The Girl Without a Phone – A Cinderella Story


Did you know that in ‘The Princess and the Frog’
she didn’t actually kiss the frog? Well of course she did! It turned into a prince after
she threw it against a wall! Seriously? According to Brothers Grimm. Some of these old fairy tales,
they’re not what we think they are. Well, I like the Disney versions better. You should be nice to everyone, even a frog. I’d like to throw him against the wall. Sierra, oh my God. What?! He’s so good-looking. Look at him! How does he get his hair like that? Do you think it’s soft? Probably just like his lips. Can you imagine kissing them? That would be a fairy tale come true. Hey know what? I will text him and tell him it’s my birthday! Wait, I don’t have a phone. I’ll do it. Brett, what’s up? You’re my prince charming. Come to my birthday party I’d like you to give me a big fat sloppy- Cupcake! What? I almost forgot, I brought you a cupcake. Your the best friend ever. I love cupcakes! That’s a muffin. Cupcakes have icing there’s no icing! My mum won’t let me have any icing. No, boyfriends. No phones. No icing. High school doesn’t get any worse than this. Well, you can look at the bright side-
things can only get better. Oh a cupcake. Five-second rule. Thanks. It’s a muffin Joke’s on you. Lili. Jenny, Nikki, hi. This button is falling off my jacket. Oh, I can fix that for you. I thought she already fixed it. That was on her sweater. I wasn’t talking to you. Sorry. That’s on my sweater. Oh! Why are you two even in this hallway? I was getting something from my locker. We told you to stay in the library. We were just going there. Look around- you don’t belong. Sorry. Would you hurry up? I’d rather people didn’t see them. I’m almost done. Careful. Don’t poke me with that! Sorry. You guys are really pretty. If we wanted a tbh, we would ask for one. And don’t try to follow us on Social Media. Don’t worry we can’t. We don’t have phones. Oh my God! What? Hey girls, you coming to the game tomorrow? Brett, oh my God! Totally. Bus leaves at 3:00. You want to ride with the team? Um, Hello! [Brett] I’ll save you both a spot. Wish he talked to me like that. Uhm -hello!? I don’t want to be just like them- If only I had a PHONE?! Yeah, check it out. I got it for my birthday. It’s so shiny! It can do everything. Texts, tweets a camera and even this thing: What is it? I don’t know! It’s really cool. Do you want to do a selfie together? Uhm, hello!? Okay, so I think you just- uhm. You might…oh. Oops. Oh? I’m not really sure I think it’s just in here but actually, do you know how What’s the matter? Nothing. I’m happy for you. Are you sure? What’s wrong? I’m the only one in school who doesn’t have a phone. You’ll get one. You don’t understand. My parents think that phones are evil like bad things will happen to me if I get one. like it’s the gateway to creepers getting me. Creepers won’t get you. I know that’s what I said. I thought we told you to stay- Is that yours? Yeah? What model is that? It’s this one. I got it for my birthday. Oh. My God. You will come with us. What- why? Because we need to take you shopping! Who, me? You totally need a case for it. What’s your number? I taped it to the back. Tonight shopping, just the three of us. Are you in? Mmm, okay. We’ll text you. Deuces! -Deuces! Oh my god, can you believe that? They took your number? Yeah? So, uhm, are you gonna go with them? Oh no, they probably just want to
cyberbully me or something. [phone tweeting] Oh my god What’s it doing? It’s a text from Nicki. “We got you a seat on the team bus, you’re coming to the game with us, meet out front at three.” Oh my gosh, what should I do? Well, what do you want to do? Well, I mean this is, this… I’ll be fine. Really? Okay, I better get to study block
and finish my homework. Deuces! Deuces. [sad music] [students chatting] [phone ringing] [phone ringing] [phone ringing] Hello? Someone’s phone is ringing [phone ringing] [phone ringing & vibrating] [phone ringing & vibrating] [phone ringing & vibrating] Oh wow. [enchanted music] You coming? Huh? To the game. The bus is about to leave. Sorry I was just looking through the recycling. Are you coming? Are you talking to me? Yeah? Who else would I be talking to? You want me to come to the game with you? Yeah, you could sit beside me on the way over.
I could really use a good luck charm. I really want you there. I… I can’t. I I… have homework. Homework? Forget homework, it’s a big game. It’s a big project. It’s English and it’s due on Friday. You’re sure? Yeah. You’re such a cute nerd. [alarm buzzing] Are you showering this morning? Uh, yeah. Well, hurry up, your brother hasn’t showered in a week. [Mother] Do what I freakin’ said! Oh my God, Lili, good move yesterday. What? With Brett, playing hard to get. You are such a tease! Not going to the game, now he wants you even more. Wait, he what? Don’t worry you didn’t scare him off.
We told him you still like him, hope you don’t mind. Wait, what? What is happening? What’s happening is, he’s going to ask you out in
science today, so be ready. Deuces! Deuces! Sierra Oh my gosh! What happened to you? Something weird is going on. Yeah, no kidding. Look at you! I think it has something to do with this phone. You’ve got a phone?! Um ya, where’s your phone? Ah, I dropped it off the bleachers at the game,
everyone laughed at me while I cleaned it up. Wait so you never went to the mall with… Hey, bestie, come sit with us.
We need you in the group with chem project. Come on, come on! Speaking of chemistry…! Oh my God, he’s so into you. Thank you facing back but- with the heart this time! With a what? Just here and here and send. Should we be doing this?
I mean, what about the project? I know, right? Oh my God, he’s coming, get ready! Lili, not the time nor the place. You can have it back after class. You want to go work with Sierra. You’ll have a better time focusing. Okay. Let’s go!
Don’t make me do all the work. [school bell] Done. I think we aced it! [Teacher] And if you didn’t finish it today
there will be time tomorrow. Thank you. Sorry. Hey, so, I think I still have some birthday money left over if you want to go get some pop or licorice? Sure. [Jenny] Lili! There’s someone who wants to ask you something. Lili Hi. You wanna to be my girl? Yes Sure is hot out today. Yeah. Sorry, my hands aren’t usually that sweaty. That’s cool. Hey uh, now that you are my girl.
There’s only one way to make it official. Oh um, should I sign something? Yeah, right here. [phone gargling] Oh Hang on. What’s that? It’s um, nothing. Sorry, where were we? You know, maybe we shouldn’t rush things. Um- I mean, okay. In fact, there’s a sale at the mall for my hair gel. Okay, um are we still…? See you around. So when I have the phone, I’m popular. But when it dies or gets taken away – You become you again. So what’s going on, this doesn’t make sense. Actually, I think it does. How? How? I’ve read about this before.
It’s called the Cinderella phenomenon. The what? The Cinderella phenomenon. It can happen – A fairy tale is taking over your life! What? The phone! It’s like your fairy-godmother give you this gift, and when it dies, it’s like midnight, the spell is broken. Okay, but this is real life. I’m serious. Nicki and Jenny, they’re so mean,
like evil step-sisters and Brett He’s your prince charming! Well what are you? Well, I don’t know, like the animals or something. [phone tweeting] It’s Brett. Well your phone’s charged, he wants you again But he doesn’t really want me for me though,
like, he wants this Magical Cinderella-me Maybe there’s a little bit of cinderella in you.
If you believe. What should I do? The princess -never- chickens out in a Fairy Tale. I just hope this won’t die on me again. At it girl! Regional tournament day start next week so starting tomorrow, we have to practice every day. Oh um, I knitted you this.
It’s a sweat band, it has your number on it. Thanks, this is um, cool. I just hope it doesn’t mess up your hair. Don’t worry. I got extra gel yesterday should be fine. Ow! You okay? Er, yeah, I just thought it’d be softer. Should have warned you, extra strong hold. I think actually pricked my finger. Just like Sleeping Beauty. What? Um, nothing wrong fairytale. So, yesterday we were about to make things official. Yes, we were. Well Well- Look around. Why? So that you can always remember
where you had your first kiss. How was the kiss? It was Okay That’s it?! Well Yeah, I mean, there’s no like lip action It’s kind of like practicing kissing on my arm Except my arm smells better Pretty sure he ate something like tuna for lunch. Gross. I know. Honestly, he’s not as interesting as I thought he would
be. Like all he talks about is basketball and hair gel. You know what? I think you deserve better. Yeah Maybe I do. You should text your evil stepsisters.
They’ll never believe what you just said. Um, hello?! Wait Sierra, I think I lost the phone. Oh – you mean this one? Where did you find it? I stole it before you went to go see Brett. But- how? I felt confident …and… cool …and… beautiful without the phone! How though? I told you. You had it with you all along-
you don’t need a glass slipper or a phone or anything You just need to be you. What’s that, like a moral or something? Every fairy tale has one. So what are we gonna do about you then? Good question. Hey guys, I found a frog! Wait up!

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