The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library: The Book | On Sale Now | The Daily Show


– Hi there, I’m Trevor Noah and I’m proud to
announce the Daily Show presents the Donald J. Trump
Presidential Twitter Library, the book of course. Over the past year
thousands of people have visited the Daily Show’s
Presidential Twitter Library in cities across America, and now you can experience
this unique museum from the comfort
of your own home with this beautiful
keepsake book. The Donald J. Trump
Presidential Twitter Library is the definitive historical
and cultural survey of the President’s most
important documents, his tweets. So treat yourself to this book and learn more than
you’d ever want to know about the deepest
thoughts of the 45th and final president,
of the United States. On sale everywhere, July 31st.

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100 thoughts on “The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library: The Book | On Sale Now | The Daily Show”

  1. KAD10895 says:

    By the end of the presidency this will be a 15 volume encyclopedia.

  2. mrt57rn says:

    I guess this is a joke…Bummer. 😢 After reading it, I would burn it in effigy. 🔥🔥 🚒 🚒

  3. TheTaintedWisdom says:

    No thanks, I'm already clinically depressed, I don't need a supplement to be suicidal.

  4. Andres Blas Hernandez says:

    Hahahaha all fun in games till we all get nuked.

  5. Brandon Stieve says:

    That book is so small. Shouldn’t that bee a multi-Volume encyclopedia?

  6. Ky says:

    Omgosh I can't believe he's serious. This is brilliant! 😂😂

  7. deez nutz says:

    your career is over ya racist fuck

  8. MsKismetNoRegrets says:

    Im still crying over “covfefe”😂🤣

  9. Marione Kolestein says:

    Thank you all for participating.
    We have finally reached the lowest point in human history so far. Future humans won't find art or new tools in the 20's, But rather tweets from an insane president.

    You can pick up your prices at your nearest starbucks, or macdonalds.

    (Not actual prices).

  10. Lana Škrjanec says:

    Just preordered it… can't wait till 31.7.

  11. kingda117 says:

    The book should be sold with a free toilet brush!

  12. Ghazal says:

    Aren't you guys give him more credibility with this book than he actually deserves? Idk just saying

  13. joel repp says:


  14. Joel Edelstein says:

    His cult followers will come out against the book screaming Fake News!

  15. Ceal Losaria says:

    Don't say final President……. Your correct about to Many things

  16. Wilmer says:

    this what my kids will be teached in a couple of years 🙂 very proud thank you trevor

  17. Bobbette Funk says:

    So I take it thaty this book is volume 1?

  18. mstrusosweet says:

    can't wait until we get a boring human president again.

  19. Zachary Roberts says:

    You missed a great joke.
    "The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library" It's a book that he's actually written

  20. Kris Hurlburt says:

    Thank you for releasing this book on my 21 birthday!

  21. Isabellye Acosta says:

    This is gonna be the best purchase I’ll ever make this year, second is my already purchased car.

  22. lonercaveman says:

    But.. worlds ending on the 27th of July!!!

  23. Michael Schmidt says:

    Just read about a boycott of trevor noah's downunder tour. and good for him , this is the word and the conduct that trevor promotes. it don't matter that he apologized or that the joke wasn't really bad at all. it doesn't matter, they are boycotting him any way. now he gets a taste of his own medicine. this is how his tell people to act. now he knows what it's like to get fed over by sensitive sjws over nothing.

  24. gula-gula getah sabah says:

    "Believe me folk, I give the best tweets. No one tweets better than I do. All these are lies by the fake news media and Tricky Trevor Noah. I know because I am a stable genius "

  25. S Feratovic says:


  26. Rachel Alexander says:

    Pre-ordered! Can’t wait for it to arrive – this will be a cherished keepsake to hand down to future generations…if there are any, post-Trump.

  27. PassivesAbseits says:

    Isnt it too early for that book… I'm pretty sure that the dumbest Trump Tweet has yet to be written…

  28. YouMockMe says:

    Wow only whites huh?………..y? I guess all the minorities are in France?

    Oh sorry, New AFRICA!

  29. Eliyafeth Soto says:



  30. Darshao says:

    0:14 Harry Kane hair dyed black?

  31. David Kempton says:

    Already pre-ordered – BUT HE CONTINUES TO TWEET! Will there be a Vol. 2?

  32. Helichopper Zero says:

    TPTL:TB Hype

  33. braunXYZ says:

    "Birther Of A Nation" LMAO

  34. Basic Insight says:

    This won't be forgotten for centuries.
    All I'm sad for are the future Trumps.
    They had a Trump great great grandfather as president but he was a ancestral disaster.

  35. Andrew Johnson says:

    Why is this not a app with quick search facts/videos to convert the lost?

  36. Mark McAllister says:

    A covfefe table book.

  37. Summaiya Nazneen says:

    What does he mean when he says “45th and FINAL president of United States”?

  38. Oscar Pineda says:

    Im bout to buy it and ask Trump to sign it, can you ask a president to do that?

  39. steph-x says:

    sooo smart!!!

  40. YUKI INU says:

    A book of sociopath/psychopath Traitor Trump tweets? You will find it in the local library, right next to abnormal psychology textbooks.

  41. The Mr. Man says:

    Only a toddler can understand the writing of the book.

  42. The Mr. Man says:

    lol the last president

  43. Jacob Black says:

    Trump 2020 and Trump is right CNN should not hire x Cia derators to be talking heads no news channels should!

  44. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    Boong basher 😂

  45. John Ishmael says:

    When that dumbass tweeted so much that he inadvertently made thousands of dollars for Comedy Central… It's not even illegal. He is the president so everything he writes is legally for everyone to see.

  46. Papaya says:

    would want the money that this makes go to a charity that trump would hate. Daily show should have enough money on their own

  47. Blew says:

    This is brilliant.

  48. Robin Clarke says:

    Is that Jason Segel taking a photo at 0:14?

  49. Jack Writer says:

    Where can I buy one of these?

  50. Manni Pohl says:

    Add the Amazon link to this book in the video description! 😂

  51. Alex Mellis says:

    I had this idea months ago!

  52. ユーネ / Yuune says:

    Washington would be proud

  53. Autumnleaf2011 says:

    Noah is racist

  54. Filipe Ponte Lima says:

    Why would I buy an unfinished work?

  55. Klaus The Olive says:

    I want to read it, but I know I've already read it, and I pray there isn't a sequel.

  56. Keshona Fletcher says:

    I legitimately thought the woman at 0:16 was Desi Lydic dressed as an old person. Had to pause the video and check. I was wrong lol

  57. LC Playz says:


  58. Strange Wayfaring Stranger says:

    Haha "The 45th and final president of the US."

  59. blue4me43 says:

    This twitter business is all done on toilet, only Hitler, Evil Putin lover and Traitor Trump would think in this kind of space. I get a nasty vibes from all this that's going on in DC. Please can we have our Beloved President Barack Obama.

  60. Don Post says:

    Terrifyingly true!!

  61. konquer247 says:

    Final president? So it is true, earth will be hit by nibiru.

  62. Katherine Stewart says:

    Omg ! Trevor " I LOVE YOU" !💋😚
    Your mind has not been Wasted!!! You are right on time !! 💜😇…so Smart you are truly blessed!

  63. J K says:

    forgot about covfefe

  64. Mr CountDownCity says:

    Trevor shut up and take my money

  65. Janelli Marie says:

    I feel like that would make a great coffee table book.

  66. Charllee Dodson says:

    I’d buy it and give it as a gift to my conservative dad

  67. Daniel Thyringer says:

    Fefes blog again?

  68. Esha Bolar says:

    Already pre-ordered it, and I’m planning on passing it down for generations XD

  69. Son - Gohan says:

    How can I buy it XD

  70. Luqe Prisecaru says:

    why you making a free add for this??

  71. Dharma Ram says:

    Volume 1 of many to come. 😳

  72. kuba2ve says:

    Jokes apart, they should build this for real! It would be a reminder for future generations of how low it went at a particular period of US history.

  73. CaptainGinyu says:

    sjws don't buy books

  74. LaTouia Busbee says:

    The thing that gets me, is that Trevor Noah does this with a straight fucking face. I cannot breathe right now 😂😂😂

  75. Ling-Ling Gutierrez von Wallenstein IV says:

    …last president? Gulp. 😦

  76. Rhawda Zuriki says:

    Volume 1

  77. james evarts says:


  78. Rage Studios says:

    How about changing the name of "the daily show with Trevor Noah" for "the daily Trump news and jokes with Trevor Noah"
    Come on, Trevor is a great comedian, I hope he'll joke about other topics too, Trump is funny, but not everyday material, I feel this show is becoming less funny and bit too political

  79. jashane stone says:

    "Final president" because we're all going to be Russians and Putin's going to attack Puerto Rico and hand it over to North Korea..

  80. gibson jasmin says:

    Did you just use a clip as an ad fuck you

  81. Moumita Sarkar says:

    The audio book should have Andy Serkis read the tweets in Gollum style like done in an episode of Stephen Colbert.

  82. Cintia Maui says:

    45th and FINAL president of United States of America 😂😂😂😂

  83. Rafael Carrasquillo says:

    Fokin Brilliant

  84. Jonah Bodnovits says:


  85. Asrar Almadar says:

    Ha ha haha

  86. Maxon Schreave says:

    Kids out here making money on Trump's tweet, while I'm still trying to figure out what they mean lol

  87. Smaragdwolf says:


  88. Katharina Nachname says:

    Is dis real where can i order

  89. Stock Plum says:

    Ooh! Cool!
    This reminds me of a funny little book i once saw, years ago, titled "Ronald Reagan's Reign of Error"
    Of course that was way before Twitter…

  90. Poop Poop says:

    What about the tweets Trump will make in the future?

  91. Mahmoud El Arch says:

    that artwork alone is gorgeous!

  92. Moo Moo Puppy says:

    I like that "final president" dig at him. If Noah is not available, I would say let the "Cath Cowboy" read a bit of it

  93. Hong Fei Bai says:

    Whose boat is that boat?

  94. Yang Tang says:


  95. I sell websites says:

  96. LinhBao Vo says:

    Socialism on the world fade out is best news for humanity, therefor we must push it right now. That's book we need.

  97. SHOW MORE says:

    Get yours now while freedom lasts

  98. Hoodedgod 2 T. says:

    I got a trump ad before this video ._.

  99. Kelli Votel says:

    Just took the “Trump Approval” survey. I disapproved. Next screen after submit? Lies about his 95% approval ratings and request for huge campaign donations.

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