The End | A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 13 (Book Summary) – Minute Book Report


This is a story about three orphans named
Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire who are drifting in a boat with Count Olaf, a man
who wants to steal their family fortune, after escaping a hotel fire. A very bad storm shipwrecks them on an island
that is occupied by other castaways who live in tents and drink fermented coconut water. A girl named Friday greets them, ignores Count
Olaf, and introduces the Baudelaires to Ishmael, the island leader who often passively controls
the decisions of the people on the island. Ishmael welcomes the Baudelaires, but warns
them to follow island customs and not rock the boat. A large pile of books washes ashore after
another storm and the Baudelaires see Kit Snicket, a pregnant woman who is a family
friend and member of VFD, lying unconscious. Count Olaf tries to pass himself off as Kit,
but the Baudelaires and island people don’t buy the disguise. Ishmael orders that Count Olaf be locked in
a cage, Kit Snicket and the Baudelaires be left alone, and the books be taken to the
other side of the island. The Baudelaires are approached by a couple
of the island inhabitants asking for their help to mutiny against Ishmael. The Baudelaires travel to the far side of
the island and discover that it is covered with a variety of objects and things, including
a large apple tree with a secret room. Ishmael appears and explains that the Baudelaires’
parents were once leaders of the island before Violet was born and wrote a history of the
island in a large book called A Series of Unfortunate Events. Ishmael and the Baudelaires return to the
main camp to find that the mutiny has started. As the people argue, Count Olaf appears and
releases a poisonous fungi when he is shot with a harpoon gun. As everyone on the island is sick from the
poisonous fungi, the Baudelaires rush back to the apple tree to find horseradish to cure
the effects of the fungi. After realizing that the apples contain horseradish,
the Baudelaires eat the apples and feel better. The Baudelaires try to distribute apples to
everyone on the island, but Ishmael and the island people pack up and sail away in a boat. The Baudelaires try to assist Kit with the
birth of her baby, but they need the help of the wounded Count Olaf, who assists Kit
before dying. Kit gives birth to a baby girl named Beatrice
before dying, leaving the Baudelaires to raise the baby by themselves. In the end, after raising Beatrice on the
island for a year, the Baudelaires pack up and leave the island.

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87 thoughts on “The End | A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 13 (Book Summary) – Minute Book Report”

  1. Mathieu Leader says:

    Its quite pongiant that the cycle returns again

  2. Jorge Alfonso Marquina says:


  3. Sheriff Keystone Guardian says:

    The world is quiet here..

  4. Alex Animates stuff and things says:

    are you going to do the beatrice letters and the unotherised autobiography

  5. hello shanti says:

    What happened after jfdhenuwwn

  6. Clayton Johnson says:

    You pronounced the last name of the Baudelaire's wrong.

  7. Trevor McCarron says:


  8. Aaron Anand says:

    My book was really different..

  9. Robin Gilmour says:

    B O D L E R S

    No hate just thought that was funny. Great video by the way

  10. MidgetIdiots says:

    This should've been called The Insane Isle, and Chapter 14 should've been called The End.

  11. Heather Greig says:

    Who’s the “Bolders” tho ?? 😂

  12. Sophia Basilika says:


  13. freyfriesx says:

    Wait, still, how did they get Sunny back? am i late..

  14. Paxton Poole says:

    It’s pronounced bow-duh-lair

  15. The BruhCousins says:

    The bottlers

  16. my mom made me. says:

    I don't like the ending. I hope in the Netflix Original adaptation of ASOUE the ending is revised.

  17. Bean says:

    The bodelaires.

  18. Nicola Hance says:

    Its Baudelaire not bodler! this annoyed me so much, especially since the Netflix seris and film were realised where they clearly show the correct pronunciation of the name. Love the vid though great summary

  19. Tumblr. Tumblr. says:

    You lost me at “bodler”

  20. AWDTH1111 says:

    Love your videos but dude the “BOD-ler” pronunciation is like nails on a chalkboard. It’s pronounced “Bow-deh-lair”

  21. Skye Chan says:

    Bodler… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! It is bow-duh-lair. Btw it was not helpful you made my brain explode with you saying BODLER!

  22. Minute Book Reports says:

    I made a video addressing my pronunciation of "Baudelaire" so please watch it if that's of concern to you. If not, and you don't let that bother you, thanks for watching the video. 🙂

  23. Enough of Eli says:


  24. Depressed Pineapple says:

    It's kind of stupid that the 3 kids have thousands of protectors but they all die… Seriously about 100 people die. Also some decisions ppl make in that story are pretty stupid…

  25. Minus Mimik says:

    BOD LER. ah yes the tragic story of the bodlers.

  26. Discontinued channel says:

    The Bodlers!

  27. M army says:

    I think it’s pronounced like: boad (the way you pronounce boat but with a ‘d’) -de-layers (kinda)

  28. jiaming liu says:

    The name is kinda not bodler

  29. Cameron Spalding says:

    If I would bhave to go through everything the Baudelaire went through from start to finish, I right actually kill myself-its so depressing

  30. Angry Cat Man says:


  31. SuperMalMal says:

    The B O D L A R E S

  32. Ishani Bagal says:

    And count olaf drowns

  33. Tiernan Cabot says:

    The Baudlers. Spin-off?

  34. Chloe Krombeen says:

    When there's a comment addressing how he pronounces "Baudelaire" and there's a spelling mistake xD

  35. avarie h says:

    please stop saying bodlare

  36. Giorgi Baliashvili says:

    count olaf is died??

  37. Danny Callaghan says:


  38. violinsheets says:

    what the heck i thought it was going to reveal something about the parents

  39. Alex Wesker says:

    Guys, find something original to comment instead of complaining about how someone pronouncing something. Sometimes people can't say certain words "correctly". Get over it.

  40. Sam Donelan says:

    Bodlers 😂😂😂😂

  41. Richa Viswanath says:

    I really wish that they could see the quagmires again

  42. Sam Nguyen says:

    how to produce it is bow-di-lair

  43. Brenna Herda says:

    Dose Duncan die

  44. A10 Warthog says:

    I think that Lemony Snicket was drunk when he wrote the final book.

  45. Mallory Miller says:

    It's not (.Baud.Lare.) It's (Bo.da.laire.)

  46. RandomlyGreat1337 Gaming - Videogames And More!!! says:

    The Baudelaires: After The Unfortunate Events Should Be A Sequel Series…???

  47. xxlpspomskysxx says:

    ooh they found their book lol

  48. Do Re Meme says:

    I didn't know this was a sad occasion…

  49. Lord Gradious says:

    I remember reading these books, so many memories, I feel a bit sad thinking count Olaf dies, he was the villain but he sort of redeemed himself at the end

  50. Cinnamon Toast says:

    What happens after they leave the island is that a question we all ask after reading this book

  51. AverageCboy Leverett says:

    The way he says Baudelaire makes me cringe

  52. Cameron Spalding says:

    Ismael is quite dubious: he lies about having aching feet; tries to stop freedom of expression and deliberately discredits th Baudelaire’s claims that the apples will save the Islanders
    What a dick!

  53. KG Pink says:

    Uhhh… I the baby as a grown up meets the Unknown. It's a dangerous wave.

  54. moeru senso says:

    I had to watch this the book series has been with me since the first grade I love the story and especially how count olaf has some heart in him,that's what made his character amazing so twisted and evil but helps in this one act,may not have been "save the world big" but he did it

  55. Miguel Lopez says:

    WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???????????????

  56. Sedona Martin says:

    Nice video!!

  57. The Ground Is Celebrating Pride Month. says:

    This series sure is self aware.

  58. ChrisTheMeme18 says:

    I can’t wait to see this on the show!

  59. n00b n00b says:

    Ok..but what happends after they leave the Island!

  60. Zebo beast says:

    What happens after 13

  61. Elliot Pierce says:

    Also, if it is a girl we'll name her Violet, if it is a boy, we'll name him Lemony."
    Violet: L E M O N Y ? Where would she get the name L E M O N Y from??

  62. Elliot Pierce says:

    "The way he says Baudelaires makes me cringe-
    "DUHHHHHh..IT's PROnOuncEd BOW-DE-LARE geT it rIGhT" R I G H T R I G H TR I G H T
    "*B O D D L E R S*"
    Slaps link on table

  63. Jemangle Arias says:

    0:51 BODLERS?!

  64. Jeffy TV says:


  65. twinkle fish says:

    Violet clous and sunny what

  66. Godred says:

    Boh-da-lairs that is how I thought it was

  67. Uh I don’t know a name SoMakeMeOnePlease says:

    Baudelaire = BOO- DE – LAIR

  68. slade Lutz says:

    can you do the spiderwick chronicles.

  69. idk_lucy says:

    great now i dont have to read the book

  70. Emma NYC says:

    Atleast Olaf helped deliver a baby

  71. Debbie K. Smith says:

    Bawdler it Bow Da Layer

  72. Hudi !!! says:

    I just watched the movie

  73. JD X Gaming says:

    Omg not “bod-layer “. It bow-di-lere

  74. lps simba says:

    Kit sniket hives birth to a baby named Beatrice

  75. lps simba says:

    I ment gives

  76. lps simba says:


  77. Habby Games says:


  78. your mom i says:


  79. Kate Pangilinan says:

    You might think that the Bodlers ought to prevail and be took some place all safe and sound…

  80. Vivian Defalco says:

    ok i read the book and watch the show but it took me like 2 years

  81. SpidersPlayz - says:

    B O D L E R S

  82. nancy wheeler says:

    This is the tragic story of the BODLER children he

  83. nancy wheeler says:

    The BODLERS the baudelaires evil family

  84. Uhh Diego says:

    Why y'all so upset about the pronunciation y'all clearly know wtf he meant

  85. I'm blue?? says:

    Lol u keep on saying Baudilars rong

  86. Heyits Gab says:

    what's next quack mires

  87. Sajid Bashir says:

    Its not baldlairs its Baudelaire

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