The Daily 5 🖐 – How To Survive & Thrive in Times of Crisis -This ONE Thing Will Build Your Business


74 thoughts on “The Daily 5 🖐 – How To Survive & Thrive in Times of Crisis -This ONE Thing Will Build Your Business”

  1. Aapeli käkinen says:

    Best channel in youtube.

  2. Gal- America says:

    Do u live in London,

  3. Upland Knight says:

    Man you sure can brain wash the sheep

  4. Gal- America says:

    I want a free t-shirt.

  5. Sapiens Homo says:

    Looking forward to Brian's arrest while vlogging. Great message but you should be at home you fool.

  6. Info Erick says:

    great advice! be grateful if you’re able to thrive in times like these. others are fighting for their lives

  7. beemio says:

    The man, the legend!

  8. Zenperial says:

    Every recession leads to its own losers, as well as winners who utilize the opportunities created by the recessionary environment🌟


    Thanks bro!!! I was thinking about how to do this for my Haircutting classes. Thank you bro!!!

  10. Upland Knight says:

    Making money doing absolutely nothing, zero, nada. Incredible how many of you are sheep. "Buy my course, listen to me, and when you complete it, you will be exzactly where you were before u sent me the money" lmao


    Where should I post just on YouTube?

  12. Crypto Pk says:

    I want

  13. Orhan Saim Demirtürk says:

    Great video….Gave me so many ideas…

  14. Sherali Malik says:

    You are real man. Love you dude

  15. Wayne Harrison says:

    Just going for his daily jog in his suit

  16. jamie dlt says:

    And I love the birds singing in the background , you’re awesome 😎

  17. The Urban Bourbon Bloke says:

    You're so lucky that you can get some Vitamin D ☀️ and Fresh air 🌬️

  18. Nita Armocida says:

    Stay strong stay safe and keep pushing 🙏🏼


    I'm gonna do it…scared but I'm gonna do it not sure what I'm gonna talk about and have nothing to physically sell…but fuck it

  20. Frederic A State says:

    You awesome release Great content better than the school education system I’m definitely going to be a millionaire because of you I’m going to record my journey on my channel thank you

  21. Frederic A State says:

    You awesome release Great content better than the school education system I’m definitely going to be a millionaire because of you I’m going to record my journey on my channel thank you

  22. pooltrader says:


  23. Joshua Gordon says:


  24. lee webb says:

    Was hampstead heath today……be safe

  25. Lambert Simnel says:

    BOSS !!!!

  26. New Phone says:

    AWEsome some how YOU POPPED ON MY SCREEN, thanks for sharing, have A BLISSFULLY BLESSED NEW percession DAY YOUNGSTER…


    Thanks Brian I needed this bro!!!!! Letsssgoooo!!!!!

  28. Delilah Andre says:

    Thank you for this advice! I’ve been thinking of doing something like this but didn’t know where to begin. Will definitely do it!😁👍🏼

  29. Ammar El Fahal Channel says:

    Alright Brayan❗️
    Challenge Accepted 🙂
    Thanks Mate 🙏

  30. Redlyrics Books says:

    LONDON REAL IS SUCH AN AWESOME CHANNEL, London Real have both inspired me and helped me in my own personal development. I would really want to thank this channel for everything it has given me. This channel has actually inspired me so much so that I have even started my own channel. I see my channel as my way of making the world a better place and to give back for everyone who have given me things and inspiration in life, I’m grateful for all the support I can get in growing my channel.

  31. Dawn Jennings says:

    This is awesome. I always wanted to do this but never knew how. Still not but going to try and figure it out.

  32. Amit K. Bhattacharjee says:

    Beautiful morning.

  33. Cornwall 59 says:

    You sound like Michael Douglas

  34. Tori Wolf says:

    I’m taking this journey with you each day thank you for being so positive in this crazy time better days ahead. I’m out walking my dog taking hikes the woods finding ways to keep fit eat healthy not live in fear. 😄😄😄

  35. ztwntyn8 says:

    Excellent idea, I did one non business video first day. I’ll do my business one starting today. I am shaping my daily now anyway and this a great positive thing to do and it’s not going to take more than 5min. Right on!

  36. srbjbt says:

    I am having similar thoughts since this mess begun. Many doors will be opened, many opportunities will appear, contemplate and make an action plan!

  37. jonrotten31 says:

    Breaking the lockdown again? Don't the rules apply to you?

  38. Philip Oraham says:

    Thank you Sir. I will be doing the 10 video. London Real here we come!!😎

  39. Rebecca Peterson says:

    Smoking pot really helps.

  40. Raul Rivera says:

    Thanks for the advice 😀

  41. Yan Nikola says:


  42. Brian Smith says:

    Upping vibration to unlimited possibilities for wellbeing and success . Love, peace, and gratitude

  43. Fiona Gregory says:

    I am just waiting for my pension. Have to wait 8 yrs because of the bloody Tory arseholes.

  44. EmilyoGilado says:

    Thank You

  45. EmilyoGilado says:

    Let's Gooo 😄

  46. Fiona Gregory says:

    I am not going to run my own business so be quiet.

  47. Fiona Gregory says:

    Prefer David Icke.

  48. Milca Weule says:

    I will do it… Thank you and I will send it. I am normal, not rich, not young, but I love my life and I am proud of a few things that I will love to share. Thank you

  49. L A says:

    Faith over fear😤

  50. Believe And Achieve Life Success says:

    Dude…. Corona is a hoax.

  51. topopops says:

    Hey man, stop going out when you don’t need to.. your causing the problem.

  52. hakfilm says:

    business… yeah

  53. Jose Angel Garcia says:


  54. Cynthia H says:

    Keep this up! This is my source of positivity during a time of great negativity.

  55. Bazzer says:

    How blue its that sky! :O Do you think that's down to fewer planes and cars?

  56. Slobos Reality says:

    Going live everyday now, while mass media can spread fear and stupid statistics we have to spread empowerment tools and positive response

  57. Sochenda Ban says:

    Thanks for share from cambodia💐 wish u a good luck n safe💐

  58. Zoltan Kolozsvari says:

    Great message Brian , keep doing it don't listen to the negative comments, you are doing something great right now.

  59. says:

    Shouldn't you be at home?

  60. Balbir Purewal says:

    Thank you – you have a beautiful kind spirit

  61. Jamie Carroll says:

    Coronaviris 24/7 on EVERY news channel will cause MASSIVE suicides…by the media

  62. ztwntyn8 says:

    I did mine

  63. Tim Krimpson says:

    Is that Flask Walk??

  64. Matt Nelpurackal says:

    Yup, Brian's right. Vlogs are an awesome vehicle to digitize your intellectual property. As long as you overcome your 🐂💩 excuses…..a.k.a RESISTANCE!😂 👊🏾

  65. Wassim Khazzaka says:

    Definitely the right advice at the right time! Many thanks Brian. I'm considering this challenge seriously. Keep up the amazing daily content !

  66. tyne Street says:

    You make it look easy

  67. Ra Mighty The 1 says:


  68. Jeffrey Daniels says:

    Look at some of the biggest, most innovative businesses that grew and thrived during a recession. This is a great opportunity, do the homework and you will see why. Move, move and move. Get up early, keep your mind and body busy. I'm 59 and I'm just getting started, love this new digital age…..I'm all in! Love London Real, Great Energy!

  69. Shavesh. says:

    We can not even walk or jog or run or even walk the dog in South Africa

  70. Believer Dinu says:

    Awesome idea!! 👍

  71. Believer Dinu says:


  72. vinnie victory says:

    No one more shilling.

  73. vinnie victory says:

    No one more shilling.

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