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Hi guys, welcome to my first book review video.
I really hope that you like this style of video because I’m a big reader and there’s
loads of books that I would really like to share with you. at the moment I’ve been on
kind of a self sufficiency reading kick and that’s kind of what today’s book is about
it’s called this Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball and it’s about her setting up a umm, it’s
community supported agriculture so like a community supported farm but it’s a totally
organic farm and also they do everything by horse power so they don’t have tractors and
things there they actually have a team of horses and the book follows the first year
in her setting up this farm with her husband, he then, he becomes her husband through the
book because it actually starts at the very beginning with how she meets this guy. and
she’s a journalist and she goes out to the organic farm that he’s running to do an interview
and they fall in love and then it’s like the process of how they get to the starting the
farm as well but it’s like their love story umm aswell which for me that’s really nice
because I think a lot of umm these kind of books can be quite technical and you don’t
always get that personal side to them so it’s got this like, it’s not all like gushy love
story, you’ve got this story running through it of their relationship and the highs and
the lows of that really and how they come together and they start this farm. She’s very
much like a city girl and he’s a farmer so it’s interesting how like their two worlds
meet and it’s you know a real life story which makes it even better I think it makes it quite
special. So one of the things that drew me in almost straight away in the first few pages
of the book were these really lavish, amazing descriptions of the food that they’re cooking.
so with all this fresh produce, there’s almost like recipes like a little snippet of what’s
going into it not so much like weights and measures but the descriptions of the meals
that they cook for each other and how that’s a big part of their relationship and that
really spoke to my foodie heart because it’s just like food porn basically. The descriptions
are so like mouth watering and you’re thinking “oh I really really want to eat that” That
drew me in right from the very beginning, she talks about what she’s cooking. So it’s
got like the love story and the food and then the main part is obviously about them setting
up the farm which is really interesting and it’s not kind of glamorised in anyway in anyway
at all. You really get the grit of what they had to go through. It wasn’t an easy journey
by any means but it was a very personal tale and really interesting so this was a book
that. for me it just ticked all of the boxes. I think some times with these books they’re
almost like a bit sterile, it’s almost like a load of essays and quite preachy like you
should eat organic, if you don’t blah blah blah. This one just, she’s a writer anyway
she started off as a writer so I think that helped really tell the story in the book.
There’s such, it talks about the animals on the farm and what they cook and they’ve got
like a sugar umm forest and they’re making like syrups and things there and the cows
for like the dairy farm. It’s just got a bit of everything but the thing that spoke to
me the most was the food running through it but I do find these self sufficiency stories
like really really interesting and this one just brought it all together. It had the personal
aspect as well as the, not so much business side but the more technical of actually running
a farm was there was well so it’s got a really nice balance and i would definitely recommend
it. I’ve read quite a few of these self sufficiency books now and this one has been my favourite
so far. So definitely I would recommend you checking it out. if you’ve already read it
I would love to know what you thought of it. It’s not a new book it’s been out for a couple
of years I think. So you may have come across it if you like this kind of literature already. So this is the app here on my phone, I’m not
sure how clearly you can see it. So kind of a new discovery for me this month
has been audible which is an app for audio books. now, I don’t know I’ve never really
gotten into audio books because I prefer to read at a time when I’m relaxing but I downloaded
this app, I got a free trial of it a 30 day free trial so I downloaded the app to my phone
and I found when I’m walking down to the allotment or even when I’m digging in the allotment
I can listen to an audio book and it’s just a time when I wouldn’t be able to read, do
you know when my hands are occupied. and I’ve been listening to on there the Accidental
Farmers by Tim Young which is again another book, another story of somebody like starting
a farm but this time it’s a meat farm and they’re like trying to get back to the land
and farm as naturally as possible and that means like no intervention or antibiotics
or anything for their animals. I would say this book is a bit more umm it talks about
farming life you know, so there’s the life and death situation of that, of the animals
that are on their farm and it’s very realistic I’m sure but it is a little bit. You know
they’re talking about the animals dying and stuff as animals do on the farm and obviously
because they’ve chosen to go down the route of no intervention, it’s about their struggles
with how closely they can farm like replicating what would happen in nature umm without everything
not surviving and perishing. and it’s really interesting and it brings up a lot of issues
about the factory farming and meat and things and it made me really look at what I am actually
eating and where the meat is coming from. It’s very well written again. It takes a different
approach, umm not that it’s not as personal but it’s not so much about the farmers like
personal relationship, it’s more about their relationship with the land. And how they acquire
the farm [laughs] everybody acquires a farm, how do you just acquire a farm?
And then they set about what they want to do with that land and they’re reading a lot
themselves about mass production of meats and the sustainability and they decide that
they want to become meat farmers and they get the cows and the chickens. and it’s about
their story of breeding out traits in animals, like animals aren’t, the animals don’t do
very well to start with on their farm because they don’t really know how to look after themeslves.
a lot of the breeds are very used to having human intervention and they want it to just
be wild and natural and it’s about how they breed for the traits to help the animals to
survive alone with out, with as little input from them as possible so all the animals have
natural happy lives on their farm and then they sell that organic meat at the end of
it. they kind of diversify into lots of other areas as well. It’s similar to this Dirty
Life book in many ways and I think that’s what what drew me to it.
Now with the Audible app it’s umm I got a free trial for it so I would definitely recommend
everybody just get the free trial and see if you like it or not after that I think it’s
£7.99 a month and umm you only get like one book a month you have to pay more if you want
to get another book. i’ve nearly finished that book now and it’s probably taken me about
2 weeks to listen to it just occasionally listening like an hour here and there. Umm
I don’t know if it’s one that I would continue like to continue the subscription but Audible
have like an affiliate program so if you recommend somebody you get some money back so I’m sure
there must be a way if we were all to like trial it and leave our referral links below
that we could all try it for free. I’m not sure I haven’t like figured it out quite yet.
The one thing that bothered me with it ids it’s quite expensive now if I wanted to listen
to another book the other books seem like they’re like £15-£20 so thatt’s a little
bit more than I would be willing to pay because I could probably get one on my Kindle for
cheaper than that. i’s be interested to know if you listen to audio books. I do think there’s
a time and a place for them. I can’t imagine them ever taking the place of like a reading
book but as I say when I’m at the allotment or if your travelling it’s quite nice to have
something like that to listen to. It kind of keeps you, keeps you company. if you do
go for the Audible trial just write on the calendar when it ends because obviously that’s
how they try and lock you in. You sign up for something, it’s free for 30 days but then
you forget to cancel it and you end up paying for it. I think it’s a really good way of
trying something new. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it. I really do like the idea I
just don’t know if I want to be paying for something every every month that. I don’t,
I just don’t know if it’s necessary that like I read a lot anyway and I do enjoy just being
down at the allotment but I’m going to give it a go and see. I’m not sure yet. But as
I say, I’d like to know your experiences and also if you’ve got any more recommendations
particularly in this like self sufficiency genre because that’s what I’m kind of enjoying
at the moment. The next book that I’m going to read is The
Good Life. I couldn’t get this on kindle so I had to order it but if you want to read
along and then I’ll be back in a month with a review of that one and we’ll see how it
goes. There’s, I know there’s Animal, vegetable mineral is one that keeps coming up and I’ve
started to read it but I found it jumped around a little bit but anyway that’s probably like
one for a review on that book itself. But for now I’m going do the Good Life for next
month if you want to read along. and if you’ve read any of the books that I’ve mentioned
or even listened to them and you’ve got any comments leave those below. If you haven’t
read them be careful because there may be some spoilers in the comments. I’ll see you
next week guys.

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  1. Rainbow Gardens says:

    Sounds like a fun read! I really love audio books, especially when the kids are around and I am trying to multi task.

  2. Patrick Meehan says:

    Wow! It seems you enjoyed it Laura. That's the way to a mans heart Hahaha

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