THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by Neil Gaiman | Official Book Trailer


[MUSIC] When Bod’s family is killed,
he takes refuge in a graveyard. [MUSIC] He’s adopted by its inhabitants. [MUSIC] And taught all of the things
that dead people know. [MUSIC] Bod grows up in a world of his own, a world where he’s caught
between the living and the dead. Sometimes the world on the outside of
a graveyard can be a dangerous place, and it will take more than just a couple
of good-hearted souls to raise a child. It will take a graveyard. The Graveyard Book is a tale
of friendship, family, and how truly great it is to be alive. [MUSIC]

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100 thoughts on “THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by Neil Gaiman | Official Book Trailer”

  1. Azerail says:

    I love this book; I love all his books I've read, actually. This is totally my new favorite book, though. I ♥ Bod.

  2. YouGotPigued says:

    whats bod's first name/ i need his surname

  3. ブリークBleak says:

    nobody owens

  4. Ref Gutierrez says:

    i love Silas!!! he's awes0me! specially the part where he let himself get hit by a car just to save b0d!!! he's so co0l!

  5. mylzgrace says:

    i loved the book 🙂

  6. Dean .H says:

    i hella hope they make a real life movie of this book. . . . .they need to

  7. Terry 1969 says:

    Oooh, weird, but sounds good. Raised by the dead! I bet he's got some stories to tell. You wouldn't get this kind of stuff at the local cinema would you? I might just take a look. Great trailer by the way.

  8. Cynel1 says:

    i think this would be perfect for a motion capture 3-D film

  9. Orphinelle La'Fey says:

    yes it is… if you listen carefuly, you can hear his one of a kind accent 🙂

  10. ILoveTheMoodyBlues says:

    Does anyone have any idea of the name of the song played by Bela Fleck on Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book — audio book?

  11. Marcus Greer says:

    this will be really good as a movie but in my opinion i just cant see it being better than the coraline movie

  12. HellPunisher00 says:

    I can't wait for this film. I finished the book today and its an amazing read. I suggest people get ahead of the curve before everyone starts reading it.

  13. GXPT2000 says:

    wow this is awesome
    i was hoping there would be a movie and here it is!!!
    but still one year to go and we could see the movie!!

  14. Lisa Arcelo says:

    My teacher read it to our class when I was in 6th grade (i'm a 7th grader now) it was sooooo good we only had 3 weeks to read it cause school was almost done we didnt have the time to finish it all and my teacher said she was going to tell us the end but she forgot:()

  15. Jesus capital G says:

    hes also a vampire, it doesnt say that in the book but the author confirmed it in an interview

  16. DeeDeeWinchester says:

    I'm currently reading this book for my book club at school and its awesome, i recommend it to everyone.

  17. Sam Hughes says:

    I love this book!!!!

  18. aurielle says:

    I LOVE this book.

    BUT I really wanted Bod to hug Silas in the end of the book S: And what about the day where the living and the dead danced? That remained a mystery. And the lady in grey never did let Bod ride her horse, her character also remained a mystery.

  19. Ref Gutierrez says:

    yeah, i knew that… it said in the book that there was this flying bat-like thing when b0d was in the p0lice car…. d0esn't matter though, i l0ve him!!!!!!!

  20. aurielle says:

    Thank you for explaining!

  21. mariambearantoinnete says:

    I love this book like so much! And I really love Silas and Bod.. 😀
    I wish I was living in the graveyard.

  22. tinglypalms227 says:

    I'm almost finished with this book, and it's amazing!

  23. MARIO640000 says:

    Buying the full version of The Graveyard adds only one feature, the possibility of death. The full version of the game is exactly the same as the trial, except, every time you play she may die.

  24. Le GentleMan says:

    I wished Bod And Scarlett was together… =[

    brilliant book! One of the finest!

    Silas is an Honour Guard, so he isn't human

  25. DannyGrowth says:

    Did anyone else cry at the end? I admit that it got to me. I love Neil Gaiman's books.

  26. anatinoni says:

    @DannyGrowth YEEES!!..I finished reading it yesterday..I cried so much in the end…It's a lovely book..

  27. PaperMarioBby says:

    I really loved this book. It was the perfect blend of all the right stuff, action, humor, emotion… I know it may sound cliche but it's very true.

  28. limabeantv says:

    I met the author he also wrote coraline

  29. violatormelms says:

    I just finisht the book.

    it wasnt as good as Coraline, but totally worth to read 8)

    my favorites was the Ghouls 83

  30. Cassandra Ziemann says:

    I hope that make this and Neverwhere into a real movie.

  31. estelle says:

    i totally cried it was sooooo i dunno such a awesome book~~~!!!!! i wish there waz a movie of this or something…

  32. slomarc says:

    Realy slick!! Anyone know how they do this? Real interesting how the camera travels through. I would like to see a movie from this book.

  33. sharingan6686 says:

    @DannyGrowth i did…. :'(

  34. pieman173 says:

    did anyone eles make the same mistake and thought his name was bob insteid of bod

  35. flinck says:

    I'm 19 and I loved the book. One of Gaiman's best, together with "Neverwhere" 🙂

  36. Fer Jocobi says:

    I cry at the end!!! 🙁

    I wanna watch the movie!!!

  37. Iris Mathieson says:

    this book is REALLY good.

  38. BonnieRoseBryan says:

    @rfp415 I read (on Wikipedia) that Neil Jordan is currently in pre-production of the film (^_^)

  39. DaniAh says:

    @Authorgirl87 yeah that would be perfect but I'd want to see more of Johnny depp he could work as Silas too.. Maybe.

  40. aurielle says:


  41. halfhalo33 says:

    i read the graveyard book some parts were sad like his only living friend loses her memory because sailse his guardian

  42. insertcoolnamehere_ says:

    He lives under a tombstone???

  43. Jo S says:

    I LOVED that book.

  44. Darkgreensky says:

    if coraline and stardust can be a movie, so can this

  45. Nick Alexander says:

    @DannyGrowth Cried my eyes out… lol

  46. Emily Richardson says:

    Ive read this. Its ma fave book at the mo.

  47. PatrickArgentina says:

    My favourite quote from this book: "If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained"

  48. Tristen Sharba says:

    Good book, have read better tho

  49. JustJessieNYC123 says:

    @rfp415 They actually might 🙂

  50. Sarah Allen says:

    This is an awesome trailer! Makes me want to read the book more then a lot of the ones I've seen.

  51. EvaFromTCL says:


  52. MegaMonstarz says:

    @rfp415 they are

  53. SONSofGREG says:

    Probably the shitest book I've ever read and even the trailer is crap

  54. iahnie24 says:

    I don't know about you, but while reading the book I imagined it as a movie by Tim Burton or Henry Selick. I can't think of any other director for it.

  55. Abbie Rochester says:

    I'm reading this book atm and I love it so far ♥

  56. Daisy Morales says:

    it would make a great movie!!

  57. Emma H says:

    I have to read this for school, too:) It's good so far, but some bits, I find a little bit confusing.

  58. Sergio Silva says:

    this movie should be a work from Tim Burton. I think that this book has the essence that Burton has in his films

  59. Libby Raulston says:

    LOLZ, all i remember from this book is
    "now slip, now slide, now move unseen,
    above, beneath, betwixt, between."

  60. boxdynomite3 says:

    The Tim Burton idea to me might seem strange because i would like to see how this book can be portrayed in a real way that doesn't look fake

  61. asdf123 says:

    I was forced to read this book to make a book report about it. and im really glad i did

  62. 77death7 says:

    @marcoaranas lol same

  63. Alasdair Macbrayne says:

    I think this book is brilliant

  64. Dizzy2810 says:

    @iahnie24 Neil Gaiman books are just MADE for Tim Burton or Henry Selick

  65. lamyaa alshehri says:

    Love this book

  66. Grace Reyna says:

    I had this book for somthing at school I loved that book. I was wondering if a movie should be created..

  67. ZephyrinSkies says:

    It's obvious that people would automatically associate Tim Burton with this book, but personally I hate the idea of him making the movie. Tim Burton's work looks too much like Tim Burton's work, all the same ideas and visuals. His brand of visuals in such that an adaptation by him would be too much about him and his established identity. I'd really rather see an adaptation that was focused on its story and unique world rather than applying the Tim Burton template onto it. That's my 2 cents.

  68. awsomealian says:

    to things i would like someone to answer…
    will it be a cartoon?
    & when will it come out?

  69. Élisabeth M. says:

    This is honestly my favourite book ever. It's the only book I cried while reading it. & I don't think I'd go see the movie if there was one.. I mean, I already got my image of all the characters and I don't want any actor to be them!

  70. lololovesyou4 says:

    Henry Selick will direct it!!!

  71. isabelle darcy says:

    After I read this book I tried to get my hands on every other gaiman book I could. And then when I couldn't find any more, I found The Inheritance by R.S. Ramdial on kindle and trust me- it helped fill the void.

  72. emeraldmaria says:

    I disagree. While I loved the Nightmare Before Christmas (when I was a kid I watched it everyday after school, and it's still one of my favorite movies), Coraline seemed to "colorful" and "light" to me. It didn't reflect the dark tone the book so obviously kept, and I felt the color palette of the movie should have focused on black instead of blue. I love The Graveyard Book, and I don't want some "original" interpretation screwing it up. Better have a grey/black color palette.

  73. Jaydeep Brar says:

    no tim burton, his movies have been on a decline recently but Henry Selick is apparently signed to do the movie!

  74. mrvasthorizon says:

    Henry Selick is directing it! No release date yet though.

  75. boxdynomite3 says:

    If it was a movie shouldn't be called The Graveyard Movie?

  76. iahnie24 says:

    hah, that's great news! I can hardly wait!!

  77. Shannon Thackrah says:

    I just finished the book . It was really good. I imagined silas to look like Neil Gaiman xD

  78. Jon Adams says:

    Just finished too! I remember our teacher read it to us in 5th grade:)

  79. karatinajr says:

    waiting for the part 2

  80. Liam M says:


  81. ArcaneArts says:

    Not only no, but HELL NO.

    Okay, Selick maybe, but Burton has an active disdain for the audience that I don't want communicated through The Graveyard Book. On top of that, Burton's personal touch would overpower the gentler and distinctive atmosphere that made the original work so great-Burton brings too much of himself into these projects and It's hurt Graveyard.

    So, no, Burton can keep to himself here.

  82. Luke B says:

    NO, I do not ant to see the graveyard book turned into some creepy ass stop motion flick, it needs to be animated like its spiritual precursor: the jungle book.

  83. andre parker says:

    i LOVED the book. but i HATE how u r making the movie. it should be animated at least. not like that

  84. Maria Sarmiento says:

    Whats the authors message ? Please someone who read this book respond

  85. Maria Reyes says:

    I want to read the book cause it looks coooool

  86. xxVGirlxx says:

    I loved this book <3

  87. Renata Req says:

    Joe Wright!

  88. Vander Wilker says:


  89. Vander Wilker says:


  90. Carlburt9 says:

    The trailer gives the impression that this is a horror story, which it isn't.  That said, this is yet another great book by Neil Gaiman.  I loved it.

  91. Viviana Almanza says:

    i read this book in class

  92. Tara W. says:

    I just finished reading this book….such a bittersweet ending. I love it, I'll read it again.

  93. Tara W. says:

    I cried so hard at the end. 

  94. rebecca says:

    Started reading this in English class but it's amazing

  95. mariana assunção says:

    The trailer makes it look like its scary anf it is not. Its very jolly actually and filled with incredible adventures. Im still reading it and i am loving it like i never loved any book before. Its splendid!

  96. Sand says:

    "Face your life, it's pain, it's pleasure. Leave no path untaken." – Neil Gaiman

  97. Vlad Ţepeș says:

    neil gaiman always throws off those professor snape vibes when i hear him talk

  98. Lily Rose says:

    I agree. It's sad how he has to leave. I'm also very sad that Scarlett is gone..I read the book and I hope there will be a movie!

  99. Jrm N. says:

    why isn't there any movie??? 😅😅 I have been waiting for it since the first time I finished the story… I really really really need a movie 😱😱😱 I was hoping for an animation film like Coraline…

  100. RAJA MUTHU says:

    I started to read this book…. But I like to see a movie…so please upload movie as soon as possible…

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