imagine how the suit is going
to damage/evolve through the course of the movies.” It’s plain to see people are giddily picking
up what Reeves is putting down. Even though The Batman is still incredibly
far out from its June 25, 2021 release date, this first look at Robert Pattinson’s version
of the character promises even better things to come as the film gets closer to theaters. We can’t wait to see what the new version
of Gotham City looks like: “This city… this city is a labyrinth, designed
to mock me!” Expectations are high and the standard is
now set — we officially can’t wait to meet The Batman. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “The Hype Is Real After Pattinson’s Batman Suit Reveal”

  1. Looper says:

    How awesome does that look?

  2. Rey says:

    Don't want him in direct sunlight. He'll shine bright.

  3. Ezequiel Gonzalez says:

    I respect the theory, in detective comics 1000 there was a part where Batman melted the gun and used it as a chest armor under the insignia so it could be………

  4. De La Geezy says:

    As long as hes not wearing hocky pants lol

  5. Joe Clark says:


  6. Piyush Dandagawhal says:

    Goddamn that suit looks awesome.

  7. AndHePlaysDrums says:

    I'd prefer a Batman Beyond movie than another origin story reboot.

  8. Studiorose11 says:

    Looper reads tweets

  9. Azul Azure says:

    No, god , no , oh , no, My god NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

  10. Zaid Roa says:

    Honestly it looks little bit weird but maybe is just my first impression, still dig and want to give it a chance

  11. tomagray1811 says:

    This is what it should been from the jump!! Roberts casting, and this suit Ben Affleck and a variation of TDKR

  12. Phillip Walker says:

    I pick Keaton over Bale. Keaton’s was wacky a little but the Keaton rendition was spot on.

  13. Gilberto Torres says:

    It looks like SHIT! sorry not interested in this piece of shit movie

  14. TheGoodtheBadtheAwesome says:

    Looked a lot like Daredevil

  15. Chris Williams says:

    It'd be interesting to see how Pattinson voices the Batman. Might not be like Kevin Conroy, but I still hope it's badass…

  16. Tron Effect says:

    Looks awesome, I'll be watching it!

  17. 乐桓宇 says:

    No, not good at all

  18. Dalton C. Lima Neto says:

    I think it looks like Batman Beyond, i loved.

  19. The Ice Wizard says:

    I hope they don't include Superman on this one.

  20. Altar Of Orochi says:

    The collar and the cowl doesn’t fit with the advanced Arkham-like Body armor in my humble opinion. Not saying it’s bad or anything, it just looks a little bit weird. Gotham By Gaslight and Arkham Knight doesn’t go well together.

  21. Jason Pinlac says:

    My boy eddy burback was mentioned like hes some famous movie critic or someth lol nice

  22. GoodXyloPhone says:

    My boi Eddy Burback got quoted lol

  23. Todd Howard For Real says:

    I hope he goes for a more Kevin Conroy voice

  24. Asimobi Emmanuel says:

    Am I the only one worried by the new batsuit reveal

  25. Matthew Jackson says:

    I'm sorry but bale played the dark knight perfectly. Curious to see which section of Batman's portrayal they go with as dark knight is so popular nowadays.

  26. WASABI Michael says:

    I was wondering when they'll start making videos about batman😂😂

  27. John Gorski says:

    😆 trash, just completely trash. I can't think of any other major franchise that went to straight trash faster than The DCU. The proof is everyone associated with DC is quitting. Another new batman, another new superman, another new joker. None of the Harley Quin movies should go to theaters. Shazam was the superhero version of tom hanks movie big. The aquaman villan was from the power rangers movie, which is about the same level as the DC movies. What a joke DC has become.

  28. Jackson T. says:

    Not digging the collar and cowl to be quite honest. Will give it a chance though.

  29. JadesJournal says:

    Im sorry, isn’t Batman supposed to scare the hell out of career criminals? Isn’t that his purpose? Who tf is gonna be scared of Robert Pattinson?

  30. Andrew Henman says:

    It's going to be a piece of Shit!!

  31. bismilah bezelbub says:

    No one can or will came even close to Christian Bale Batman and Bruce Wayne also

  32. Liz M says:

    I've no doubt Rob will be brilliant as Batman! Can't wait for the movie! BTW, he actually HAS said "I'm Batman"… he was teasing years ago in an interview (can't remember which one or exactly when) but he sounded freaking cool saying it then. He'll rock the role!

  33. Ron S says:

    Still has done nothing to get me to watch this

  34. K M-18 says:

    Common guys I wanna see his white eyes🔥🔥🔥🔥 but the rest is awesome🕺🕺

  35. Seb B says:

    We need more Batman anime.

  36. Young Droppa says:

    no bat ears on the chest ??

  37. Christopher Peterson says:

    Why does he need a Batsuit? Has he seen the Joker? Skin. Bones. Gun. NOT worthy of this Batsuit. My 13yr. old niece felt "Sorry" for him. Really… SORRY! C'mon, how 'bout creating a Joker worthy of the Dark Knight?

  38. Christian Urbina says:

    I've seen Batman's parents die so many times they're gonna call me in to testify

  39. danish quyyom says:

    i was also eagerly waiting for to catch a galimpse of Robbert pattinson batman….and its finaly here….although its not enough but still better than nothing….now i wanted to see if he's buffed up for the role or not….

  40. Updated8SecondsAgo says:

    As if the suit makes a good Batman movie 😂🤣

  41. Taren Orchard says:

    So cool. New bat suit I'm so excited.

  42. Heath Ledger’s Joker says:

    When I first heard about Robert Pattinson playing Batman I was skeptical and thought he wouldn’t be a good choice to play the role. Now after seeing him in the suit, I’m gonna give him a chance.

  43. scylla019 says:

    The jawline looks weak, makes it look like the cowl is 2 sizes bigger than his face.

  44. Gabe Fum says:

    This reveal gives me Daredevil feels.
    I adore it.

  45. Victor Wooten says:

    Please, oh PLEASE no short ears!

  46. Naveen Sha says:

    The suit looks so cool

  47. Matthew Garcia says:

    It reminds me of daredevil

  48. Samone Morris says:

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

  49. Jari Sipilainen says:

    And this time reboot flop

  50. Zachary Camacho says:

    I'm Daredevil! Batman voice

  51. Krzysiek19861 says:

    No…the hype is not real….

  52. Danny Vestal says:

    So does he like Batman now? It was just a year ago he was bashing and dogging Batman.

  53. Let Me Smash Gaming says:

    I’m a vampire

  54. Total Rise says:

    Kinda reminds me of the Crimson Chin. Still looks cool though.

  55. jeff cw says:

    Im ready for batman beyond.
    DC can overcome marvel if they made that movie im positive they couldn't fuc that up.

  56. Emmanuel Vonan says:

    Is pattisons Batman now in the DCEU and what will happen to Ben's version ?

  57. Lik Soon Lo says:

    What hype?

  58. Steve B says:

    For someone who is red/black colour blind the video has been a non event! ☹

  59. Gaurav Nayak says:

    What is your bg music?

  60. Noor Khan says:

    I still doubt Robert hopefully he doesn’t screw it up

  61. my name's mikey says:

    "Haters make you grow" I'm not gonna lie when I thought about Patterson playing a role as Batman I hated instantly. Im not gonna lie but maybe he'll do good I'm kinda excited for this new Batman we shall see. 💯😎

  62. 01bigtrev says:

    This looks like daredevil 🙂

  63. Anthony De Carlo says:

    Now its the sparkling vampire guy?

    This dead horse has decomposed into a pile of bones with no meat left.

  64. Jeff Taylor says:

    They are going to have to work really, really hard to overtop Chris Nolan's trilogy….

  65. hendrixhead90 says:

    Do we really need another batman?! Especially starring this douche! Enough already!

  66. The Bats Shadow says:

    No , I do not care for it ,to much artistic license.
    His entire jaw exposed ,gun on his chest, how many clues to his identity does he want to give away?

  67. Joshua STROUPE says:

    The symbol is like a mixture of the first appearance (Detective comic #1) Bat-symbol with the mechanical elements of the Arkham suits. I don’t know if they intentionally did it or drew inspiration from the ‘39 Batman, as it is the only other symbol I’ve seen without the bat head and/or ears, but either way I’m liking it so far

  68. toothgrinder says:

    I'm coming from IGN, what's up everyone!

  69. James Fowler says:

    I'm glad you took clips from the Twilight series, because I love that series till this day, especially Breaking Dawn.

  70. Speed Racer says:

    Im a fan of Barman but not a fan of Patterson and his one eye brow .

  71. Kenny M says:

    I don't know if the world is ready for a twilight sparkle batman.

  72. White Power says:

    The teeny boppers that vape and drink red bull will flock to watch this garbage

  73. David Harris says:

    The insignia is two knives. Complete with belt clips. Nothing about them looks anything like a gun.

  74. pvanganimare says:

    Idiots who hates actors for their past acting gigs/roles are the dumbest people ever. 🤣🤣🤣

    Can you imagine watching Leonardo dicaprio movie and still calling him that jack guy in that titanic movie 20 plus years ago or di niro as that taxi guy from that taxi guy movie. Get over it. It's called acting. They play characters.

  75. Marcel Zachary says:

    I'm desperate on how they make this movie but i wish that they just take their time to do it right.

  76. Marla Wilcox says:

    Robert Pattinson as batman? AWESOME!

  77. Eysan says:

    I can’t believe that suitup montage at the beginning is real 😂

  78. Im a pug says:

    I hope his batman is as ruthless as ben affleck's

  79. Jt parker says:

    Ugly ass suit

  80. D. C. says:

    Still too Early for so Much Excitement..We Need to see it Complete

  81. John Albano says:

    The real technology is now being used..alot like Iron man.. cool…

  82. Silent-Assassin says:

    OK but can he fight?

  83. Paul Robinson says:

    I think Nolan nailed it with his Bale trilogy. No need for anymore after that.

  84. Lord TraeD Izzo says:

    The Batman and The Joker will meet… 👍🏿👍🏿🦇🦇🦇🦇🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿👏🏻💪🏿

  85. Francisco Rodriguez says:

    Q prefiero arrancarme el pito y aventarlo al río antes de ver a ese puto como batman

  86. Edward Nygma says:



  87. Drew Peacock says:

    I saw people complaining online about how Ben Affleck would be a be better. But don’t realize Affleck was too old and didn’t seem to care much about the character. Robert Pattinson is young and seems really excited to play this role which helps the movie and character overall. Hope they stick to the Arkham games type of style for this movie

  88. Scova says:

    I hope the ears are really tall. It would fit the look completely

  89. AJ! says:

    I'm surprised you guys didn't make a video about 100 things you missed on this video 😂

  90. krayzr7 says:

    I am not going to watch this idiot ruin Batman….Probably worse than Affleck…go figure…

  91. Andy Ion says:

    I really don't like that cowl. Maybe the angle is not the best, but atm it kinda sucks. The rest of the suit is cool especially the gun logo

  92. Pearce117 says:

    That cowl looks like an abortion. Titans terrible batsuit, terrible Bruce Wayne casting. Gotham terrible batsuit. Now this mess? It's odd to me that one of the richest men on the planet with genius level intellect, and state-of-the-art technology at his fingertips, would have such a technically advanced suit of armor, and a cowell stitched together like a gimp mask. That's like having an F40 Ferrari then putting steel rims and hubcaps on it…

  93. Robert Holmes says:

    I’m telling you Batman is going Twilight!!!, this just makes Nolan’s version the best of all time.

  94. Oscar says:

    Let’s face it there will never be another batman like Christian bale and the trilogy

  95. Vollgas H says:

    They just look like knives….

  96. PabloM187 says:

    I can't wait for this movie!!!!! As a man with a life …. Comic geeks do something with ur life!!

  97. invalidname43 says:

    I seriously hope this movie is the movie that ENDS comic book movies for good!
    i hope it is such a flop that they stop all productions of current stuff and all future projects cancelled!
    to anyone thinking this is going to be a good movie be ready for some serious disappointment because that kid can't act to save his life!

  98. D W says:

    …puny batman.

  99. Jose Santos says:

    I hate you guys

  100. LetsCrashThisParade says:

    Yeah I mean, it's cool… But you can't see THAT much yet. I don't really get all the really really strong opinions on it lol. But I do think that Robat Battinbat is gonna do great as the character, super looking forward to the actual movie

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