The Future of Libraries


[Mary Ann Mavrinac] My vision for the Association of Research Libraries is really to embrace the vision that we developed through what was recently called the strategic thinking and design process and this is
around really taking where libraries have been and are really transitioning
beyond as a knowledge service provider within the University to a collaborative
entity where we are working in a really rich and diverse learning and research
ecosystem. During my time as president I really hope to build upon our
international relationships working with the international alliance for research
libraries associations to really work with our European counterparts in
particular to advance initiatives. We’re all very interested in stabilizing
really the cost of scholarly content, so journal prices. So, we’re working as a
collective to to see how we can address that because it really is something that
hits home for all of our institutions. Libraries have really a noble calling. We
really care about preserving knowledge for future generations and this gets
even more challenging in a digital world where content is a lot more transient.
Rochester has a history of innovation and recently we’ve been building upon
that so we have some interesting projects here such as the Seward family
archive project where we use the original article and artifacts and our
students learn digital media skills. They learn how to you know text encode. They learn how to transcribe, all the while working with 19th century manuscripts
and I think that’s really innovative and that contributes to our
field. We have an initiative called iZone which is imagination, ideas and
innovation. And what this is, is I think as at the heart of what libraries really
are. We are places where ideas are discussed where ideas are imagined and
knowledge is created and iZone will equip our students to realize the
ideas that they have for social, cultural, community, and economic benefit to really go out into the world and make it ever better.

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